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on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:00 am


Akami gains control of himself. He hears two sets of breathing and cracks a smile. He jumps up.

"Renewal Taekwondo: Scissor," Akami says while in the air.

Akami launches a kick performed in a diagonal motion at the neck of the clone shinigami forming a scissor shape as he legs go down. He kick lands on the clones head creating a very shallow creator, Akami pushes off his head to avoid the sneak attack. He lands and attacks the real shinigami with a barrage of fast punches and kicks in all diections.


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:06 am


Luke watches the clone fade away like a whisper on the wind as he sealed his zanpakuto to block the attacks coming in from akami's release form, backing him up against a building, when Akami went to deliver his punch, Luke dropped down, sliding underneath him and quickly pointed a finger at akami.

"Hado number 4: Jūgeki Byakurai" Luke called out, sending a red beam on concentrated spirit energy from his finger, aimming the bolt at akami's kneecap in hopes of disabling him enough to calm him down


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:57 am


Akami fell to one knee and he was hit my a binding Kido, growling in pain. He grabbed it tore it out carefully and crushed it with ease. What was that? Akami thought irritatedly. He paced slowly around the still nameless shinigami, he noticed he didn't give him the chance to tell it.

"I still haven't gotten your name, sir." Akami said respectfully as he thought of what to do.

His eyes narrowed as he thought of the different abilities he had. No, not that. That I have no reason to use. Growing more irritated Akami's pace quickened.


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:29 am


Luek sighed, seeing Akami return enough to his senses to ask, he sheathed his zanpakuto back into his sheath with a click

"My name is Luke Yasenha, tenth seat of squad three and this..." Luke spoke before moving using shunpo, his sword out and he then sheath it again behind the gorilla hollow, which had a suprised look on its face before disintergrating into black ash as it was purified, he turn back to akami, his Haori dancing in the wind, " over"

"Well, akami, I did my promise to kill that hollow, now it's only my other promise I made to you, if I purified that hollow, I would treat you to food, how does that sound?" Luke asked Akami, who had powered down to his base form with a primal hunger in his eyes, Luke noted and grabbed Akami's arm and dragged the boy arrancar across town, getting some rather strange looks from passers by since some only saw some dust being pull up while others who could see the souls from beyond saw a adult man wearing a black-and-red karate outfit with a sword in his belt, dragging a punk-ish boy by the arm who also had a sword in his belt which a wolf-like mask covering part of his face for those standing at the right angle to see it under the hood.

eventually, they made it to a restaurant and he brought Akami inside where a waitress came to greet them, wearing a blue, navy uniform that consisted of a V-neck shirt and matching trousers and ankle-high heeled boots, she had those name tags that employees have to wear for customers to identify them from the other front of house servers.

"Hello, a table for two for you and your little brother? the waitress asked them, Akami got a anger vein on his forehead but quickly got a hand over his mouth to stop him from cursing a whole lot about that.

"Yes, me and my little brother for a table for two, preferable next to a window if you don't mind, he prefers the window view" Luke said, stressing the little brother part slightly so Akami would get the idea that saying anything else would get them into trouble and would be easier if he just went along with it.

the waitress nodded, asking them to follow her to a table that sat next to a large, panoramic window, she sat two menus down, one in front of each of them.

"If there's any drinks you want, let me know and I'll take your orders once I get back, if you need me after that, my name's is sally" sally the waitress told them before leaving the duo to decide on their meal, Luke scanned the page, deciding to go with prawn noodle soul with a sea broth included and checking off for a sweat peach tea.

"I think I'll have these, I'll tell the waitress once she gets back..." he looked at Akami who was going through the menu with hungry eyes and if Luke didn't know better, he was drooling slightly too "...hey, Akami, what are you going to have?" Luke asked the hungry child arrancar, who was fortunately, for now at least, playing along with being Luke's "little brother"


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:13 am


Akami felt that the hunger has grown to an unimaginable level. It was unbelievable that he didn't lunge for one of the people. He picked up the menu and looked through it.

"I'll have coke for my drink, and one of everything on this menu! He voice trembled with hungry desperation.

He put down the menu as he noticed that it was making him drool. He was ab out to eat the menu since the food looked so good, everything looked good to him right now.

OOC: Please don't make my character do anything in your posts. I might have made him do something else.


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:31 am


Luke sighed before calling the waitress over from where she was after just finishing with another set of customers

"Well, sir, are you ready to order?" the waitree asked Luke

"Yes, can I have the prawn noodle soup and a sweet peach tea and for my "little brother", can I have a large coke for him plus one of everything on the menu, although bring them one at a time so he don't overcrowd the table" Luke told her, noting down how much this was going to cost and went slightly pale before his colour returned to his face since even though it was a large bill, taking care of hollows gave its own rewards in the bounties they had, he had plenty to spare, especially now with the latest hollow he just killed, the waitress finished taking the order on a electronic pad as she basically copied and pasted the menu onto the order, apart from the noodle soup Luke had order which she marked twice instead of once, although Luke noticed her left eye was darting every so often at Akami's hollow mask fragment, once she had finished taking the order, Luke looked just passed her face so he wasn't looking directly at it but enough to make it seem like he was looking at her.

"Sorry about my kid brother, the mask is the new in-thing now, you know, like a new tread that the cool kids wear these animal masks to make them look strong" Luke explained with a nervous laugh at the end, the waitress had a sweat drop on her forehead before walking away to take the ridiculously long order to the kitchen where the chiefs were in for a heart attack when they saw the order.

Luke turn his attention back to Akami, "So, Akami, what brings you to Karakura town from hueco mundo?" Luke asked Akami, low enough not to be heard by the other dinners apart from Akami


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:43 am


Akami felt a tic in his jaw as he got more and more irradiated with Luke, but he resisted the urge to yell. He closed his eyes and took a few deep breathes to calm himself.

"I'm here to visit my home. I thought I told you that? Akami informed Luke.


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:51 am


"Say I was curious about learning about you, Akami, especially since your able to remember the life you had before becoming a hollow and from there, a arrancar" Luke told him, his hands together as he rested his elbows on the table, looking at Akami with his blood red eyes that were filled with his own despair, so much that Luke never bothered to hide the fact anymore.

"But if you don't feel comfortable telling me, how about you ask me something, Akami?" Luke asked out the blue, his head turning slightly to the panoramic window overlooking Karakura town on one of the busy high streets


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:09 pm


As the waitress brought the food Akami considered Luke's question. He waited to eat until the waitress had left. Akami devoured the steak first then moved on to the one pound cheese burger. After he eat those he took a drink of his coke and then went in for more. He finished the bowl of salad and stopped to talk.

"Okay, big brother, what made you want to be a shinigami?" Akami asked, irritated spewing the words big brother.

As he waited for Lukes answer he wolfed down the hot wings and then another salad.


on Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:24 pm


Luke flinched slightly at the question as the waitress brought him his prawn noodle soup and set the steaming hot noodle dish in front of him.

"It's...complicated" Luke spoke softly, seeing the confused look on the waitress before smiling at her and waving her away before continuing.

"It was back when I was younger as a child, I was a solitary child, spending much of my time inside myself, secluding myself from everyone, even my own family as I was stuck in my own head until that day...* Luke started to speak before taking a prawn in between his chopsticks and biting down on the prawn, before swallowing the prawn down his throat before continuing.

" rainy day, I was out with my family when I saw some kids getting beaten up by some other kids in a alleyway, I went to stop them but I ended up getting a punch to the gut, making me choke before getting forced down to my knees by another kid who told me to sit there and watch while his friends beat the living daylights out those kids as he said that this was punishment for me trying to interfere, eventually, some shinigami from the 13 court guard squads came by and arrested them and both me and those kids were brought to squad four's medical facility to be treated..." Luke continued to tell his story, using his chopsticks to take up some noodles on the sticks and sucked them up, licking his lips before finishing his story.

"..While I was in there, I was placed next to two of the boys who got beat up and then I decided then and then, I would join the ranks of the shinigami in order to have the power to stop this from happening ever again, that I can protect them and succeed in it as well so every who meets me will understand the pain and suffering that I and those kids went through so everyone will understand our despair and be more understanding of it, both the reason I join the thirteen court guard squads and the reason I fight" Luke finished his story, taking another prawn wrapped in noodles and eat it, his red eyes turning to the panoramic view over Karakura town, watching the people down below as he ate

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