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#1 Looking passed the looking glass (Private) on Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:17 am


Meiyo kasai ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    
It was a good night tonight; the sky was clear as the moonlight poured around the mountain range, he walked through the cave system using a glow mirror that he was using the map the cave system as the system was etched into the glass by a internal small kido lazer, marked by a small blue dot on the glass as it marked the way to a open cave where he slid of the vice captain's badge off, he looked at it as the moonlight came through a hole in the roof of the cave he was in, he would miss it but that was only if the guy asking for the position completed the test he was to be given.

Meiyo placed his badge on the center of the cave floor before placing his right hand spread out on the badge as he began to glow black

"Look where you can never see, touch where you can never reach and stumble across the path where your feet cannot stand, Tōketsu shita sugatami" Meiyo spoke the name of a kido barrier as a small blue circle formed around the badge before lifting the badge so it floated a few meters above the floor before it became encased in glass, nodding at the result, he moved his hand away from the glass cylinder before leaving the cave, using the glass map he had completed to find the main cave where he had set up seven ornate mirrors in a semi circle facing the entrance to the cave, each mirror missing a fragment before the glass map shattered into seven pieces and, one by one, he slotted them into the gaps, sealing them up as complete mirrors before he went around to each one, placing his hand on the surface of the mirrors before glowing black

"Jibun o han'ei" Meiyo spoke gently as the mirror started glowing with a blue cosmic light, satisfied that the job was done, he left the cave system, remembering the way back from the map he had made before he broke it and got back out, he took a breath to take in the night air, it smelled fresh with the coming of the new dawn over the soul society, he smiled as he walked down the path as a hell butterfly flew to his shoulder, Meiyo looked at the messager of the shinigami as he gave it a gently brush on the head before he sent it on its way to give the new guy his orders for the test for the vice captain's position he currently held, he hoped that he was up for the coming tests to come as he made his way through the outskirts back to the seireitei to the 1st division's barracks and went to rest in his quarters as he waited for the sun to rise over the new day

(Next morning)

...The hell butterfly flew to the home of the guy who challenged Meiyo for the position of vice captain, the butterfly flew gently through the window and sat on the bedside table before sending the equivalent of a slap to the cheek to Solis's mind to wake him up before the hell butterfly transmitted his orders

"Solis, you are to report to the 1st division barracks within the hour for test debriefing, your teammates will be arriving shortly who will be assisting you with the days tests, message ends..." The hell butterfly finishes it's message and flies out the window when, a few minutes later, as the butterfly foretold, he heard a knock at his front door

"Solis-san, we were told to report to you to assist you in the vice captain challenge, do we have permission to enter?" one of the male shinigami asked, he was joined by another male and one female who hung at the back of the group as they waited for Solis to give permission to enter


Location;; Cave system, Outskirts
Word Count;; 644
Tags;; Luke, Solis

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#2 Re: Looking passed the looking glass (Private) on Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:06 am


Solis' eyes shot open as he felt the hell butterfly's slap. He groaned immediately, but not from pain. He just didn't want to be awake this early, beauty sleep was necessary. Solis stretched his long lean arms and got out of bed while yawning. Finally, he listened to the hell butterfly's message: "Solis, you are to report to the 1st division barracks within the hour for test debriefing, your teammates will be arriving shortly who will be assisting you with the days tests, message ends..."

Well shit. I guess today is the day. He thought as he quickly got washed up and dressed, making sure there was not a single flaw in his black shihakusho. He had decided to challenge his division's fukutaichou for his position only a week ago, but apparently the position was far too important to be turned over solely from the results of a battle. He would have to undergo some kind of test created by Meiyo Kasai, the fukutaichou. To him, this was good; no one he had spoken to really knew just how long Meiyo had been in the Gotei 13. Solis had never seen the man fight, but a battle veteran who had been around for centuries might just have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Nevertheless, Solis made the challenge anyway. He knew that he was one of the strongest shinigami of this generation and, after his sickness, he needed to do something to remind everyone else of that fact. Few had seen his dual-wield shikai and Solis knew he was just on the edge of discovering bankai, an achievement that, with fukutaichou experience, would catapult him into a taichou spot with ease. Never take your eyes off of the prize. He thought to himself, smiling. Once Solis had full command of a division, he could launch intensive research into finding out what exactly the sickness was that wracked Soul Society. He felt different since then, but didn't really know what was wrong. He assumed it was just a matter of getting used to walking around again, he had been bedridden for so very long.

A knock came from the door and Solis cleared the room in three long strides, his hands folded over his stomach. Solis opened the door and listened to the male shinigami who was accompanied by two others. Couldn't they have found prettier people to aid me? He thought as he groaned internally.

"Of course, come in! But just for a moment, we have to leave for the barracks soon." He said with a big, gregarious smile as he stood the side and waved them in. Usually his smiles were falsehoods, but today nothing could ruin his mood. Today he would become a fukutaichou.

"I don't believe I've met any of you, what are your names?" Solis spoke slowly with his deep voice, sure that winning over his three new compatriots was just as much a part of the test as anything else.

#3 Re: Looking passed the looking glass (Private) on Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:39 am


Meiyo kasai ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

The three shinigami smiled back, making note of his good mood, he didn't lack confidence, that was for sure, they entered inside his home and looked around before responding his request for them to introduce themselves, it was only polite of them to do so, even if they were all in the same squad, they were unseated, the three of them in squad one but they hadn't been able to see the new guy so this would be a good chance for them to get to know him before they leave for the squad's main barracks in the center of the seireitei

"My name is John Doe" the male shinigami that had spoken before stated his name softly before the other, slightly bulkier male shinigami came forward

"My name is Lally Stu" Lally stated his name, slightly gruff and weathered, sounding similar to a farmer's accent before the female shinigami, with long, dark blue hair and similar colored eyes and a modest C-cup chest came forward with a cutie's red blush on her face

"My name is Jane Doe, I'm...John's sister...It's a pleasure to met you" Jane said softly, bowing in front of Solis before standing back up and going to stand next to her brother

"Well, sir, would you grace us with your name?...the vice captain didn't tell us much apart from ordering us to come here, he wants us to go to his office so he can go over the mission details in person, he's not much for sending messages, likes doing it personally, vice captain Meiyo so once your ready, just let us know and we'll head to the vice captain's office so we can get briefed on what we're doing" John explained to Solis, pausing for a moment before continuing

"If you want, we can talk on the way there if you wish but we'll wait until your ready, sir" John finished before holding his sister's cheek, holding her close as Lally huffed at them while he waited for Solis to respond

Location;; Solis's home, Seireitei
Word Count;; 334
Tags;; Solis, Luke

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#4 Re: Looking passed the looking glass (Private) on Sun Jun 15, 2014 5:34 am


Solis listened with a small, polite smile as each of the three introduced themselves, but he quickly found himself unimpressed. He looked upon them: the featureless John, the Southern Lally, and sweet, shy Jane and his brain immediately decided how it felt about the trio.

Boring, boring, BORING!

The children he was ordered to befriend were utterly plain, almost sadly so. Solis let out a mental sigh, but his smile didn't falter as he looked at Jane, his eyes softening just a bit as he looked at her blushing cheeks. Oh, maybe this one isn't so ugly... He thought. Blue eyes had always been just a bit of a weakness of his. He never really had much more than a superficial interest in men or women, looking at the beautiful ones always made him happy. Hearing them speak was another story.

Solis looked over the trio and spoke in his deep, reassurring tones again. "My name is Solis Idasson. I've been in 1st Division for just short of a century. I recently challenged the vice-captain for his spot and I guess that that's what this whole thing is about." Solis thought about making Meiyo wait a bit, but the disrespect would probably be missed and his lateness would be frowned upon, just another notch against him taking his desired position. "I'm not quite a captain yet, but I assure you that I'm one of the strongest shinigami you've met. There may be danger on this mission, but I swear to you that I'll protect you." Solis looked at Jane as he finished his statement. She was so nervous, surely she needed some confidence in the man who would lead her into God knows what. Solis rose and walked to the door, holding it open for his new "friends".

Underlings maybe? Pawns? Stooges. No, stooges made him sound like a gangster in a bad movie. Pawns it is.

"Promptness is the best way to show the world just how serious we are. Let's walk and talk, you all can tell me more about yourselves on the way there." Solis said with a slight grin.

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