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on Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:22 am


This kid meant business. Shunpo clones came at him from all sides, leaving little time to think. Daemon remembered something from back in his time at the academy. the flicker effect. Shunpo clones where formidable opponents, having all the strength of their originator backing them up. but they had one fatal flaw. the fact that they are in all accounts the same person moving at high speeds, made it easy for someone of higher skill to block a single blade at just the right moment, to make every clone's blade twist in the same direction. Daemon could see his opponent moving just enough for this to work.

he waited, his body loose and ready for the quick actions that he was about to perform. at exactly the moment his opponent's true self appeared in front of him, he tapped his blade with his own, moving it just enough out of the way that his opponent wouldn't have time to reset. then he jumped, just high enough to land on the now cockeyed blade his opponent held. then he took a step, jumping from his opponent's head onto the ground behind him. the whole action took less that two seconds. "So, find the answer you were looking for?"


on Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:35 am


Luke did a back flip and landed on his feet, before taking a fencing stance with the blade pointed towards Daemon while his left foot turn left at a ninety degree angle

"Not yet but I'll come at you with my full power, I not going to hold back now...Unsheathe the hushed casket; Zetsubō no Sākuru" Luke called out the name of his zanpakuto, the blade becoming a blade of black mist that extended to six feet in length, a swirl of black mist swirled around the blade of black mist, he swung the blade so it pointed to the right, towards the sky, just to show the length of the mist blade.

"Now, let's see you deal with this..." Luke said, launching into shunpo again and swung the blade of mist at Daemon but the blade passed right through Daemon's body, stopping behind Daemon a few meters behind him.

"Fear..." Luke spoke softly as Daemon was pushed into a illusion designed to draw out his fear


on Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:28 am


"fear?" thought Daemon, "What could that..."  the world spun.  Daemon put a hand out to steady himself, when he saw something startling.  the world that he loved, that he had tried to make amends for, was turning to bone before his very eyes.  it was just like that day in Rukongai, so many years ago.  The bone creeped around the still form of his opponent, eventually encompassing him.  bones then began to run along the ground, cracking it in places, which only spilled over with more bones.  people ran screaming from the waves of white terror that flowed towards them, and for one brief second, Daemon saw his parents.

Daemon shook his head.  No.  he could feel that his power was under control, and nothing was leaking out.  this kid was forcing him to see what caused him fear.  but this was too close to home.  Daemon let loose a blast of Reiatsu, obliterating the illusion and possibly knocking down his opponent.  "You want bones?!I'll show you BONES."  Raw power, fueled by his rage and fear flowed through Daemon, shattering the seal that restricted his energy.  his shikai roared to life, the purple vein that ran down the length of the blade shown brightly.  Daemon dashed towards his opponent, and was about to unleash an incredible strike, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a ball of bandages the size of a 18 wheeler smashed into him.

Captain of the 4th Squad, Lara Dirk, was on now on the scene.  she had also broken her seal, and unleashed her bankai, an enormous ball of bandages.  she had smashed Daemon into a wall, knocking him out.  his shikai however was still glowing brightly.  Lara walked over and picked up the blade, and with a gesture, silenced it.  it immediately reverted to its sealed form.  she then walked over to his opponent and said, "You must be that new recruit Luke Yasenha.  i don't know if you are aware of what you have done, but you have just caused one of my strongest fighters to try to kill you.  And had i not intervened, he would have."  she then looked to the black mist that was Luke's shikai.  "And while i don't know what your Zanpakuto can do, know this: it's power must NEVER be abused like that again.  Do we have an understanding?"


on Sat Apr 26, 2014 3:18 pm


Luke had been blasted against an opposing wall, which had winded him before captain Lara had arrived and stopped daemon, he then found himself under the gaze of the captain and he found his hand that was gripped around his sword with shaking badly under the captain's spiritual pressure, which he could feel hitting him like a sack of bricks due to her bankai being active as he looked up at the captain and turn his face away so he wasn't looking directly at her face, his zanpakuto was glowing slightly and making a noise similar to screaming as it was crying out as it always did while in its release state, He got up shakily as his body was shaking against her spiritual pressure to answer.

"Y-Yes, captain, I understand but..."Luke spoke softy as some squad four guys came to help daemon from the wall he had been pushed into, "...he did show me the answer I was looking for" Luke told her, passing a hand over the mist blade to return it back into its sealed state and slid the sword back into its sheath with a click before turning round to leave, holding his side slightly with his right hand as he started to walk away from this place

"Resolve...the Resolve to fight, that is what I saw and, thanks to you, I understand it now, Daemon, just promise to never forgive me" Luke thought as he walked away with a slight limp in his left foot

on Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:21 am


Yuki Akies ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Female

Well damn. The weaker Shinigami had grabbed her hand and managed to get the tip of his blade in her stomach area before she used her shunpo to dodge backwards, to avoid it going deeper into her abdomen. Now things were getting interesting.

Yuki was about to aim another attack when she detected two high spiritual pressures coming from the Fourth Division Barracks. Something must have gone on over there, as the power was immense, like a Captain had gone into release. However, the Vice Captain couldn't be distracted by that right now. If anything, she was hoping that Itami would suffer more from the distraction. "Hado #4 Byakurai," she spelled out, pointing a finger in her opponent's direction. With this kido, a large 'lazer' or 'beam' of concentrated energy was shot in Itami's direction. But not stopping to see if her attack hit or not, Yuki dashed forward with Shunpo, aiming a horizontal swipe at where her enemy had been.

Location;; Squad Three Barracks
Muse;; 5/10
Word Count;; 164
Whoa, things are heating up on Dae-kun's side. :3 Also, Itami, please do not auto-grab. That is considered powerplaying, even if it isn't usually thought of as so. You aren't in any trouble, but just refrain from auto-grabbing and used 'attempted' or 'aimed' to grab next time, okay? ^.^

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on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:10 pm


Itami felt the strong spiritual pressures nearby this distracted him but only for a moment when he saw ahead of him Yuki's hado itami acted quickly relying mostly upon instinct. Itami swung his sickle purposely aiming far behind Yuki itami successfully dodged out of the way of the hado. When Yuki suddenly came to at him itami tried to act as fast as he could but it wouldn't be enough itami was starting to feel light headed from the amount of blood he lost from his previous head injury but itami had one last plan yet he was still in range of Yuki's zanpukuto itami prepared to strike as fast as he could if he could hopefully dodge this attack itami would not be made a fool of yet as he felt the blood from his head sound reach his neck his vision blurred itami stumbled falling to the ground appearing to have passed out from blood loss but itami had one last trick up his sleeve

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