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#21 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Sat Jun 28, 2014 9:59 am

Pensive was one way of putting it. He wasn't sure what he'd just seen but his mind raced with the possibilities. He always believed that the kido corp were specialists in the art that simply presided over spiritual law. That they ultimately and legally wielded the power to destroy souls deemed worthy of being removed from the constant cycle of birth and rebirth. It wasn't until this very moment that he began to question where demon arts even originated.

Was this group responsible for making kido as well? What he faced mere seconds ago was a spell that wasn't written in any book. "Did she create that, or are there entire sets of alternative kido that exist for members of this group to use at their own discretion?" He thought, looking down at one of the blades Iro created.

"This kido..." He said after picking one of the blades up. "This isn't the hadou 65 mentioned in textbooks." He continued while closely examining the sharpened piece of metal. It held an intricate design considering it wasn't made by hand. The blade's edge was incredibly sharp, and its handle was well crafted. This blade would serve just as well as an actual zanpakuto.

"Bakudou 62, Hyapporankan" Just like before, effervescent currents of blue energy danced across the fingertips of his free hand. The energy condensed to form his favored weapon. He held the newly forged rod out and struck it with Iro's kido blade edge. An arc of static electricity burst from the hyapporankan as the blade edge sliced into it nearly completely. The rod's glow dimmed before the entire structure shattered.

"Your kido is just as strong as one would expect considering its number. Is it exclusive to members of the kido corp?"
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#22 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:17 am


From Shuuryou's statement about the Bushigetsu not being the standard level 65 hadou in the textbooks, it was obvious that he knew his marbles as far as theoretical knowledge of kidou was concerned. Sada seated herself on a huge chunk of concrete that had been dislodged during the altercation between the two kidou practitioners and watched him intently, as he examined one of the blades that had been created by her very own invention. After testing its cutting ability on his Hyapporankan, Shuuryou asked if the kidou was a secret, taught only to those who found themselves beneath the standard of the Kidou Corps. Sada smiled and shrugged. "I can't really say," she replied, a mischievous tone in her voice. "I went to the 12th Division one morning, and the next thing, I woke up in my room eight days later and found I could create swords at will. But I hear the 12th Division is not as benign as they appear. Who knows, my spleen could be a lizard's, as we speak."

The Vice Commander laughed, the expression identifying her as fooling around, but then her tone became a little more serious. "There are two types of smart people, Shuu-chan: the textbook types, and the unconventional. The former are good, because they know every trick and turn by the book, but that's as far as it goes. The unconventional challenge the textbook; they are unwilling to believe that what's written by one person is canon. I am unconventional. This doesn't mean I cannot learn from others. But I will not stop with what I've learned. Yes, Bushigetsu is a kidou exclusive to the Kidou Corps, because it cannot be taught, for now, by any other than Iro Sada. The kidou is exclusive to me."

#23 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:14 am

Shuuryou took what she said about the twelfth division to be true at first. He couldn't believe that new kido could be discovered through scientific experimentation and surgical procedures. Of course when it became obvious that she was joking, he felt a slight blow to his intelligence. To be so gullible regarding the subject of kido, a subject he knew so well, spoke volumes about the gap in knowledge between the two. Her own beliefs on the nature of intelligent people caused Shuuryou to question just where it was that he fell.

While he clearly knew a great deal when it came to kido basics and other elements covered at the academy, he also explored what lay lie beyond what was taught to him. Here now, he stood in the presence of a woman who had the ability to use at least one kido unique that no one else could. Further still she seemed to suggest that if she wanted to, she could teach others. This meant that it was indeed a kido she created.

"In all of my studies I assumed that there was a set number of kido. Among them I picked and chose those which I believed would be most useful to me and mastered them." Shuuryou said, gazing once more at the blades embedded in the floor and walls. "I'd have had so much more flexibility and fewer hardships during my time in Hueco Mundo if I'd known that it was possible to create kido to meet my specific needs. He continued, thinking of just how much easier things would have been. "Then again nowhere in all of my research did it state that it was impossible for one to create their own kido. It appears as though I've been limiting myself."

This was obviously the first time he'd ever seen a kido unique to an individual. He began to wonder why, it was only in this moment that he'd witnessed it. Then, a single thought occurred to him, one he expressed to Iro Sada. "The creation of a unique kido isn't something everyone can do. Even among those skilled with the well known demon arts, few posses what it takes. Am I right?" He continued, not once doubting whether or not he could. Instead, he found himself wrapped up in his own curiosity. "This is the true staple that determines whether or not one would excel among the ranks of the kido corp, isn't it?"
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#24 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:52 am


OOC: Sorry, hyper-fatigued yesterday...

Sada listened as enlightenment seemed to have reached Shuuryou on the matter of kidou usage, and more importantly, creation. His last two questions were more rhetoric than actual inquiries; Sada was sure that the new Kidou Corps inductee knew the answer, but simply wanted confirmation. She nodded. "You are quite, Shuu-chan. As it were, I was not originally in the Kidou Corps, but I seem to have had this natural knack for inventing kidou... I guess you could say it's the result of an over-active imagination." She held up her hands, and a small luminescent cube formed between them. "In my opinion, every kidou has two aspects to it: its structure, and its character. Structure is what it appears to be, like this cube for example. But character determines what effect it will have: a flame of unquenchable fire, or a spike of ice or metal. And you need a very active imagination to handle the structural aspect of the kidou. However, for the character, it's a spectacular reiatsu manipulation level you require, which is why many fall short."

She closed her hands over the cube and it vanished. Then the Kidou Corps Vice-Commander clicked her fingers, and a larger green version of the cube appeared, its edges overlapping a chunk of rock. "I've been working on this kidou for some time now," she said, as she clapped. The cube distorted slightly, then vanished, leaving fine deep cuts in the rock where its edges had been touching. "It will be perfected soon enough," Sada announced, turning to Shuuryou. "So, do you want to test your ability to make custom kidou here, or will you try it out in your free time?" As she spoke, the swords from her custom spell shimmered and then vanished, their time of existence having elapsed.

#25 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:49 am

"Imagination..." He responded, crossing his arms and closing his eyes. "This is almost the complete opposite of what we are taught in the academy when first introduced to kido. We are taught to visualize kido which already exist and focus on a predetermined structure and character. Straying from this and allowing your imagination to go against what is already set in stone leads to a kido failing." He thought of first learning hadou number one. Instructors began with intense meditation and visualization exercises so that students can all arrive at the same exact vision of what hadou looked like. "This is likely what adds to the difficulty." He thought. "We are conditioned to think about kido one way. This forms our base, our core understanding which we apply to all kido. Straying away from what we are accustomed to in order to discover something new."

Upon thinking further, his first attempts at hadou number one failed. He was not a part of the class and only listened in when he had free time and didn't have to tend to his janitorial responsibilities. When attempting the first hadou on his own the effects he believed were a failure may have actually been the beginnings of something else. The object he sought to push, was instead crushed. The first hadou also ripped the nail of the pointer finger he used to channel the spell clear off. According to what Iro told him now, because the intended structure and intended character clashed failure occurred.

"This could prove dangerous." Shuuryou responded aloud. "I need to form a crystal clear image of this kido in my mind without pre-existing reference to determine it's structure..." He continued. "I then need to perfectly map and manipulate the flow of reiatsu to manifest it according to the structure in mind."

"I doubt that this is something I could grasp during my first attempt." He thought, standing up completely straight. He inhaled deeply in an attempt to enter a meditative state. He held out an arm and pointed at a piece of fallen ruble. "I'll try the crush spell." He thought about his fingernail before quickly pushing the thought from his mind. That wasn't something he wanted to experience again.

He balled up his fist instead. He figured there was no way that an attempt like this would take his entire hand if he used his entire hand to channel it. Just to be safe, he thought of a barrier instead. A barrier that could be sent far away from him. The last thing he wanted was for a large wall to appear and fall on him. His vision needed more refining before he even attempted to mold his reiatsu to manifest it.

~Two Hours Later~

The young man nearly lost himself in thought. He lost sense of time and his surroundings imagining this thing which didn't exist; giving form to a device which was formless. He forgot that Iro was even in the room. It was inconsiderate but also unintentional. The trade off was that he finally had an image in mind and effect he hoped would be safe should he fail.

Properly mapping his reiatsu to manifest his thought into the physical world would require something else Iro had not told him, but something he figured out on his own given his past experience with kido. An incantation would be helpful in helping him combine and manifest structure and character. An incantation was a description and guide of sorts as he understood kido.

"Soar beyond loneliness." He said, in a tone which was barely above what most would constitute a whisper. A description which in his mind would symbolize that this kido would effect two objects separate from himself. "Claw at the divide with untold fury." He continued, wishing for the kido to travel as far away from him as possible, given his circumstances. With the completion of that sentence he felt a tingling sensation in his raised fist.

Without ever having opened his eyes he knew that he had given partial form to what previously only existed in his thoughts. It was a bow. A form that could launch the effect of his kido a great distance hopefully without harming him.

"Travel from top to bottom only to discover there is nothing." As he spoke, he changed his stance to one taken by someone using a bow. He could feel currents of power race over his body and crawl along his hands and fingernails. Upon opening his eyes he was met with a sight which somewhat differed from what was in his head. The bow was worn and riddled which cracks. The translucent bow looked as though it were formed from weak and frail shadow. The arrow the appeared in his other hand was in a similar condition.

He launched the arrow at a nearby piece of fallen wall. The bow broke and a stinging pain shot up the arm that held it. However, when the arrow touch the chunk of wall it appeared to pass through it before hitting the wall it fell off of. The fallen section instantly flew into the wall and shattered. The newly made pieces didn't fall though. They remained fixed to the wall.

After approaching them he attempted to pull a chunk away. It wouldn't budge. It was as if it was glued in place. "No way..." Shuuryou said, clearly in disbelief of his own accomplishment. It was then the the pieces gave way to gravity and fell to the ground. "I actually did-" His vision suddenly blurred as he felt short of breath. He fell backwards after attempting to catch himself. Something was wrong. Either the kido drained him more than he thought it would, or this was some sort of recoil.

He passed from consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.

New Kido:
Kido Name: Kitasenshu Minamiya (Northern Bow and Southern Arrow)
Strength of 70s level Bakudo
No Number
Incantation: (Part 1) Soar beyond loneliness. Claw at the divide with untold fury. (Part 2) Travel from top to bottom only to discover there is nothing.
Effect: This is a two part kido. The effect only takes place after both parts of the incantation are said. The kido can be said in whole before any of the conditions are met in order to make the entire multi-part spell/effect process seem instantaneous. The first part of the incantation creates a translucent black bow upon its completion. The bow allows the user to fire translucent black arrows one after another if it's said in full prior to its use. Otherwise a single arrow is all that can be used. The arrow(s) don't actually possess mass or weight but instead only carries a multi-part seal. When the arrow strikes a target, it envelopes whatever is struck in a dim light. This symbolizes that the seal has been successfully placed. The second part of the spell's incantation divides the seal. The aura which enveloped the target stays but instantly splits apart and forms another arrow. It's launched from the opposite side of the target along the same trajectory that the arrow that first hit them would have traveled had it flown right through the target. This arrow contains a portion of the seal. After hitting the next object in envelopes it in a similar glowing aura symbolizing the placement of the separated seal fragment. To simplify: this kido wraps two objects in two separate layers of kido. These two layers of kido are drawn towards each other, along with the effected targets, as if they were both being pulled by extremely powerful magnets towards one another. The two parts of the seal are drawn towards each other almost as if by an extremely powerful magnetic attraction existed between the two. The effect lasts a minimum of one post after the kido's full effect is activated and one additional post for each tier higher the caster is than the target.
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#26 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:55 am


After Shuu-chan had seemed to grasp the idea of kidou creation, Sada alternated between watching him attempt his kidou and striving to perfect her own as well. Even though there were a lot of initial errors on Shuuryou's part, Sada knew that her own case had been quite similar to his when she had first started on her newest custom kidou. And given the fact that the lilac-haired Shinigami showed uncanny potential in kidou usage, the Vice-Commander was sure that, with determination and resourcefulness, he would ultimately succeed.

Two hours later, Sada wasn't still sure she had an idea of what Shuuryou was trying to do, but his repeated attempts seemed to be slowly but, if one had a patient eye, surely improving. At this point, Sada herself was sure she was on the threshold of mastering her kidou, so she decided to watch the newest recruit of the Kidou Corps. He had obviously passed his evaluation, that was certain. Perhaps his creation of a custom kidou would be his induction into the Kidou Corps. As Sada watched the odd bow and arrow manifestations, and the chunks of rock that oddly stuck to the wall, she knew that Shuuryou had succeeded, even if the form of his kidou still left a lot to be desired. The lilac-haired Shinigami collapsed, and the blue-haired one smiled. It was natural to outdo one's self when putting one's hand to kidou creation for the first time. Which called to mind her own kidou as well. Best to attempt it one last time before calling the whole affair a day.

As Sada clicked her fingers, a green cuboid appeared juxtaposed on a slab of concrete. She concentrated as she clapped, adjusting the reiatsu of the shockwave to match that of the cuboid. There was a faint swishing sound, and the cuboid slid off the concrete slab, neatly severing what part of the concrete had been inside its volume as it fell. Almost at the same time, the environment shimmered and changed to an open-air field, with no broken tables or chairs or the likes. Pity Shuuryou wouldn't see that he had actually not been sparring with Sada in a hall. Maybe she would allow him to search for the ruins of the 'hall', when he came to. It would be fun.

"You guys can come out now," she called, and three cloaked members of the Kidou Corps in hiding appeared, these being responsible of the illusory hall in which the 'evaluation' had occurred. "Please help me clean this place up, and make sure our newest member is comfortable in his assigned room," the Vice-Commander said, as she moved wearily away from her subordinates, who were already getting to work. She would have helped, if she wasn't so tired herself. For now, the priority on her mind was a hot bath, and then bed afterwards.

Kidou Acquired:

Name: Shinmon Satsuhen [Divine Gate Killzone]
Number: Unknown
Category: Hadou
Incantation: N/A. The caster simply snaps their fingers.
Effect: This kidou is unique, because it is a barrier-type kidou, and as such should be a Bakudou; yet due to its totally offensive quality, it is termed as a Hadou. While on observation, it may be mistaken for a space-time kidou, Shinmon Satsuhen is nothing of the sort; it is simply an offensive barrier-spell. When the caster snaps their fingers, a bright green cuboidal barrier forms on an intended target. Then the user claps, releasing a reiatsu shockwave. When the shockwave touches the cuboidal barrier, it falls away, and whatever part of the target that was trapped in the barrier will be severed off the target, and fall with the barrier. When the barrier dissipates (as it cannot remain forever), the severed portion of the target will remain where it has fallen. If the target has a decent level of strength, the barrier will not fall away; it will instead dissipate, but will injure whatever section of the target that was in contact with the barrier's perimeter. The barrier can be dispelled by the opponent, if they can put enough effort into the activity.

The effect of this kidou is quite similar to what is seen here. Stronger opponents can resist the kidou's ability to dismember them. Up to six barriers can be made at once.

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Opponent finds it rather hard to move to avoid the barrier when it is forming, or dispel it after it has formed. The barrier will not cut through opponent's body totally, but will leave very deep wounds that can cut down to the bone, but will not sever the bone.

Opponent is One Tier Lower: Opponent finds it a bit hard to move to avoid the barrier when it is forming, or dispel it after it has formed. The barrier will not cut through opponent's body totally, but will leave very serious lacerations.

Opponent is Equal Tier: Opponent finds it easy to move to avoid the barrier when it is forming, but dispelling it after it has formed requires a large surge of reiatsu. The barrier will not cut through opponent's body totally, but will leave deep cuts.

Opponent is One Tier Higher: Opponent finds it very easy to move to avoid the barrier when it is forming, and will only need a moderate amount of reiatsu to dispel it after it has formed. The barrier will not cut through opponent's body totally, but will leave shallow cuts.

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Opponent finds it effortless to move to avoid the barrier when it is forming, and dispelling it after it has formed requires a very little amount of reiatsu. The barrier will not cut through opponent's body totally, but will leave long scratches.

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