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#1 Ginsen Daizo on Thu Jun 12, 2014 5:09 am

Who are you?

Name: Daizo, Ginsen
Alias: N/A
Age: 524
Age of Appearance: Mid-20's
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Shinigami
Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Build ~ Ginsen stands an impressive 7ft 8in tall with a large body some would say could only be possible with a giant's blood flowing through his veins. The fighter has broad shoulders and long limbs fitting of his stature with thick bones covered in supple yet well toned muscles. Each fiber of Ginsen's flesh wraps around his skeleton like a weave of strength forming a muscular structure that appears subtle at a glance. However when he flexes these muscles burst into shape revealing an incredibly dense and well trained armor of brawn and sinews.

Visage ~ Having spent much of his life in the wilderness concepts such as self grooming are foreign to Ginsen save for a few basic practices. Because of this his hair is unkempt and wild as it is long falling feet past his shoulders. The excess hair from his shoulders onwards is tied into a ponytail that is just as unruly as the rest of his hair. The only hair cuts Ginsen bothers going through is using his zanpakutou to cut his bangs and everything else above the ponytail short enough to not be a hindrance during combat. The locks are a light strawberry blonde color and, while often messy, are almost always clean. Below his head of stubborn hair lay a pair of calm blue eyes with sharp angular brows to frame them. Ginsen's face has surprisingly soft features for a man of his size and an angular chin with some stubble adorning it.


Casual Garb ~ Ginsen is most comfortable in the clothing he wore during his self imposed exile from seireitei. The outfit is fairly similar to that of a standard shinigami uniform. It consist of a shihakusho with a slightly deeper V exposing a bit more of his chest but what really sets it apart from the base black uniforms of the Gotei is the orange color with white stripes running in a vertical pattern. This shihakusho is held closed by an orange obi belt tied in a traditional knot at waist level just below the top of the Hakama pants. These hakama are a slightly lighter shade of orange but have no stripes and are tattered and fraying at the hem of each leg. The outfit is complete with a pair of straw sandals and white tabi socks worn by most denizens of seireitei.

Formal Uniform ~ When on duty or performing official work for the gotei 13 Ginsen can be found wearing the typical black and white shinigami uniform with a few personal alterations. His sleeves are tailors just a bit shorter and the V also dips a couple inches lower showing off more of his chest. Despite initial appearances, this alteration is less to vainly expose his muscles to the world and moreso to make it easier to slip his arms through his sleeves allowing the shihakusho to fall around his waist as is his habit in a hard battle.

Accessories ~ Whether he is wearing his casual clothing or the official uniform of the Gotei 13, Ginsen always wears a few trinkets which are connected to his philosophies and powers.  The cloth he uses to tie his hair back has a spiral pattern designed into it very similar to the design found on a necklace that he wears. The chain of the necklace itself is a series of intermingled curving spirals and the pendant it holds is made to represent a wild storm in the form of a hurricane shape. The final thing one can almost always find on Ginsen's person is a small gourd of wine.

There are many scars littering Ginsen's body. Some from his time alive in the world of the living and some gained after becoming a shinigami. There is a story of a battle behind each of these old wounds but few are worth recounting. However it is of worthy note that he possesses fewest scars on his back and face. These facts are a testament to Ginsen's skill as well as his tendency to never retreat showing his back to an opponent.

Overview ~ Ginsen was born during the warring states period of japan and raised as a warrior. After dying and joining the gotei 13 Ginsen soon secluded himself in the wilderness of seireitei and spent centuries in solitude where his only focus was throwing all of his being into training. Thus, his life is dedicated to combat and war in a manner which most shinigami are not. Ginsen isn't one to talk about gossip on others or politics and avoids the usual polite but needless pleasantries. Try to approach him with such conversations and prepare to be either ignored or blown off and don't be surprised when he shows a lack of "proper" etiquette. However anything on the subject of battle, swordsmanship, strategy, or skill could potentially have him conversing for hours.

His relationship with others is often distant due to his obsession with the art of war because few ever end up being seen as equals or worthy of respect(as a warrior) in his eyes. While his natural demeanor is pleasant enough with a carefree smile and he can still appreciate the subtle beauties of life such as nature and compassion. Only in the heat of battle does Ginsen truly enjoy himself and allow a wild grin to take over his expression. To fight is to live and the thrill of battle is what drive's this warrior's meaning for existence. Facing a truly strong warrior in a fight to the death is the only time Ginsen can truly feel alive. Since his is bound from fighting freely due to his duty, Ginsen is often looking for excuses to fight people he deems to be worthy warriors worth clashing with.

When interacting with normal people in day to day life Ginsen tries to be generally kind and helpful. But it is often hard to maintain that attitude around people who are getting emotionally upset, talking about meaningless or useless things, or otherwise distract from the general duties of a shinigami. In the event that such distractions arise, Ginsen's smile will degrade into a stoic expression with a hint of suppressed annoyance. He believes every moment on duty should be focused on the "mission" at hand. Everything else is just a distraction which leads to complacency.

Ginsen may come off as rude or harsh with his response to such situations but he is legitimately concerned about the "quality" of the gotei 13 as an army. This train of thought is what drove Ginsen to decide to become an instructor at the Shino Academy. In his daily life Ginsen encounters many amateurs and those who do not have the strength he craves. The swordsman has convinced himself that the boredom of his position was countered by knowing that doing so is to train future generations of shinigami to be the kind of soldiers he believes the Gotei 13 should be.


  • Shougi, Chess, or any other game of strategy that can be compared to warfare are Ginsen's favorites. There is nothing like a battle of wits and tactics to help relax an upset mind.
  • Diligent study of the martial arts has been a natural part of Ginsen's life and feels almost as vital as breathing to him. Ginsen feels most comfortable when training or researching new styles or techniques.
  • The heat of combat against a foe of equal or greater power than himself gets Ginsen's blood pumping and makes him feel alive.
  • Enjoying a nice bowl of chilli is one of the few 'normal' things the shinigami finds pleasurable.
  • Drinking wine with people he recognizes as worthy of being called warriors is a rare but treasured experience for Ginsen. He treats such an event with respect as if it were a ceremony and enjoys using the time to deepen his bonds with others.


  • Chatty people who talk about meaningless things annoy Ginsen and can upset him if persistent. Ginsen's definition of "meaningless" conversation topics include but are not limited to, gossip, complaining, empty excuses, jokes, and fighting over immature issues.
  • Sitting around and doing nothing at all makes Ginsen uneasy and on edge. So long as his mind is occupied he is fine, but when forced to remain on stand by or to wait for a long time without being able to move around freely Ginsen finds himself aggravated and easily angered.
  • Having to wait on others is yet another thing that upsets this warrior. His dedication to warfare gives him a strong spite towers people who drag their feet and slow others down.
  • Cold weather is by far Ginsen's least favorite and winter seasons usually have him slightly more grumpy than usual. He claims that the cold makes his muscles feel stiff and doesn't like fighting under such conditions.
  • Ginsen completely lacks a sweet tooth and does not like anything more sweet than perhaps some tea cakes.


  • Ginsen has adopted the philosophy of a "pathseeker" and strives to master everything about he path he's chosen to walk. That path is warfare and this gives him a strong desire to become not only more powerful, but far more wiser than any great warriors to have come before him.
  • As a result of his first ambition, Ginsen also seeks to become a legendary shinigami. He wishes for the Daizo clan's name to resound through history as a golden beacon of glory and honor for his family.
  • To die on the battlefield is Ginsen's greatest and final wish. Should he fall short of his goals then he prays it happens during a grand and satisfying battle.


  • A solid leader capable of boosting morale. Ginsen's firm voice and commanding spirit can inspire fellow shinigami to push past their limits. While this has no actual affect on combat it is a testament to his leadership capabilities.
  • Ginsen is perceptive and has a keen eye for deception and lies making him a strong social opponent for liars despite a severe lack in general social skills.
  • An unyielding spirit and determination to survive and be successful towards achieving his goals makes Ginsen a hard character to persuade. Ginsen usually see's things through to the end once he has made up his mind on something.
  • Respectful and happy to share knowledge, Ginsen is a great teacher for students who truly want to learn the art of war and combat. If they are willing to see past his rough nature Ginsen can be a powerful source of knowledge and experience.
  • Loyalty is held closer to Ginsen's heart than ideals or relationships. He has sworn his sword to the service of the captain commander and will abide by that oath of fealty with an iron will.

Fears & Weaknesses:

  • Cold weather brings Ginsen great displeasure due to how much stiffer it makes ones body feel.
  • Ginsen's nature makes him appear anti-social and as a result he makes few friends and allies.
  • Honor and pride make retreat never an option even if certain and pointless death is clearly the result. Ginsen finds greater value in a hard fought death than running away and would only do so on orders from the captain commander himself.
  • Ginsen holds a strong distaste for bananas and the flavor or smell of one can induce vomiting.
  • His greatest fear is that all his efforts will amount to nothing and that the Daizo name will fade into the shadows of forgotten history.

Battle Specs

List of 'Known' Skills:

• Shunpo
• Basic Reiatsu Detection
• *If more need to be added let a Mod/Admin know*

Fighting Style:
Ginsen has dedicated most of his life towards improving his skills and reflexes for combat and did so while taking the approach "Accept everything, refine to simplicity, utilize with complexity." This means that he accepts and takes in all styles and perspectives on battle as being valuable. Then his focus is to refine his ability to execute them as well as the techniques themselves to be simple enough that he can perform them on reflex. Finally, he seeks to make use of those simplified techniques in advanced situations giving them a complex versatility or effect. He has spent extensive time towards learning many martial styles from around the world from many forms of striking arts to grappling and weapon schools as well. He has a particularly focused skill in many kinds of swordsmanship however.

While his preferred style of fighting is a head on rush, Ginsen recognizes the risks behind this and will remain evasive while using low level kidou to harass his opponent first in hopes of getting them to reveal their powers. Once he had a feel for their abilities Ginsen then judges whether or not a more well planned approach or his
preferred wild assault would be best. When taking a planned route he will use any observations on the target to think of a potential weak point and then puts pressure on it until proven futile or effective. For the wild route Ginsen switches to a more instinctual method of combat that relies on reflexes and overwhelming an opponent with a barrage of attacks or a few very powerful ones.

One aspect of his fighting style that is worth of note would be his disposition towards circles, spins, spirals, and turning. Ginsen is always on the conscious look out for opportunities to turn an opponent's attack away or build momentum for his own by utilizing circular motions as he feels there is an unparalleled beauty in being able to execute such maneuvers which most fighters claim are little more than for show.

His main goal aside from winning is usually to enjoy the battle and with that in mind he will use any tricks or unorthodox battle plans that are useful towards that end even if it means relying on kidou. Instead of rejecting it like most members of the 11th division, Ginsen has learned to embrace the utility of practicing demon magic and believes one would not be true to themselves as a warrior if they neglect doing so.

Personal Abilities:

Name: Storm Reiryoku
Effect: Ginsen's reiryoku is violent and unstable by nature making the reiatsu it manifests into take on properties akin to the air currents of a violent storm. This is not wind elemental reiryoku but it does cause his reiatsu to act in a similar manner. Ginsen's aura always appears as a violent torrent spiraling around him as a focal point at the eye of the "storm" and as a result it is very difficult to use subtly. The effects of this result in Ginsen being unable to hide or cloak his spiritual presence in exchange for a wild reiatsu which spins violently by nature. Ginsen has adapted this aspect into his techniques and turned it into a powerful advantage.

General Techniques:

Technique Name: Rasendou
Technique Description: Ginsen gathers reiatsu at the palm of his hand and must charge for one turn as he condenses the energy into a sphere of spinning reiatsu. The resulting ball spins at high speeds and can be used for a number of different purposes. The Rasendou can turn incoming attacks aside as well as deal direct offensive damage by grinding raw spiritual pressure into whatever comes in direct contact with it. The size of this technique can vary from that of a grape to a 5m diameter sphere. This ability has a 2 post cool down.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Can redirect intercepted attacks sending the off course by 110 degrees. Grinds into flesh with enough power to strip muscle and shatter bone at the area of impact.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Can redirect intercepted attacks sending them off course by 90 degrees. Grinds into flesh with enough force to tear away muscle and crack bones.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Can redirect intercepted attacks sending them off course by a 45 degrees. Grinds into flesh with enough force to start tearing away the skin and muscle.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:  Can redirect intercepted attacks sending them off course by a couple degrees. Grinds into flesh with enough force to bruise the skin and muscle.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Fails to redirect an attack and can lightly bruise the skin.

Technique Name: Kaitenpo
Technique Description: The user of this technique performs a shunpo however all of the force and speed is put into a spin pivoting on the users toes. The result is an extremely fast spin which allows the user to attempt to defend against omni-directional attacks or, if grappling with an opponent, send a foe flying at great speeds. This ability has a 3 post cool down.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Almost all attacks are deflected and damage from those that hit is minimized or target is sent flying with enough force to crush bones on impact.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: A large portion of attacks are deflected and damage from those that hit is minimized or target is sent flying with enough force to break bones on impact.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Some attacks are deflected but damage of those that do is not minimized or target is sent flying with enough force to crack and fracture bones on impact.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Few attacks are deflected and no damage is minimized or foe is sent flying with enough force to heavily bruise muscle.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Almost no attacks are deflected or foe is sent flying with enough force to cause mild bruising.

Technique Name: Issen Ton Akuryoku
Technique Description: The user concentrates reiatsu into their hands to massively increase their gripping strength. This can be used on the feet and toes as well although doing so has limited uses. This ability has a two post cool down, however this cool down only applies to the limb it was used with and only has a 1 post cool down before it can be used again on a different limb.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Grip is strong enough to crush bones and tear off limbs.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Grip is strong enough to break bones and tear away large chunks of muscle.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Grip is strong enough to fracture bones and tear away some muscle.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Grip is strong enough to heavily bruise and tear away enough skin to cause bleeding.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Grip is strong enough to leave light bruises and tear away the first layer of skin.

Shinigami's Partner

(Ginsen left his zanpakutou behind before his self exile and has only just reclaimed it. It is simply a normal Asauchi at the moment)
Zanpakuto Name: N/A
Zanpakuto Element: N/A
Sealed Weapon Appearance: Little sets this blade apart from the many other nameless Zanpakutou out there. It is a simple katana albeit a large one to suit Ginsen's height and size.

Spirit Appearance: N/A
Spirit Personality:N/A
Inner World: N/A

Shikai Release Phrase:N/A
Shikai Appearance:
Possible future shikai:

Shikai Abilities:


Shikai Techniques: (Shinigami are allowed to start with no more than SIX shikai techniques)

Technique Name:
Technique Description:(Include any cool-down or charge times needed. Times are based on posts.)

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:
Opponent is One Tier Lower:
Opponent is Equal Tier:
Opponent is One Tier Higher:
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:


Spell Name: Haou Ryu: Ranhyo
Spell Type: Custom Hadou
Spell Number: Equal to number 80 spell
Spell Incantation: "Hear me, O' king of storm and judgement! Ye' who is clad in thunder wielding a great staff of lightning. The one who calls the winds from all corners of the globe! King of destruction and holder of brilliant fury, converge your spite on those unaware of your form!"
Spell Effect: This kidou cannot be taught to those who do not possess Ginsen's storm reiryoku. He begins the spell by gathering reiatsu in both hands. In one hand Ginsen produces a large amount of reiatsu and condenses it into a sphere that fits in the palm of his hands. In the other hand he points two fingers and his thumb out as if he were going to cast Byakurai and generates a surge of kidou resembling lightning which stays gathered around his hand rather than firing out in a blast.

From this point Ginsen must meet the condition of sweeping the lightning across the swirling raging storm condensed in the palm of Ginsen's hand. This movement transfers the surge of electricity kidou into the ball and sends it flying towards a target at speed equal to Ginsen's own shunpo. When the ball reaches within 5m of his target it suddenly expands into the full storm Ginsen had compressed. This creates  swirling storm of reiatsu 30m(15m without incantation) in diameter with shocking lightning kidou flying through it. This will shock the reiatsu and nerves of an opponents body cause paralysis that lasts only for a brief second before the charge fades. However those few seconds are all it takes for the raging storm of reiatsu to pick someone up spinning them around and completely disorientating them. Almost no real damage is done unless debris is picked up as well and the spell lasts for up to 3 turns. It can be dispelled by a powerful burst of reiatsu exceeding the power Ginsen put into the spell.

Standard Hadou
Spell Name: Shō
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 1
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The user extends a single finger to point at a target and then releases a pushing force of reiatsu. The shock of this spells impact can knock the wind out of a weaker foe and shatter hard ice or wood. It is capable of knocking the target back up to 5m away.

Spell Name: Byakurai
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 4
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The user extends two fingers to point at a target and then releases a piercing blast of reiatsu similar to lightning in appearance. This bolt of kidou fires in a straight line at incredible speeds and can pierce a single hole about the size of the users two fingers through a target if successful.

Spell Name: Tsuzuri Taiden
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 11
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The user generates a powerful charge of kidou similar to electricity and sends it through an object or directly into a target if physical contact is being made. The kidou then shocks and burns the target violently dealing damage similar to an electric shock.

Spell Name: Sōkatsui
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 33
Spell Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."
Spell Effect: The user holds their open palm forwards and generates a condensed sphere of reiatsu. The spell is then release as a large wave of fire-like kidou blue in color. The blast wave can be as small as a single person in size or as massive as a city block depending on the reiatsu put into the spell. Moderate burning damage is dealt to those hit by the spell as well as a knock back of 3m.

Spell Name: Raikōhō
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 63
Spell Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"
Spell Effect: The user holds out an open palm and generates a massive amount of reiatsu. The power is then released as a blast of kidou that looks similar to yellow lightning. The blast moves at high speeds and causes a moderately sized explosion on impact.

Spell Name: Hyōga Seiran
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: Unknown(above 89)
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The users points their weapon at a target and generates a large amount of reiatsu into the tip. This power is then released as a massive wave of ice-like kidou that is continuously released in a stream for one full post. The kidou disperses all of its heat and freezes over to simulate ice leaving behind a "frozen" lake in its wake.

Standard Bakudo
Spell Name: Hainawa
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 4
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The user points their hand at a target and releases a yellow stream of reiatsu which functions like a rope. While the stream is still connected to the caster's hand its movements can be controlled allowing it to wrap around a target binding them as the user see's fit. Once the target has been hit the user can stop supplying the stream and allow it to finish wrapping the target without being connected to themselves. This spell can last up to two posts.

Spell Name: Seki
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 8
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The user holds out their hand and generates a small compressed blue orb of reiatsu. It is a spell created for deflecting incoming blows and bursts once impacted by an enemy strike. The burst of energy is directed towards whatever struck the orb producing a knockback that can send an attacker up to 10m away.

Spell Name: Horin
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 9
Spell Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and tear out your own throat!"
Spell Effect: The user of this spell brings both hands together and generates a spinning ball of reiatsu between them. They then point towards a target and send the sphere towards them as it elongates into a rope. This rope swiftly moves towards the target and wraps around them before pulling inwards and squeezing shut around their bodies. One end of this spell can be held in the users hand and aimed towards another target to tie the two together or to leash the first target to an object before breaking contact with the caster. This spell lasts up to three posts with incantation and only one post without.

Spell Name: Sekienton
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 21
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The user places their palms flat and generates a burst of kidou to produce a red cloud of smoke. The size of this smoke cloud can range from 5m to 30m allowing it to be used as a large scale cover or simply as a quick distraction with which to make an escape.

Spell Name: Kyokko
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 26
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: This spell bends light around the caster rendering them invisible and even conceals their reiatsu. However it leaves a subtle disturbance in the surrounding reishi making it possible to detect the users presence through the use of techniques that sense such disturbances such as Pesquisa. Alternatively, kidou practitioners at least equal in tier above the user can also sense the subtle disturbance this spell creates although they would have to concentrate on their senses to do so.

Spell Name: Enkosen
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 39
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The user holds their hands or weapon out in front of them and generates a thin spinning line of reiatsu. This energy is condensed and accelerated to create a dull spinning fan of yellow kidou in front of the user to act as a defensive shield. The size of this spinning fan is roughly equal to that of the user allowing them to protect their entire body from frontal attacks.

Spell Name: Kakushitsuijaku
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 58
Spell Incantation: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain."
Spell Effect: The user begins this spell by drawing a circle onto a surface divided into four sections with kanji written into each of those four quadrants. They then place their hands flat on the surface near the circle and feed it with reiatsu. The spell uses this reiatsu to search for the reiatsu signatures of a target within 500m. While the search goes on the circle glows with blue light and is filled with symbols depicting coordinates. Once the target is found their coordinates are displayed as longitude and latitude.

Spell Name: Rikujōkōrō
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 61
Spell Incantation: "Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
Spell Effect: The user points their hand at a target and releases a flash of light. The kidou flies towards the target and forms six rods or fans of light around them. These rods slam inwards towards a target's mid section and if successful, paralyzes their entire body sealing their movements. This spell lasts for up to 4 posts with incantation and 2 posts without.

Spell Name: Hyapporankan
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 62
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The user holds their hand up as if they were about to throw a spear and generates a condensed blue rod of kidou. Upon throwing the rod it forms up to one hundred copies of itself which rain down upon a target in a powerful volley. These rods can pierce through a target and send them flying up to 50m away. This spell has the potential to pin the target against a surface if they are knocked into one. This spell lasts for up to 3 posts.

Spell Name: Sajō Sabaku
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 63
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: A more advanced version of spells like Hainawa and Horin, this spell is performed by pointing one's hand at a victim and targeting them with your reiatsu. It's greatest strength is perhaps that the spell itself does not originate from the user's hand but rather from the sky above the target. Thick golden yellow kidou ropes form in the air above the target and coil down around them before constricting to bind and seal their movements. This spell lasts up to 3 posts.

Spell Name: Gochūtekkan
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 75
Spell Incantation: "Walls of iron sand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end."
Spell Effect: The caster of this spell brings both their hands together as if to pray and generates five orbs of yellow kidou from said hands. These orbs rise over the hand and line up to form shape similar to a pentagram if a line were to be drawn between them. Then the practitioner slams their fist down as five tall pillars appear over their target. These pillars fall down at great speed and crash into the target with great force in an attempt to pin them down with one pillar on each limb and the fifth settled on their neck or head.

Spell Name: Tenteikūra
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 77
Spell Incantation: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."
Spell Effect: The user draws symbols along their arms and then places them out infront of themselves. A glowing rectangle of kidou appears before them as the caster then performs a few hand movements as they search for the reiatsu signatures of those they wish to communicate with. While they do this, branches extend outwards from the rectangle forming a network of roots. The users hands then return to open palms facing the rectangle and the light spreads along each of the branches which connects the targets to the caster. From this point any messages the caster speaks will be transferred to the targets as a mental message. The spell can be recognized as a ping of reiatsu by those affected so they can know that a message is soon to follow. The range of this spell is 500m and it can last up to 3 posts.

Spell Name: Danku
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 81
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: Upon being cast the user produces a large translucent rectangular wall of reiatsu in front of themselves. This barrier acts as a thick stationary bulwark to protect against incoming attacks. It can last for up to 3 posts.

Tell me your story...


A Legacy To Uphold
Born in 1584, in feudal Japan to a family of Samurai Ginsen was already a spiritually strong child. His father and grandfather both were strong samurai whom carved trails of blood and death through the battlefield to attain glory and honor. Their constant struggles against death and series of near-death experiences increased the spiritual power of each man. This power was passed on through the generations and was
consolidated in young Ginsen's soul. As a boy Ginsen learned of many great things he inherited. A famous and honorable clan name, the blood of a samurai, knowledge of war and combat, as well as the family sword and honor.

He was raised with one goal drilled into his mind. To become the worlds greatest warrior and to perhaps one day even become Shogun, or at the very least help his lord achieve such a goal. Ginsen's father and grandfather both trained the boy in the art of many weapons. The sword, the spear, the bow and arrow, and hand to hand. Through
meditation and mental training Ginsen learned to cultivate his spiritual powers at a young age and was taught by his father how to use it to improve his strength, speed, and charisma to levels beyond what average men were capable of.

In this way Ginsen was groomed and prepared for becoming a great warrior. At the time however, most of the fighting in Japan had settled. Hideyoshi Toyotomi had unified Japan as Shogun and it seemed as though an era of peace was approaching. However Ieyasu Tokugawa's ambition to claim the shogunate for his own would soon cast the country into the flames of war once more.

First and Final Campaign
October 21, 1600. A mere 16 year old Ginsen is sent off to war. The lord his family of samurai served entered the battle of Sekigahara supporting Hideyoshi Toyotomi. His clan was confident in the boys skill and game him the family sword and armor to wear into battle. Armed with a spear, and elegantly crafted katana, and full armor, Ginsen marched off to the front lines along with his father and grandfather. The war however, was not a successful campaign. Hideyoshi's forces were wiped out and Ginsen along with them. Although he fought valiantly and killed 43 men before his own death, eventually a wall of musket shot tore the boy down along with his father and grandfather.

Those Who Reap
Following his death, Ginsen awoke next to his body to find it riddled with bullet holes. He was surrounded by many other souls who looked just as confused as he was. A battlefield of ghosts looking at their own corpses. It was surreal. But then an ear shattering shriek pierced the foggy air as hollows began to descend upon the battlefield. Feeding upon the defeated souls of the war, the beasts began a feast. Ginsen watched as his own grandfather and father's souls were torn to shreds and
devoured before his very eyes. Then, men in black kimono arrived displaying incredible power. They slayed the demons and called themselves Shinigami. Soul Reapers.

Ginsen had Konsou performed before he really even understood what was going on and found himself in soul society where he was told his reiatsu was already almost shinigami level and that he should go join the academy. Not knowing any life but
one of battle, Ginsen reluctantly enlisted to join. He required little instruction in basic combat skills and was given special attention towards his reiatsu control to supplement that area. He was quickly scouted for the 2nd Division Onmitsukidou for his speed and was assigned to the border patrol.

Years Of Sweat
For the next several hundred years Ginsen spent his days on a small team of shinigami
that fought hollows on the fringes of soul society. He never once let himself get close to anyone and spent all of his free time reading books on war, studying various fighting styles around the world, and training alone in solitude. Ginsen was preparing. Preparing for a war that he knew would come some day. A great war in which he could earn glory and honor just has his father and grandfather had done before him. While Ginsen proved himself worthy of feats greater than those of his ancestors, he did not feel fulfilled. Even when he rescued his entire time from an encounter with an arrancar  by unlocking his shikai. No matter how many victories Ginsen piled onto his record, he never felt the same sense of ambitious wonder as he cut down over 40 men during the
battle of sekigahara. He had yet to take the head of an important enemy and he did not have a lord to serve as a Samurai needs.

A Path Towards Exile
Feeling dissatisfied with his life, Ginsen eventually decided to leave his zanpakutou and his squad badge behind as he set out into the great wilderness beyond rukongai. His knowledge of the Border Patrol's movements allowed Ginsen to slip past his squad mates usual patrol routes and one day he simply disappeared. Some thought he'd deserted, some thought he'd been killed, but the truth of the matter was far from both those rumors. Ginsen decided that he would exile himself from the Gotei 13 to undergo training towards mastering his volatile reiatsu as well as the way of combat.

During this exile Ginsen journeyed many months north of Seireitei to uncharted lands where a large number of powerful hollows could be found. Here, Ginsen lived off the land and survived life under constant attack as he honed his swordsmanship and developed techniques that made use of his storm reiryoku. From time to time, Ginsen would go to the world of the living and study new styles of combat as they were developed to incorporate them into his own fighting style. He also spent many years observing human warfare and how it advanced until guns and canons took over the battlefield. These inventions seemed to bring with them the death of a warrior's spirit as well as any sense of honor.

From that point on, Ginsen exiled himself from the world of the living as well and secluded himself to a cave in the mountains where he further polished his skills and fought off hungry hollows.

A Return To Teach
After four hundred years Ginsen finally decided to return to Soul Society and to his duties as a shinigami. Upon his return he found that the Gotei 13 was nothing like the army he felt it should be and decided to request a position in the 11th division as well as an instructor at the Shino Academy as additional volunteer duties. Ginsen does not seek to be a captain right now and instead spends most of his time at the academy unless his duties as a member of the 11th division are absolutely required.

RP Sample:

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Completion Bump

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Appearance: 3+
Personality: 3+
History: 10
RP Sample: 8+
Overall Quality: The app is extremely well written and I personally enjoyed reading it. There are very few errors and the character stands out more than just a 'roleplay character'.
Ready for Approval? Almost
Tier Grade: 3-2 or 3-1 depending on the next staffer to grade. ^.^ I vote for 3-1.

All Ginsen's abilities and power look alright, but could I have a postcount/cooldown on all of his general techniques please? =]

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Cool downs added~ Lack of post counts is to imply they are instant and then done. So none of them last more than the post they were used in.

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Looks great! I approve this app for tier 3-2 or 3-1, depending on the next staffer to vote.<3

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It's good to have you back Duquin.

Appearance: 3+
Personality: 3+
Combat: 5+
History: 10+
RP Sample: 8+

Ready for Approval: Yes
Tier Approved: 3-1
Comments: As Yuki said, it was very well written and fun to read. i will certainly enjoy a drink with this character at some point. Congrats!

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