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#21 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:04 pm


(Can't believe this is over two months.)

Bujuro watched the entity grab the hilt of his fang with both his left, and right hand. The young arrancar seemed to ignore Bujuro’s very question of reasoning was answered without words, but with action. The Arrancar’s grip forced his edge to descend past it’s standard mass with an attack that was called. Arekuruu Kaze. It was a gift, and Bujuro received it willingly, however as the fog of dust began to clear up. Only minor curses had been made upon Bujuro’s anatomy. He did however get the answer he was truly looking for from the heartless one. Bujuro placed his right palm over the wound located upon his left shoulder. It had been split open upon the skin as the scarlet liquid rushed into his ivory garb. Bujuro understood that even though he had intelligence the boy was nothing more than a mindless beast like all his previous foes that fell before him this day. The heavens began to wail for the bodies that were going to decay.

“Let’s pray.”

Bujuro said as he bowed his head slightly, and began his sermon.
“Lord, I pray that this soul who deals in the wickedness, and prays upon the asthenic is forgiven in your eyes, this creature I am about to send to you isn’t struck down out of fury or ignorance, Lord. I pray that you guide him, Amen. “

Bujuro said as his crown began to ascend, along with the dust as it lifted itself up with his own. Bujuro’s reiastu began to extend externally easily matching the living corpse.

“Suffocate before my power”

The solider utterance was made with sinew showing the way towards the end of the Arrancar’s life. His Zanpakuto was awake, and Bujuro’s hands were going to just like his garment bathed in blood.

#22 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:24 am


(Just going to ask since this has kinda taken fourmonths after this am I able to be Captain instead of VC?)

#23 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Wed Dec 10, 2014 8:42 am

[what tier are you? Captain level is reserved for those over rank 2-3. If you are that tier, I don't mind making this a Captain's test.]

On the contrary, Kyosuke was not a mindless beast but a calculating villain with a slight touch and hint of madness. Feeling a sudden burst of seemingly unexciting reiatsu as his opponent charged up, the Arrancar dodged any attack that was there, as it was hard to tell, and loaded a cero from his palms, aiming to hit his opponent.

//mobile, apologies. I usually avoid mobile completely to avoid crappy posts like this. But here it is. Bujuro is an interesting character I must say. I was confused as to if there was an actual attack within the post though. ^^;

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#24 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:42 am


(I forgot about the tier difference, Although. I would like to ask if he can be boosted to 3-1 after this test)

Bujuro had released his Zanpakuto, and immediately it seemed as if his foe faltered in confidence a bit. He made an endeavor to run away. Not from the battle itself but to gain some distance between himself and shinigami. Although he peered to be unconcerned about about Bujuro's sinew, and that would be a mistake on it's own. He also showed weakness when by lack of confidence. However the Warrior was going to end this quickly speech, and diplomatic policies were over. It was time for a funeral. All that was needed was a body. The hollow had kindly given his body as an offering to the Death God, and it was time to bless him. As the Hollow began to raise his left hand the Shinigami launched his body forward using his left fist in hopes to smash directly into Arrancar's jawbone once again from the left side. While it was possible to dodge, it was unlikely do to the distance between the two being no more than five meters. This time Bujuro wasn't going to hold back this blow wasn't going to break the Arrancar's jaw, but it was going to remove the bottom portion as a whole so he couldn't talk. Bujuro would attempt to follow with a mirage of blows sixteen swift upper cuts to the solar plexus regardless if the first left hook was successful. Bujuro's body knelt as his right fist attempted to make it's way towards the abdominal area of his foe if complete the
Arrarancar was going to vomit. Bujuruo's arms were encased in his Zanpakuto with a dancing illumination jolting around them. Revealing there was a 100% chance Bujuro had done something to the opponent if a single hit was sufficed.

Technique Used.
Name: Surge
Effect: Rokude Ryuouja shikai ability is to generate an electromagnetic pulses that will magnetize the target. This ability is called the Surge. After the physical connection is made with the inanimate material or opponent. Bujuro's attacks will now be drawn towards that opponent or inanimate material that has been magnetized . This effect is completed in two ways. While coating Rokude Ryuouja in reiatsu and making physical contact such as blocking, or touching. This may also be released in a small condensed sphere of white reiatsu that is shot from his hands. Bujuro must also magnetize the inanimate material in order for it to be drawn towards the opponent. The magnetized objects that draw towards the opponent can only be inorganic. Meaning One can't pull or push another person into another person. However a person may be magnetized as well. Things such as another Cero, or ect can't be magnetized since it is made up of another reiatsu.
It's travel speed is four times faster than a normal bala. This effect last for four post with, a four post cool down on the magnetized object.
The size of the Surge is two centimeters.

#25 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:07 am

{I would love to let you boost your tier, but you would have to count all the words in your posts and see if they are over 350 words. If they are not I am afraid this does not count as training. However, I am thinking of making a few loopholes for members who have to wait on staff/MMs for any threads. That OOC guide may be up shortly, okay? C:}

Moving his head in the small heartbeat of time, Kyosuke didn't expect all of the blows to his core. His hierro blocked some of the damage, but the attack itself was still violent and sent the small Arrancar flying backward a few meters. Little did he know he was not magnetically charged. Of course he could feel a little something, but the hollow had no idea what it was. Super-charging his cero from his palm again, he attempted to let it go at Bujuro with full force.

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#26 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:30 am


The entire bottom portion of the arrancar's jaw was destroyed. Part of what was left of the beast tongue seemed to linger out in a artificial waterfall of blood dripping from his wound. It was a horrible sight to see but Bujuro had no mercy in his heart for he was battling an enemy. This fellow would be granted no more prayers, yet he seemed unhindered by the affliction of pain Tawara had caused upon his flesh. The shinigami watched the anatomy of his foe retract several meters from his previous position. As the Arrancar powered up another cero to help him try to complete his attack Bujuro would fire off an orb like attack of his own one from each palm of his Rokude Ryuouja.

Technique Used
Electro Chamber.

#27 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:08 am

//His jaw was not destroyed. Kyosuke dodged in time in the beginning of my last post. Because he is an NPC that will have future use, I usually dodge what are called 'maiming' attacks in roleplay terms.

The Arrancar had been unable to see the electric orbs and because he was now completely magnetized or however those logical mechanics work(as this he had never encountered), Kyosuke was unable to dodge. Second and a few third degree burns appeared as fast as lightning, no pun intended. His hierro had protected him to an extent, but this fight was slowly becoming not worth the effort. He could live to fight another day, and his reason and purpose for coming here was fulfilled. Inflicting terror. What more could a Hollow do?

Severely injured, bleeding, and knowing that fighting would be a liability and problem, Hiwatari made the decision to flee for now. He had no final words. Swift and quiet like the wind, his element, the Arrancar fled with sonido. It was cowardly, and the boy's pride was greatly insulted. However, he would be back. Oh yes! He would return and get his revenge on this defensive division-- Squad 8. Once he was a fair distance from his enemy, Kyosuke opened up a garganta and left the battlefield. A few hollows remained, and much terror, fear, and madness. But other than that, the battle was over.


Why had she been sent to deliver the message? Simple. She was a Vice Captain, and her peers in the meetings had all agreed earlier upon this dude's promotion. Usually they would have sent a messenger, but she was Squad 3 and because of that, had to look for data and gather intelligence on the battle's aftermath. Sucked, didn't it? Or maybe she was just annoyed that she couldn't have been here earlier. No, that wasn't it. She just wanted to get to work and not deal with being social.

Giving a sigh, Yuki approached Bujuro Tawari after a fair minute-to-hour timeskip after the Shinigami man had won. Putting on an air of formality, the Lieutenant handed the bloodied victor a small scroll with proof of his promotion. "I'm Yuki Akies, Vice Captain of Division Three. It has just been decided that you will be the new Vice Captain of Squad Eight based on your performance defending this town section," the Shinigami said with little emotion in her eyes. What would be his reaction? It would be interesting to know. Some could get rather excited, but he seemed to be a mellow guy, so only time would tell.

//You can respond to this or leave it as is. C: Because I have limited time on the computer now and will be inactive for a few weeks, I wanted to wrap this up. You more than deserved it, and I hope the ending was fitting enough for you. I'm no Mission Mod, like I've said, and unfortunately am no good at grand endings. I've added Bujuro to the Gotei 13 Positions List. Congrats!<3

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#28 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:23 pm


(Yeah my bad, and sorry about that. I'm very glad to have this over and done with. )

Bujuro could easily pursue his victim, to finish the job, but it seemed his task was halted by another. A Goddess of Death called Yuki. Although the bronze skinned shinigami didn't verbally acknowledge her influence he gave a slight nod of his head as Rokude Ryuouja began to ignite once more into embers fading into it's prequel form. Bujuro slowly began his journey back to the world of Spirits as no longer just Bujuro but Bujuro Tawara Lt of Eight Division.


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