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on Fri May 22, 2015 9:40 pm


Sangatsu shook her head at Eden. "I don't think you understand." She explained. "They can't see me..." She began to feel hurt. "In fact, If they could, they wouldn't have left..." Sangatsu's mind flashed back to the time she was eating and her brother saw. "What must have happened was that last time, he saw a fruit floating in the air and not me... that's why he was staring..." She tried to remember. "That's right... when I dropped it, his eyes followed the fruit, not me..." She began to get angry again. Though this was a mix of anger, hurt, and longing. "So, you see... Even if you were to find them... they wouldn't be able to see me." She looked up at Eden, her face was twisted in pain and regret. She had began to regret coming here in the first place.

She turned to look at the apartment, it was indeed closed down. Her eyes ran over the paper as the wind blew gently. Tears filled her eyes as she knew that either way, she would have to say good bye to them without them even knowing it. It was the one thing she could do to try and erase this regret. She refused to let herself cry, instead, she began to harden her heart towards it. Her mind was already set. She wasn't sure if something bad had happened to them or if they had simply moved. But either way, she couldn't bare to see them, for she knew that if she kept up this game of playing human, that she would only hurt them far worse in the end. This had to be her last goodbye.


on Fri May 22, 2015 10:37 pm


I hadn't noticed until now, but the sky had been covered with dark, sorrow-filled clouds. A story was about to come to end, and nature knew how it was going to end. Even I finally understood what Sangatsu was about to do. Just as I had, she was about to drop it all and leave her past truly behind her. It was a saddening thing to witness, the fall of someone's own hopes. My eyes were clear, as though they had been cleaned from inside out; no expression other than "finality" was written on my face. I stood at the girl's side, listening to what she had to say. She was attempting to come to terms with her decision and eventually I was able to tell that she finally had. What a sad thing. This girl had been in so much pain, and yet it didn't compare to the facial expression she had when she looked over and up at me. I looked into those eyes, and I understood one thing for certain. There was no room left for dwelling on her past. She was finished. I could see the finality in her eyes, though the pain-filled expression was still evident of what she felt in her heart.

It had begun to rain then, not heavy but enough to make one flinch if they were not paying attention. Instead of saddening, the rain gave a calming feeling that was rather nice. My clothes had started to get a little bit wet, but I did not mind. It was not often I got to experience rain in the human world. I watched the girl read the piece of paper on the door, and though I expected her to cry, she held it back. In a way, I supposed I was proud of her for being strong enough to make the decision, but it was still sad. I had spoken after some amount of silence, my voice light and almost soothing to the ears.

"Do you have any words of finality, young one?"

I spoke it with feeling, and simply left the question as it was, for the girl to decide. I wondered what exactly was going through her mind, but I was certain that I was able to just about guess what it was. I simply waited for her to speak, and I hoped that once it was done, she would not regret the decision she made.


on Fri May 22, 2015 10:53 pm


Sangatsu had noticed the rain as well, it comforted her as well. However, it made it harder for her to accept that she was truly alone now. She looked at Eden after reading the note, knowing she understood the pain she was feeling at this moment. She looked back at the paper and then the apartment and nodded her head slowly in response to Eden's words. She wasn't sure how to phrase it, and struggled a moment with the words. She had lowered her head, her long hair encasing her face until she shook a little. The words she needed to say hit her like a train.

"Good bye, my family... and to you, my brother." She hardly whispered. Her heart quenched in pain and she did everything she could to hold it in. The only thing she knew how to do was shut it she did. Her mind began to close and she stood there silently until her reiatsu lingered then rose a bit, however, if she were to lift her face, it would show one of being cold instead of the previous personality before. This was how she fought. This was how she survived.


on Sat May 23, 2015 8:58 pm


I had watched the girl look at the note and then at the apartment in front of us; she was likely getting one last glance at it before summoning the courage to speak. Sangatsu's head slowly hung downward, her hair covering up her face. I could no longer see her expressions, but at that point, I no longer needed to see. I knew from experience the expressions one had when they were leaving behind everything they had once known. She probably only had the strength to say goodbye, for if she had said more, she may have broken down. After a few moments of silence, the mood felt somewhat colder; I understood what that signified. She closed herself off, pulled herself deeper behind the safety of her emotional walls. I could not have blamed her, since I did the very same when I was young. On a different side to this, a new story was about to begin; Sangatsu's new life as a Shinigami was about to take the lead. I wondered if we were going to continue visiting each other like this in the future, even though I had only just met her. I wondered how her new story was going to change her, and I wondered how far her heart was going to be able to take her before she inevitably had to face her past once more, just as I had. It had been silent for several moments and I had finally turned my gaze to the cloudy sky and spoke once again to the girl next to me.

"Sangatsu, always remember one thing. Whatever troubles there may be, I will be there for you. You will never be alone; I will watch over you."

I slowly brought my head back down and then I looked at the covered face of Sangatsu. I let there be a bit more silence before speaking again, so that what I said could really sink in. I was not entirely sure if she was going to remember, but I could only hope that she would.

"Shall I take you back to Soul Society, Sangatsu?"


on Sat May 23, 2015 9:16 pm


Sangatsu had nothing else to say, though she took the Arrancar's words. Surely Sangatsu would remember that, whether this other side of her did or not, would only tell in time. Sangatsu curled up into a ball within her mind as her other personality took over. She would need a few days before she felt ready to emerge once more. She looked at the world and narrowed her eyes in disgust with what she had just done, though she also did it in disgust with what the hollow had done as well. This moment, she remembered one feeling. She needed to protect everyone. She needed to get stronger so that no one else would have to know how this felt.

If she could hang onto this feeling then she could do it... she just needed to strengthen her emotional state. She nodded slowly having accepted the Arrancar's offer. She wondered if she would be an inconvenience to the Soul Society.

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