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#1 The Complicated Souls (Private) on Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:51 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 4-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke sighed as came out the Senkaimon just a a mile away from a hot spring resort, after the events of the training day with Daemon, who was still being treated for his injures caused by his captain's bankai, had ordered him to take a rest in the world of the living, so, as distracted as he was over how daemon had reacted to his shikai, had packed his things into a single strap, black backpack with some spare clothes, toiletries and his private diary which he kept with him so he could write down his worries and thoughts to the paper, which came him some comfort knowing that it wasn't going round his head in a madness-induced race.

He step from the Senkaimon, a hell butterfly flew out after him before the sliding doors closed behind him and disappeared entirely, like they were never there to begin with, he shifted the strap on his left shoulder and adjusted it to make it more comfortable on his shoulder as he walked towards the hot spring resort as stream rose into the sky like clouds.

He came to the main reception desk, where there was a a guy wearing a loose suit with a surfer-like look to him, Luke already felt like this guy was going to be tiresome without even looking at him.

"Welcome to the resort, sir, are you booked with us already? the guy asked him, his voice was like he was high on something Luke didn't want to know the answer to so he sighed, looking at the clock behind him as he answered

"Yes I did, Luke Yasenha" Luke told him, the guy lazily pulled the name from the computer and nodded, taking a keycard from a box sitting next to him.

"Your in room 206, enjoy your stay, sir" the high surfer guy told him as Luke gingerly took the keycard from his hand

"This is going to be a pain already, I can feel it" Luke sighed as he went to find his room and dumped his stuff on the bed before taking a look round the different hot springs locations so he knew where everything was...

Location;; Karakura Town, World of the living
Word Count;; 366
Tags;; Erida, Luke Yasenha

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#2 Re: The Complicated Souls (Private) on Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:55 pm


Closing the door of her room, a fifteen years old girl smirked playfully to a man in the corridor, whom smiled back to her. Erida was having a holiday, that she had longed for quite a while: she deserved to have a little fun. After all, she had been busy cleaning up mess caused by hollows, alone, and for the first time in a month, she had a time to relax. The hot spring resort was perfect for Erida's plans to do that. The atmosphere was pretty nice, and more importantly, the place was really big and popular for it's quality, but there was little to no customers today.

Erida opened her pigtails, letting her long black hair drop to it's natural state; jet black, dead straight - one of the most beautiful sides of her curse of immortality. She had only a white towel around her, as she walked towards the spa of holiday resort, heading to the shower rooms. A surprise awaited her in the ladies' shower room, as Erida found out, there was no one. That was pretty strange, but she wouldn't mind, loving the peacefulness of room; she would get to a french door leading to the showers, and drop her white towel, without any doubt of being in danger.

Completely naked, she walked towards a shower and thought of a simple order, to turn the shower on. As the water started to run from one shower, Erida reached her hand to alter temperature of water. 'Hot enough', she thought and closed her eyes as she stepped under the shower. Spending a while there, Erida got a nasty feeling, that someone was watching her, while she was on shower. Opening her orange-tinted brown eyes, she looked at the french door, seeing a man watching directly to her; the same man, whom she had smiled, when locking the door of her room.

The stare between two of them lasted for a moment, until Erida closed the shower by placing her hand on metal knob. The man opened the door between them, and Erida backed off a bit, which made the stalker more excited. Being afraid of such a situation, despite she could defeat the man easily, she got paralyzed of fear, as the man quickly got closer to her and grabbed her hand. This was the end of that man. Erida let out a scream, and whole room turned against the creepy guy, showers spitting out of fire and the walls generating spikes to impale him. Shocked of an outbrust of her powers, Erida leaved the bloody body there, quickly took her towel and hurried to the hot springs.

Nothing like this had not occurred in a long time, and something in that man was strange; he hadn't seemed to be a crazy one at first, but it was like something had made him do it. Erida had suffered enough in the hands of crazed pagans and their spells, and whenever there was something going on, it was either hollows or this mysterious group of robed people. No hollow signature had been picked up yet, so it could be very possible, that those sadists were experimenting on her again. 'A spell, that makes people super horny?' She thought, managing to forget the man in the shower rooms. Nobody saw, right? There is nothing for her to worry about. Besides, it wasn't like she was afraid of killing.

Erida made her best in trying to relax, entering the hot spring and asking herself, 'Why trouble follows me, when I am so tired of it, but when I want to get in trouble, there is nothing to entertain me...' She took a deep breath and let her head lay on the rim of hot spring.

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#3 Re: The Complicated Souls (Private) on Sun Apr 27, 2014 4:16 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 4-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke was checking the last hot spring when he felt someone's spiritual pressure flare, he didn't know whose it belonged to but he wasn't about to find out who it was since he was too tired from having to be transferred to this place for some "R&R" as Captain Lara had gracefully explained to him before he made his reservation at this place, he sighed, going into the men's changing room and undressed, packing his clothes into a locker, he had left his zanpakuto in his room because he didn't see the need in carrying a weapon around with him when the only thing that would be terrorized would be the other guests and the staff, who would most likely call the cops on him before even moved a inch so he went out to a secluded hot spring, away from the others and gently let him sink into the steamy hot water, it surprised him how hot it was, this being his first time at a hot spring which, right now, helped him relax, letting his body sink into the water so only his shoulders and head were visible.

The water did their thing as the substance relax his tired muscles, fortunately, he had sunk down enough that his tattoo was not visible to anyone passing by, the tattoo was the kanji for shadow "影" that was on his back.

He looked up to the sky and took a deep breath in, tasting the steam in his mouth, hot and steamy, he blew it out again

"Is there nothing else here to do but relaxing in hot springs? there must be something of interest here? Luke thought to himself as he look at the light blue sky

Location;; Karakura Town, World of the Living
Word Count;; 288
Tags;; Erida, Luke Yasenha

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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