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on Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:42 am


Scalpels cut at skin, surgical knives dug into muscle, needles poked at nerves and bone saws slashed at bits of exposed skeleton. All of this happened in an instant at speeds unfathomable to most watching. Elcubo took special care to avoid internal organs and assure that his attack didn't completely destroy the specimen he desired to bring back with him. Still, his attack wasn't fast enough. It wasn't fast enough to catch his target off guard. His defense caused more than half of his strikes to miss their mark all together which in turn led to Elcubo pulling back on strikes rather than hitting something that may cripple the Quincy. Ordinarily he would likely be able to compensate by repeating a strike. However, the blinding glow of the reishi the boy forged added a level of risk to it that Elcubo was uncomfortable.

The boy was definitely more concerned with the safety of the young girl in Elcubo's clutches than his own. This made the battle far easier, and would likely make capturing him easier too. "My offer still stands Quincy." Elcubo stated, looking at the boy's intense furious eyes. "Come with me without causing anymore trouble and the girl will be spared having to suffer through my most painful procedures." He had just finished his sentence as the Quincy began to gather reishi into his bow.

It would appear as though he gave Elcubo his response without ever having to really speak. The wild blue flames which emanated from his bow radiated with power and was so hot that the air around it shimmered. Elcubo had little time to react to the bird shaped flame which shot from the bow. Luckily the majority of his body was close to his mask. He did after all just use them to attack the Quincy. He quickly gathered those cubes cubes to create a wall before his mask to shield him. A monstrous wave of  black flame exploded from the bird shaped projectile the moment it met the cube's body.

The Quincy's pain tolerance was something Elcubo only just began to gauge. This level of power was expected given the cube's earlier calculations, still he wasn't prepared to deal with it so soon.  If he wasn't forced to use his hollow roar canon on the girl to use her as bait he could have escaped this predicament. The majority of his body was ruined. Once the flames finally settled the Cube's ravaged body parts could be seen much partially melted, some broken, and others pieces on the ground.

His mask however escaped any major damage. "Quincy..." Elcubo stated. "Why not come willingly?" As he spoke, he willed the sections of his cubes to him. The broken pieces on the ground were picked up by any cubes which still possessed the ability to produce his mechanical hands. He released the young female plus so that he could also call his two undamaged cubes to him. This fight wasn't over.

Once all of Elcubo's body parts, save the two holding the young plus, were within his immediate presence he began to repair himself. The process began quickly. His form condensed around his mask and literally began to fold in on itself. The massive cube that was once his body had become a mere twentieth of its normal size.

De-Fragment Form:

 Technique Name: De-fragment Form
 Technique Description: A multipurpose technique which has two primary functions; to fix damage to his body and drastically alter his body's defense. His entire body condenses and essentially folds and morphs in on itself. The change in size changes his density as his entire mass is made to occupy no more space than would a standard six sided die. The change in his density literally forces injuries like cuts or cracks closed. His density change becomes so great that it proves near impossible for him to be harmed in this form. The density change literally causes foreign bodies like viruses or bacteria to be crushed as if exposed to an extreme version of pascalization or pressure sterilization. All foreign substances are squeezed from his body because there is no space for them to occupy. Moving freely proves difficult in this form making him even more subject to forces like gravity. Though he's quite slug-like in terms of his ability to move in this form, were he to simply descend, or rather fall, allowing gravity to be the main driving force, he can fall at speeds which surpass that of even veteran sonido and shunpo users. The impact on a surface he lands on would be similar to what it would be were it struck by a small asteroid. It takes one post to complete this transformation and two posts to undo it and return to normal form.

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: A physical attack is useless against this body.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: A physical attack is useless against this body.
Opponent is Equal Tier: A physical attack is useless against this body when condensed.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: A physical attack or effects thereof are greatly dampened and made less than half effective. He still proves difficult to attack.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Physical attacks are dampened. Attacks that would be enough to shatter his form shake this one and may cause hairline fractures which grow if he returns to his normal form prematurely. Higher tier gaps
mean there is more likelihood of his form being dealt even more damage


on Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:22 am


((OOC: It's been two days. As was described in the RP request, I'm skipping you and posting. Let it be known you can not inflict harm on my character without my say so therefor your attempt to blow up the cubes holding the girl fail.))

Elcubo's newly condensed form crashed into the ground. The large crater that resulted was indicative of what one would expect to result had he crashed in his normal state. The road was ruined. Pieces of the cement curb side also broke off before sliding into the crater where Elcubo now lay, restoring his form. Though he couldn't inflict harm in this state he was far from defenseless. His newly condensed form was extremely durable and near impenetrable.

There was still the matter of the two unaltered cubes holding onto the unconscious young girl, but Elcubo didn't have the ability to mount a proper offense given his current state. The young girl had begun to wake. "What...hap-" her eyes shot awake. The level of terror she first felt when the Cube approached her had returned. She woke to find herself suspended by two mechanical arms attached to cubes which seemed to have come from the body of the monster that attacked her earlier. But where was it?

She turned to find another young boy, a teenager kneeling. His body and clothing were in bad condition. What once may have been a school uniform was now a collection of blood soaked rags. Did he beat the monster? " please help me." She screamed, reaching out to him. She began to struggle against the mechanical arms grasping her young frame and even managed to break free of one of them. Rather than grab at her again, Elcubo instead retracted the arm. In it's place, he produced a weapon that the Quincy would likely recognize. It was the key to launching his hollow roar canon. He aimed it at the Quincy, as if to threaten him. The spiritually aware human wouldn't know that Elcubo couldn't attack in this form, so the threat would likely work at keeping him at bay. Of course, he did have another piece to his plan.

After a little more struggling his second mechanical arm released the girl. The moment she began to run towards her would be savior, Elcubo caused this cube to produce a scalpel which was placed on the girls neck. She immediately stopped. With one cube pointing a weapon at him and the other pointing one at the girl, how would the Quincy react? Would he risk attempting to shoot both of them and in turn risk the scalpel cutting into the girl's neck? Or was there another plan of action available to him?


on Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:38 am


Vlad Abbau ;; 4-1 ;; Quincy ;; Male    

Vlad watched as the cube like hollow lay in a crater from his last attack, the street had turned quickly from a peaceful street to a battlefield within a few minutes, he got onto one knee when he heard the girl plus awaken and call out to him, Vlad was still considering the hollow's question about why he wouldn't come willingly, he looked at the condensed cube that the hollow had become before answering

"You want to know why I won't come with you?...I can't believe someone so clever would be so clueless; the reason I won't come is simply this; you had no intention of keeping your promise, did you? if I had gone with you, you would of experimented on her and made it painful regardless of whether I come or not and that isn't even considering what you have planned for me so I'll think I'll pass and take the girl with me now" Vlad said, shakily getting to his feet, manifesting his bow to help himself up, he saw that the girl was awake enough to see him and call him for help, surprisingly getting free herself and running towards him before the cube released a small cube fragment which in turn produced a scalpel that was pressed against the plus's throat while he produced what he presumed was the firing pin or key for his cannon which gave Vlad a couple of problems he had to deal with; he couldn't be reckless and just fire, he had to focus about what he could do; he should take the pin out so he couldn't use that technique to stop his attacks, finally allowing him to take a shot which he didn't need to worry about his attacks being negated but he risked the plus getting her neck sliced open, he only had one way that he could take both at once and that meant using his last two Gintō

He raised his bow and charged a standard arrow of reishi, he would fire the arrow at the little cube with the scalpel in such a way it would spin away from the plus before hitting the ground, within a second of firing, he would grab his last two Gintō and throw them at the cube hollow's body where his cannon and the firing pin was

"Light converts into five, The bearer of division strikes and moulds this cross: Ausfall!" Vlad called out, the two Gintō would expand into what would look like two quincy crosses with the bottom tang of the top quincy cross fused with the top tang of the bottom quincy cross before the area that the crosses covered would be covered in a blue reishi shield, then, the cube hollow would notice that anything within the area of the shield would start disintegrating into pure reishi; this was his clan's secret technique, a technique capable of disintegrating any matter into reishi for quincys to use but it would give the cube hollow something to think about, whether it had enough of a survival instinct that, in its weakened state, would retreat back to hueco mundo while he would use Hirenkyaku to grab the plus and hold her bridal style in his arms, sweat dripping from his brow as he looked at the soul in his hands, stepping away from the cube hollow as he left it to deal with his clan technique to try and get to a safe distance, although with all the blood coming off his body, if the hollow was able to follow, it wouldn't be hard to find them, he looked at the little girl and set her down in a alleyway and looked her in the eye

"Listen, little one, that monster you saw may come back, I need you to run to my house, you will be safe there, you just need to run round this corner, run down the street, take the third right and my house is on the second house on the right side at the end of the street" Vlad told her, hoping the little girl understand what his intention was before standing and aiming his bow with a reishi arrow, planning to give her covering fire if the hollow showed up

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 707
Tags;; Elcubo, Vlad
OOC;; If you don't mind, Elcubo, if the fight is coming to a close soon, I would like to bring in my shinigami character to perform Konsō on the girl? unless you still have plans to fight, then I'll bring him in later on

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:35 am


Elcubo's recovery cycle was nearly complete. As the boy spoke it became obvious that he just didn't trust Elcubo. Sadly, the male Quincy would never know whether Elcubo would keep his word. It wouldn't be long now before his body would be ready to return to normal. When that time came he would capture the Quincy and claim the young female soul both as test subjects. The Quincy's arrow struck the cube with the scalpel with a great level of accuracy considering he possessed mere human sight. The cube was undamaged, but still spiraled out of control before crashing into the ground.

It would appear as though the bluff didn't work on this young male Quincy. How could he have possibly known that the hollow roar canon wasn't functional when Elcubo was in his defragmented state? Was this a lucky guess, or did the Quincy just fire an arrow out of desperation without any actual assurance that his attack wouldn't be cancelled out like earlier attacks from him were?

The Quincy's final ginto landed on opposite sides of the cube wielding the exposed hollow roar canon. The bright light which erupted from the circle denoted on the ground enveloped the defenseless cube. When it finally faded the cube looked as though it had been sent through a meat grinder. What remained of it fell to the ground and shattered. This was an impressive technique to say the least. It would make experimenting on the Quincy that much more interesting. Here, Elcubo had been lead to believe that he was more powerful than the Quincy, but a technique such as the one he'd just displayed transcended the level of power Elcubo was assuming he had.

"Run to your house..." The little girl cried out. "I...I can't make it by myself." She continued. The boy who was about ten years older than she had saved her but she was still petrified at what she had just experienced. As he turned to begin laying cover fire the young plus worked up her courage and managed to begin moving her legs. She stumbled backwards tripping over her own feet. She finally composed herself and began to run in the direction the Quincy had directed.


on Fri Jul 11, 2014 4:54 am


Vlad Abbau ;; 4-1 ;; Quincy ;; Male    

Vlad looked around as the little girl plus ran off in the direction of his house, he checked around the alleyway but he only felt his own spiritual pressure around the area of their battle with no sight of the hollow, which worried him since he didn't know if he was injured from his last ditched attack or was up and about and coming after them as he thought so once he was sure that nothing was following him or the little girl plus, he ran after the plus and got into his house, where the little girl plus was sitting on the sofa in his living room; where the starts of a wedding dress he had started doing for a client from that morning but didn't have much time to work on it because he had school to attend, he had forgotten about it but that wasn't the thing that concerned him, he had to deal with his wounds before when or if the cube hollow returned, he went into his modernised kitchen and opened a cupboard with medical equipment and took out some bandages and a tin of medical cream that would numb the pain and clean the wounds, he took the lid off the tin and applied it to the areas that were cut, he winced as the cream stung as he applied it into his torn flesh, once the pain had lessened, he applied the bandages to his torn body before taking his ruined clothes, grabbing some spare school clothes off the line and putting them on quickly before going into his living room and kneeling down in front of the little girl plus

"I'm sorry, that monster must of scared you didn't it? my name is Vlad Abbau, I'm your friend, ok? I just need to call some "friends" to come help you pass on, don't worry, although I don't like them personally, they are the only ones that can help you properly now so that monster doesn't come after you, is that ok with you?" Vlad said calmly, trying to reassure the scared little girl before he went over to the side table near the dress and pull a device out; it was something he kept around from a shinigami he had meet a while ago, once activated, it would summon a shinigami to the location of the device, it was like a signal flare that you would use to call for help, the same thing applied to the device as it sent out a slow beeping noise out to the soul society...

Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke had been summoned by squad twelve after a soul flare was activated in Karakura town; he went to the central senkaimon and went through to Karakura town, he jumped down, using the hell butterfly as his guide to find the location of the flare, he could see a house below him as the senkaimon closed behind him, he came down the street level when he could see a trail of blood leading to the house as well as a hollow within the local area, something squad twelve; in their infinite wisdom to leave out, he sigh but came to the house and let himself in, he saw a teen dressed in school clothing with bandages covering much of his body apart from his face and a plus; having the form of a little girl, realising what he had been called in for, he relaxed and knelt down in front of the plus, holding her hand gently as he looked at the wall behind her so from her point of view, he would be looking at her but what he was really doing was looking at the wall behind her head because of his phobia of strange faces; a phobia he was working on but he had yet to get over it yet

"Hello, Little one, my name is Luke Yasenha, I'm a soul, just like you and I come from a place called the soul society, its like what you would call "heaven" and if you like, I can take you there, would you like that?" Luke said gently, the little girl looked scared and Luke would do his best to reassure her before he would go ahead with Konsō but he wanted to make sure the little girl was ok with that before he did it so he waited calmly for her response, ignoring the glares of hatred from Vlad as he tended to his wounds more

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 746
Tags;; Elcubo, Vlad, Luke

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:19 am


Some time passed before Elcubo could return to his normal form. Though virtually defenseless in this form he could still see what was occurring due to the devices connected attached to the cubes the Quincy fired his arrows at. The Quincy had managed to escape, but it was only a temporary break from his pursuer. Elcubo sent a single cube to tail him. Though close, it was clear that the Quincy hadn't noticed the small device following him. It only made sense though. Elcubo after all possessed the most energy efficient form that he knew of. It was a form that didn't produce spiritual pressure for the Quincy to pick up on.

The cube followed the boy at every turn, down every dark alleyway, and down every street until he arrived at his destination. He watched through the window at the boy as he began treating his own wounds. While he clearly lacked the skill of an actual well trained medical professional, he did a descent job. He rinsed his wounds carefully before applying cream to numb the areas. The cream clearly caused discomfort. However it wasn't too much for the young Quincy to take. Most humans after all would have likely passed out from the pain of Elcubo's initial attack even if spiritually aware.

Elcubo's body had reached the final stages of repair as the Quincy bandaged his wounds and begun changing into a new set of clothing. His body began to expand and augment. One small cube split into two cubes several times larger and then each of those split into separate cubes in a similar fashion. Before long his body had returned to its normal state. Its lustrous flawlessly smooth form beamed with reflected light from the celestial bodies in the night sky. His hollow mask came from the very core of his body completely unscathed.

It was only after his return to normal that he witnessed the Quincy begin talking with the young girl. It was at this point that the cube shaped hollow took chase, noticing the device that the young boy activated. What was it? The cube nearest produced a variety of devices before finally producing one that was able to identify the radio waves it was putting off. Further examination revealed that they weren't just regular radio waves, they were trans-dimensional. Those waves would eventually reach a place separate from the human world. Was he calling more Quincy?

After reaching the house Elcubo became aware of a dimensional rip forming overhead. He broke down his body and receded into the shadows completely out of sight. To his surprise a shinigami exited the inter-dimensional doorway. Though Elcubo paid witness to the conversation between the young girl plus and the shinigami, he didn't interrupt right off the bat. He was more curious about the Quincy's relationship with the soul reapers. As Elcubo understood it, Quincy hated and despised the Soul Reapers for a war they started nearly a thousand years ago. Were they friends, or had he simply called him to aid the young girl.

"Heaven?" She smiled. "I'll go, but only if my brother comes with me?" She said. "We were playing hide and seek before the monster attacked me." She continued. If there was another soul running about it was likely to be captured by his soul harvesting party. Their mission would begin shortly. Though it would be a shame to lose a young plus, capturing her brother would make up for her loss. And with any luck the shinigami would become distracted by the soul harvesting operation enough to leave the Quincy unprotected.

A few second passed before the soul harvest began. Elcubo could sense his charges appear one by one. A few dozen arrancar entered the town through their garganta at key locations, locations where stranded souls were likely to reside: the local hospital, the retirement home, and other areas. One by one they appeared, most unskilled in the art of hiding their spiritual pressure. One by one they disappeared after searching their designated area for souls. It was likely that the Shinigami would notice.


on Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:33 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke listened to the little girl's request; again, something else the shinigami research and development guys seemed to forget to tell him; there was a popular human film series he had watched recently and a certain quote came to mind about the current situation

"This deal is getting worse all the time" Luke thought, the statement coming true when he felt twenty-four arrancars coming into the world of the living; he saw that the quincy felt it too; he would of been surprised if he hadn't since quincies were the best at detecting reiatsu and reishi, he looked back to the little girl before standing up and looking at the quincy

"We need to move her to a safer location; unless you want to have a army of arrancars storming down your door" Luke said before waiting for a response...

Vlad Abbau ;; 4-1 ;; Quincy ;; Male

Vlad watch them talk when Luke stood up and walked to him, telling him he had to leave with the little girl plus or face two dozen arrancars at his door, at this, Vlad got angry at the thought of having to leave the house, his temper wasn't helped due to his hate of shinigami in general, he poked Luke in the chest before speaking

"What do you mean leave, Shinigami?! if we stay in one area, we can better defend the girl instead of towing her around where she could get captured again and besides; I just fought with a hollow which gave me these wounds; I can't go far but the girl isn't going anywhere without me, got it?" Vlad yelled at the shinigami in front of him, he saw the shinigami sign, looking at his bandaged up body as Vlad waited for a response...

Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

"...Fine, grab whatever you need to defend this place in case those arrancars decide to come knocking" Luke told him, he would see Vlad giving him a death glare that promised a slow and painful death before heading into the hallway in a cupboard out of Luke's and the plus's view, taking at his back holster of seele schniders; two of the normal ones but two that were shaped at the blade end in a Y-shape, he fitted that onto his back, replacing the Gintō he had used up during his fight with the cube hollow before returning to the little girl plus, Luke went to go out when the spiritual pressures of the arrancars vanished, he hadn't detected that they had eaten any souls because the concentration of reiatsu that souls produced hadn't changed, which confused Luke to why they had shown up, then disappeared

"Why did they leave all of a sudden? were they trying to lead me away? something fishy is going on and I don't like it... Luke thought as he looked at Vlad, sitting on the sofa with the little girl plus as he tried to comfort her as best as he humanly could, " any case, I should find her brother before the arrancars do" Luke thought before kneeling down so he was face-to-face with the plus

"hey, little one, I'll go find your brother, can you tell me where you saw him run off to? don't worry, I think in this situation, I think he'll forgive you if in telling me, you save him from those monsters you saw earlier, so just tell me where you saw him last, ok?" Luke said, trying a smile out to try and reassure her while he waited for her response, he had an uneasy feeling that he was being watched, he didn't know what the feeling meant but it left him feeling nervous as he waited for her response

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 602
Tags;; Elcubo, Vlad, Luke

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:54 am


The time to act was now. Elcubo quickly re-arranged his body. In less time than it would take the average person to blink, he had achieved the form which allows him to perform his most devastating attack. The young female plus was the first to notice the large multipart hollow preparing to attack from the outside. Elcubo's fiery red eyes casts a glow that chilled the young soul to her very core. "NO! IT FOUND US!" The young plus screamed, turning in an attempt to run out of the room.

Elcubo's body spun rapidly behind his mask at near immeasurable speeds. A single bala began in one cube before being hurled into the next. The friction created by the transfer was energy not wasted. That energy which would be wasted and ignored by other hollow was recycled and fused into the bala which created it. The process was repeated over and over again, two dozen times before what began as a mere cero had become something far more fearsome. He began to fire his Cero Fusion Gatling. Dozens of the bala were supercharged like the first, which made each at the very least as powerful as any other adjucha's well developed cero flew from his eyes in an alternating pattern. The gigantic orbs of malignant force and dark power surged onward. The house was blown to bits as the cero punctured walls and pummeled support beams. It only took a few to cause catastrophic damage to the house and much of the architecture surrounding it. His actual target however, were all three that resided inside.

His aim was excellent, not that it needed to be with this technique though. The shock waves alone were capable of ravaging bodies and blowing apart the flesh of those that weren't struck directly by an energy infused bala. According to his calculations, the young girl was grazed. She could however stand to receive a bit of damage and still be useful to Elcubo and his experiments. Only time would tell if the young Quincy and the Shinigami were struck. Elcubo waited for the dirt and airborne debris to settle.


Cero Fusion Gatling:
Technique Name: Cero Fusion Gatling  
 Technique Description: This puts his internal energy proficiency to purely offensive use. He re-organizes the sections of his body and connects them to mimic the design of a fusion reactor. This is then connected to the back of his Hollow mask. A single section of his cube begins the process by starting the beginnings of a bala. The bala is then launched internally into the next cube connected to it. All energy from the friction caused by the launch is fused with that of the bala which amplifies the energy contained in it. Upon entering the next cube it's again launched, and the process is repeated. After a single rotation through his spinning rearranged body that bala has been infused with so much power that it rivals that of a fully charged cero. It is finally launched from either his left or right eye in an alternating pattern. All of this takes a fraction of a second given how fast bala travels. The process can be repeated several times given how easily bala can be produced and launched however the physical tax the process takes on his body makes lengthy use with this extremely dangerous. Just like how some gatling gun designs overheat and jam, continued use of this technique comes with similar draw backs. While a single post using this has no potential dangers, a second post leads to over heating and adds an additional post of cool down which is added to the original single post. This means that two back to back post spent using this means that two cool down posts follows. Further still the tax on his body at this point makes it impossible to use reiatsu based attacks for those two posts. A third post of using this not only comes with a cool down, but the internal damage causes micro-fractures which lead unpredictable changes in the path the supercharged bala travels. At the end of the third post Elcubo will suffer damage as one of his own malignant energy bullets explodes inside of him damaging several cubes. Half of his body is damaged in the process. Still, the effect may be worth the drawback being each impact is accompanied by an explosive shock wave that expands outward from the point of impact. While this explosive shock wave doesn't cause flame, it does cause blunt force damage to those in close proximity to the point of impact. This is something that not even a regular cero has.    

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The shock fronts resulting from the impact is enough to blow apart flesh and break bone.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The shock fronts resulting from the impact is enough to blow apart flesh and break bone.  
Opponent is Equal Tier: The shock fronts resulting from the impact is enough to blow apart flesh.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The shock fronts resulting from the impact is enough to bruise flesh and fracture bones.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The blunt force from these explosions is enough to bruise flesh.


on Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:42 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Both guys heard the girl scream as she saw, to Luke's eyes, the most bizarre hollow he had seen yet; a cube-shaped hollow, just outside the window, it seemed to be charging a cero of a more advanced kind, Luke turned quickly to Vlad

"Get the girl out of here now!" Luke said as he drew his zanpakuto before he fired as Vlad grabbed the girl, smashing the door down and ducking, covering her with his body as Luke faced what looked to be balas with cero levels of power; a amazing achievement and the effect of such a weapon was truly deadly as it tore through the house, shattering anything in their path, Luke slice through one but it just exploded in his face, forcing him to use his reiatsu to guard against the explosion, the house was becoming weaker before Luke pulled his sword to his right side, lifting just behind his head

"Fall into the void, Zetsubō no Sākuru" Luke called out as he released his zanpakuto, the blade erupting into black mist, turning into a six foot long, pure black katana blade with a twister of black mist going from the tip of the blade to where the blade met the hilt, using the length of the blade, he spun it around wildly in front of him, he would make sure that both the quincy and the girl were unharmed but the blasts from the balas but Luke himself would not be as fortunate as the balas-like ceros tore away his haori from the blasts from the ones he cut away with his long, black blade but a single balas-like cero made its way through, hitting him square in the gut, winding him and sending flying through the window into the hedge of Vlad's front garden, he used his shikai blade to help him stand; his flesh was badly bruised and he felt that he had some damage around the bottom two ribs, he looked to see that the quincy and the girl were knocked out, he didn't see what hit the quincy but he was certain that they wouldn't be getting up anytime soon but he looked at the ruin state of the bottom part of the quincy's house as he saw two, evil looking red eyes in the smoke; the hollow must be waiting to see if he had taken them out; well, Luke wasn't about to let the cube have the upper hand, he shunpoed so he would be in front of the cube; again, interested to the shape of the strange cube-like hollow and the fact that it didn't release reiatsu, which was even stranger; in fact, Luke thought that this hollow was more a machine then a hollow in the way it managed reiatsu but he put his theory to one side as he released his reiatsu; draining the color from the area around the two, making it look lifeless and depressing as two, shadow arms grew from Luke's shoulders as Luke gave the cube hollow an evil look to rival its own evil-looking gaze

"Impressive work, hollow; but I'm afraid that I must put a end to this game of yours; that child is not yours to take so forgive me for what I must do to you" Luke said before mentally commanding his arms to grab the cube, where he would lift it off the ground to about six feet off the ground he would start to crush it slowly like a car being crushed in a car crusher; while he did this, he aimed his six-foot long black blade before he made quickly thrusts, aiming to damage the hollow more as he crushed it with his shadow arms; his thrusts making it look like multiple thrusts were taking place with afterimages, Luke looked at the hollow with bloodshot eyes, a look that mental patients have when they have insanity with a somewhat, twisted smile as he looked up to see if the cube hollow could stop him...

Vlad Abbau ;; 4-1 ;; Quincy ;; Male    

Vlad Grab the girl on the shinigami's order, smashing the door down and laying on top of her as balas of cero level power came suddenly out from where Luke was, shattering his house to pieces, sending various degrees of debris flew where the balas hit, he kept the girl cover with his body as he turned to see a piece of roof beam smash out his house and fall towards, unable to get out the way, it hit him and his vision went black...

Secondary shikai release:
Technique Name: Kokumu no Masamune (Masamune of the black Mist)
Technique Description: This technique is released with a alternative shikai release command, "Fall into the void..." along with the zanpakuto name, but instead of the normal release stance with him taking a fencing stance, he brings his zanpakuto around with his arm straight and full out to the right side, the blade will erupt into black mist as it normally does during release but the final shikai form is different in the fact that now the blade is solid intend of being made of mist, although it still has a thin twirl of black mist around the blade from the tip to where the blade met the hilt, the blade is now a fully, razor sharp six foot sword but because of Zetsubō's unwillingness to fight that would cause bloodshed, the blade does not have any of it's shikai abilities while in this form, although it has a effect similar to Luke's Kangeki Byakurai as when it cuts a enemy, it numbs the area it cuts, making the area feel cold and numb as well as the skin of the area cut turn a cold blue, due to the extreme cold of the blade as the blade was made from solidifying the black mist from its true shikai.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for three turns
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for two turns
Opponent is Equal Tier: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for one turn
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Enemy will only see their skin darken slightly but doesn't numb, although the spot cut will feel cold to the touch
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Enemy will only get some goose bumps and some chilling sensation around the area as a indication they have been hit at all

Shikai appearance in both shikai and "True" shikai states:

Reiatsu shadow arms:
Technique Name: Shadow tentacles/arms
Technique Description: Luke can manifest either eight tentacles (four on each side) or four, large additional shadow arms that float with two floating either side of his shoulders and two floating just under his own arms, his tentacles can be used to wrap around opponents, used as whips or like ropes for other uses while the arms can grab and attack using strong punches. the additional tentacles/arms can be cut off like regular body parts, although their skin is armored with dragon-like scales, they can be cut through, given a fast and hard cut to it, Although Luke can reform them but not instantly. each arm/tentacle lasts for about six posts, Reform takes two posts per part cut off/destroyed, when deactivated, takes a four post cooldown before reuse or never if Luke runs out of Reiatsu before the cooldown ends

Arms Appearance (Imagine black instead of orange):

Tentacles Appearance:

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Tentacles are highly effect in inflicting damage and trapping tiers of this type, arms produce large damage to include broken bones, takes three cuts of a shikai released weapon to cut through the tentacles or arms
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Tentacles have a descent effect in inflicting damage and trapping tiers of this type, arms produce descent damage to include some broken bones, takes two cuts of a shikai released weapon to cut through the tentacles or arms
Opponent is Equal Tier: Tentacles have a good effect in inflicting damage and trapping tiers of this type, arms produce a good amount of damage to include a few broken bones, takes one cuts of a shikai released weapon to cut through the tentacles or arms
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Tentacles have a hard time in inflicting damage and trapping tiers of this type, arms produce a ok amount of damage, including some brusing and other noticable punch damage, takes two cuts of a sealed weapon to cut through the tentacles or arms
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Tentacles have a very hard time in inflicting damage and trapping tiers of this type, arms produce nearly no noticeable amount of damage, only useful in stopping attacks or doing basic punch damage, takes one cut of a sealed weapon to cut through the tentacles or arms

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 751
Tags;; Elcubo, Vlad, Luke

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:51 am


The girl was indeed caught up in the impact of a shock wave. Bits of her soul chain broke off and fell to the ground. She clung to the Quincy screaming. "IT'S GOING TO EAT--!" She quickly grew silent after witnessing the odd display of power the newcomer displayed. The arms he produced were bigger than the cube monster from what she could tell. Surely he could smash it with a power like that?
The shinigami's sword was intercepted easily enough. Elcubo summoned a single cube which produced a circular saw. Sparks flew from the point of impact as the rapidly spinning saw met the edge of the death god's zanpakuto. The two stood blade stood at a complete stalemate. Neither was budging. From the beginning Elcubo was placing values to the shinigami's strengths and weaknesses. Nearest he could tell, the shinigami possessed physical strength and spiritual pressure equal to his own. However it was never Elcubo's style to rely on power alone. His true strength lay in his cunning.

Were Elcubo still in the mood for talking he'd have laughed at the young death god standing before him, just to burn him up. Seeing the young warrior flex his reiatsu formed arms was the equivalent of undeservedly boasting in the Cube's eyes. Not because the ability wasn't boast worthy, no. The amount of fine tuning that went into using reiatsu to imitate dense bone and tightly woven musculature was impressive. It was even impressive watching what Elcubo assumed was a cocoon of reiatsu shield the newcomer from being blown apart after a direct hit with his ridiculously overpowered bala. The thing that Elcubo would laugh at would be the thought of this man seeking to use reiatsu against him, given the unreal energy manipulating skill he displayed thus far.

Elcubo quickly reorganized his form as heavy smoke rolled from his eyes and crawled up the forehead portion of his mask. He could have continued with his cero fusion gatling and this would have likely ended the confrontation, however it would risk harming his form yet again. He instead decided to take a different route. The moment the shinigami's reiatsu formed arms were in range he used his own reiatsu manipulating technique. He met the giant arms with a dismantling grid, or rather a net. It instantly broke down the energies which Elcubo instantly began to manipulate. This was the nature of his Reversing Matrix. The energies were drawn into his form before the beginnings of a cero condensed before the mouth portion of his mask.

What began as an orb of energy the size of a baseball quickly multiplied in size. Due to the shinigami's own energies, the cero Elcubo had begun making was now the size of a manhole cover. However, Elcubo wasn't done yet. He charged the hollow flash even further. The rich red glow it casts shined on the death god, that would be its future target. Elcubo was intent on ending the battle sooner rather than later. By the time he was done he'd have an attack strong enough to blast the shinigami to nothing. He would claim the Quincy and young female plus before the moon set and before operation soul harvest was done. He had begun to look forward to the experiments he would perform on the Quincy even more than those he would perform on the other souls his charges likely gathered.

Reversing Matrix:
Technique Name: Reversing Matrix
Technique Description: A cero based technique which relies on precise energy readings and conversion. A form of energy originally launched at The Cube is met with a grid of finely tuned spiritual force. The grid envelopes the energy, breaks down the energies without destabilize them, then absorbs the scattered energies into it, either creating the beginnings of a cero or adding to the destructive force of a cero technique already being charged. The technique is then either instantly launched back as if it were his own or charged further. If being added to a cero which is already being charged, then its success rest on the power making up a cero being equal to or greater than the force of the incoming energy. If being used to break down or re-direct an incoming mass of energy then view the chart below for effectiveness. This has a two post cool down.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The energy may be held, knocked back, or even split up without it harming Elcubo. Manipulating this energy is child's play.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The energy may be held, knocked back, or even split up without it harming Elcubo. Performing this task is easy enough.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The energy may be held or even split up without it harming Elcubo. It is more difficult to perform and knocking it back is difficult if not impossible.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: This technique is difficult to perform successfully with an opponent this strong. So difficult that it is difficult to do anything more than hold the energy mass in place, stopping it in its tracks for a single post. He will suffer minor damage by trying to redirect it. So long as his cero is charged beyond the limits of the incoming energy this is successful with partial damage being dealt to Elcubo representing the dense massive power he wasn't able to control.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: This technique is so difficult to perform that just holding the incoming energy for an extended period of time is impossible. He will suffer damage fully if he attempts to redirect or reverse.

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