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#1 Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:17 am

The Setting    

June 22nd. 78 degrees and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. This would be the perfect weather for some, but not here. Not right now. This neighborhood was the target of abuse of a certain someone, but that was information yet to be revealed. For now, the neighborhood was infested with Hollows. Nobody knew how they came or why, but the ones with high spiritual energy were in the greatest of danger.

A man was eaten, as if swallowed by thin air. However, it was none other than a Menos. A simple Menos. The area was covered in these weaker Hollows who were none other than 'pests'. However, in such large numbers they could be daunting, and were altogether deadly for the population. Word had gotten to the Gotei 13, and after Squad 3 had gathered the intelligence, they had sent a small patrol of Squad 8 members to defend the living and defeat the Hollows. It wasn't a matter of just diving in to kill, though.

Hungry, a large menos lunged for a person, ready to kill. The person was a young female, only ten years of age. She was spiritually-aware and could see the monster, but had no defense against him.

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#2 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:17 pm


Boom, pit pat, boom, pit pat. The thundering sound of Bujuro's foots steps with each stride he took. With every single bounce in his step, his locks began to follow pursuit of it's master's body. The perspiration rolled off his solar plexus of nudity. His flesh gleamed under cloudless heavens, his work out wasn't anything more than cardio training. The god of death attire was nothing more than black sweat pants, with white lines laced across their thigh. Bujuro's upper attire was missing, while his socks and tabi were replaced, with some black, and white getas. The only accessory the shinigami had if one could call a Zanpakuto an accessory, was his friend, Rokude Ryuouja. Bujuro had his hair tied in a ponytail, locking the tail in place with a rubber band. As, Bujuro had taken a slight rest from his work-out endeavor. His right palm grasped his hydrator capsule. His left hand placed two fingers around the top of the water bottle twisting it counter-clock wise. Bujuro opened his mouth pouring it's contents down his throat, but dropped his container of H20. He sensed something, and it was dangerous.

"How, is this happening? Why now?"

He asked himself, as his body disappeared from view, his mind raced along with his body, he was approaching something. When he arrived something was migrating it's way towards an adolescent. Bujuro bolted forward in a hurry. He assisted, himself in the way of Shupo's flash step. He attempted to grasp the girl's body, and jump out of the way before they both suffered any form of damage.

As he slid backwards, upon his left and right legs, His right arm was extended outward, with the youngster in his left arm. He began to investigate.

"Young lady, are you alright? What is your name?"

Bujuro asked the ten year old

"Do you have any family near by or in the area?"

Bujuro questioned, as he was still aware that the girls life was possibly endanger.

#3 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:56 am


The girl simply screamed as the Hollow, now reasonably irked at having it's meal snatched away, came lumbering over. This Hollow took the form of a large troll, his arms a little too long, and his legs a little too short, with a stubby neck. It ran with abandon, arms flailing behind him as he made a flying leap headfirst into the pair.

Only to be instantly killed by a flying Zanpakuto. A male shinigami landed atop the hollow, his blade sticking out of it's neck. He simply dropped as the Hollow disintegrated beneath him. "Hey, you alright?" He said to the girl. "it's ok, we're the good guys. Go find your parents, while we take care of the monsters ok?" The girl simply nodded and ran off to a couple some way's down the road. The boy then turned to Bujuro. "Alright. I'm Akamura, but we don't really have time for that. Get out of your Gigai, and let's bash some heads in. There's a whole squad of people here who don't really have much direction. Their leader was killed in a sneak attack about an hour ago, so things are pretty hectic. Basic plan: Protect the citizens at all costs."

Just as he said this, six Hollows, three on either side, came around the bends of the street. "Looks like we got company. i'll take the ugly ones on the left." He said before dashing off. The three Hollows on the right, all three of them catlike, came sprinting over to Bujuro, flanking him on every side.

#4 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:44 am


A two foot katana was slung forward by an unknown adversary, the adversary's might was displaced as he easily dispatched the corrupted soul from the sight of Bujuro Tawara.

"Thank you"

Bujuro spoke to the young man before, as he didn't have to come to his or the young girl assistance.
Bujuro released his right grip from the adolescents body. He placed the young girl down gently upon the ground. Who nodded towards the man, as she began to travel the opposite direction of the ones who granted her sanctuary. The man began revealing very vague details about the situation, before he and Bujuro were interrupted, the shinigami quickly devoured his gigai pill, as the feline like hollows began to launch their existence towards Bujuro. The Shinigami simply migrated the left side of his entire body, as his right fist shot attempting forward launching a strong counter punch against one of the pouncing hollows. The other seemed to be a bit slower in pace, only due to Bujuro releasing some of his Reiyokro into the atmosphere to only enough to slow them down , a bit without damaging anything in the area. The member of the Gotei was able to side step a total of three meters back allowing for a safe zone in between him, and his foes. Bujuro's left and right fist would shoot forward attempting to slam both of the feline's into a nearby wall, hopefully removing them as a threat. Bujuro, turned his eyes towards the direction the girl ran off too, His figure was no longer obscured by the image of dirt clouds and hollows.

"Protect them at all cost"

He said to himself, softly as he disappeared from sight roaming towards the direction of the youngster he ran into earlier.

#5 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:36 am



#6 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:58 am

[apologies for the wait. Daemon fell off the face of the earth, so I shall fill in until he returns from subspace. ^.^ ]

There was a young man. Not unlike most young men, but spiritually aware. About eighteen years of age, the human had been attacked by a Hollow, hungry for his spiritual energy. Having never seen one of the monsters before, he did not know what to think or do except attempt to fight off the Menos himself. The monster appeared to be a huge wolf of sorts, and was darting towards the teen, jaws hungry and eyes locked on his prey. Not knowing how dangerous the Hollow really was, the young man, Shintaro, rushed towards it too, readying a fist at the unknown.

His strength and tier? No more than a measly equivalence to Tier 5-3. The Hollow? 4-3. This wasn't going to end well, but Shintaro didn't know that.

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#7 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:53 pm


Bujuro held his right palm to the side of him as he had paused in his haste for the youngest one he had the pleasure of meeting earlier, but something was now pending, his eyes began to canvas the area, and he could sense more hollows pouring into the area. However not all were able to notice what disaster was beginning to plague them, one being was very ignorant, but brave he believed he could use his power to hold onto what his life was, but that belief was a false hope. The man's life was pending on, if Bujuro Tawara would be able to intercept in enough time. The Death God would give his blessing in support the lad, but not in direct confrontation, he would sweep by the youngster holstering his solar plexus over his right shoulder, as he began moving the hostage towards evacuation.

"Are you alright?"

Bujuro asked as he had moved quite some distance from the possibly of injustice.

#8 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:54 pm

"I'm fine," the teen replied dryly, inwardly a bit upset that he had been 'rescued'. He could have taken that monster out by himself, right? Still, he wasn't about to complain. Shintaro was about to continue when another loud roar shook and stirred the air. There was another hollow coming directly towards him. The boy took a defensive stance, ready to face it head-on, and still in disbelief that he was powerless against the beast.

Meanwhile, there was more action going on a few long meters away. A family was huddle together in fear of the invisible disaster taking place. Little did they know that a Hollow's cero was aimed directly at them, ready to fire any second.

It was one person or the other. Which side of fate would the Squad Eight member swing to?

[Here is one of your big test posts. There are three options, all of which could be right or wrong.]

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#9 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:52 am


The boy took a defensive stance balling up both of his fist as, if he was going to box the hollow. His spirit was inspiring, but his kata's themselves were extremely horrid. Bujuro could see another abomination approaching a dynasty about fifty meters away, Bujuro's heart began to pound to a steady beat screams, and shouts, but the Death God acumen was clear. Bujuro still had Shintaro's body hanging over his left shoulder as he began to move in the direction of the family. The Hollow gave birth to an orange cero, and began to upgrade the size of it's malevolent will. Using a shuupo technique, Bujuro had arrived directly ahead of the sphere of destruction, he quickly tossed, Shintaro into the group of human who were huddling together. The area ignited in a blaze of illumination, and a haze of smoke. Piece of chared  cloth began to flee from the marked body of the Death God. He stood erect with his back facing away from the herd of the helpless. His face unmarked, but his garb was damaged. With the cloud of smoke still hindering any optical view, Bujuro began an utterance of demands.

"Young warrior, I need to ask something of you. You posses a strong spiritual energy, meaning you can see the things attacking your community. I don't need you to fight, but I would like you to lead this group of people to safety. You're not responsible for just your own, life at the moment so please don't engage the enemy."

Bujuro stated as he clasped his hands together, and bowed his head, and began a pray. As this Shinigami hoped that his deity would honor his request for he asked for the safety of man, woman, and child, asked for forgiveness as he was going to take the life of his foes.

#10 Re: Houston, we have a [p]roblem. [VC test] on Thu Sep 18, 2014 3:17 am

Shintaro couldn't help but black out for the few moments he was caught long with the shunpo and protected from the Hollow's burning cero. It was the blood rushing to his eyes, and now it was nearly impossible to understand what had happened. Had this stranger jumped in front of the large beam about to hit him and this family? Not only that, but Bujuro also pulled him away from that last monster. Still dazed, the boy could only nod at the odd man's instructions. He would get this family to safety even if it was the last thing he did. It seemed to be a better way to 'fight', after all.

Meanwhile, a hidden figure sat in what was a mix of amusement, boredom, and overall thought. The Shinigami intrigued him. Why cast your own body in front of the fire? What good would that do for you in the end? It seemed like the Arrancar would never understand the Death Gods and their love of getting in his path in their own strange ways. Enough of this. His Yuwaki no Kaze, or poisonous wind, had worked quite well. It had summoned enough menos and hollows to take and devour many innocent lives. Maybe it was time for the puppetmaster to take his bow. But one more thing had yet to debut...

Out of a large rip in the sky, a garganta, came a menos grande, or Gillian. And this Gillian meant business. The first thing in its path was Bujuro, so there was no doubt that it was heading for the Shinigami. Taking a step forward, the big black hollow attempted to step on his target. There wasn't anything better that it could do, but it was a start for finishing his opponent off.

[the Gillian is Tier 4-1.]

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