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on Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:47 pm


Akami closed the garganta while considering whether or not to answer the question. He decided to answer it.

"I guess I can tell you that, if you tell me your name too. My name is Akami Mangetsu and..." A scream cut Akami off.

Akami looked past the shinigami to the family the had pasted them earlier. They were under attack by a large gorilla-like hollow. He rushed past the shinigami, then used his moderate knowledge of sonido to cover ground quickly. He unsheathed his sword and sliced the hollow's back. The hollow swung around to slap Akami with it's monstrous hand. Akami bloked the attack; but barely, it sent him several feet and he landed on the ground with a painful thud.


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:00 am


"Akami!" Luke called after him before using Shunpo to block an attack from the hollow from attacking the family by unsheathing his zanpakuto from his side and using both hands to block the punch, sparks grinding away from Luke's sword and the gorilla's fist.

"Akami, if you can hear me, get these people away from here, let me take care of the hollow, that's my job, and if we meet again, I promise to tell you my name" Luke shout over to Akami, who was getting up from where the gorilla hollow had punch him, Luke broke the clash and slashed at the gorilla, cutting the Gorilla hollow's arm slightly, making it roar as Luke moved around it, making another cut to its back, making it turn around and roar again, walking away from the family to follow Luke.

"ok, you big ape, follow me" Luke called out to the hollow to get it to follow him more, leading it slowly away from the family and Akami


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:22 am


Akami was in pain but he got up slowly while still dazed. He ran to the family who were huddled together trembling with fear. As they got up Akami looked them over to see if they are injured, they weren't.

Akami at the nameless shinigami leading the hollow away. He used sonido to catch up with them. He jumped above the hollow began charging a cero.

"Get back, shinigami!" Akami as he got a few feet above the hollow.

He concentrated to make the cero smaller to decrease the efect area and increase the power.


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:31 am


Luke jumped back as he saw Akami in the air charging a cero.

"Idoit, I told you to get them out of here and let me take care of this guy" Luke called out before moving away so not to get hit by the cero, making a jab at the Gorilla hollow's knee to divert the hollow's attention away from Akami's cero


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:42 am


"they're fine and and they're moving away anyway. So I just came to help you, I finish the fights I start. I want his soul so I can quench the hungry I have right now." Akami said as he focused on the hollow.

Akami let loose his golden cero. It hit the hollow before it could grow to wide. The hollow let out a quick roar before the cero hit, then fell silent. The ground were the hollow stood was now a small, deep creator where the hollow lay deing. Akami lowered down beside it.


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:47 am


Luke sighed, sheathing his zanpakuto back into its sheath with a clean clicking sound

"I should really purify that hollow, Akami, so it can be laid to rest, I'll get you something to eat in town and we can talk properly there, but let me take care of the hollow, Akami" Luke told him as his hand went to his sheathed zanpakuto as he walked over to the dying hollow and akami, his Haori blowing slightly in the wind as he walked


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:40 am


Akami felt the hungry grow as he breathed in the delicious smell of the tasty hollow. He moved to block the shinigami from getting closer; kneeling down onto all fours Akami's eyes were filled with hunger and defensive anger. He would defend his food to the death. He pressed his reiatsu onto the shinigami, in all its unguarded emotions. With every minute that goes by Akami became more desperate and hungry.

"Stay away from my food!" Akami howled at the shinigami.


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:50 am


"Akami, what are you doing?! stop this" Luke called out as Akami release his spiritual pressure against him, Luke sighed before drawing his zanpakuto and taking a fencing stance with his sword pointed towards the sky as he rested his sword hand against his abdomen, his left foot moving ninety degrees to the left as he flared his own spiritual pressure agaisnt Akami, his body glowing black, as black as the night sky

"I'm sorry, Akami, I hope you forgive me for what I must do...Unsheathe the hushed casket; Zetsubō no Sākuru" Luke spoke the name of his zanpakuto, the blade erupted with black mist, the steel blade was no more, only a six foot long blade of black mist occupied the space where the blade use to be, he vanished using shunpo, using Zetsubō's length to slash at Akami, the blade passing through his body, Luke stopped a few meters behind him, his eyes shaded over.

"Now despair..." Luke called out as Akami's world went black as he fell under the illusion of Zetsubō's power


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:20 am


Akami fell into endless darkness. Akami try looking around but found only more darkness, it surround him completely. Am I dead? The thought run across his mind. The thought choked him, he couldn't breathe or think straight. He felt loneliness engulf him, it made his worst memories come back. Mom, dad, Natsu, Koyuki...Alcapous, The memories of his family and his mentor started to run through his mind over and over, until he was depressed and crying. He cried and screamed for it to stop, but over and over the memories returned, causing him it relive those moments. It felt like an eternity and it continued to torment him.  

"Don't cry, child. I'm here with you; I'm always here for you." A gentle, deep voice came out of the darkness.

The darkness vanished as Akami appeared inside his inner-world. He turned to see who the voice came from. It was a huge dark brown wolf with light brow around is paws, muzzle, and belly. Akami looked into the blue eyes of the wolf to see tender love and peace in them.

"Zen'nō Urufu! Akami exclaimed in joy.

Akami ran to and hugged his Ressurrecion spirit. He then sat next to the huge wolf; who gently licked Akami and then he rubbed his giant head against Akami in a reassuring motion.

"You are stuck in an illusion that is very powerful. Alone you will not be able to break free. But together we will. Now say it!" Zen'nō Urufu instructed Akami.

Akamiwas thrown back into the Toronto of memories, but this time he wasn't effected. He felt Zen'nō Urufu was with him, so he focused and calmed himself. He felt his zanpakutou at his side and he grabbed the hilt. He drew it out and held it with blade towards the ground, put his fingers on the blade.

"Howl and Dominate, Zen'nō Urufu! Akami yelled into the darkness then raked his fingers downward.

The rush of power forced him back to the real world. It released his Ressurrecion. His body floated up until he was on his feet. Upon releasing Zen'nō Urufu, the chest and back part of Akami's hoodie turns into a hard but flexible armor, the sleeves turn into the same material but are covered by thick dark brown fur. His teeth turn into rasor sharp fangs. The armor grows to encase his hands, his hands become sharp claws. The Hood stays the same has before the release. The mask grows to cover his whole head making the right ear appear, as well as growing to the bottom left side of his chin.
The release gives him multiple time more blood than many other being out there to use how ever he see fit.  

Akami's waist becomes covered by thick fur. A bushy dark brown wolf tail spouts from his backside. The thigh part of the jeans is overlapped with the hard armor-like material and so are the shins. The armor extends to his feet and continue to make his toe nails those of wolves. Akami faced the shinigami with a fierce anger in his eyes.


on Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:31 am


Luke was forced back from the suddenly release of Akami's true form being released, he leapt back, tightening his grip on Zetsubō's handled as he readied it, taking a standard fighting stance against Akmai's new form, he raised his left hand up so the palm facing Akami.

"Hado number 31: Shakkahō" Luke called out as a crimson orb about the size of his palm srung to life before firing at Akami's face with a small explosion, creating a dust cloud to blind him for the moment, but he knew Shakkahō at his level would have little effect on a arrancar in their true form so he changed him using Shunpo but then adding a twist in the step to create a speed clone that charge in his place as he then moved quickly behind him as he knew Akami would natural react to the target coming at him so he wouldn't expect a attack from behind as well, moving in time with his clone, moving in snyc as their twin blades of mist came arcing across towards akami.

"Shunpo clone art number two: twin sword disection" Luke thought to himself as he named the technique as the blades of mist drew in, just another cut would make the illusion strong enough to subdue akami without resorting to harming him as he didn't want to cause him any unecessary physical damage to the boy

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