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on Wed May 07, 2014 1:04 pm


Darkness, and shadows was where this Shinigami's mind was chained away from the world. As the zephyr began to pour into his chambers, the keys began to turn, allowing Bujuro to open his optics. It was time for the young man to prove himself to Gotei 13's Eight Division. Tonight a Death God was going to become a Vice Captain, of the Eighth Division. Tawara erected his exposed frag-mental anatomy from his coffin, as he paced towards his closet. There the man would acquire his artificial shadows textile, slinging his right arm into it's sleeve. His left palm tugged the on the garment to tighten it around himself for battle. Not wanting to be untimely, Bujuro began to move with haste as he would continue applying fragments of his wardrobe as he went along. The boulevards of the Seireitei were near bare, but it could be expected as most of souls in their right mind right now would definitely be slumbering at this time. With each pace, Bujuro took time to gather himself, while removing his ear wear. The Shinigami removed his left and right jewels that contained ivory, and gold, carefully dropping them in a small pouch around the right side of his waist.  Bujuro suddenly adjusted his path, as he made a right turn, he began wrapping his left, and right palms to the point to where they almost reached his elbows. This man was preparing for a fight, with an unknown foe. His goal was very simple, win. Completion of that task would be a bit harder.  The Midnight heaven's themselves were silently crying upon the vertex of Bujuro Tawara's area of were the fray would take place.  The waft gradually howled as Bujuro tied back his locks of five feet, and eleven inches with a hair pin his eyes gazed upon the portal of the Eight. The soak-pods began to canvas his solar plexus, which held the FIVE. (See Bujuro's App for reference) The gates swag open, as he crossed into the foreign territory, the portal shut behind him locking itself as four shinigami pushed it upon it's body. There was a large mass of gravel, and a legion of Death Gods staring at, the man named Bujuro. They held many emotions, excitement, envy, and disapproval for the man who was attempting to become one of their squad, their vice captain no less. Who was this man to them? Bujuro began to spectate the area scanning which one would be his opponent.  Bujuro only showed one emotion in his eyes, which was sorrow, he was a man who was against violence, but in his heart was determination.  Letting his utterance be known as the deluge grew more violent upon the pavement.

"I am, Bujuro Tawara. I am here to for a position in Squad Eight! I have come for the Title of Vice Captain of Squad Eight!"

Bujuro waited to see who would answer his call the battle was about to begin. Bujuro couldn't see who was exactly approaching the forefront but many of the men who were looking down upon the bronze skinned Shinigami began to stare  as the moved away from the area, not out of fear but for safety. As the challenger Bujuro Tawara, had called out for began to approach.


on Thu May 08, 2014 6:23 pm


The Scene

It was a peaceful day in rukongai, nothing out of the ordinary besides the chill in the air. It was quite but then the quite was broken by  gargantas that began to open in all four sections of rukongai(north, south, west and east). At a distance not so far from the sereitei, mostly under #40 districts. Hollows appearing from the darkness into the world, hundreds in number, began attacking the souls in rukongai.  What was just a normal morning turned into a nightmare, the souls began to panic, crying out in fear, running here and there looking for refuge. While the hollows ran rampant, devouring any old, young, man, woman or child they could lay their hands on.

”huh? What’s going on? Why are there so many blips?” a young shinigami sitting in front of the monitors focused on rukongai was confused looking at the screen, that was giving him an unbelievable data. By what he could see, it meant that there was no problem or anything out of the ordinary in the rukongai district and all of a sudden, there were hundreds of hollow, appearing out of no where, devouring souls causing destruction. After finally deducing that what he had concluding after looking at the screen wasn’t wrong, he did what was expected of a unseated, inexperienced shinigami of squad 12. Raising his voice as loud as he could and his arms, he ran around the barracks, yelling and panicking, ”Rukongai is under attack, somebody do something? What are we gonna do? Where’s the captain? Where’s the vice captain? We’re under attack!” and it continued in that manner, leaking the news out of the barracks and spreading it out to all of the other barracks.

The problem was, that all of the higher command was busy, they had gone for a meeting with the nobles, and no one knew when they would be coming back, so technically the sereitei was in a completely vulnerable state, someone actually found that out and was now attacking the sereitei with an army of hollows. May be it was someone, or may be it was just a coincidence, but that wasn’t the main issue, the main issue was that right now from what it looked like, there weren’t many people at hand who could control the situation. Thus sending panic in all of the barracks, the squad 8 that was responsible for the defense of sereitei and it’s outskirts. It was their duty to take care of this issue, but there captain and vice captain too weren’t present. Hell butterflies were continuously being sent from the squad 12’s barracks, carrying the information, will those butterflies find someone who can take control of the situation? Is there no one who would stand and defend the sereitei, in the name of honor, loyalty and respect. Could this be the end of the protectors of balance between the realms?

Location;; Rukongai district
Muse;; 6/10
Word Count;;428

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Fri May 09, 2014 8:10 am


As, Bujuro's left and right palms clinched themselves into fist as a drifter landed upon his shoulder giving him a datum. This wasn't something, Bujuro wanted to hear, but was glad to know. As the sooner he knew, the faster he could make an endeavor to protect the lives of everyone.

"I must go.

Bujuro stated, he didn't need to explain why or where he was going, as they had received the same data, Bujuro had obtained. Within two beats, his left leg moved forward leaving no trace of his existence to the eyes of his peers.

Seconds later, Bujuro had arrived at the vertex of the battlefield. He stood erect, as he withdrew his gaze from the, abundance of hollows. As his eyes shut his mouth opened.

"I know, you don't understand me, you hollows have no reasoning, but function on instinct. I will pray for each of you. "

Bujuro softly spoke as he withdrew his Zanpakuto, he began accelerating Rokude Ryuouja in an vertical ellipse. The spinning of the rope, and edge gave birth to a high pitched audio melody allowing many to, hollows turn towards the shinigami. Bujuro began savagely beating many of the hollows with his weapon as he lashed out his right hand. Holding tightly onto the tail as he swung, Rokude Ryuouja in an one-eighty degree horizontal attack. Bujuro had only been on the battle field for a short span of time, but was already making his way deeper into the hordes. He had to protect everyone, it wasn't his burden, but his honor. The fierce warrior was engaged in combat with many as he swayed to his left, as he raised his right arm to a curve. His counter blow was successful, as he felt the bone from his hands shatter make impact upon the mass of what the hollows would call faces.


on Fri May 09, 2014 2:44 pm


The Scene

Where Bujuro arrived, happened to be the North district of rukongai, since the hollows were not out of the ordinary, sensing the high level of reiatsu from him, they all charged at him. Some with fangs, some with claws, some with large bodies and strength,  some with slim bodies and speed, though they still ended up getting slaughtered by the blade that was being swung. However, the garganta remained open and more and more hollows continued to pour in, it seemed that it wasn’t strength they were intending to use but rather their sheer number. Then suddenly, a black body emerged from the garganta, it’s loud voice silenced the other hollows for a while, but then they continued on their attack. Emerging from the darkness, was a menos grande, just as soon as it entered the battle field looking at Bujuro, it charged up a cero and launched right it right at him.

Mean while, the other districts continued to be flooded with more and more hollows, unseated shinigami were dispersed in the other 3 districts, trying their best to control the situation. The numbers of the hollows however, seemed to be too great for them, slaying one hollow took enough time for 4 more to come out of the garganta. The shinigami were barely holding on in the other districts. Just attacking a single district wasn’t going to end this, the situation needed so much more.

If only one of the captains was there, they would control the situation, there was no one capable of leading every one of them. Charging into battle, anyone could do that, but right now that wasn’t the solution to this scenario. If things remained as they were, it isn’t going to end well for the seireitei.

Location;;Rukongai Districts
Word Count;;293

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sat May 10, 2014 9:47 pm


Yuri continued his fight up hill, but the heavens themselves received a laceration upon it's mass. As the sky wound split further more entities spill through with in seconds. Bujuro peered around the battlefield, as the menos grande made it's presence know, the Shinigami paid little attention to it. His main focus was the people in the area. He was holding off most of the hollows, but it seemed at this rate the districts would be overrun, with many other souls lost. His reiatsu began to stir, and strike violently around him as it began to take it's shape. The rains wraith continued to be felt upon, Bujuro's skin as the, lightning roams about his anatomy. He was a lonely hero fighting a battle. As the menos grande's sphere of malice begins to form it emits a crimson illumination allowing the world to see it's presence. Taking advantage of this, Bujuro shouted loudly at everyone.

"I need you all to shield your eyes, and fall back! I will also need defensive Kidou barriers set up around the area of to prevent any more, hollows from advancing."

Yuri looked onward, as the Cero had finished forming, and was fired upon him, leaving Bujuro to try to defend his community from it. He would've easily dodged it, but that wasn't an option at the moment.

"Suffocate before my power"

Stated Bujuro, as his Zanpakuto began it's metamorphism. His blade entered his being, as embers of ebony and ivory began to swirl around his limbs instantly. His, Shikai Rokude Ryuouja had been called to the battlefield. As the Cero zeroed in upon, Bujuro it's crimson mass was struck with enough force to alter it's expedition into the mouth of the, garganta.
Hopefully hitting many hollows, and stopping much of their momentum.

Bujuro's left palm erected skyward, as a snow colored sphere ascended towards the heavens and released a violent flash of light. The ball of light erupted in mid-flight, he watched as the events unfolded.

Technique used.
Eye of Lightning:
Technique Name: Eye of Lightning
Technique Description: Rokude Ryuouja produces a bright white orb, and launches it into the sky. The flash will explode in a very intense and blinding burst of light. Damaging the eyes of all excluding Bujuro. All who see these blinding light will be completely blind for one post, and will have their vision greatly hindered and disoriented next post.To escape this one simply has to cover their eyes before the flash explosion. The effective range is 70m
Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Will be stunned for 1 post, completely blind for 3 post, their vision greatly hindered for the next 2 post after the blindness has faded.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Will be stunned for 1 post, completely blind for 3 post, and their vision will be greatly hindered for the next two post after the blindness has faded.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Will be completely blind for 3 post and their vision will be greatly hindered for the next two post after the blindness has faded.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Will be completely blind for the next 2 post, and their vision will be greatly hinder the next two post after blindness has faded.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Will be completely blind for the next post and their vision will be greatly hindered for the next two post after the blindness has faded.

(Hopefully this give the npcs time to flee as I'm not going to say I'm completely sure, but I think my character's more than capable of stunning everything that sees the light with in 70 meters for 1 post, but that's up to you bro. I'll be replying later on after work. )


on Sun May 11, 2014 6:19 pm



The Scene

As the sphere released a blinding flash not just the hollows but also the innocent souls ended up stunned and blinded. The effective range of the technique was inescapable so despite the fact that everyone tried to runaway as they were told but they didn’t have enough time because of the fact that they were still being chased by the hollows. Also the cero launched by the menos, was deflected by the shinigami but it ended up landing right at the mouth of the garganta, the explosion resulting in the closing of that garganta. The souls and hollows that had ended up in explosion radius, those souls weren't blinded since they had covered their eyes but ended up stunned the hollows however were not only stunned but also blinded.

Meanwhile on the other fronts, the shinigami continued to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of hollows and innocent souls were being eaten, shinigami being slaughtered. By now on those other fronts, it was a losing battle and the hollows had covered ground from their previous location that was from the districts ranging from #40 to now the districts in #30, they were getting closer and closer to the seireitei. The only hollows that had been stopped in their tracks were the ones being engaged by Bujuro in the north, they remained in district #40, still trying to fight their way through him, who had now blinded all of the hollows, including the menos grande who had fired that cero from before.

Location;; Rukongai districts
Word Count;;223
OOC;; First off, I congratulate you for getting such an op technique approved by the staffers and so it will affect everyone in that large effective range of yours.. Secondly, I regret to inform you that this technique wasn’t sufficient to stop the cero aimed at you, please include the damage you would have taken, but since your tier is 3-2, equivalent to that of a new fukataichou, so assume the effects of the cero decreased by two tiers, since the menos grande tier is 4-1. Also, this is a fukataichou challenge, it’s not going to be easy and looking at your current strategy you might not make it. I suggest you alter your strategy.

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sun May 11, 2014 11:57 pm


(Before I begin. I need you to edit your post, bro. You read what I did wrong. So please fix it when you have time no rush. Below is what happened.

A technique wasn't used for the Menos Grande's Cero. Bujuro, he hit/deflected the cero. I figured, If ichigo could do it very early in the series pre-Ryoka invasion arc without even having a zanpakuto's released Shikai or knowing it's name. I definitely should be able to alter it's course as well by striking it. Now it maybe hard to pull off it wouldn't be impossible as, many shinigami have blocked or deflected Ceros. Stating that the Menos Grande is 4-1 in tier, and my character is 3-2 wouldn't it be more than likely that it's course could be altered? If you need the names and ect of who deflected/ blocked or altered let me know please. As for the light, I agree not everyone will have been able to shield their eyes, but seeing as he did call out to that their eyes should be shielded for a moment, more than a few pedestrians, and shinigami were able to avoid the effects. The ones who were caught are stunned, blind, then greatly impaired. I do know that the districts are over 230 yards, but the plan I'm going with is to slow down the hollows, while kidou corps members or the like are able to set up spells so overall there isn't really much else, he can do besides attempt to slow them down, while taking out a few. One Shinigami isn't going to really be slaying as you posted HUNDREDS of hollows.)


on Mon May 12, 2014 12:27 am


(Post altered, I apologize, I missed the part where you deflected the cero. No need to explain, I know how exactly it works and yes you can alter the direction of the cero because of the tier difference. Now, to the fact that you can do nothing but slay a few hollows slowing them down. Well, if you can't find a way then your not fit to be a fukataichou of the 8th squad. )


on Mon May 12, 2014 12:36 am


(Thank you, for fixing. As for the slaying thing. You honestly believe, it's possible to for me kill over Hundreds of hollows. If you really believe it's possible at that tier. I'm going to be pulling off some stuff. Not too outlandish, but none the less not something, everyone can do. I will be doing it with my Zanpakuto. All I need is a yes, and I'll begin my post)


on Mon May 12, 2014 4:12 pm


(Why do you think that your the only one who needs to kill ALL of those hollows? your looking at it the wrong way, if your going to try and take out every hollow by yourself, then that is definitely a no. I apologize but I can't help you out in terms of strategy I hope you understand, it's a fukataichou challenge after all.)

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