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on Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:02 pm


Akami sighed, "That sounds familiar. My family was attacked on a rainy day. That's way I can't stand rain."

Akami continued to eat the full menu of food, he stopped as the waitress brought the last few plates. Her expression said she was in shock at the amount he was eating. Akami couldn't help but giggle at her gapping mouth and bug eyes.

He looked back to Luke, "I've come here many times before because I perfer over the boring, bland, endless detert of Hueco Mundo. It has so many things to do and explore compared to Hueco Mundo."


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:16 pm


"I'd bet" Luke smiled back as he continued to calmly eat his prawn noodle soup, taking a pause to take a sip from his sweet peach tea

"is there anything else you wanted to ask me about, "Little brother?" Luke asked Akami, emphasizing the little brother part to have a little dig at the young arrancar


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:47 pm


Akami tenced with frustration as he heard what Luke said. He glred at Luke with a angry blood thirsty glow in his eyes. He grabbed another peice of steak and bit into it quite hard to calm himself. He finished off the steak and started on the last plate of food.

"I'll let you continue wth that just until we get out of here." He warned the shinigami.


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:59 pm


Luke snicked at the young arrancar's punk-like attitude and did what Akami asked of him and became silent for the rest of the meal until it came time to pay the rather large bill for the meal.

Once outside, Luke took Akami to a part that was clear of people or anyone who might see them.

"Listen, Akami, stay right here and I'll be right back..." Luke told him before vanishing using shunpo, Akami had a feeling something bad was going to happen but after a couple of minutes, Luke reappeared with a book, a fictional book with a boy and a snowy white wolf next to him in the middle of a pine tree forest on the cover with the title of "Lunar fang" with a crescent moon in between the Lunar and fang in the sentence.

"I thought I get you this, saw it on the way to the restaurant, might be something useful to remember me by" Luke told him, knelling down to offer the book in his hand to the child-like arrancar with a smile on his face


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:04 pm


Akami took the book from Luke as a gargabta opened up and Will came out carrying a large text book. Akami took the text book and sat down to read it. The text book said anatomy and physiology.


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:28 pm


"Don't stay too long, Akami...after too long, other shinigami will come and they won't be as forgiving as me, but...for now, goodbye Akami, one day I hope we can met on better terms then we did..." Luke told him, leaving the child-like arrancar to his reading as he took out his zanpakuto and opened a Senkaimon by thrusting his sword blade into the air, making some of the blade disappear before turning it in a key-like fashion, the doors of the Senkaimon slid apart, revealing a bright, white light with a hell butterfly flying gently out and hovered around Luke's head before he entered the light of the Senkaimon and the doors closed, disappearing as if they were never there in the first place.

Luke sat down to write the mission report, he toyed with the idea of writing about his meeting with the child arrancar, Akami but instead decided to just simply put down that he had taken down the hollow in Karakura town as ordered and that nothing of any importance occur that day, he nodded his head and tucked the mission report in a case file before taking a private diary, a black leather book with a red silk strap around the case with his name in kanji across the top and started writing, in his own words about Akami and what had really happened that day, ending the entry with "...I feel sorry for the boy, it seems fate is once again laughing her head off at our misfortune, including the fate of this boy to not only suffer losing his parents and family, including himself but being brought back as a arrancar in hueco mundo, that must of been rough for a child his age and I find myself wishing I could of done something; anything to stop it from happening so this child need not suffer for crimes he did not commit, if only I could of stop it..." Luke ticked off at the end and closed the diary, packing it away on the desk as he looked out the window of his quarters to the night sky, the moonlight pouring in through the window, which added to the candle he had lit, giving the room a cosy atmosphere, he smiled as he could only hope Akami would be safe...

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