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on Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:26 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke watched as his shadow arms were caught in a reiatsu net, just as he was grabbing the cube hollow's body before the reiatsu that his arms were made of was starting to be drained and being used to charge a cero; in that moment, he could feel very slightly; the reiatsu of the cube hollow's, its strength was just as strong as he was without his shikai activated but with his shikai; he held a slight advantage, including reach since his shikai was six foot in length but he then smiled to himself as he broke apart the arms, the cube would see that they didn't return to his shoulders but into the shadow he cast on the ground; he was smiling because he doubt the cube realised how unstable and how hard it was to control before tentacles, made of shadows started to grow from the cero, wrapping around the barrel of the cannon as the cero started to change color from its shiny red to a pure black; a sigh that his reiatsu was starting to take over the reiatsu of the cero since his reiatsu as he had come to know it, was like a virus, taking over things like techniques to use for its own gain, Luke wasn't controlling the tentacles but he decided to deal with the cero before the cube hollow had a chance to fire it, he raised his left hand with the palm out, facing towards the reiatsu infected cannon as a orb of yellow, lightning energy charged into the center of his palm

"Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle! Hado number sixty-three: Raikōhō" Luke quickly spoke the full incantation of his hado before a stream of wild lightning shot from his palm; the strength of the hado with full incantation would be more then enough to counter the cero and maybe even damage the cannon more then the tentacles growing out the cero, if that was successful, he would change from the brutal berserker style to more silent one, he would use the explosion caused from the blasts to launch into shunpo, hiding his spiritual pressure before he appear to be moving extremely fast next to the cube, using Senka to stab at the hollow's mask with two, fast and precise thrusts with his six-foot long blade, making avoiding the already hard-to-avoid attack that much more difficult to avoid; even if the mask didn't break, the hollow would be badly wounded since if the quincy had truly fought the same opponent, the total damage he must have taken from both him and the quincy would be taking its toll on the hollow for everything had to have a limit; even something as strange as this cube hollow; he would shunpo back to in front of the cube hollow

"Before I finish this, you should know my name; I am Luke Yasenha, Fourth seat of squad three, forgive me but I haven't the time to learn your name so goodbye, Mr.cube hollow" Luke said before he released his reiatsu again as he brought the blade so it was under his shoulder before he launched into shunpo, using Iaido to make a slice so fast, most wouldn't even see that he had even swung his large blade, just to see where he finished, the six foot long blade howling before he sheathed his zanpakuto, the cube hollow would find that, once he had sheathed his blade, his body would have a large slice running straight through it and the other cubes that were cut would feel numb and sluggish to respond to what thing the cube hollow used to command the use of his entire body, Luke turned back to the ruined house to where he had left the quincy and the plus

"There's nothing to stay here for, I need to go find them" Luke thought, he rather not stay in the enclosed space and hurried to where the quincy and the plus were to see if they were ok...

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 692
Tags;; Elcubo, Vlad, Luke
OOC;; before I get a shit storm; I haven't kill you, elcubo since A. this is a death disabled thread and B. I doubt slicing a body that you can disassemble at will would be that easily destroyed but hopefully; I managed to get you to retreat since logically I hope; you've taken enough damage from both Vlad and Luke to consider retreating to heal your wounds in hueco mundo so I'm just saying that in my defence in case you have a issue, if you do, please pm me about the post; don't hate me more >.<

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:40 pm


((OCC: I forgot that shinigami get a +1 AR when in shikai. This changes little though. The AR advantage doesn't mean that you are a tier higher, it just represents a boost to the skills and abilities you already posses as well as an increase in the AR which already exist (there isn't one between us btw). Here:

As you may usually note however, I typically add a clause in the rp request that allows for AR bonuses to count as tier gaps for specialties. If you would like we can apply that here.  Thus far you're portraying Luke as a shunpo master, sensory master, a combat master, and a reiatsu control master. With a rank of 3-3 which was earned after starting in the 4-? tier this isn't likely. A beginning tier so low really only starts with one absolute specialty and it's difficult to gain them IC. If you would like for AR bonuses to count towards specialties you need to pick one as is befitting your character. I would assume you would want shunpo. Elcubo's specialties however are reiatsu control and science/invention as befits one that started at tier 3-3.

Your technique doesn't give you the ability to remanipulate energy after it's been taken from you.  Unless this is another ability you've already had approved, in which case you should  put it in a spoiler as was previously discussed. That cero is now a cero like any other and is completely under my control unless you can legitimately find some way to take it from me. Also this time it's not coming from a barrel. It's in front of the mouth portion of his mask as is described. I will also repeat myself again, you can't sense Elcubo's power. You can only sense the pool of reiatsu that exist on the outside of his body, within the cero and this is only if you're good enough.

While I agree that everything has it's limits, it's not up to you to impose what you think the limits of my character should be. Elcubo is built to last. Unlimited energy with limited means of expressing it. He has all the stamina in the world -literally- but Vlad and Luke however...well, you tell me.  :urharaftw: 

I'll continue with my post, ignoring your attempt to take over my cero. Watch and learn how in cases like this, creativity wins the day and not reliance on ranks and tiers.  :letsdoit: ))

Elcubo charged his cero for a moment longer. It's size doubled yet again. The orb of malignant energy surged with an insidious power, reflective of its makers ill-intent. The rich, blood red glow was a chilling sight to behold. It was as though the entire block was caught up in its light. This would be the most powerful cero that the cube shaped hollow had produced in quite some time. After all, he barely had any need to. This was the sort of thing he had henchmen for. Though he didn't mind getting his hands dirty, it would have been helpful if some of them showed up to help. This wasn't likely to happen though. They were under strict order not to deviate from the plan he laid out. Regardless, this battle would be over soon enough.

The shinigami held up his hand preparing yet again for another reiatsu based attack. Unless Elcubo was mistaken this was a kido. It was something he was all to familiar with due to his past dealing with death gods. Did this one really think himself bold enough to be able to cast demon magic with a full incantation without being interrupted? So be it. He would chant his own destruction. Elcubo produced a single chamber from the cube nearest the shinigami the moment he spoke the spell's name. It served to launch the waves that were his Hollow Roar Canon. The spell was destabilized, the resulting explosion was likely to damage the shinigami, however it wouldn't do near as much damage as the cero in Elcubo's possession would have.

He figured that the powerful cero in his possession may no longer be needed. He would need to wait to see just how much damage the Shinigami's own spell had done to him. He willed several portions of his cube body to carry the cero from him. A single cube absorbed, or rather contained it for potential use later. The red light dimmed before vanishing altogether.  

The dust and debris from the falling house settled just enough for Elcubo to see the fruits of his labor. The young female soul laid motionless within the wreckage covered with pieces of floor board and other chunks of the once quaint and cozy little home. Further still, the Quincy who used his own body to shield her from harm was laid out on top of her, unconscious. The average hollow would smile at this point in time. How fortunate he was to have subdued both of his targets in one swoop. It helped that they were both unconscious and wouldn't be able to put up any more of a struggle. Now if he could just deal with the Shinigami menace that stood between him and his prizes.

((OCC: Hollow Roar Canon prior to your flash step likely would have made you change your mind about your next move due to resulting damage. It is something that Vlad has seen but Luke has not. If you wish to go ahead you may do so in your next post after factoring in Elcubo's interference.))


on Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:57 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke watched as the cube hollow produce another cannon, this one firing a wave of some kind that he could see but it caused his kido to suddenly explode prematurely before he had a chance to fire his kido, the blast kicked up a large explosion; hitting the house which, after all the damage done to it, finally creaked one last time before the first floor collapsed onto the ground floor, further bringing up clouds of dust and debris shatter into the air, Luke then he leaped out the dust cloud, into the street, the sleeves on his left arm where he was firing the kido were completely blown off and his skin was burnt, more concentrated around his hand and lower arm

So, reiatsu based attacks are useless then? he seems to use various different long range attacks; I'm going to attack head on, then, when I get a opening, use bakudo to restrain him when he can't negate it with that cannon of his but Vlad's in no condition to fight, considering his injuries, I'm going to have to deal with this alone but I can do it; I have to, otherwise this hollow will claim another innocent soul" Luke thought, readying his weapon before charging him, launching into shunpo, running around the cube hollow, making several afterimages appear as he struck with very fast, quick strikes around the entire hollow's body and mask, making it extreme difficult to to counter him at the speed he was going, he would then use a shunpo clone to replace himself in the barrack of rapid strikes, his swords looking like many coming for the hollow, the real Luke would appear about a meter above the hollow's body, his index finger and middle finger extended

"Bakudo number sixty-one: Rokukurayamibō" Luke called out the name of his unusual bakudo, one the hollow wouldn't have seen before as a spark of darkness came from his extended fingers as six, thin but wide rods of darkness appeared before slamming into the cube hollow's body with enough force to break some of the cubes that the hollow called a body before flipping back in front of the hollow before he use Iaido to perform a strike extremely quickly to the hollow's mask while under the effects of his bakudo, hoping to end it now before the cube hollow had any chance to counterattack, he could only finish the strike, sheathing his blade into his sheath and turning to see if he had succeed...

Kido Used:
Spell Name: Rokukurayamibō (Six rods of darkness)
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: #61
Spell Incantation: "Carriage of thunder, Bridge of a spinning wheel. With Darkness, Manifest this into six!"
Spell Effect:to perform this technique, Luke extents the index finger and the middle finger, upon finishing the incantation or simply the name of the technique, creates a spark of darkness from the tips of the two fingers that summons six, thin but wide beams of Darkness that slam into the target's midsection, causing some bones to break because of the increased force of the technique, also causing complete paralysis, even to the parts of the body not struck by the beams of the technique, can be used with Hainawa to generate the rods from the rope.

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 415
Tags;; Elcubo, Luke, Vlad
OOC;; Cookies <3

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:39 am


Elcubo was far from impressed with it came to the shinigami's fighting tactics. While fast, all of the speed in the world met little if the target knew where he'd attack and had proper means to intercept. While the death god moved far too fast for Elcubo to keep up with, his flashy antics were an obvious distraction. Elcubo had but one major weak point, the same one that all of hollow kind possessed, his mask. It was the most difficult thing to repair and the only part of his form which held the key to destroying him entirely if dealt a substantial blow. This was undoubtedly the shinigami's target. He sought to end this battle using the most cliched tactic to be devised by anyone facing a hollow; distract the hollow before striking its mask. Luke had another thing coming if he thought he'd be successful. Though the afterimages left by Luke were high in number, he would need to eventually stop in order to mount a proper attack. It was just a matter of figuring out which angle he'd attack from in time.

Elcubo quickly scattered the various cubes composing his body around his mask leaving few openings. Didn't want to completely remove the opportunity for Luke to land a finishing blow, but he did want to limit his options and make it easier to predict where Luke would attempt to strike from. Leaving but a single opening would make it far to obvious that he was baiting the death god into a trap so he instead left three openings: on behind his mask, one above, and one in the front. They were plenty wide enough for the death god to fit through just in case he were interested in delivering a melee blow.

The sudden sword strikes which flew at Elcubo did cause him to flinch but for a moment. Instantly, the bladed instruments contained within the cubes at his front sprung forth. Not a single one touched Luke. It became obvious that they were afterimages and that Luke had already left the area where he created the illusions of his sword strikes. The moment the after images faded, Elcubo knew that the real attack would soon commence. As the shinigami spoke the name of the kido Elcubo became aware of his exact location. For the moment at least, he was in a fixed position.

The kido was of an even higher level than what backfired on him just moments earlier. Was he really so foolish to try tempting fate with yet another kido despite what the hollow caused to happen with his first? How could he have known that his hollow roar canon wouldn't be able to be used again so fast? No, it was something else. His kido instantly dark shadowy objects, of pure black from the looks of it. There was little time to act, but it was better safe to overreact than to mount a defense that would fail. A single cube overhead produced a multi-chamber weapon but it didn't charge anything. Instead, it produced the very same cero that was formed from the shinigami's own reiatsu based arms earlier, the cero that Elcubo had then put even more time into developing and charging.

The pillars produced by the kido disintegrated the moment they were met from the rapidly expanding red light of the destructive force Elcubo had just unleashed. As it pushed upwards, destroying the bakudo, making its way towards his opponent Elcubo had expected to sense the spiritual pressure of the man vanish after being caught in the wake of his attack. He however, was mistaken. Luke's stamina was impressive. He clearly escaped the cero being his spiritual pressure didn't vanish when it should have.

All of this was an apparent distraction. Elcubo had assumed that everything leading up to the kido was the distraction but it was only in this moment that he realized that even the kido itself was part of the death god's plan to get up close. He finally spotted Luke, but he had gotten to close to mount another defense given his speed. As Luke's blade made its way toward Elcubo's forehead he willed the cube closest to him to intercept the blow. Unfortunately, as was predicted, it was too late to escape harm altogether. The cube collided with the hilt of Luke's blade, causing the attack to skew. His zanpakuto's edge dug into the right side of Elcubo's mask near his eye.

This would have marked the end of the evolutionary path for any other hollow. However, Elcubo did possess the ability to fix such an injury and make himself good as new. The chunk of his mask struck fell to the floor and shattered. A few of his cubes began to collect the bits as the red light forming his right eye dimmed before going out.

His counter attack was swift, and as usual, without mercy. He rearranged the cubes of his body behind him to form a design that at this point, Luke was familiar with. The cubes which collected his mask chips joined the formation after they completed their own task. He took aim at Luke as his body began to rapidly spin behind him. To assure that the speed of fire wasn't effected, he used his mouth as a substitute for his now dead right eye. As fast as he was, Luke had already proven that he wasn't as fast as the supercharged cero strength bala, and now, there was even less distance between the two which gave him even less time to react. Nearly a dozen of the deadly orbs flew at Luke at ridiculous speeds, and dozens more were purposely scattered throughout his general area in case he were to attempt to make a last minute dodge.


on Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:14 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke turned as he heard a piece of the cube hollow's mask fall to the ground and shatter into pieces but it looked like the cube hollow was still trying to live as it readied the cannon it had used some time earlier to destroy the house, due to the short distance between them, it gave very little time to react as the cube hollow gave one last attack to try and stop him as a dozen cero balas came from the cannon and others around, making escape unlikely, the cube hollow would see Luke getting complete destroyed, yelling in pain as the cero level balas smashed into his bones, his eyes would shade over and he would start falling to the ground but the strange thing that the hollow would notice is that Luke was falling very slowly, as if the moment was being slowed down; it would be as Luke's knees came close to the ground that the Luke before the cube hollow would vanish, leaving only his haori there as it was torn to pieces by the remaining balas, Luke would then appear right next to the hollow's make on the right side, his zanpakuto drawn, his blood-red eyes cold and dark

"Stealth Hoho Shihō number three: Utsusemi" Luke spoke soft before raising his blade as it glowed black, howling with reiatsu, "Farewell...Hollow" Luke said coldly before bring the blade down extremely quickly with all the strength he had, aiming to slice straight through the cube hollow's mask at a ninety degree angle that would leave only the left eye part of the mask still there before releasing a blast of black reiatsu into the air that reached for the sky, blowing away the dust and rumble of the quincy's home, he leaped back, breathing heavily, sweat covering his brow, he grunted a bit when the pain start to come from his gut and arm, he had to heal himself before anything else happened so he moved his left hand to his gut, where his hand started glowing black as he used his kaido to heal the injury done to his gut, the pain being drained away from the injury but he would have to wait until he got back to the soul society to heal the injuries to his left hand and lower arm but, as he looked to where the cube hollow was to see if his last attack had got it, he thought about the cube hollow's last attack

"If that had hit me, I would have been in trouble, no doubt about it, if he did this much damage to me with one, I hate to see what getting hit by multiple of those special balas of his would do but I need to go find the quincy and the girl, they should be my number one concern now" Luke thought to himself but as he moved over to where he had last seen the quincy and the girl, he kept an eye on the place the cube hollow was, checking to see if his last attack had hit as he looked for the quincy and the girl under the rumble

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 525
Tags;; Elcubo, Vlad, Luke
OOC;; you can bring in Mushami now btw

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:50 pm


Elcubo had already grown wise to the speed based tactics of the shinigami and his resilience and pain tolerance displayed forced Elcubo's hand. He took a supercharged bala earlier and though it damaged him, he didn't die. He sliced at many and although he clearly was hurt by the resulting shock waves, he still stood and managed to fight. Elcubo was no fool. For an opponent like this, it was best to pummel him with attacks until there was nothing left. Elcubo had in mind to continue with his cero gatling gun until the shinigami was a steaming pile of meat and bone on the floor. The red light of the attack exploded and expanded surrounding Elcubo's body. The attack was overused, but it was better that then receiving damage and losing his two potential experiments to the death god menace.

Elcubo continued firing, even though he clearly saw the shinigami falling. The speed at which he was falling made little sense given his estimated weight and height. This was clearly another trick. Perhaps one related to his speed. regardless, Elcubo continued to fire. When the after image finally vanished leaving nothing in its place, Luke appeared. It didn't matter though. The shinigami had foolishly placed himself even closer to the origin of the rapid fire without even waiting to see if it had ceased. Perhaps he figured that because the rapid fire only lasted a few second before, that was the limit of the technique. Whatever the reason, as he brought his blade down he would find it would meet another supercharged bala. Due to his height and the angle at which he attacked he would also meet another supercharged hollow bullet in the gut.

The hollow bullet which collided with his sword thwarted the attack as the shock front enveloped it pushing it off course and back. The shinigami rushed in at the very moment the next pattern of super powered bala were being launched. It was as though he were on a suicide mission. The bala to his gut would do far more than shred muscle this time around. If this hit he would definitely be down for the count. Further still, a third super powered bala was launched, this one at his chest. About a dozen more of them would follow in his assault on the death god. Unfortunately, with a blade so long it makes successfully defending at this range using it by itself unlikely as a shorter weapon would be a better fit given the distance separating them.


on Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:31 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke watched as the cube hollow fired a bala from its cannon, clashing with his blade and blasting him up into the sky, his feet dragged along the sky before he lost his balance and fell from the sky, landing shakily on his feet with his back to the cube hollow, he staggered in his feet, the amount of use of both Utsusemi and his high speed attacks had drain him more since he had used higher level speed to perform his attack movements, he heard the cannon firing but he was too drained from his shunpo to dodge them; he felt the balas smash into his back like they were cannonballs before exploding, tearing his back to pieces, he gasped for breath as he fell on his face on the floor, his black and red Denreishinki falling from his ruined Gi in front of him, he had ugly scars on his back with multiple, hissing wounds, he grunted with pain as he reached for the Denreishinki and grabbed it with his burnt left hand, shakily bringing it up his his ear as he dialed the soul society's number

"Soul Society...Request back up...Mass hollow threat, I have fought with primary hollow; I have damaged it but I require assistance finishing it off...send help quickly, I don't have much time...hollow is after plus, repeat, target is after plus..." Luke managed to say before another bala blew the Denreishinki apart and sending him rolling into the foundations of the house, he grunted with pain as he bashed his cracked ribs, he moved his hand to start healing the damage to his ribs with kaido, his sealed sword in his right hand, he had vowed to Zetsubō that he wouldn't let him go, even if he died, he wouldn't let go, he turned his head to the hollow, pointing a finger at the cannon with a serious and cold look in his blood red eyes

"Even if I can't defeat him, I can still buy the support team enough time for them to show up, it's the only thing I can do now..." Luke thought before he started firing his Kangeki Byakurai as beams of black lightning shot from the extended finger, aiming to try and take out the cannon or at least draw his attention to him, he wasn't going to give up and he would be damned if he was going down that easily, he would never hear the end of it, he held onto his zanpakuto tight, he would fight until the bitter end and he would stab the hell out of the hollow if he came near him but he was going to do his best to buy time until someone came to help him, hoping his messaged reached soul society and that someone was on the way, he didn't know but he was going to distract the cube hollow long enough for whoever it was to get there

Kido Used:
Spell Name: Kangeki Byakurai
Spell Type: Hadō
Spell Number: #4
Spell Incantation: "Fly true in the wind, fire straight in lightning, doves scavenge the scared land as lightning strikes the earth and ascends to the havens"
Spell Effect:fires a concentrated beam of black lightning from his finger which has a effect of numbing the limb of where the lightning strikes

Name: Ita tensō (Pain Transfer)
Number: Varies
Category: Kaido
Incantation: None
Effect: This is Kaido that is unique to Luke in the fact that his Kaido works in two parts; his left hand heals the patient and also heals mental trauma and takes away the pain from the wounds over the target area; his right hand takes that pain and applies to someone else; making them feel the pain of the patient's wounds like they were feeling it themselves; this only works until the target is fully healed, then the transfer effect of the right hand no longer applies. The right hand's transferring ability is more useful in battle while the left hand is used as battle support and as the way to feed the right hand's transfer ability

Left hand: Heals injuries as well as taking away pain and mental trauma

Right hand: Transfers the pain to opponents as long as Luke is touching them with his right hand

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 491
Tags;; Elcubo, Vlad, Luke
OOC;; Now would be a really good time for Mushami to coincidently show up and help me

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:18 am


Blood formed mist found home in the trail of the death god’s beaten and battered body as he was tossed through the air. That same blood spattered on the ground and sections of the nearby collapsed house. Some of Luke’s blood also found its way onto Elcubo’s own form. As the blood droplets rolled down the porcelain-like smoothness of his cubes his gaze became fixed on the death god who had made it his mission to interfere with Elcubo’s attempts to kidnap the Quincy and young female plus.

Elcubo’s attack was a success. Though it taxed his machine like form, the risky move paid off when all was said and done. The death god was struck by the second half of the continuous assault. This time, his injury was not the result of a shunpo technique, at least not from Elcubo’s calculations. His body reacted in the exact way that the laws of physics dictated as he was thrown into the air like a rag doll. This was either the end, or an extremely elaborate after image technique. It was a miracle that he did not die after falling prey to such an assault. One cero would have likely taken any beneath lieutenant class out of the fight, but here, this man now sprawled out on the ground amongst the rubble, took several and was still breathing.

His remaining red eye became focused on the death god who still desired to fight despite being close to passing out. As Luke raised his hand and preparations to cast his kido spell, Elcubo already knew what to expect. Though he didn’t know the exact kido the bleeding man would use, he knew that he did not have it in him to pull off anything major the likes of his earlier spells.

The moment the black current of electrical force crawled towards his finger before leaping out at the cube Hollow, a simple plan was put into place. He predicted the trajectory of the kido from the angle Luke pointed his finger and made sure that neither his mask or the various sections of his body were in the way. The bolt of black lightning missed Elcubo.

He summoned a few of his cubes, willing them to project themselves towards the injured shinigami, blades and sharp surgical instruments extended. This would be the second time tonight he'd use his surgical barrage.

on Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:41 am

A sudden and wild burst of fiery looking magenta colored reiatsu burst forth from Luke’s immediate location. It formed an effervescent, curved dome like wall which forcefully met with the flying cubes being hurled at the grounded and apparently defenseless Shinigami. The cubes, each armed with either a scalpel, saw, or freakish multi-pronged syringe were instantly launched back from whence they came at dangerously high speeds. A few of the cubes were even on a direct collision course with the Hollow that sent them. Was it possible for its own body to be used against it?

The effervescent violet reiatsu flickered violently before vanishing. In its stead a beautiful young Shinigami stood, palms touching a few inches before his chest. He wore a commoner’s clothing, or rather rags one would expect one from the outermost regions of Rukongai to wear. This wasn’t his normal attire, however his current mission demanded it. The winds resulting from the recent display of his newest technique, still in the process of being mastered, whipped his pale purple hair into a tizzy before calming. “Third Seat Yasenha, Luke, care to tell me what in the hell is going on here?!” He said, keeping his eye on the strange segmented Hollow before him. He'd hoped that Luke could remain conscious enough to fill him in on anything he made need to know about the Hollow before him. If the Hollow was good enough to defeat a third seat, it was something to be careful of.

15 Seconds Earlier:
Shuuryou had begun heading towards Karakura Town the moment Luke used his first kido. His usage of kido, to be honest, was the only reason the young prodigy had begun making the journey from the next town over, despite sensing the appearance of Elcubo’s malignant reiatsu which formed the balas he used to bring down the house. He wasn’t here to purify Hollows, not on this night. He was already in the world of the living working on another case involving illegal kido usage. This case was his first and it fell under the jurisdiction of the kido corps.

Though his senior officer and squad three peer didn’t know it, the best thing he could have done was use demon magic despite its failure. Were it not for the attempt, Shuuryou would have left the situation in Karakura Town to someone else sent by the thirteen protection squads so that he could see to it that his own tasks handed to him by Vice Commander Iro was completed. It would have, however, been too late by the time they sent someone else, it’d to rescue Luke, Vlad, and the child soul they were protecting.

He descended from the clouds, cloaked by one of his most used kido, at top speeds as though he were a bolt of lightning casts down by the heavens themselves. He ceased flashstep but for a moment, while still in midair, to accurately gauge the events that were going on below before getting involved. A flash of jagged black energy shot from Luke’s finger missing a nearby Hollow by no small margin. It looked as though Luke had reached his limits. Several sleek black cubes speedily launched themselves at the third seat.

Shuuryou once again utilized the top speed afforded to him by his shunpo ability to intercept the Hollow’s attack. He had no time to perform the necessary chant for a fullproof bakudo. He instead, landed gracefully on the ground before Luke, despite his speed of descent. A vibrant violet flame enveloped his hands before he brought them together, clapping. The explosion triggered ripped away his deceptive kyokko cloak.

New Technique:
Technique Name: Hanki (Reverse Demon) and Kakudaisuru Hanki (Expanding Reverse Demon)
Technique Description: This technique nullifies an opponent's incoming attack by mirroring it with a perfectly opposite one of equal speed and energy. Shuuryou focuses a more malleable version of the common Seki bakudou into a body part such as his hand. This version allows him to augment the shape and level of power put into it by not only allowing for more reiatsu utilization but also utilization of speed to boost the overall effect. The technique can completely stop an opponent's incoming attack along with both momentum and movement. Weaker forces or the forces powering something like a projectile who are completely overshadowed by Shuuryou's own spiritual force can be shot backwards at alarming speeds if Shuuryou applies just a tad bit more speed and energy than necessary. This is a single technique, however how he chooses to express or perform the technique determines the overall area covered. The technique is simply referred to as Hanki if he chooses to focus on a single area like a hand. This becomes Kakudaisuru Hanki if he chooses to create an instant surge by clapping which expands from his entire body. It creates a quick repulsive spherical barrier which at the very least causes all that touch it to become immobilized as if temporarily trapped in a state of suspended animation. This essentially allows him to use a single Hanki on many attacks at once coming from multiple directions. Attacks are stopped in their tracks where as techniques like kido or cero instantly fizzle out. This can be done instantly. If basic Hanki is used the cool down lasts one post. If Kakudaisuru Hanki is used the cool down is a minimum of two posts unless more than two attacks are stopped simultaneously. If this is the case the cool down is one post per attack stopped within the time this is used. This technique expands outward but stops when a radius twice Shuuryou's height is reached.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: An opponent's attack is stopped and they are shoved backwards several dozen feet with an almost explosive force. At least this is what happens if Shuuryou applies just a tad bit more opposing force than needed.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: An opponent is pushed back about a dozen feet after the attack is stopped so long as Shuuryou wills it.
Opponent is Equal Tier: An attack is nullified instantly; speed, momentum, and all movement stops..
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Damage from an attack is buffed.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: This technique fails.

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Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke saw him send cubes come for him, producing medical tools, he was going to raise his zanpakuto to defend himself when a barrier formed over him as the person he least wanted to see now had shown up to help him; Mushami Shuuryou; the unseated shinigami of two squads; the kido corps and his squad, he didn't trust the unseated shinigami to do anything he was ordered to do and being part of two different groups made Luke question his loyalty to the soul society, along with the fact that he publicly humiliated him in front of his captain, he had good reason that Mushami was the last person he thought would show up but he didn't complain, not verbally anyway since even with his dislike of Mushami, he was strong and in a better condition than him and the quincy was, he addressed, asking what the hell was going on, Luke noticed he addressed him by rank first, which was a pleasant surprise since the last time, Mushami never referred to him by rank nor refer to him as a superior officer, so him doing it now was at least a step forward, Luke released reiatsu, weaken as he was to grow two arms to help him stand, he had finished healing his chest injury, thanks to Mushami's intervention at using his technique; which looked to be custom so he couldn't tell everything about it but, from his training in the stealth force and its various techniques, he was using a hanki of some kind since he not only repealed the cubes with equal force and pressure but knock the the cube back a considerable distance, although the knock would be the result of a part of the bakudo that Luke couldn't figure out currently, using his sealed sword to help him stand with his arms, he walked slowly over with his arms aiding his walk to Mushami

"To answer your question, unseated Mushami, this hollow specialises in reiatsu manipulation with the ability to counter and negate both kido and reiatsu base objects and constructs like my arms and forcibly absorb them using a reiatsu net and from the quincy's account before his collapse, he has a variety of medical tools he uses to bombard his target by going for the muscles of the body to remove any chance of escape, I can't do much now but I can still cover you with low level kido and my arms and blade but apart from that, I can't do much more but to tell you, one of his weaknesses is melee combat as I managed to damage his mask earlier..." Luke said, using his sword hand to point to the damage he had done to the cube hollow's mask earlier, "...So try to aim for his mask, that seems to be his only weakness but a key one; just let me know if you require assistance from me with my kido or for me to attack him but most of all, be careful; unseated Mushami" Luke told him all he knew from both his experience and the quincy's warning his subordinate that he should be careful, he was being honest, he wouldn't be of much help to Mushami in his current condition apart from being able to distract the hollow with low level kido or using his arms or zanpakuto to attack him to distract him to buy the unseated shinigami some time, it was the best he could do now, he looked from Mushami to the cube hollow, waiting for a response

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 593
Tags;; Ekcubo, Vlad, Luke, Mushami

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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