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#31 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:43 am



(Post will be made here.)

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Techniques Used — ///

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#32 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:47 pm



Seeds of Time


So the Shinigami had decided to finally make her move, the one she had waited for simply because she was not the aggressor. It was something Sekhmet did often in a fight, wait for her opponent to make the move so that she may react. Making the move first was something Anubis did, and she would like to add that the original and herself were nothing alike. So she watched the Shinigami closely, keeping her sword upon her shoulder. And when she heard said Shinigami begin to chant, she decided it was best to move out of the way. Without further ado, she sonido her way out of the way, up in the air and to the left to escape the radius. And since she hadn’t moved, well that second attack wouldn’t be able to land. Narmer had the common sense to do the same thing.

“Narmer!” Sekhmet shouted, pointing her sword at the Shinigami, “go!” Her eyes narrowed on the target and Narmer sprung to life, leaving her side and going to attack the Shinigami. In the meantime, she decided that she would watch how Narmer faired before figuring out her next move. The zanpakuto would promptly decide that assaulting the Shinigami with fist for weapons were not something the robot had.

WC: 213

#33 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:01 pm



Reyes ;; 2-3 ;; Arrancar ;; Male
According to plan

Until now Reyes was yet to be challenged; one foolish shinigami had dared stand up to him and his face was now crushed in the ground. Some vice captain indeed, he didn’t even present much of a challenge. Until now everything had been according to plan; only one of his arrancar pawns had fallen; whatever her name was, some brat with a shikai using lightening was able to beat her. Well, considering his reiatsu it wouldn’t be a problem to deal with anyways. For now, Reyes stood tall at the side of the tree; shinigami and arrancars were still engaging one another in the fight. More ever, Shalishar was still running amuck; so there was no need for him to get involved. Half of the time had already passed now, only half remained; and then his dream would be one step closer to completion.

Thinking of the events that had passed so far; he couldn’t help but smirk at the puny little efforts of shinigami. They were indeed amusing; what pitiful creatures, having no hope and yet they struggled. ”No matter, they will soon learn that the struggles of the weak matter not”. Even though he was only standing there with his arms crossed around his chest, he was still keeping an eye on the battle field. His reiatsu detection skills weren’t something to laugh at; he had lived for ages and so his skills were far greater than that of a normal veteran, he was indeed in a class of his own. The mountain top where he stood provided another tactical advantage, the entire battle was happening around it; so being at the centre helped as well. It was highly unlikely that the arrancar would be subjected to a surprise attack, even though his eyes were closed; he was still sensing the area around him.

After the disappearance of both the reiatsu of one of his arrancar and the reiatsu of that lightening using shinigami; his smirk widened. ”Pitiful; you thought you could stop me shinigami?” he had come across that shinigami once before; at the time he had taken quite a hit from his hammer shaped shikai, though the odds were against him, three to one aren’t exactly favorable odds; but he was still soar about it. Nevertheless, this wasn’t the time to seek petty revenge; now was the time to be patient and then achieve a much greater goal.

Location;; On top of the mountain
Muse;; 5/10
Word Count;; 400
Tags;; Reyes, main plot
OOC;; Turn 5 ends here and turn 6 begins. Reyes is untouched and unchallenged. As Epizon’s tier is now 2-3, he can’t participate in this event any longer. I will be role playing Reyes from here on.

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#34 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:53 pm



Plot Update

Much has happened and this had been discussed before the forum's theme went AWOL on us. Now that the site has been brought back to life, I believe it's time the main plot is sorted out as well. The original decision was to push the plot through another post turn so that everyone could conclude what they were doing. However, the participants of this plot have disappeared.

So here's what's gonna happen:

No Rewards for Anybody, Go Away !!

Yes, no one gets anything. Reyes kills everyone and the only survivor is Epizon, so everyone go make your characters again. That's what you get for being inactive and abandoning the main thread. How many times did I have to move the main plot over and over? After posting, someone would post once a week. So one post turn finished in an entire month, is that how you guys wanna role play here? No, that's not how things work here.


Relax, I was only kidding. Of course that's not going to happen, if I tried to do that Yuki and Udarsha would probably have my head lol

Here is what's really going to happen:

- Reyes escapes with the fruit and he'll be reserved for later plot events. He may return depending on the active members we have. Until then, the prologue is over and the main plot is wrapped up.
- What about the rewards then, right? Every participant gets a tier up. Yes, in the early spirits of Christmas and all, you get your tier ups. We need to make sure that you're still active so claim the tier up in the rewards section.

If you have any queries, ask a staffer and we'll get to it.

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