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#11 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Thu May 29, 2014 4:01 am

It's not and nor has it ever been a one hit and you're done. Lol
Before, the only way to stop it was to kill Shuuryou.

Currently, it can be stopped by:

1- attacking or striking the zanpakuto Forever Queen.

2-With a healing ability

3-It can also be greatly hindered just spiritual pressure (AR difference).

I don't think that Daemon even read it tbh. Lol

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#12 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Thu May 29, 2014 4:06 am

Daemon Tetsuyo wrote:in regards to Elcubo, i was actually told by other staffers that i was being too loose with the grading at the time. i had yet to go through training. having done that, i am now able to grade more effectively. i will talk to yuki about your grade, and we will decide on a final tier.
Quote do post: 72891

The thing is, you were grading correctly before. It was decided when we voted the new standards into practice that things would be lose. Study Duquin's earlier grading methods to get a better understanding of the methods he devised and we voted for. The other staffers decided to make things stricter on their own, essentially tarnishing the value of member opinions who put Duquin's method into play. You should be doing nothing but making sure that the publicly posted standards are met for the tier I mentioned. Here, they clearly pass those standards. Now you are grading incorrectly, nowhere does it state that "Combat" description should be graded on the grading standards list (this is regardless of tier). :urharaftw: 

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#13 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Thu May 29, 2014 10:18 am

Hey, not that it should effect grading at this point, but I'm adding a personality trait that I think will make things interesting in battle.

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#14 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Thu May 29, 2014 7:23 pm

Mushami, if you have a problem with another staffer's grading, instead of outright flaming them in a thread and being difficult, maybe PM an Enforcer? You are fine to state your opinions, but the way you approach 'stating your opinions' can come off as a bit rude/inflammatory. Take it from a third party person like myself.

I still think that the Forever ability is a bit too OP. I would add some more weaknesses to it. What of someone doesn't have a healing ability or in roleplay, you do not let them strike your sword? And 'greatly hindered with just spirit pressure' is vague. So what if it slows them down? They still are screwed. Again, maybe a tier effect chart will help us visualize it better.

I am denying that technique for now until something is done about it.

For your tier grade, it really borderlines on being at the end stick of 3-2, or the higher end of 3-3. I'll put both of those tiers up to vote and bring in another staffer to deliver the final blow grade. Smile

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#15 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Thu May 29, 2014 9:34 pm

Interesting, you didn't have an issue with it until Daemon convinced you that it's one hit and done I see. I'll try to present it in a different way.

This zanpakuto is far less dangerous than poison based zanpakutos. There is no way to escape zanpakuto which introduce poisons or other effects into the body which cause internal damage other than being a ridiculously high tier or having a specialized skill designed to keep foreign bodies/substances out. In fact I don't recall ever seeing a poison based zanpakuto that allows for those with healing abilities to heal against damage caused and recover.

However, if it's another weakness you want here it is:

For Forever, it can only be used on one cut at a time. This way not only is a target deciding where they are cut, but they are also protected from having to choose multiple areas of loss, IF they choose any at all.

And my app is beyond a 3-3 tier grade and I proved that already. Whatever standards you are using were not approved by members. In fact you are acting to supersede member power by using it. Post the standards you are using because they clearly aren't the ones that members like myself put into place which allows for us to choose our own tiers. I've already proven that Daemon is grading incorrectly, and according this his rebuttal he's grading incorrectly because you and the other mods taught him to grade incorrectly.

Going to an enforcer when I already know that Daemon is incorrect due in part to an enforcer wanting him to stray from standards MEMBERS DECIDED he should be using accomplishes nothing. This type of public display however does something different. It shows everyone what you would have go on behind the scenes. It shows everyone something that wouldn't be necessary were you not taking it upon yourself to toss out member decisions to project your own onto this RP instead.

App grading standards that you should both be using:

According to the standards that you should be using this is a 3-2, 3-1 app unless I wanted leadership (which I currently don't). The only sections you should be looking at (again they are appearance, personality, and history) flow with each other and play off of one another (note RP sample doesn't have to flow with the others), show a great amount of effort and surpass the shortened paragraph requirements. Post the standards you are using for all to see or throw them out because they probably shouldn't be used at all.

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#16 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Sat May 31, 2014 9:14 pm


Mushami, I understand your concern and I know I've used that link to grade apps all the time. Your app is very well done. It's taken me a while to read because i've been very busy the past few days with RL things going on. Life sucks like that. Anyway. I've looked it over and looked over what others say. Yes. I do agree it's not 3-3 worthy. You've built your character up well. However, most seem to think it's 3-2 worthy. I've given it long thought however. As per the link above it can even be 3-1 worthy, which is what you want. Most, however, think it should be 3-2. I'm going to stay with that since, like any good, already developed character, they could always use more development. Please, don't take this as a bad thing and just run with it. I know you wish for 3-1, but I don't think I'd be able to get any of the others to agree on it. I'm sorry. I personally think 3-1 if it makes you feel any better.

Ok, with that being said, 3-2 is the final grade. (please don't hate me for this)

#17 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Sat May 31, 2014 10:28 pm

Heya Pallas, Welcome back. While a 3-2 is the minimum I believe this app deserves, this is fine. A discussion with Eden shed light on a lot.

I had a long discussion with Eden a couple of nights ago regarding grading standards. And as it turns out I was correct and that most graders are not using the publicly posted standards which were voted on. It was however brought to my attention that even though the standards are clearly defined, graders were, behind the scenes, given the right to interpret what is clearly defined in whatever way that they see fit. This essentially means that the thread on grading standards is flawed and not reliable. Eden has informed me that she will be changing that and adding more details to the listed standards. Days ago I asked that either one of two things happen: 1-grading be suspended until the REAL grading standards are posted or 2-graders use what is listed to the 'T' (as this is what was being done in the past when this new style of grading was first voted into practice) to simply confirm that apps did the listed work.

It looks as though mods have decided on something else though.

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#18 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:01 am


3-2 is the final word. Somebody move this. I am posting from my work phone. >.<

#19 Re: Mushami Shuuryou ("Revamp"-complete) on Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:32 am


2-2 tier, above average Vice Captain. Nice app.

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