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on Wed Jul 02, 2014 1:49 am


Serenely calm blue eyes watched as Luke performed a shunpo to carry him within very close range of the gathered dancing yellow kidou emanating from the swordsman's hand. The old warrior couldn't fathom what Luke was thinking as he began speaking the full incantation for the same spell Ginsen was pretending to cast. It was an unthinkable act as it was almost exactly what Ginsen' had just warned against. There was no time to speak the many syllables required to complete those incantations if Ginsen were firing a non-incantation spell. Even if he had just held it there, the resulting explosion would have severely injured the younger shinigami. Bewilderment covered Ginsen's face as he let the fake Raikouhou in his hand fade away without being fired.

The swirling vortex of reiatsu around the wooden sword in Ginsen's other hand suddenly made a change as he grasped its flow and quickly applied reiatsu control to shape the power into the shape of a sword. The spiraling torrent suddenly condensed and shone brightly with a silver light before solidifying into the shape of a thick katana. The swirling vortext of reiatsu beneath the sword construct was still violently thrashing about. "Rasenpakutou..." There was a stoic look on Ginsen's face as he looked at Luke with wide eyes that were full of killing intent. The swordsman would perform a single slash with his right arm guiding the blade's edge in a smooth arc drawn across Luke's torso in a horizontal line. This attack was performed while Ginsen made a back step and possessed a speed Luke would be unable to react to. However if the blow landed it would only be a superficial cut that would be felt as impact but stopped by his shihakusho. The spiral surfave of the Rasenpakutou would tear away at the outer black jacket of the uniform exposing the pure white material beneath.

When ended his single step back from Luke he the rose his weapon over head as it to attack by stepping in and slashing downwards. However this attack was simply a feint, as was the attack to his chest. Both intended to draw Luke into a sword fight by attacking him mid incantation.

Training Technique
Technique Name: Rasenpakutou
Technique Description: A technique developed to make up for the lack of a zanpakutou and unique to Ginsen's storm reiryoku. By tightly condensing a spiraling torrent of reiatsu around ones hand or an object such as a stick, the user creates a makeshift weapon. After surrounding a limb or object the reiatsu then takes on a blade-like shape with a single edge. This technique replicates a zanpakutou by condensing Ginsen's reiatsu into a blade shape and can be used to purify hollows or clash with other zanpakutou in the same manner that kidou can. Instead of dealing cutting damage alone, the spiraling reiatsu both cuts and grinds at the same time allowing it to dig into a wound and parry more effectively. The technique requires 1 turn in preparation to balance Ginsen's wild reiryoku and condense it properly, however it can be held indefinitely and only has a one turn cooldown before it can be used again after being dispelled or canceled. It can be channeled through any of Ginsen's limbs or objects he holds not exceeding 3m in size.

Technique Effect Chart:
((Consider Ginsen to be using a weakened version of this technique. You can assume it will act as though Luke were equal tier.))
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Capable of cutting limbs of and grinding through bone.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Capable of cutting deeply into bone and grinding the rest of the way through.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Capable of cutting down to the bone and grinding partially through.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Capable of cutting through muscle and flesh and grinding down to the bone.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Capable of dealing through flesh and grinding into the muscle.

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on Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:31 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 4-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke watched as the man suddenly stopped his technique before he fired it and finished forming some sort of wind-based sword around his wooden sword which Luke hadn't noticed before before the man came like a blur, he was moving extremely fast, interrupting him mid incantation and coming down at him with a horizontal arc, the killing intent he was letting out and the extreme force of the slash made it impossible to avoid as it tore into his black karate Gi and chipping his haori before he saw the man step forwards and slashing downwards, Luke shunpoed out the way of the strike, moving back a few meters, Luke sighed, seeing that he had no choice but to fight him, he took his zanpakuto and started releasing his spiritual pressure; the world around him became lifeless and similar to a black and white film, lacking the life it had moments ago before he took a stance where he moved his right arm in a arc as he pointed the blade at the man

"Fall to the void, Zetsubō no Sākuru" Luke called out as the blade erupted into black mist, the blade was now a six-foot long pure black blade with a little twister of black mist swirling around from the tip of the blade to the base where the blade met the hilt, although the man would be able to feel that his shikai was weaker then one would expect from a shikai release before he swung the blade to the side before launching into shunpo and into the air, holding his left hand with a yellow orb charged in his left hand

"Hado number sixty-three: Raikōhō" Luke would call out, firing a wave of lightning energy at the man, which would explode violently with a electrical explosion, causing a large smoke cloud to billow up and while the cloud was up, Luke would use the length of his released zanpakuto to thrust into the cloud very quickly like there were multiple blades entering the cloud, hoping one of his many thrusts would get in, then the effect of his zanpakuto would kick in

Masamune of the black mist:
Technique Name: Kokumu no Masamune (Masamune of the black Mist)
Technique Description: This technique is released with a alternative shikai release command, "Fall into the void..." along with the zanpakuto name, but instead of the normal release stance with him taking a fencing stance, he brings his zanpakuto around with his arm straight and full out to the right side, the blade will erupt into black mist as it normally does during release but the final shikai form is different in the fact that now the blade is solid intend of being made of mist, although it still has a thin twirl of black mist around the blade from the tip to where the blade met the hilt, the blade is now a fully, razor sharp six foot sword but because of Zetsubō's unwillingness to fight that would cause bloodshed, the blade does not have any of it's shikai abilities while in this form, although it has a effect similar to Luke's Kangeki Byakurai as when it cuts a enemy, it numbs the area it cuts, making the area feel cold and numb as well as the skin of the area cut turn a cold blue, due to the extreme cold of the blade as the blade was made from solidifying the black mist from its true shikai.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for three turns
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for two turns
Opponent is Equal Tier: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for one turn
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Enemy will only see their skin darken slightly but doesn't numb, although the spot cut will feel cold to the touch
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Enemy will only get some goose bumps and some chilling sensation around the area as a indication they have been hit at all

(OOC: this Technique has been approved but needs to be earn IC so just to let you know)

Location;; Remote park, Rukongai
Word Count;; 354
Tags;; Duquin, Luke
OOC;; Duquin, could you reword your post to fit what I'm wearing since Luke doesn't wear a shihakusho, he wears a black karate Gi with red highlights and a similarly designed haori, please can you edit your post so this is correct, my character profile is on my signature so you shouldn't have too much problem getting the correct information on what my character is really wearing, although I will apologize for not making that clear on his appearance in this thread

Template (c) Yuki Seika

on Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:28 am


Dissatisfaction filled Ginsen Daizo as he watched Luke choose to flee and attack through other means rather than meet the exile's blade head on. There was naught much more disappointing than asking for a clash of swords only to be met with a retreat. But this blight on Ginsen's fun did not create any animosity towards Luke as there was little for the younger fighter to gain from clashing head on with Ginsen. The tattered rag of a uniform made Ginsen appear like the scum of Rukongai's 60th district but he'd shown too much of his hand by overpowering Luke earlier. Now the boy probably knew that a direct confrontation was only going to end in his own defeat barring a miracle occurring.

As Luke's shunpo carried him away from Ginsen the swordsman returned to a balanced stance with his Rasenpakutou held at the ready down the center of his form. If Luke wasn't going to accommodate Ginsen's desire for a sword duel then there was no longer any reason to continue this farce. He'd seen enough of the "shinigami" this generation had to offer and was not impressed. The one he was fighting now was not a total lost cause, but he clearly lacked the values the old fighter thought a shinigami should embody. As Ginsen watched Luke release his shikai before performing yet another shunpo, a simple spell was prepared muttered under his breath, "Bakudo no Hachijuuichi..." Ginsen didn't know if Luke was going for a physical attack or a kidou based one, but the spell he readied would ensure that neither could ever meet their mark.

Luke's hohou technique would place him above Ginsen where he fired a no incantation raikouhou, but the former exile was ready and held a single hand up as he spoke the name of his own spell. "Danku..." A translucent wall of reiatsu would appear over Ginsen's head and block the hadou sent his way reducing the effect of the hadou to simply create a smoking visual obscurement between Luke and his target. During this brief moment where nether shinigami would be able to see each other Ginsen canceled the Rasenpakutou around his weapon and muttered another spell. "Bakudo no nijuuroku, Kyokko." The whispered spell would then bend light around Ginsen and conceal his reiatsu giving the impression that he had simply disappeared altogether.

Ginsen sighed quietly to himself and walked away from the battlefield heading towards seireitei leaving Luke to see nothing after the smoke from his attack cleared save for the fading danku as it dissipated into loose reishi. This fight was over, but Ginsen's efforts to train the gotei 13 had only just begun.

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