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on Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:30 am


Karasu was ready.  He stood tall, in the middle of the wastes of the white sands, and waited for his opponents to come.  he had put the word out that he would train the newer Hollows and Arrancar to strengthen the overall force of Hueco Mundo.  some thought he was crazy.  after all, it was kill or be killed out here.  but Karasu knew that an army was only as great as its weakest link.  and he wouldn't stand to have any of those.  He looked into the distance to see something he didn't expect.  a crowd.  nobody was approaching him as of yet, but it seemed that many were eager to watch what was sure to be an interesting fight indeed.  he said that he would be sealing his own power, so they must surely be interested to see if he was all he was cracked up to be.

He thought about what kind of challengers he would have.  surely there would be countless willing to be trained by a future king such as himself.  they wouldn't look like much, but he would shape them into monstrous forms.  his power would forge their own and create forces to be reckoned with.  not to mention, he would gain favors from many of them.  favors, that he would use to build his army for the assault on the West.  the territory there was ideal for his eventual rule, and he wanted it.  badly.  tired of waiting, he called out, "Are there none among you willing to challenge me?  I can see the way you cower in fear!  Face it, and join me in glorious battle!"


on Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:24 am


"I accept your challenge to battle." A small but strong-willed voice rose up above the chatter and mumbling.

A small child-like arrancar stepped out from between the crowd of hollows. This arrancar's spiky brown hair waved in the dry wind that blew steadily. His one blue eye that wasn't covered by his wolf-like mask glowed with weary confidence as he approached the arrancar who raised the challenge. He heard hollows comment on how he must by insane to by wearing a black hoodie in the summer heat of Hueco Mudo. He stopped a few feet away from the tall  Vasto Lorde and watched him. He put his hand on the hilt of his zanpakutou; ready to draw at any moment. He stood there thinking of ways he could possibly go on the offensive or switch to defense if need be.


on Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:39 am


a low chuckle emerged from Karasu's maw. an Arrancar. he'd never like those pretentious bastards, what with their cracked masks and Shinigami powers. and now one approaches him for training. "Tell me two-face. Why would you come to me, when you know i despise your kind? Could it possibly be that you haven't heard of me before? You must spend too much time in the human world." with these words, he brought out his blades. the two long, red, reverse bat'leths almost seemed to shine as though already covered in the blood he had yet to spill. he shifted them into a forward tonfa position, and pointed one at the boy. "If your conviction is true, then lets see you prove it! he then spread his arms wide, exposing his chest.

The crowd gasped. they knew what he meant for the kid to do. he wanted him to hit him. he wouldn't attempt to block, and all he had to do was draw blood. but at the boy's level of strength, would he be able to do it?


on Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:00 pm


Hearing the taunts and threats Akami urged to bite back, but he calmed himself before he took his blade out and steadied it. He then saw that the Vasto Lorde had purposely left himself open to to tell everyone that he was giving Akami a free hit. He decided he would give it all he's got, so not to disrespect the superior Vasto Lorde. "I have come before you to seek training. I know I'm not has strong as you; that is the reason I'm here right now."  

He breathed in deeply so that he could concentrate his best before he moved. He used sonido to gain speed and momentum for his strike. As he neared the hollow Akami charged his blade with reiatsu, then he swung his blade upward across the chest of the Vasto Lorde. As his blade made contact with the open chest sparks flew. Akami saw his blade touch, but not cut the hollow. Akami jumped over the hollow so not to collide from the overuse of his sonido. When he landed his breathing was labored moderately.

"You are much stronger than me. You are a Vasto Lorde after all." Akami says respectfully.


on Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:11 am


Karasu just stood there. he saw the slash coming towards him, a forced himself not to block it reflexively. he felt it hit his skin, but the blade was blunt. it barely scratched him. it was clear what needed training now. the boy had great Reiatsu, but no focus. he needed to sharpen his killer intent into a blade sharp enough to cut thought. "Your Reiatsu is not focused enough to even scratch me. We have a lot of work to do it seems. he may have given himself a real challenge with this kid. he needed to bring him back to basics. teach him to fight all over again, before any progress could be made.

he walked over to the boy, and with a swift movement, attempted to kick him in the head. he held back however, just enough so that the boy would be able to dodge. he had to show him that he meant business without killing him outright. that said, this one kick would do the trick if it connected properly.


on Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:24 am


Akami saw the Vasto Lorde kick at his head; he knew should dodge and not block. He docked then spun underneath the kick to get to the side of his opponent. He held back on that kick. Well, he is training me, I'm glad to have a strong opponent like him. A smile of gratitude grew on Akami's face as he thought these words. Akami immediately launched his counter attack. He swung his blade towards the hollows midsection, but before it made contact he spun to the other side and jumped to the height of the hollow's head.

Renewal Taekwondo:3rd Stance Hwechook," Akami announces.

Akami executes normal a roundhouse kick in taekwondo three times in a row from the left, followed straight away from the opposite direction, then from behind. He knew not what the hollow would do, but he had to try a new approach.


on Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:01 am


Karasu knew that his kick would be dodged, that much was certain.  what he didn't expect was for the boy to actually try to launch a counter attack.  huh.  maybe he wouldn't have to reteach him as much as he thought.  keeping an opponent on the defensive was an important tactic.  he watched as the boy attempted to cut into his stomach once again, only to sonido behind him.  an interesting tactic, if predictable.  that's where everyone goes to gain an edge.  oh, that would be an interesting thing to teach him.  how to really gain an unexpected edge.  but first, he would need to put him on the defensive.

as the three kicks connected, Karasu tightened his muscles to near steel levels in the areas he predicted the kicks would collide.  on the last kick, he attempted to grab the boy by the heel and throw him horizontally a good distance.  if that worked, he would use Chiratsuki to get underneath him, and kick him straight up.  once there, he would wait for a fraction of a second longer than you might expect, and appear in front of the boy, pointing a finger at what should then be the back of his head.

he was trying to teach the boy that not all opponents will think the same way.  he remembered hearing about an arrancar who was taken advantage of by a straightforward attack when he thought it would come from behind.  that was what he was trying to show him.  you can never just expect an enemy to act the way you want them to, as they should always have a trick up their sleeve.  the throw was to get the boy moving and get him defensive.  the kick was just positioning, and the final tactic of waiting was just to get the boy to turn around as he should be expecting an attack from behind.  he would then appear behind the now turned around boy and say a single word.  something the humans liked to say in their movies.  "Bang."

Muscular Supremacy:
Name:Muscular Supremacy
Effect:Karasu's muscular control is so enhanced, that he can tighten the muscles in the area he is about to be struck to reduce or eliminate damage. he can also flex them to grab an opponents weapon to trap them into receiving an attack.

Technique Name:Chiratsuki (Flicker)
Technique Description: this is basically a non-reiatsu based Shunpo or Sonido. This technique uses only his physical abilities to propel him.


on Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:38 pm


Akami's foot stung as it made contact with the steel like muscles. The hollow grabbed his ankle and throw him straight up. Damn, was Akami's thought as he saw the hoolow appear underneath him; as soon as he felt the kick he whispered, "Urufupakku." The kick sent him even farther up. He quickly looked at the right, then the left, then he spun around to check his back. As he spun he thought, Now. As the hollow used a sonido-like technique to appear behind him three of Akami's gold reiatsu wolves appeared in between them. One going for the hollow's neck, another aiming for the arm he had pointed at Akami and the last went for his right leg. Another seven wolves appear around Akami; growling at the hollow. "I always have my back covered. That was something I've learned in past fights."

Name: Urufupakku
Effect: Using some reiatsu Akami can make a maximum of ten normal sized wolf hollows to fight for and with him. The wolf "live" for about three posts, after three posts their reiatsu runs out and they dissipated. They can attack on they own or with telepathic orders from Akami. They can chase an enemy about half a mile without having to stop or disappearing.


on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:52 am


"Ahahahahaha!" Karasu laughed joyously at the boy's counter. he knew more than what Karasu was giving him credit for. the spectral wolves bit into his flesh, and for the first time this fight, Karasu bled. the experience just made Karasu year to tear the boy limb from limb, revel in his bloody spray, but he was training him. he couldn't kill him. not yet. instead, he simply pulled the wolves off of himself, and crushed them in his hands. "Now that's what i'm talking about!" he said after he had finished. "You seem to have a grasp on your defense. Now let's work on your raw power. i want you to hit me with everything you have, your strongest series of attacks. i want you to exhaust yourself, and most importantly, i want you to hit me. if you can break through my defenses, i'll let you in on a little secret i've been holding on to."

with that, Karasu lowered himself to the ground, and took up a defensive stance. this time, he would actively be defending himself from an onslaught of attacks, and he would do so without resorting to his fail-safe. if the boy could hit him, he'd give him a little gift.


on Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:35 am


Akami nodded his agreement to the challenge the vasto lorde had issued. The seven wolves that had surround him before, now gathered behind Akami. He positioned his zanpakutou so that the tip of the blade was pointing straight towards the ground; then he placed his fingers on the grind ridge. Akami's golden reiatsu grew around his body; it glowed brighter as it grew more intense.

"Howl and Dominate, Zen'nō Urufu! Akami exclaimed as he clawed down the blade with his fingers.

After releasing Zen'nō Urufu, the chest and back part of Akami's hoodie turns into a hard but flexible armor, the sleeves turn into the same material but are covered by thick dark brown fur. His teeth turn into rasor sharp fangs. The armor grows to encase his hands, his hands become sharp claws. The Hood stays the same has before the release. The mask grows to cover his whole head making the right ear appear, as well as growing to the bottom left side of his chin.
The release gives him multiple time more blood than many other being out there to use how ever he see fit.

Akami's waist becomes covered by thick fur. A bushy dark brown wolf tail spouts from his backside. The thigh part of the jeans is overlapped with the hard armor-like material and so are the shins. The armor extends to his feet and continue to make his toe nails those of wolves. "Ryūketsu no Tsume.

Akami's armored claws became enveloped by blood which hardened to made them bigger and sharper. He hunched over with his arms loosely hanging in between his bent legs. He telepathically ordered his wolves to surround the hollow and attack when he was close to the target. The raced towards their target and Akami launched after them.

The wolves has the vasto lorde surrounded from the back, both sides and several were above him. Akami appeared in front of the hollow and aimed a large swipe from his claw at the hollows abdomen. The wolves attacked right on queue.

Ryūketsu no Tsume:
Technique Name:Ryūketsu no Tsume
Technique Description:Akami use some of the extra blood he gains from his release to enlarge his claws and make them sharper.

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