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#11 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:17 am

"Tradition?" He questioned. Of course he didn't say this out loud. He simply followed the woman. The kido he held in his hand would be present for quite some time, especially considering that it wasn't thrown and allowed to break apart. The glow it cast flickered each time the base tapped the floor as Shuuryou walked with it in hand. Was the induction over?

Shuuryou was all but lost when she suddenly came to a stop. "Engagement?" He thought. "Another fight?! I so wouldn't have worn this kimono. It's one of my favorites." His mind raced as she explained what was expected. This would be his first battle with someone who was likely a master kido practitioner. He certainly didn't have what it would take to win, however, that didn't mean he would try. He spun the rod shaped kido between his fingers while rolling his wrists and augmenting his torso. This elegant dance between weapon and wielder was only a sign of things to come. This kido took on the same form of his favored weapon. To be honest, he was better with it than any other, including his own zanpakuto.

Though he could do many things with a rod such as this that the majority of weapon masters would praise, it was best not to assume that he had an advantage at close range combat. "From what I understand, most kido work best from mid to long distances. Then again, why would she start our fight while we're so close to each other?" He thought, quickly side stepping towards her blind eye, covered by her own hair. "Let's begin." He instantly swung his kido rod at her shoulder in an attempt to immobilize the entire limb. Most kido spells Shuuryou knew of relied on the caster's ability direct it using both their hands and reiatsu control. Remove an arm from play and kido would become that much harder for her to perform.
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#12 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:07 am


Shuuryou didn't seem to have reservations, as he moved towards Sada's right, where her eye was covered by her azure hair. An interesting tactic, but one that Sada had seen too many times. Of course, it was assumed that having hair that fell over one of her eyes would place the Shinigami at a disadvantage, if an attack were to be made from that apparent blind spot. However, being the practical person Sada was, she wouldn't cover that eye unless for a reason (it was nearly blind), and she would definitely have something to make up for that weakness. Her acute reiatsu sense easily informed her of Shuuryou's approach, more effectively than any normal eye would. Without so much as turning her head, Sada bent the elbow of the shoulder Shuuryou was aiming for, lifting her hand, so that her fist was on shoulder-level.

"Bakudou Number 8: Seki!"

Shuuryou's staff would most likely connect with the bright orb of energy and be repulsed, unless the lilac-haired Shinigami managed to change the trajectory of his swing, which was quite unlikely. In the meantime, Sada turned to face him, holding her palm outward, as she said, "Hadou Number 32: Ōkasen!" The almost point-blank attack, even if Shuuryou managed to dodge it, would make him probably realize that a good kidou user didn't really have the disadvantage in a close-quarter match. All the same, Sada did not put too much into the Ōkasen, in case it hit. She was not interested in injuring her opponent seriously.

#13 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:19 am

Was his plan on attack to obvious? This was after all the second in command of the Kido Corp. Surely she fought someone who devised a similar plan of action. Then again, it seemed like something more. The fact that she was able to move the specific part of her body Shuuryou sought to strike despite him not being in her line of sight meant that she had some other way of tracking her opponent's action. Shuuryou's strike was quick, so quick that he had no time to divert it. The moment he struck her defensive spell, both he and his kido formed weapon were launched backwards. The force from the spell separated him from his single hyapporankan which quickly turned into several dozen before embedding themselves in various sections of the hall.

He recovered his footing quickly after flying threw the air a dozen feet or so. Despite his incredibly graceful landing on the wall closest to the two, he found himself the target of yet another spell. Though it was one he hadn't faced before, he knew that the wide range it covered isn't one that's easily dodged. "She's clearly not concerned with bringing this place down." He thought, quickly snatching a hyapporankan fragment out of the wall before throwing it at her. Unexpectedly, that fragment split into several more. This was likely due to the short distance the original traveled. "It likely didn't have enough time to multiply as much as it could have before hitting a solid surface."

Despite the welcomed surprise of the additional splitting the majority were caught up in the immense wave of yellow energy. Only a few made it through before the wide arc expanded to cover its maximum area. Those that did make it through were right on target and would likely hit their intended target. Those that didn't beat the rush of energy were thrown from their trajectory, despite not breaking. Shuuryou's body would probably not be so sturdy were it hit. He stepped into a shunpo, grabbing yet another hyapporankan along the way to his destination. Even if his last kido hit, it would likely take more than that to rattle her.

He landed on the ceiling several feet above the woman vice commander to begin assessing just how she was able to respond to an attack she couldn't see. "Bakudou No. 26, Kyokko." He spoke as brief bursts of light cascaded down his form; in this case starting at his feet before pouring down over his abdomen and head. The kido was a complete success.

Spell Name: Kyokko
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 26
Spell Incantation: None
Spell Effect: Hides the target from sight, by bending light. The spell has the ability to totally hide the presence and reiatsu of the user or specified object.
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#14 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:17 am


Shuuryou was amazingly fast on his feet and with his mind, a healthy quality of a sparring partner. Sada appreciated that virtue less when she was facing off against a mortal opponent, because at least Shuuryou was not interested in using her ears as a victory necklace. Sada was surprised to see that the Hyapporankan shaft that Shuuryou had retrieved and thrown at her had split again, although the number of flying shafts had been reduced. A simple but well-timed flash step was enough to get her out of the way of the Bakudou. However, as she was moving, it seemed Shuuryou had a plan of his own, as he had flashed to the ceiling above her and cast a kidou she knew well, disappearing from her vision. Sada would have to do some quick thinking if she wanted to come out tops, because Kyokko hid reiatsu signatures and physical presence, the two things Sada's sense detected.

Swinging her hand in a wide arc over her head, the Vice-Commander called out, "Hadou Number 12: Fushibi!" To a normal observer, nothing would seem to have happened, when in actuality, an invisible kidou net had been created, and was spread over the blue-haired Shinigami. She would wait for Shuuryou's next move, because if he made any attack or cast a kidou, he would have to use reiatsu, and as such, she would sense the reiatsu he used, and thus be aware of his presence. Sada just hoped that she would be fast enough to respond to his next action, seeing that it wouldn't speak well for a Vice-Captain ranked Shinigami to be upstarted by an apparent greenhorn. Ah, the unfairness of life.

#15 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:55 am

The noise caused from the vice commander's blast prevented Shuuryou from hearing the name of the kido spell she'd just cast. In fact, he wasn't even aware that she even cast another kido at all. He was only aware of the fact that she dodged his Hyapporankan. Her attack seemed to lack power considering the number of the destructive spell. It shredded through furniture and sent several cracks along the walls and floor, however Shuuryou's own Red Flame Canon would have been far more destructive despite its lower number. Was she purposely holding back?

"An effortless and perfectly timed dodge. Her shunpo skills are impressive. But what was that hand wave? A kido or an attempt to locate me?" He thought, watching her every move. He would allow the dust and debris to settle before making his next move. He'd ordinarily use the dust to hide his movements while preparing a counter attack, but kyokko made that unnecessary. Not to mention that her own counter attack in the very beginning likely meant that attempts to use physical masses, dust clouds included, wouldn't prove very effective.

He waited patiently for the very last cloud of dust and debris to settle. "This kido hides my physical presence, but more importantly, in this case, my reiatsu. The only difference between now and my first attempt to strike is that like my physical presence, she is no longer able to sense my reiatsu. It seems as though she's unable to act as a result. She couldn't possibly have figured out my earlier move based on reiatsu sensing alone, could she? That would be ridiculous." He thought still staring down at the woman who seemed to be reduced to waiting for Shuuryou to make a move before she even attempted to counter.

"If that were the case a person with such a refined reiatsu sensitivity could never been attacked off guard. In a battle between spiritual beings all attacks even if purely physical in appearance use reiatsu. Attacks without spiritual power behind them do nothing." The lilac haired young man had very few options and he was beginning to realize just how out of his league he was when it came to fighting a master kido practitioner. Needless to say, this challenge only excited him. "I could simply attack in an attempt to overpower her." He laughed to himself realizing just how stupid that idea was. "Or..." He thought, allowing himself to begin falling towards the floor and Iro.

He settled on an alternative plan and really his only real option. She would sense a coming attack regardless. However, by getting very close before attacking he could limit the amount of time between her sensing an attack and her reacting properly. He would simply wait until the last possible moment to use reiatsu.

His descent was quick and used only the naturally existing gravity. He landed with a loud thud within a single foot of Iro with his free hand already extended and pointing at her chest. He made his next attack at the exact time he landed "Hadou 1, Sho!". It didn't seem like much in terms of power, however, this was the quickest kido known and in terms of reiatsu usage would give less time to react were he to pump reiatsu into a limb to create a physical strike. It would prove to Shuuryou that he was right about her extremely acute reiatsu sensing ability. A concentrated burst of pure force rushed from Shuuryou's hand towards his opponent, ripping away his kyokko cloak in the process.

Were this successful, a body so small would instantly be tossed backwards. It would be difficult to mount a defense in the midst of being tossed about. Shuuryou would then take the opportunity to throw his remaining Hyapporankan fragment at her in an attempt to subdue her.
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#16 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:29 am


OOC: Idiot me! I forgot to put the kidou I used in a spoiler, thank you, Fatigue. Ah well, my nasty little surprise will just have to be foregone.  Sad 

While Shuuryou was waiting patiently for the dust that had risen to settle, Sada was considering attempting a heretofore untried thing. Of course, she could allow herself to do something foolish, since she wasn't in a life and death situation. All the same, the result of her attempting to cook up something she hadn't tried before could end up in an embarrassing situation for her. She touched the invisible mesh and attempted to imbue it with an experimental hadou she had been working on... a trap of sorts. To her irritation, the net simply dissipated, as the spell she attempted to cast was too weak and unstable. Ah well, Shuuryou would be none the wiser.

And then Shuu-chan appeared with a loud thud, already casting a kidou spell. Although it was the garden-variety 'Shou', being caught by such a kidou could put Sada in a markedly disadvantageous position, even if for just a short period of time. And yet, she seemed too close to Shuuryou to attempt to dodge the spell properly. So rather than dodge, Sada jumped. What resulted was that the force of the spell hit her in the stomach, rather than chest. Essentially, even though she was forcibly flung through the air, she did not manage to tumble, as the force of the Shou hit her in the middle of her body, and as such, caused her to double over and fly back-first away from Shuuryou, who was preparing to throw another Hyapporankan fragment. Tumbling would have caused a very unwanted disorientation, which would have made her reaction to Shuu-chan's next attack considerably later.

"Hadou Number 33: Soukatsui!"

The blue wave of energy would be enough to at least divert the flying rods aimed at her, which would be much fewer than if Shuuryou had attempted a fresh Hyapporankan; as such, Sada didn't fear the threat of being immobilized just yet. Normally, being a level 62 Bakudou, Hyapporankan would have been strong enough to overcome her level 33 Hadou. However, Shuu-chan's thrown rod was just a fragment of the actual Hyapporankan, so Sada was sure her Soukatsui, which was fired with more zest than her previous Okasen, would be sufficient to defend her. At the same time, the flying blue torrent would double as an attack.

#17 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:58 am

"It worked?" He said, as he watched the force from his kido shove her backwards. Based on the sudden indentation on her stomach where the attack impacted it was likely akin to being punched in the stomach. Shuuryou hadn't expected her to recover from a blow like that so quickly, even if it was merely a low level Sho spell. He had it in mind to shunpo towards the wall to grab a couple more Hyapporankan to throw at her, but her reaction didn't even give him enough time to shunpo out of the way.

Still, his success opened an entire realm of possibilities. The massive wave of blue flame rushed towards him like the wave of a tsunami and was just as expansive. It's mass so little room to get past it that not even someone Shuuryou's size could move to escape the blast. There was however one move that could act as both unexpected defense and threatening offensive.

He raised an arm and began drawing circles in the air. The air that surrounded his body suddenly rushed over his form nearly lifting him from his feet. He struggled slightly to hold his footing and keep from being caught up in his own kido, at least for now. "Way of destruction number 58, Orchid of Destruction!" He said as a powerful whirlwind burst forth from his location towards Iro. Like a vacuum, it sucked the sapphire flames into its vortex. Within no time the Orchid of Destruction had become a twisting pillar of fire, biblical in appearance. Shuuryou had turned Iro's own kido against her with a single spell. It would prove difficult to recover from were it to reach her. Given its size and speed, it was likely.

Shuuryou was beginning to feel the drain on his reiatsu reserves despite his efficiency with kido. The battle with the Vice Commander had only just begun but he'd already exhausted nearly a third of his power. This was the first time he felt it since returning from Hueco Mundo. He hadn't had to cast so man back to back kido spells since losing his zanpakuto in Hueco Mundo years ago.
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#18 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:33 am


It was quite interesting, to see how Shuuryou managed to react effectively to her attacks. The latest attack he had turned against her, using a wind-based kidou to wrap the blue flames of her Soukatsui and redirect it all in a wild spinning maelstrom of... well, maybe not death, but something rather quite unpleasant. And it was headed her way. Well, this wouldn't be the first time she would have to use her hohou skills to get out of a pinch such as this one, and given the fact that she had very well concluded her flying about (thanks to Shuuryou's Shou kidou), the Vice-Commander was on her feet by the time she saw the large pillar of fire twisting towards her. Her reaction was simple: she flash-stepped to the wall on the left side of her, clenched her fist which ignited in blue flame, and punched a ridiculously large hole in the wall. Through this hole, she made her escape, the wall through which she had passed serving as a sort of shield.

By now, the hall looked like it had seen the first full-scale war between Shinigami and hollows, and Sada was apparently nowhere to be found. But then the wall behind Shuuryou would disintegrate into dust, allowing the lilac-haired young man to know the direction the next attack was coming from. Rather than attack through the dust, Sada allowed it to settle before making her next move; it was obvious she wanted Shuuryou to see what she was doing.

"Hadou Number 65: Bushigetsu!"

Opening her palm, Sada pointed her hand palm outwards at Shuuryou. A silver ball floated in the air, before her hand. Then it launched at him. With a ringing sound, the ball exploded into a horizontally directed rain of swords which flew towards him, albeit a bit off towards the right. But he would easily notice that had Sada created more space between herself and her opponent, and had flung the ball directly at him, the rain of swords would have been much harder to dodge.

Techniques and Kidou Used:

Technique Name: Shinken no Mai [Dance of the God-fist]
Technique Description: A Renshinken technique. The user gathers reiatsu into any of their limbs (or even their head), causing it to ignite with a characteristic blue flame-like reiatsu, before striking at an opponent with reiatsu-enhanced speed. This blow on impact releases the gathered reiatsu into the opponent, causing much more damage than normal. It is capable of demolishing reinforced concrete.
Lasts 1 post, cooldown of 3 posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Opponent can hardly see the attack. Blow breaks bones and seriously injures opponent. Can crack opponent's weapon on contact.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Opponent may only see a flash of blue. Blow cracks bones and causes internal bleeding. Can chip opponent's weapon on contact.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Opponent can follow the speed of the attack, but dodging it takes effort. The attack will cause heavy muscle damage to the area hit, and might dislocate joints if struck.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Opponent can easily match the speed of the attack. Should it land, it will cause a large bruise.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Opponent can dodge the attack with ease. It will only make a few bruises.

Spell Name: Bushigetsu [Warrior Moon]
Spell Type: Custom Hadou
Spell Number: Equal to a #65 spell
Spell Incantation: Primordial shards, eternal heart, stalwart tower. Twist skyward from the North and summon vengeance on the fools who batter the doors of lofty Solitude!
Spell Effect: A decent long-ranged spell, which is very difficult to dodge at long range. The user opens their palm, releasing a silver ball which shoots forward and explodes into about three hundred swords which skewer everything in their path. The swords last two posts before fizzling out. The major weakness of this technique is the fact that if one can get past the silver ball before it explodes, it is useless.

#19 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Fri Jun 27, 2014 9:33 am

It all happened so fast. The flaming blue twister blocked Iro from Shuuryou's sight which gave her the perfect opportunity to sneak up on him. The burning twisting pillar uprooted everything not bolted to the floor while singeing their surfaces with the ethereal azure fire swirled throughout. Once the kido finally made its run and died down the hall the two stood in was barely recognizable.

Iro was nowhere in sight, and Shuuryou wasn't the most developed in terms of his sensing ability. Oddly enough it appeared as though Iro wasn't making an attempt to hide it. Once the dust settled, Shuuryou turned to face her. The women blasted a hole clear through the wall, twice in fact. "There is no sign of another destructive spell being used to make either of those holes. No residual blue fire or even evidence of melting. Did she do that with Sho alone?" He thought as she held up her hand, palm pointed in his direction. "Hadou number-" He lifted his own hands out in response however he was stopped by the unusual sight before him.

The sudden appearance of the silver orb before her was startling. "Hadou 65? That's not-" He muttered clearly confused with what he was seeing. The ringing sound which emanated from it as it flew at him was troubling and clearly a sign of something he probably wouldn't enjoy. He lept backwards moments before it exploded into a barrage of sharpened metal blades. There were hundreds of them and while the majority would miss given the arc pattern of the attack many still threatened his safety.

He drew his zanpakuto in a blinding frenzy. Each swing, each parry was so fast that to spectators it would look like his blade made a single blurred swing. He deflected nearly a dozen blades creating bright sparks of heat where metal met metal before the first of the kido blades slipped threw his defensive slashes cutting loose several strands of his pale violet hair. His defenses weren't enough. He was being pushed back. "What kind of skill is this? They just keep coming!" He thought, still swatting at the incoming projectiles. Before finally flashstepping backwards to mount a less risky defense.

"Bakudou 73, Tozansho!" He said, sheathing his zanpakuto. A pyramid of light quickly surrounded the young man. Though he'd never seen the kido she used or read about it, he guessed that a kido barrier of this strength would be suffice given the number she gave it. Sure enough the incoming blades were deflected. There were hundreds of blades produced, each with incredible sharpness. Shuuryou couldn't believe that a kido like this existed. This wasn't something covered in any of the reading material he was preview to back at the academy. But how is it that it's not mentioned anywhere? Was this a forbidden kido? To his knowledge there were only two types of kido which were so forbidden that using them came with a heavy punishment. However, what Iro had used wasn't a time manipulating kido or a teleportation kido.

Shuuryou caused the barrier to dissipate after the final blade from Iro's attack struck it.
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#20 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:51 am


Sada watched as Shuuryou struggled against her custom kidou, before he finally used a barrier to defend himself. His use of the sword was nothing short of amazing, and Sada was impressed by how he had managed to avoid himself from being made a pin-cushion... no, sword-cushion was more like it, although the sound of that term lacked smoothness on the tongue. She began to walk towards the pyramid of energy, her senses tuned for a reprisal from her opponent. But there was none. He seemed to be biding his time in the bakudou, most likely thinking about what had just happened. that was what Sada liked about using self-created kidou: they often took kidou-learned opponents by surprise. But before she had come close enough, the barrier dissipated, revealing the lilac-haired boy who, given his opportunistic way of fighting, would not have remained still if he was still in the spirit of battle.

She placed her hands on her hips and called out, "I hope my kidou didn't hurt you or anything, Shuu-chan." Although the two were opponents for the time being, Sada always tried as much as possible to be good to her colleagues, and so she asked after his well-being. Unless Shuuryou wanted to continue, the evaluation was more or less over. Sada wanted to see Shuuryou's proficiency in kidou, and he had not just impressed her, his skill had shocked her. She could admit he was as good as she was, and that was enough for her.

"You look pensive. A penny for your thoughts."

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