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#1 Our Hearts Do Not Beat (Private) on Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:24 pm

Erida Seika

The slow footsteps echoed all over the hallway, each click-sound of steps harmonizing each other, causing every single person nearby it's source, regardless if they were teachers of academy or fresh students, to freak out, as the mistress of school descended the stairway. The long, dead straight and jet black hair was floating slightly in air - even though there was no windows open and they were inside - apparently by a mystical force, that always came along with her. Her pale skin, reminiscent of white marble, with only a little bit of blush, opposed her strong and full lips with colorization of blood red. The angelic beauty of hers made everyone she passed to shiver and widen their eyes in fear; the emotionless, peaceful expression of hers was reminiscent of dead, lying silently in their graves, eternally. Her partially-closed eyes, of royal air force blue colorization, did hardly notice any one in the hallway, just walking through like there would be nothing; the woman was very deep in her thoughts.

The female instructor had specifically focused her all thoughts around the peculiar happenings of two last days. A quite inexperienced shinigami had been sent to a simple mission to eliminate hollow, but this had proven to be troublesome, as he had died and apparently made a shinigami, through spiritual power transferal. To be more exact, this newborn shinigami had accidentally stabbed herself with the zanpakuto of deceased man. Not her problem, she had though a few hours ago. Well, she wished she could still think so. The instructor took a quick turn to the left, away from the hallway, causing everyone behind her to let out a quiet sigh for their relief. But she did not truly care less; it was her duty, and if she was not doing her, she would not have purpose, resulting her to go out of control like before... She would make herself worth of her reputation, once again, no matter what it would cost to the academy. The woman raised her hand rapidly and let her emotions to loosen for a moment, but hiding behind the emotionless mask again. As result, the shōji of her nearby office slid open in a ghostly manner.

Yes, indeed, she was personally requested to make sure, that this newborn shinigami would be suitable for Gotei 13, and train her to become a weapon for the organization; she was to make her aware of everything in spiritual world, and to ensure, that this youngling would learn to control her powers properly. This was a 'request' made by all thirteen captains, whom had indirectly made sure, that she would say yes, by threatening her being not worthy of her reputation. Well, she was indeed the most capable instructor in the academy, being herself quite a prodigy, and so on, probably one of the rare people, whom could make someone graduate in a year. She knew only one person, excluding herself, whom had managed to train several shinigami in a year. The instructor stepped inside
her personal office, which made the sliding door close by itself, walking towards her desk. She sat down on her chair, pushing her hair away from her face, placing it behind her ears; she fixed her shihakusho, and took off her instructor haori, putting it to the chair's back. The instructor let her body to relax a little, still keeping her emotions under a strict discipline.

Youthful woman opened one of the drawers of her personal desk, taking out the files given to her about this new shinigami girl, along with a pencil and some paper, if she would have to write notes. The desk was otherwise plain and empty, not having any personal stuff in there, if not counting her name and position written in bold letters. Nakano, Retsu - Higher Instructor. The woman touched this text, which seemed to be foreign and faraway, even though it was her own name. Shaking her head, she let this feeling to disappear, continuing her work; she had no time for thinking about past, when a busy future would be waiting her ahead. The instructor took out a silk ribbon and bound her hair to a loose ponytail, preventing it from getting in her field of vision. Though not admitting it herself, she was quite nervous of meeting this shinigami; what if this youngling would cause her to express emotions? That wouldn't be the first time, when her students would make her feel something.

Retsu heard slight beeping sound outside, right behind a large window of her office, recognizing it as a hell butterfly. Again, raising her hand, a paranormal force appeared and opened the window, letting the purple messenger inside. As it flied right to her hand, the instructor whispered. "I want you to inform Sangatsu Hagarashi, that she must arrive at the academy, immediately; she can be found in the barracks of Division 4." Retsu sighed as she ended her sentence. She surely knew, that this meeting would change everything she had ever experienced; so rare were the cases like this girl, the substitute shinigami. Letting the butterfly head to assignment, the instructor sighed watching it disappearing from her vision.

[ref #1: the another instructor, that has trained several shinigami in a year, is Ruki, the mentor of Mushami Shuuruy]
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