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#1 Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:54 am

The vibrant pinkish hues of Seireitei's clouds sung to the dark radiance of the rich purple heavens behind them. The sun had nearly completely set on this world's diverse Japanese inspired architecture. The soft orange rays casts by the tired sun slowly crawled along rooftops and across cobblestone streets so that it might usher in the night. The warm air that embraced Shuuryou's supple smooth skin and silk garments would soon give way to the night's cool winds. The young man that had only recently graduated from Shino Academy would likely arrive at his destination several minuted before the sun could complete its retreat.

He was but a few flash steps away from the entrance to the grounds of the kido corporation when he decided to simply walk the rest of the way. The clicking sounds of his wooden sandals echoed through the streets. He took a few seconds to gently brush the dirt he'd gathered during his travels from his otherwise spotless cherry blossom themed kimono. The blood colored red, forest green, soothing brown and bright pink fabrics and threads were masterfully woven to depict a life like scene on the wearer's back and sleeves. Such a garment took much to keep intact despite the high level of craftsmanship. He neatly pinned his pal violet colored hair up and out of his face. He didn't know the details of what would be discussed at this meeting, however he did with to make a good impression. Though he originally had very little interest in joining the kido corp, his recent tour of the third division's library of information changed his mind. If kido corporation could help him discover ways to access information that the strange kido protected it would be worth the effort of joining.

The entrance to the kido corp's grounds was close now. From the look of things, the organization had less space than most of the individual factions of the thirteen squads. A few huts were separated by a great deal of empty space and what may very well be the main building was an unimpressive three story building. It was only after crossing through the entrance into the space that Shuuryou was made preview to the true nature of the environment.

The entire landscape had changed as did the time of day. The sun had vanished from the sky and countless stars had taken its place. The pitiful architecture he saw from the outside was nowhere to be found. Instead, a vast castle like building with long halls connecting seven or eight separate wings comprised of towers each of which was at least twenty stories tall. The sudden change in scenery startled the pretty faced man so much so that he stumbled backwards and out of the entry way he crossed mere seconds beforehand. He was found himself once again standing in the orange glow of setting sun. The large palace was no where in sight.

"This is unbelievable." He muttered as he crossed the threshold yet again. The sun once more vanished from the sky and the palace once again sprung up out of nowhere. A single cobblestone walkway lead from the entrance of the territory to the entrance to the palace. He began to walk along it, turning back to see the street on the other side of the entrance, still lit by rays from the falling sun. It was clear that he had much to learn about demon magics. Very few of the principles at work here were covered back in the academy.
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#2 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:48 am


Evening was one of the best times of the day in Seireitei, at least according to the opinion of the Vice Captain of the Kidou Corps who sat in the shade of a tree, her single visible eye on the pages of a book. With the evening already well underway, it was practical nonsense to be reading a book in such dull light, even greater folly being that one would choose the shade of a tree, under which the light was sure to be less. Yet, that posed no issue for Iro Sada; her source of light was an ingeniously modified form of the most basic application that almost anyone with a relatively good control over reiatsu could use, Shiningami Academy training or not. Over the blue-haired female's palm hung a brightly glowing ball of light, which illuminated her surroundings well enough for her to read by its light. Shinigami passed by to and fro, and paid no heed. They wouldn't; the spell cast by the fickle Kidou Corps Commander to mislead a good number of people was enough to render the young woman invisible.

The feel, rather than the sight or sound of someone approaching caught Sada's attention, causing her to look up from her book. Without seeing anyone, Sada could tell from the reiatsu of the approaching individual that it was a small male (small as far as male standards were concerned; whoever was coming was still taller than Sada was). Closing her book, Sada rose to her feet and faded out of view, just before a young, mauve-haired Shinigami, who for all intents and purposes looked like a girl, walked through the deceptive kidou net that blanketed the Kidou Corps HQ. Concealed from his sight by the kidou she had cast, Sada could not help but be amused as she watched his reaction to the kidou threshold.

As the boy walked along the walkway leading to the main building of the Kidou Corps HQ, he would hear a feminine voice speaking in his ear, "Seeker or sightseer, I wonder?" And just then, Sada would appear just behind him, book in hand, observing him expectantly as she awaited his answer.

Kidou Used:

Spell Name: Kyokkō [Bent Light]
Spell Type: Bakudou
Spell Number: 26
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: Hides the physical form and reiatsu of the caster by bending light. For fairness, the practitioner cannot make attacks while invisible. Techniques which can sense an object without using sight or reiatsu will detect the practitioner.

#3 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:44 am

If what he was seeing was any insight into the actual number of kido corporation members, there weren't very many. Every now and then he passed another Shinigami wearing uniforms which differed slightly from those warn by members of the thirteen squads. This was by far one of the largest structures in Seireitei so it was possible that there were simply more bodies spread throughout the compound. Still, his main focus wasn't on the number of people walking about. He instead focused on the kido that he'd become preview to the moment he crossed into kido corporation grounds. "A kido so expansive could have only been made by a master. Is this the work of the captain of this group?" He thought, various blue and black hues composing the dark sky. The stars shined more brilliantly here than they did in the rest of Soul Society. He wondered if it always looked like this, or if time was somehow altered to run either ahead of or behind the flow which existed on the outside. Would the coming night look like this, or did it look like this last night?

He was nearly at the palace's front entrance, the wood and stone archway was in reach when he was suddenly met with a voice at his back. He immediately turned to face the new comer. He was no tracker, but he'd have expected to sense something from anyone who had come so close. She however, suddenly appeared. There was only one way that he knew of to make such an arrival. "Kyokkō." He thought after laying eyes on the woman who appeared behind him. She was definitely not in standard Gotei 13 uniform, rather a very risque and revealing alteration. Her long sapphire hair and ruby colored eyes presented an interesting contrast to her olive skin.

"Hello." Shuuryou stated, bowing politely. "I didn't know that I should have arrived on guard. I am Mushami, Shuuryou." He smiled lightly before reaching into his left kimono sleeve pocket and pulling out his invitation. He unfolded the small, creme colored parchment and turned it to her so that she could read the rich black inks.

"Shuuryou Mushami,

We of the Kido Corp hope that this message reaches you in good health and spirit. It is with utmost sincerity that we congratulate you on your early graduation from Shino Academy. Very few accomplish such a task with not only your level of hast, but your masterful completion of subject material.

Due to your kido scores achieved during your graduation exam, the Kido Corporation request your presence in two days time at sunset. We would very much like to discuss your potential induction into our world renowned ranks.


Kido Corp"

"Perhaps I should be heading to the main building? Or even the quarters of a seated officer or the captain?" Shuuryou continued offering her the letter.
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#4 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:35 am


Sada raised an eyebrow when the slight-framed boy replied that he wasn't aware that he should have been on guard. "Isn't that supposed to be an enemy's mindset?" the young Kidou Corps Vice Captain asked teasingly, taking the parchment which had been presented to her and reading it. She lifted her eyes from the paper to the dainty-looking Shinigami before her and nodded with a wry smile. "New recruit huh?" Ignoring, for the time being, the question asked, the azure-haired female folded the parchment and returned it to Shuuryou. Normally, it may have been more preferrable for her to keep it, and probably store the letter in a file or something like that, but seriously? In Sada's opinion, there was no reason to bother with such trivialties. The letter was of no importance to her once she had seen its contents. "Two days from the date on letter: check. Sunset: check," Sada drawled, as she walked to stand directly in front of Shuuryou.

"Okay, let's get the irritating formalities done away with. Welcome to the Kidou Corps HQ. I am Iro Sada, Vice Captain of the Kidou Corps, and I will be your hostess for the evening. Let's get into the building; it's a bit... I don't know, un-bureaucratic to discuss outside, right?" Waving her hand in a dismissive gesture, Sada made her way towards the expansive doors of the Kidou Corps HQ, speaking as she walked. "I hope you get to meet Naresora Shun, our illustrious Commander of the Kidou Corps, but I bet you won't see him today. He's probably stealing food somewhere or getting his wrist smacked by the Sou-taichou. And since Shun-sama has irresponsibly run off and left the job of looking after the Corps for the meantime to me, I guess I'll be evaluating your induction into our ranks, Shuu-chan. I can call you that, can't I?"

By now, the two had reached the doors of the main building, which Sada opened to reveal an expansive but empty hallway. "This way, please."

#5 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:54 am

He was completely taken off guard by the revelation that the woman standing before him was the Vice Kido Chief. He wondered but for a moment if he'd made a bad joke, and in turn, a bad first impression. However, the longer he remained in the presence of this woman the more he got the sense that she was unusual even by Shinigami standards. "Shuu-chan? That's a new one. " He said while following her. "I suppose that's alright." After reaching the doors of the main building Shuuryou noted how well kept this was compared to the building which housed the thirteen squads. Not a single chip in the wall, flaking paint, or rusted hinges. Was the building new, or was this an effect of a yet another kido?

Regardless, after Iro Sada opened the grand entrance, Shuuryou once again found himself confused. The hallways were far more expansive on the inside than one would think they would be from the outside. This was definitely another kido. One which like the first he was preview to, likely manipulated space. The hallway a bright white which seemed to glow on its own despite the absence of any visible light fixtures. The craftsmanship of the hall made it difficult to tell where wall met both floor and ceiling.

"If I may..." Shuuryou asked. "Just what exactly does an evaluation entail?"
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#6 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:42 am


Sada walked in with a springy step as Shuuryou followed her. He seemed to be quite taken in by the queerness of the place, which was a good thing, in Sada's opinion. Shuuryou appreciated the workings and effects of kidou, and having an eye for kidou was very necessary to utilizing it in combat. After all, if someone did not appreciate the structure and techniques of the katana, there was no way he would be able to become a good swordsman. She turned and opened her mouth to speak, just as Shuu-chan asked his question, and froze, her visible crimson eye locked on his purple-hued eyes, and mouth still ajar, as she maintained a blank but wide-eyed expression on her face.

"Aah..." the Vice-Commander said, obviously confused, "I really have no idea. Sorry." She blinked twice, as if trying to gather her thoughts, and then seemingly, an epiphany hit her. "Aha!" the young Shinigami female exclaimed, snapping her well-manicured fingers and giving Shuuryou a look of enlightenment. "What better way to evaluate you than to examine your ability to cast kidou and your control over your spells?" Sada turned and looked down the hallway, swinging her arm in the direction she had faced. "So, Shuu-chan, fire away. Cast your favorite hadou; let's see what you got." Ignore the fact that the two Shinigami were inside a building, even if it looked expansive, and therefore damage could be done to the interior of the hall.

#7 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Fri Jun 20, 2014 5:44 am

"I suppose it doesn't matter there's not much I can do at this point in time to prepare myself." Shuuryou said, slightly laughing. The woman's sudden change in demeanor was a clear sign that she had realized something. Shuuryou immediately stopped in place. She couldn't be serious, could she? Wouldn't it have been better to attempt this outside? "Does the kido used to manipulate this room also repair or repel damage?" He thought after hearing her request. "Though, I should say, I don't necessarily have a favorite hadou." He continued, bowing in a show of respect, being there was a chance that his response may be taken as a refusal to comply.

"I find myself using bakudou for the most part. I have a few favorites when it comes to demon magics of this sort." He neatly rolled up the sleeves of his kimono and began the incantation for his most used kido. "Descend from heaven. Impale the serpent. Bakudou, number 62. Hyapporankan..." Effervescent currents of pale blue energy danced across his fingertips and palms before he even finished the incantation. In truth, the incantation likely wasn't needed at this point in time, considering the level to which he mastered the kido. The energy condensed within his palms, forming a faintly glowing rod no taller than he was.

The light it emitted cast a soft violet glow atop his earthen colored skin. This kido was meant to be thrown at a target and in turn multiply before impaling them. Shuuryou rarely ever threw this instrument though. He had quite a different use for it. The rod sung as he released his two handed grip and held on to it with a single hand. He held it on to his side, before placing the base on the ground so that he may lean on it.

"This is my favorite kido spell Vice Commander Iro."

Spell Name: Hyapporankan
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 62
Spell Incantation: Descend from heaven. Impale the serpent.
Spell Effect: A rod formed of condensed energy is formed in the spell caster's hand. When thrown towards the target it instantly multiplies in number and covers a wide area. When they touch an opponent's body they enter the body and disrupts the body part's ability to move rendering them immobile.
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#8 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:39 am


Sada tilted her head to one side, as Shuuryou recited the words for a spell she knew like the back of her hand: Hyapporankan. For someone who was stated to be a fresh recruit from the Shino Academy, Shuuryou had cast a spell of relative difficulty. Something was definitely amiss. He was supposed to be able to cast probably no higher than a Shakkahou, which was a level 31. Okay, call him a genius, he would only be able to hit a forty-something level. To make matters more interesting, Shuu decided not to throw the Bakudou, instead using it as a support. This meant that aside having a preternatural proclivity to kidou, Shuu-chan also had a very unconventional mind. That, in Sada's opinion, was simply a synonym for 'resourceful'.

"Wait a minute... are you sure you're not Shun-sama trying to play a trick on me?" the Vice Commander asked as she walked up to the lilac-haired boy and began pulling at his cheek gently. Then she remembered that unless the Commander of the Kidou Corps had developed a kidou that would make his reiatsu register as someone else's, confusing Sada with her acute reiatsu sense was out of the question. The blue-haired girl left Shuuryou's cheek and rubbed the back of her head as she let out a small laugh, her cheeks tinged slightly from embarrassment. "Oops... my bad, sorry. You're, well, Shuu-chan, alright," Sada said. "But you do know that someone of your skill level is not supposed to be just fresh out of the Shino Academy, so how is it that you just left there? Yes! I got this Einstein-level idea! This question is the first question of your official Kidou Corps induction evaluation exercise."

#9 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:22 am

"Shun-sama?" Shuuryou responded, confused. Who was this person she spoke of? He then remembered that shortly after meeting her, she mentioned the 'illustrious Kido Corps Commander'. Was what he did truly that impressive, or was she joking with him? "Come to think of it, I suppose I've never met another academy student who can perform such a kido." He thought as she released his cheek. This woman was one of the strangest he'd met. She was so small, yet treated Shuuryou as though he were smaller. It brought a welcomed sense of nostalgia he hadn't felt in years. He hadn't felt it in years because he hadn't been a child in years; not since the day he watched his mother burn.

"Well..." Shuuryou continued responding to Iro's inquiry into the skill he'd just shown. "In truth, the majority of what I've learned wasn't mastered at the academy. I gained my basics there yes, but the threat of death was my true teacher." He inhaled deeply before beginning his story, well, an extremely short version. He explained that after a hollow attack in the outskirts of Rukongai's poorest district he found himself in the land of hollows for nearly a decade. He explained his travels across the vast white desert and his time in Menos Forest. Shuuryou then told her of the year he went without a weapon after losing his zanpakuto. Within that year he learned to master what he had only ever read about and studied on paper. Had he not, he'd have certainly died. He learned to be resourceful because he really had no other choice.

"I can't count the number of times my kido failed me while fighting for my life. I was forced to learn any kido I could repurpose to suit my needs so that I could more successfully fight off predators. Of course it was difficult not having access to text that explained a kido's intended usage. This is also where some of my own less conventional uses for kido like this one come from."
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#10 Re: Kido Corps Meeting (Private) on Sun Jun 22, 2014 3:55 am


Sada listened with obvious interest to Shuuryou's story, as he told a tale of the need to survive bringing him to the level in which he currently was. At a point, she wanted to feel pity for the delicate creature before her, but she also knew that feeling pity for one who managed to learn from adversity would be doing a warrior a great disservice, whether he looked like one or not. She smiled at the recollection of the fact that she herself didn't appear to most other Shinigami to be a capable fighter. "I am very much impressed, Shuu-chan," the cerulean-haired Shinigami intoned with a little applause. And she actually did mean her words. "Essentially, this means I won't have to start giving you the usual polish-over that we give to new recruits to make sure their knowledge of kidou is sound. Come along; there's some things we have to do. Pure tradition, I believe."

So saying, the Vice-Commander began walking down the hall, expecting Shuuryou to follow her. By the time the two had gotten to the center of the hall, Sada turned to face Shuuryou, and she nodded. "This will be perfect. The rules of engagement are as follows: You are not allowed to release your zanpakutou, although you may use it, or your fists or shunpo in the engagement. While you may use any of the above mentioned for offense, your major line of offense should be kidou. Your opponent will be me. Shall we begin?"

Of course, Sada's approach to the intended duel was odd and, at the very best, unexpected. Still, she could not care for such things as she considered unnecessary. Oh, was it mentioned that Sada was inviting Shuuryou to duel when both of them were standing in a hallway, with walls and windows and other furniture?

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