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on Thu May 22, 2014 10:15 pm


As Sangatsu watched the men attacking the Hollows, she noticed they were dressed like she was, and it actually occurred to her that they could see her. She was then distracted by the reassuring hug. Her eyes closed gently. 'It feels like it's been an eternity since someone has seen me or been able to touch me.' She sighed gently, forgetting that she was clinging to him until he made the remark regarding the difficulty of trying to fight.

Sangatsu felt a chill and tried her best on feeling warm, not able to do so. She then looked off towards where the guy that was mean went. If she recalled correctly, he had somehow made himself cooler by instinct. She wondered how she could do that. She started to ask, but decided this wouldn't be a good time.

Refocusing on a thought she had a moment before she looked at him both apologetically and then was once more distracted by his sword thing. They all had some sort of magical powers. She began to think, while watching his sword turn into a couple wolves, her eyes widened. "How did your sword do that? Is it a magical sword?" She was genuinely curious, and her eyes portrayed that feeling as well as her voice.

She then cleared her throat and blushed a bit slowly going to move out of his arms, as not to be a hinder any longer, though she felt safe and comfortable here with them. Despite one of them being rude. She wondered if the sword she had found was magical too. Maybe the guy that had died for her was magical too. She stopped suddenly, her eyes widened instantly as she was trying to comprehend everything. 'Do I have magical powers too?!' She felt so short attention-spanned that it caused her to feel sheepish and redden once more in embarrassment.


on Thu May 22, 2014 11:39 pm



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Black reiatsu swirled around Epizon as he slay another group of unfortunate hollows who had decided to put up a fight against him. Finally at his location, the number of hollows had reduced drastically, those who had managed to dodge his zanpakuto, had been bruised heavily by his scabbard and were paralyzed, waiting for someone to slay them. These hollows, their only strength was in numbers, but that too wasn’t being much of a problem for these shinigami, he couldn’t help but wonder why so many hollows had happened upon this place. It was an unusual situation, more ever the soul society hadn’t even decided to investigate it, this turn of events was alarming at the very least.

”Is the 12th squad already on it? Or are they not even interested? What really is going on?”

He was drowned in those thoughts when another hollow, like a snake sneaked up at him from behind and twisted around his body, attempting to hold him down. Looking at the hollow, ”Aren’t you too full of yourself?” the snake like hollow growled at him ferociously but then it’s growl turned into cries of pain. The black zanpakuto that he was holding in his right hand was stained with it’s blood as it had moved from underneath it to it’s head, splitting it in half.

”It’s about time we wrap this up”, in his mind he spoke to his zanpakuto spirit, ”Daimanos, lend me your power”. The reiatsu around him increased, not only him but his blade too began emitting his signature black colored reiatsu. Looking at the garganta that he had told his comrades he was going to take care, Epizon used shunpo slashing throw the hollows that were in his way. Tearing off some of their arms, some legs, some claws, all of them in a straight line, using his great speed he was almost invisible, to his right he cut to his right he bruised with his scabbard.

It didn’t take him much long to get through, there he was standing in front of the garganta. The hollows just didn’t stop pouring, the continued and continued, he couldn’t stand there. Continuing to fight using both his arms, he needed an opening. When he was about to attack the garganta, a loud roar stopped the hollows in their tracks for a moment, the inflow of hollows from the garganta also stopped. Looking into the dark abyss, he stared and saw a crimson colored light. Before he could deduct what it was, it was already right on him, slashing his sword in a horizontal leftwards slash, he sliced the cero in two. The two halves of the cero went past him, crashing into two hollows, making a large explosion taking out more hollows. He sensed that the explosion wasn’t close to hurt his comrades or the shinigami they were protecting.

It spilled out like a dark fluid and stood in front of him, a large menos grande, roaring and staring at him in a mean way. Epizon smiled, he had come a long way from where he once was, a menos grande wasn’t as tough as it used to be. ”Away with all of you…. Reiatsu Shockwave” he shouted as his zanpakuto met the ground underneath his feet, resulting in a large explosion of a 5m radiues. The hollows that were in this radius, including the menos grande and the garganta behind it, all of them were wiped out in one swoop.

Satisfied with his work, he turned to look at his comrade, Luke, who would still be fighting the hollows that were left. Using shunpo, he headed for him, locating a baboon like hollow running at him from behind, he appeared right at his back before the hollow could try to harm him. Striking it’s head with his scabbard in his left hand, and slicing it’s neck with his zanpakuto in his right. The hollow disappeared in a single attack.”you alright my friend?” he asked Luke without turning his head, since other hollows now began to circle the two.

Location;; The human world, southern hemisphere
Muse;; 6/10
Word Count;; 677

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Fri May 23, 2014 1:44 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 4-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke felt Epizon pressing against his back, taking a hollow out while Luke took out another as the hollows began to surround them in a circle, Luke smirked

"I'm fine...they think they have us surround then they are greatly mistaken" Luke said before he spun around Epizon and taking out the hollows on Epizon's side, as he hoped Epizon would do the same thing with his side when a bird-like hollow came at Epizon, Luke quickly ran towards Epizon without warning him first, leap up, throwing his zanpakuto into the air and doing a back flip off his shoulders and into the air, kicking the hollow's mask before casting his hand into the air

"Bakudo number four: Hainawa" Luke called out as a thin rope of yellow spirit energy shot up and wrapped around the handle of his zanpakuto as he pulled on it, he went into a ball as he brought the blade down through the hollow's face before it was purified and he landed back on his feet as he pull on the rope of hainawa and his zanpakuto returned to his hands with a satisfying snap before he came back to back once again with Epizon as he had a idea

"Epizon-san, grab my arms" Luke shouted quickly, hopping that Epizon would grab his arms and spin him around as the hollows came in for a close kill as he sliced them up with his zanpakuto, the two spinning around looked like a black tornado with blades coming out of it, killing the hollows left and right of whoever came near it before Epizon would put him down by his partner if he did so, he was a little dizzy but fine

"Ok, Epizon-san, how was that?" Luke panted as he waited his senior officer to respond

Location;; Forest in the world of the living
Word Count;; 297
Tags;; Epizon, Luke, Mercry, Yuri, Sangatsu

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Fri May 23, 2014 11:19 am


Mercry grinned as the white energy being released from his Zanpakuto corilesed and formed into a pack of wolves made of ice and snow with glowing red eyes. He flicked his wrist and allowed Okamishiroyuki to land back in his hand, allowing the girl to get a good look at the blade. Hearing the girl ask if his sword was magic made him raise and eyebrow.
"Magic? No, my sword isn't magic," he said as the girl extracted herself from his embrace, "its a Zanpakuto, but we can cover the boaring stuff once we're done here."
That said, Mercry flicked his wrist and sent the wolves that had been prowling around them, shooting towards the nearest Hollow. The wolves clamped down on the monster with icey jaws, making it roar in pain as patches of ice began to appear on its skin. Mercry waisted no time in ending its pain as he through his Zanpakuto at the Hollow and sliced it in twain before turning his attention on the next one.


on Sat May 24, 2014 6:27 am


(I'm asking now. I have my laptop. Would I be able to post now or must I wait until after Luke?)


on Sat May 24, 2014 1:39 pm


(You didn't read what I said earlier to Mercry. There are no post turns, you can post whenever. And also, this is directed to everyone, if you wish to ask or comment on something or anything, please post in the rp request of this thread, rather than posting here.)


on Sun May 25, 2014 6:18 am


Yuri's forearms were overlapping one another, as his the fingers on his right paw drummed softly, against his left bicep. His eyes narrowed towards, Luke as his visual being was no longer standing before, Bujuro's direct line of site. The dark skinned shinigami, had been silent for the most part, as he wasn't really needed here. He took a little bit of time to listen to his enviornment, and enjoy the beauty of this world. There were a legion of corrupt pluses in the area, and Bujuro at the moment didn't have to worry a single bit about them, he could clearly feel their spiritual presence fading from reality. Upon his left side, was the pavement kisser, Mercy. He seemed to be jovial. Bujuro, began to peer at the woman chained upon his left leg. Her hair was almost as long as, Bujuro's almost.

Bujuro turned his attention towards his brothers in arms. Epizon seemed to no longer be using his Zanpakuto's body, but it's spirt as well. He released his Zapakuto ascending his power to another level. Luke didn't really seem to follow pursuit, in unleashing his power, however he seemed to be utilizing kidou, and Zanjutsu.

To his left by three meters once more, Mercy seemed to upgrade his Zanpakuto to a higher state of being releasing his fellow, horde of his own. It was a nice sight to see, quite beautiful. As Sangatsu began, to speak, with disbelief, and disappointment in herself once again, Bujuro gave a furious glare, and elongated his right palm towards, Sangatsu, in an attempt to lift her not physically, but also lift her courage.

"You say, these hollows killed your mother, and you claim you are afraid. Why do you wish to give up your life so easily?"

He asked the vixen, as he continued his speech.

"You should have a goal, in mind. Why don't you attempt to protect others, so no other young girl has to lose her mother the same way you did. You feel, weak, and powerless, but truthfully, you haven't realized your power yet. You might not know yourself that well. Your Zanpakuto is an extension of you, a reflection of your spirt, and soul. If you're unworthy it will not lend you it's power. Power, that you can harness, so that you never have to run away, and hide. Power, that you can use to protect others. "

Bujuro asked as the little blue, humanoid began breakdancing upon his hair. He could still sense the reiatsu of Luke, and Epizon, but he would prefer a verbal conformation, on how they were fairing as far as containing the area.

"Epizon, Luke. How are you two fairing? Should we migrate towards the senkaimon, soon?"

Bujuro had asked via his soul link, as the tropical breeze blew softly, and it began to carry an odor of rotting flesh. He was, sure he knew what it was, nothing to be concerned about for the moment.


on Tue May 27, 2014 10:13 pm


Sangatsu watched in curiosity until another began to speak to her. She had jumped slightly, not noticing him before. She listened intently to what he had to say and went to respond, but held herself back from it. She never asked to become what they were, she just simply tried to get away from the pain of having her only true last family member die. Sangatsu straightened as he spoke of protecting others and suddenly wished she hadn't left the sword back at her mother's house. She began to loose sight of what the other male was telling her.

She then thought of what a zanpakuto was. She looked at his sword and it looked nothing like hers, so she must surely not have one. She began to wonder where she would get one and was pulled out of a reverie by another thought. 'Are all of these people guys?' She began to count them, 'There's two that left, the one that initially saved me and the mean one, then there's these two, then there's the one that tried to save me at mom's house but ended up being killed by that creature... I think they call them hollows?.. but there hasn't been a single...' She paused a moment, her eyes widening slightly. 'Does that mean I'm going to be the only female among a cult of males wearing this?!' Horror crossed her face and she looked at her clothes, then at Mercry again and relaxed a little. 'I guess being the only woman wouldn't be so bad...' She pondered on getting lost in her thoughts.

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