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Solis stepped out of the Senkaimon with a smile on his face. He smoothed back his neat golden hair with his left hand, a mannerism that generally meant he didn't know what else to do with himself. He was assigned to patrol, his first mission into the living world since he recovered from his sickness. Solis walked slowly through Karakura Town, his hands clasped together right over his stomach. An odd way to patrol, but Solis liked to make himself look like an easy target. He concentrated a bit and broadcast a low amount of reiatsu throughout the area, making himself seem like a nice snack for an enemy.

Solis walked for few minutes like this, his sandals clapping against the sidewalk, until he finally found what he was looking for. Some base hollow, ten feet tall and humanoid, was stalking a human, just waiting for the right moment to strike. Solis flared his reiatsu just slightly and the hollow immediately turned its head and started hurtling towards Solis, its pristine white mask shining in the moonlight.

Really? This one isn't even clever, just a brute.

Solis pitied the poor creature for his complete lack of judgment. He would be kind and allow it a quick death. The hollow stood before him with its gargantuan fist upheld and Solis realized that it was nothing but roadkill, a simple animal which had the bad luck of meeting an unstoppable vehicle. "Bakudo #9, Seki." He said, a small baby blue shield produced itself on his right arm as the hollow's fist met it, repelling him immediately. Solis then quickly cocked back his right arm, dissipated the bakudo, and punched the hollow solidly in the center of its mask, smashing it to pieces.

A lock of hair fell over Solis' face and he smirked as he smoothed it back with his left hand, a mannerism that also meant he felt it necessary to keep his appearance perfect constantly. He lowered his reiatsu back to the earlier broadcast level, making himself seem like a 4-1 shinigami. He had no idea whether or not anyone else was around, but like his usual vain self, he thought...

I hope someone saw that.

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