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#21 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:14 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 4-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke was busy cutting away the rapidly growing tree branches while escorting humans to safety when he felt a strong spiritual pressure coming towards him, he was slammed into by what appeared to be a female arrancar, he quickly brought his zanpakuto up to deflect the attack before the female arrancar stood above him in the air.

What he saw was a quite well-endowed women with soft skin, long flowing blue hair and a white dress with petals that seemed to float when the dress moved, his face reddened slightly at the sight but shaking his head to concentrate on his new opponent, also he was looking passed her face, looking more at the crown-like mask fragment just above her head.

"Who are you, miss arrancar?" Luke asked her as he leaped into the air and stood what he considered a safe distance from the buxom arrancar, still looking at her crown-like mask fragment instead of her face which he couldn't look at yet due to his phobia of strange faces

Location;; Karakura Town, World of the Living
Word Count;;171
Tags;;Luke Yasenha, Manda

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#22 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:24 am


Yuki Seika ;; 3-2 ;; Arrancar ;; Female

"Kuso," Yuki thought, unable to react to the huge tornado coming her way and hitting her. Only in the beginning moments of battle, and he had already released his Shikai? At least he wasn't underestimating her. Gaining a few small, open cuts and scrapes from the twister as well, the Arrancar realized that she was much too dizzy and weak to move. Official stunned, all that she could do was charge up her blue-colored reiatsu, Samui-hi, to hopefully freeze any weak ranged attack or basic close-range moves. That, plus her hierro and Takoizuchi, the cold blood that was unique to her.

If it went on any further, the Arrancar would have to go into release, but she couldn’t even grip her zanpakutou, Raposa, in her current state. Unless Epizon killed her now, which was not going to be on her watch, could she not be able to release. Besides, even if he wounded her now, what difference did it make? Once she went into Ressureccion, any damage Yuki had taken on would be healed. This was what she was looking forward to. Make him thing he had the upper hand, but give him a tiny something to despair about once she could get her bearings. ”Come and get me~” Seika taunted, despite her aching head, bleeding wounds, and dizziness.

Yuki Akies ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Female

Seemed like her attack on Sekhmet was unsuccessful. Not only that, but it turned out that she had a cocky one on her hands. Even though the Arrancar had the appearance of a child, Yuki knew that she was probably far older, due to the Hollows’ lack of aging. Unlike her. Akies had passed on to Soul Society as a four-year-old. Not look at her, only a few decades off of reaching her 200th birthday and she still only looked as if she were in her mid-late teens. Seventeen, to be exact.

Still focusing on her battle, the Vice Captain leaped backward using shunpo to avoid any oncoming attack and gazed at Sekhmet from a fifteen meter distance. Aiming the tip of her sword in her opponent’s direction, Yuki shot a concentrated, but powerful beam of her reiatsu along a sound wavelength. Though invisible for the most part except for the slight tingle in the air, she aimed for the technique to hit and sting her opponent, at least giving her an edge.

Technique Name: Hacho
Technique Description: When uttering the words 'hacho', Yuki uses her hand or fingers to shoot a small burst of reiatsu and send it along a wavelength, mostly hidden by sight and sound. Depending on the amount of reiatsu she sends, it packs a sting and burn based on strength and tier. Akies can use this technique for up to three posts, but it requires a two post cooldown.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The opponent receives major burns and open wounds, and intense pain and stinging.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The opponent receives burns, open wounds, and pain and stinging.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The opponent receives burns, open wounds, and pain and stinging.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The opponent receives minor burns, open wounds, and pain and stinging.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The opponent receives pain and stinging, but no open wounds.

Shalashar Caccio ;; 2-3 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

Using quick speed as soon as he sensed Hikaru's attack, Shalashar prepared himself using Buzzing Venom. Combining shunpo and sheer power, speed, and skill, the Arrancar countered all of the fireballs, dissipating them, and blocked the fiery sword with the quick attacks from his sword. However, his opponent hopped back as soon as he must have realized the attack failed. Grinning in excitement at the challenge, Caccio used his sonido and lunged forward, aiming to stab his opponent with a reiatsu-focused blade, and surprisingly passing them without checking to see if that first attack hit. After the pass, Shalashar whipped around to hopefully stab the Hikaru in the back.

Technique Name: Buzzing Venom
Technique Description:The user pulls their blade back into a stance that prioritizes stabbing attacks. From this stance they execute an individual limb based sonido. This allows the user to produce a flurry of high speed stabs. This technique is best used against an opponent who is backed against a wall, however it can also be used to counter volleys of ranged attacks. Because this technique uses sonido it creates a familiar buzzing sound with each strike, thus the name Buzzing Venom. Shalishar can maintain the stabbing motion for up to two posts. If only used for one post the cool down is 3 turns. If used for two posts, the cool down extends to 6 turns and Shalishar's limb which used the technique will suffer decreased speed for 3 posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The stabs all seem to happen simultaneously. Successful strikes will pierce flesh and hierro alike and reach internal organs.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The stabs are swift and seem as if Shalishar has 9 blades stabbing at a time. When hit an opponent will suffer a shallow stab wound capable of poking internal organs.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Each strike appears as though Shalishar is using 6 swords at once. Landing a blow can deal shallow puncture wounds. While these cannot reach organs, they can cause lots of blood loss if many of them land.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The opponent can see Shalishar's blade as if he possessed 3 of them.. When struck, foes will suffer a light puncture wound capable of drawing a bit of blood.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: All of Shalishar's movements are visible and each of his stabs can be seen as an individual blade. Should Shalishar succeed in landing a blow he will do little more than prick the opponent with the very tip of his blade drawing the minimal amount of blood possible.

Technique Name: Serpent Flowing
Technique Description:Shalishar focuses reiatsu along the blade of his zanpakutou and sharpens it to increase his cutting potential. He then uses a sonido to launch himself towards the opponent for a stabbing strike as he passes them. Following this first pass, Shalishar then quickly turns on heel to spin around and perform a second stab which unlike the first, is meant to dig directly into the enemy's back or side. The high speed nature of this attack makes it hard to aim precisely, so it is a common occurrence for it to miss any vital spots or organs. 4 turn cool down.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The first stab is little more than a blur and turning in time to counter the second stab would require the assistance of some kind of technique or knowledge of the attack before hand. The stabs themselves are capable of piercing through flesh and bone alike.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The first strike is little more than a blur and the second strike comes just as fast. The stabs themselves cause the damage one would expect from a reiatsu enhanced attack, piercing flesh and bone alike.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The first and second strike can be seen, but reacting to them is difficult. Successful stabs penetrate with moderate depth, but only the second strike can pierce hierro effectively.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The first and second strike are swift, but not beyond following or reacting. Landing the blow will cause shallow wounds and the second attack will pierce a bit deeper, but not enough to seriously injure an internal organ.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Both attacks are seen and reacted to with fairly moderate effort. Damage dealt by a successful strike is little more than shallow puncture wounds for both the first and second strike.

Muse;; 6/10
Word Count;; Too lazy to count.
Tags;; Yuki Akies, Sekhmet, Hikaru Shibata, Yuki Seika, Epizon Psychi, Shalashar Caccio
Out of curiosity, Anu-chan, who are your 'faceclaims' for Sekhmet and from back then, Gravekeeper/Anubis? What anime are they from? :3
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#23 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Sun May 04, 2014 10:21 am



Daemon watched as the lightning wielding Arrancar left, and the other shinigami started combat with his original target.  knowing that they could not spare any manpower fighting in teams, Daemon began to scan the battlefield for an opponent.  He searched using his Reiatsu, and felt the presence of several shinigami and Arrancar, almost all of whom were already in combat.  But there was one Reiatsu signature that he recognized, and that wasn't moving.

Daemon used Shunpo to get himself on the level of the Arrancar.  but when he got there, he saw his opponent do something terrifying.  in a single blow, he had nearly killed another Vice-Captain.  Souryou Ittousai was one of the stronger Vice-Captains, and his defeat here would be a serious blow to the Shinigami's forces.  And the person who defeated him, was none other than Reyes himself.  Daemon and Reyes had a history of run-ins.  first, it was back in the 13th Rukongai when he was visiting the site of his parent's death.  Reyes had nearly killed him there, and he only survived because of the efforts of the Captain of the Kido Corps.  The second time had been just a short time ago, on top of a mountain where the sacred water was kept.  His fight there had about the same result, with him being all but ignored by Reyes and nearly killed by an Arrancar named Shalishaar.  and now, they were here.  Daemon had made incredible strides since those first encounters.  He had fought multiple battles and learned many things from many people; things that he would have to use now.

"Reyes!  This has been a long time coming.  I'll make you pay for your deeds!"  Daemon shouted.  He then leveled his blade at Reyes and said, "Tsugi no jinsei ni michibiku. Bankai. Shunkun Shi no Ishi!"  A blast of Reiatsu issued forth, and standing in front of Reyes was now a soldier in dragon bone armor.  his weapon was a black scythe with an enormous red fang for the blade.  Daemon looked at Reyes, his eyes full of righteous fury.  He would have to test Reyes' defenses before he could launch a full assault.  Daemon got into a fighting stance, and filled his blade with Reiatsu.  He then Shunpo'd forwards, got behind Reyes, and unleashed an incredible horizontal slash at Reyes' back.  With Reyes' Hierro, he should be able to avoid getting cut in half, however the strike would gouge him, leaving him incredibly wounded and heavily bleeding.  Daemon had learned from his fight with Shalishaar that the enemy should assume trickery and turn around, expecting a strike from behind.  he would eventually take advantage of that, but he had to "train" the response first.

Hone no Hofuku:
Name: Hone no Hofuku (Retribution of Bone)
Every strike the blade lands against the opponent damages them, and then forces their body to repair it with bone.  each additional to the same limb causes more bone to grow.  If stuck 3 times the limb becomes difficult to move, and if struck 6 times the limb becomes fully encased and useless.  Limbs count as Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs.  as the opponent's body gets more and more bone grown on it, it begins to impede their movement.  once it reaches 50%, the opponents movement should be reduced to about 50% of normal.

Hone Taitan:
Ability Name:Hone Taitan
Ability Description:The Shikai ability is carried over into Bankai with one change.  the amount of cuts required to cover a section with bone becomes 4 instead of 6.  the armor bestows great strength, speed, and defense well beyond what is normal for the tier, without going past the threshhold into the next tier.  it also gives the user a light healing ability.  not much, just enough stop bleeding.  the armor also begins to repair itself from injuries, however it heals all injuries with bone that must be removed later.  in times of dire stress, the ability to feel pain can be turned off.

#24 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Wed May 07, 2014 8:14 pm



Seeds of Time


Sekhmet had been hit by the attack, or more like grazed. Quick thinking had saved her skin, though if she had been quicker perhaps she would not had needed to call up her iron sand barrier. Despite the strength the barrier held when it came to protecting her, the being that she was fighting was on her level and thus the barrier only managed to reduce the damage that she would receive from the attack instead of stopping it as usual. She winced slightly at the stingy pain that had been brought on by the attack of the woman, and her eyes watched as her sand wall fell to the grounds below, its purpose done. Her eyes narrowed at the Shinigami that had launched the attack, not out of anger but annoyance. Due to that attack hitting, Anubis would not allow her to hear the end of it, and at the moment she did not need the original personality to annoy her.

‘Why don’t you just hand the control of the body over to me, Sekhmet?’ Anubis chimed, her voice filled with mock concern though an undertone of malicious intent could be picked up as well. Sekhmet frowned, “would you shut up and go back to bed!” She shouted, her attention shifting from the Shinigami to her other half, though this was not unusual. Whenever Anubis decided to be anything but nice during a fight, Sekhmet would stop everything just to shut up the annoying woman. It was a shock that she still desired to be friends with the original, especially when said original was a pain to deal with. ‘Oh, is Sekhmet mad. I am quite sorry to inform you that I have already taken a nap. Maybe you should take one as well, neh?’

Sekhmet’s eye twitched ever so slightly, this woman… She would have to deal with later, for there was a Shinigami to take care of, the other one having left not to long ago. And Anubis, well she smiled from the confines of her prison for she knew that she would soon be entering the battle rather Sekhmet liked it or not. It had been a while since the woman had stretched her legs, and the greatest time to do that was against an opponent on par with herself, albeit her reservoir was perhaps inferior to the Shinigami. It was of no matter. So she quieted down, watching the fight through the eyes of Sekhmet, a grin upon her face.

On the outside, Sekhmet had decided that taking down the female Shinigami before she entered some sort of higher form would be the best course of action. She had some nasty attacks which could only have gotten nastier in her release form, and she did not feel the need to face the wrath of another sting worthy attack. Thus, she got her claymore at the ready and instructed for Narmer to be ready to serve as protection as well as her tanker. The real fight started at this point.

WC: 406

Techniques Used:
Technique Name: Iron Sand Wall
Technique Description: Sekhmet releases her unique iron reiatsu into the sand below, turning the sand black. She than manipulates the iron infused sand to create a large wall made out of sand in front of herself, thus protecting herself.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Though it would be considered somewhat difficult, the opponent is able to get through the wall of iron sand. Their attack is considerably weakened though, thus making it less powerful or destructive than intended.

#25 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Fri May 16, 2014 12:30 am

Pallas UchidaOnline

Manda Marluz ;; 3-3 ;; Arrancar ;; Female

Manda soon arrived and stood above Luke, watching him cut away at the tree below. This annoyed her because if he continued he could damage the tree. Just as she was about ready to attack he turned and faced her. She giggled slightly to herself at his reaction and watched as he moved to face her, well, sort of. She was not all to surprised with regard to the question. She knew that the Shinigami would be curious about her. She then realized he was looking up at her mask fragment and found that rather unusual. Most men would either look at her face and eyes or her rather large chest. She had gotten used to this over the years and just let it happen. The Shinigami before her seemed more interested in what was on her head rather than her head. She almost felt like she didn‘t want to answer his question, but did so just to see how he‘d react. ”Who am I you ask? I would think you‘d have some hint of who I am from the look your giving my mask fragment. You seem to me as if your either into royalty, dragons, or both. I‘m not royalty, I can assure you of that. I am, or rather used to be, a dragon. Currently I’m a Arrancar. My name is Manda Marluz. Remember that for as long as you can because it may be the last name you hear. So I have the pleasure of knowing whom I‘m about to destroy, might I have your name, Shinigami?”

She spit out the work Shinigami as if it were the most disgusting thing to be. She never did like Shinigami but felt this one could, at the very least, be trusted with her name. She waited for him to reply, keeping an eye on the storm above to ensure she did not loose control of if.

Hikaru Shibata ;; 3-2 ;; Visored ;; Male

Hikaru kept a close eye on his opponent. He didn‘t want to be caught off guard. The fact that he almost was shocked him. As Shalashar charged at him he nearly missed seeing the attack, it mostly being a blur to him. He was able to get out of the way in time to avoid major injury. He was scraped along his arm on the right sit from his dodging the attack. Shalashar was fast indeed. What Hikaru could not have known about, however, was the second attack to follow. Something told him that something was about to happen, but he reacted to late to try any counter attack. As soon as Hikaru began to turn to face Shalashar the Arrancar was upon him. He had not time to react as the blade tore into his left side this time. The slash started from just below the rib cage near where the spine is and traveled all around to where it was close to his stomach, leaving a large, bleeding, deep gash. Once Shalashar pulled the blade away Hikaru used Shunpo to gain some distance between them. He was in a large amount of pain and knew that if he was not treated soon he could die. Then a thought came to him. He used fire from his Zanpakuto to effectively cauterize the wound to get it to stop from bleeding. He was not out of the woods yet, but at least he was no longer bleeding. Once he was done taking care of himself he stood up and looked at Shalashar. Hikaru knew that he‘d have to go all out in order to do anything against this foe. With that being said he knew he‘s stand no chance of fighting as he currently was. Concentrating for a moment he drew energy to him from the sun shining above and then called out, ”Rise from the ashes and torch our enemies, The Wolf of Misery, Ken!”

Hikaru is surrounded by fire after he calls out his Shikai command. When the fire clears Shalashar can now see that he is wearing a pair of loose fitting brown pants and no shirt. He his wearing a tattered red cape and is holding a scythe in his right hand. The blade of the scythe is made of flame. The blade extends from the staff for about three feet before ending in a very sharp point. The staff part of the scythe itself is about 7 feet in height and looks to be made of wood. The wound that Hikaru received from Shalashar is very visible now that he is in Shikai and does weep a bit of blood from not fully cauterizing it. Hikaru winces in pain a bit from his injuries and wonders if any of his major organs were hit in the last attack. He only hoped not as he prepared to attack. Hikaru then draws energy from the sun once more as he gathers energy in the form of a giant ball of fire at the end of his scythe. Hikaru continues to concentrate and build up energy to from his attack.

Blazing Tornado:

Technique Name: Blazing Tornado
Technique Description: Hikaru's scythe has to have the blade on it and it has to be a sunny day for Hikaru to use this attack. Hikaru draws from the rays of the sun shining down to the blade on his scythe. Once he has enough energy from this a giant ball of fire can be seen at the end of his scythe. He then swipes the scythe, causing a tornado made of flame to form. The tornado can travel anywhere in a 50 foot radius and can attack friend or foe alike if they are in the way of the attack. Hikaru has no control over the tornado once released and can even be attacked himself. This attack charges for one post and the tornado lasts for 3 posts unless the sun is blocked out or the sun sets.
Technique Effect Chart:
*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Should a person be hit by the Blazing Tornado they can suffer 2nd degree burns from burning clothing.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Should a person be hit by the Blazing Tornado they can suffer 1st degree burns from burning clothing.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Should a person be hit by the Blazing Tornado they can suffer moderate to light burns from burning clothing.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Should a person be hit by the Blazing Tornado they can suffer light burns from burning clothing.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Should a person be hit by the Blazing Tornado they can suffer almost no burns from burning clothing.

Location;; Karakura town over some Trees limbs, for Manda and for Hikaru it is where Shalashar is.
Muse;; for Manda, finally, 7/10, and for Hikaru it seems 7/10 as well
Word Count;; 318 for Manda and 522 for Hikaru
Tags;; Luke Yasenha, Manda Marluz, Shalashar Caccio, Ken, and Hikaru Shibata
OOC;; Sorry for taking so long. I hope this is good enough for you all.

Template (c) Yuki Seika
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#26 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Sat May 24, 2014 2:32 pm



Reyes ;; 2-3 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

After taking down his opponent who didn’t last a single blow, Reyes stood there for a little while with his arms crossed against his chest. Sensing the reiatsus around him, a shinigami had released his shikai somewhere and was engaged with an arrancar, from what he sensed in terms of reiatsu the shinigami had the upper hand, would he be losing a pawn? It’s not like he cared, but it would become troublesome if he lost them all, even losing one at the moment might not turn into a favorable situation, but that wasn’t the real problem currently.

He sensed another reiatsu heading his way, it was a familiar one he had come across this one a few times before. ”Persistent shinigami, the choices you make you will surely regret them. So I will take pity on you, and not allow you to live long enough to regret them” he thought as that shinigami appeared in front of him,”Oh? Please try” he replied as the shinigami released his bankai. So he was serious from the start, good then, he won’t have to waste much time.

When Daemon shunpo’d forward, right before he could shunpo behind him, since they weren’t so far apart, Reyes with a sudden jolt of his right arm aimed a balla right at the shinigami followed by his left fist firing another balla in the same direction. If he continued on his path, attempting to go behind Reyes, then he will end up getting hit by the speedy ball of reiatsu that was headed straight for him following the same path as he would have taken to get behind Reyes. And that wasn’t one balla either, it were two ballas, one after the other.

Epizon “Oneiropolos” Psychi ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

After using his technique, he slammed the bottom of his staff on the ground making a loud ”bang”. ”Did I get her?” as the little smoke cleared that was made due to his technique, he could see her on her back from what he could see it seemed she was hit pretty bad, that meant that she must be unable to move. That was what he was counting on, but the problem was dealing with this dizziness that he had to face after using that technique. With his right hand, he held his semi-axe semi-hammer form zanpakuto tightly and walked towards her slowly. Doing his best not to fall, though the dizziness did make him move very slowly, because his steps were wobbly and the world still rotating in his eyes. Raising his zanpakuto, and then putting it down to use it to support his each step, he struggled to get closer and closer to her.

”I must get to her before she starts moving” As she taunted him to ‘come and get her’ he nodded but didn’t utter a word, it was apparent that it was an empty threat considering her situation, though she did appear to store some reaitsu while she lay there in front of him, motionless. Finally, after quite the struggle he made it to her, but staying on his feet was the problem, if he raised his zanpakuto he’ll probably fall because of the dizziness, so he only had one hand to spare, since he still could balance himself if he held his zanpakuto with one of his hands.

With his right hand being used for maintaining balance, he lifted his left hand pointing his finger at her, he aimed at her forehead where most likely her brain would be. ”Hado # 4, Byakurai”, the words came out of his mouth as a cold look appeared on his face, the words too had no feelings other than the intent to kill. When he spoke those words, a beam of light emerged from his finger and headed straight into the direction he was pointing at being smaller in radius and having greater piercing affect. He was aiming to finish off this battle with this one apparently final attack, before she could snap out of it.

Location;; World of the living, 400 meters from Reyes
Muse;; 3/10
Word Count;; 287 Reyes, 379 Epizon
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Yuki Akies, Act II(main plot)

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#27 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:00 am


Yuki Akies ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Female

So the Arrancar wanted her to attack again first? How interesting. Yuki noted the 'nonsense' that Sekhmet was shouting, but simply cast the note aside after seeing that it probably didn't concern her. From what she could tell, the words weren't meant for her, but for someone else. Knowing that these fully-evolved Hollows could heal themselves upon release, the Vice Captain was going to avoid tiring herself out before the real fight began. Right now, she would have to try to annoy the child-like spirit into release with attacks that consumed less energy.

"Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws. Hado #33, Sokatsui!" Yuki chanted, using the full incantation. With the full spell said out loud, she willed it not to consume as much energy as trying to shoot the pale fireball without the incantation but still at full power. The kido was shot directly at the Arrancar, but she wasn't done.

If her opponent defended herself again with the odd sandy formation, all the kido might do is possibly destroy any shield. Now it was time to get serious. "Hado #4, Byakurai!" the Shinigami said, pointing a finger in her enemy's direction. From there came a highly concentrated beam of spirit energy which would hopefully break through some hierro and give the Arrancar a decent wound to think about.

Shalashar Caccio ;; 2-3 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

"Do you really think that will work on me?" Shalashar muttered as he charged his powerful reiatsu through his body. The tornado burned a bit of his clothing, yes, but nothing else. He was growing bored. Yes, the Shinigami released and all, but he was still much stronger in his defense. Pointing his fingers towards Hikaru, the Arrancar charged a bright yellow cero. After a few seconds, Caccio fired it in his opponent's direction, not caring what people were caught up in the blast. The cero was very wide and powerful, and would deal a decent amount of damage to anyone who was unfortunate enough to be standing in between the Hollow and his 'prey'. Though to Shalashar, this potential meal would not be worth his time. He would likely wait many more years or fights to find something worth his hunt.

Location;; Karakura Town
Muse;; 7/10
Word Count;; 251 for Akies. 145 for Caccio.
Tags;; Yuki Akies, Sokatsui, Byakurai, Sekhmet, Shalashar Caccio
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#28 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:30 pm


Play while reading this post:

Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke, upon hearing her name, looked at her face properly, her face was soft and was with a pinkish tone as her general skin tone, her long cobalt hair longing freely in the wind like a silk towel left on the washing line but he also noticed something strange about her eyes, her left eye was a bright yellow, almost gold-like in color and the left was a ocean blue but both had a dragon-like slit pupils, slightly bigger then a reptile, as for her body, he could see she had slender arms, left exposed by her dress, apart from two bracelets that appeared to be a dragon biting its own tail.

she would be able to see his face with his black hair with two horn-like extensions on his head from his hair, his blood red eyes, his toned, warrior like features, with the appearance of a human twenty-six year old but he was so much more older then that, since shinigami didn't age anywhere near the rate of the humans, his true age was hidden, only to be reflected in his eyes as someone who was lived a long time, experience despair and pain beyond imagining, he leaped into the air and stood, still some distance away from her but now on the same level as her, he smelled the air, he could feel wild spiritual pressure all around him as battles were waged in the skies of Karakura town, the tree had to be stopped but he couldn't do that until he got passed Manda, she had asked him his name, spitting out the word shinigami in disgust, he could hear the distinctive lack of respect in her voice as she spoke then name of the race he belonged to, the crawling of the tree roots and cracks of thunder caused by the clash of reiatsu rippled through the air, his head bowed forward slightly once more, his eyes shading from her view, his mouth showing nothing that she would be able to tell directly what he was feeling but only the building anger of the female arrancar's disrespect as he moved his left hand behind the guard of his zanpakuto, using his thumb to click the blade out from the sheath slightly as he held onto the handle with his right hand, holding tightly to the black wrapping, keeping himself in a standing position.

"She has no right to disrespect us, but it's only polite to give her my name before showing her how wrong she is to disrespect the shinigami, knock her down a peg or two"he thought to himself before answered her back with a tone of anger to his voice.

"You asked for my name, you say?...Well, in the ways of properly conduct, I too will introduce myself but before I do, do not mock the shinigami, we shinigami, are very powerful and I am one of them; My Luke Yasenha, Tenth seat of Squad three, so prepare yourself, Manda Marluz, here I come..." Luke told her his name, growling at her's before he would suddenly launch into shunpo, coming from the side like it was in a slow motion shot but this would only appear to be slow for Luke but look extremely fast to Manda, drawing his blade fully in one, fluid motion from his sheath before twisting on his left heel before thrusting his blade into her back, aiming for her Saketsu and Hakusui soul sleep, the two places that govern spiritual powers inside the body, aiming with two precise and fast thrusts before stopping a few meters behind her, the rim of his haori blowing around the wind, rippling with the flow of the wind, he had used Senka, a high level shunpo technique he had learned during his time training in the stealth force, he took a breath in as he watched the battles between the forces of Reyes and the forces of the shinigami rage like the oncoming storm before turning his head to see if his attack had hit her or not.

Technique Name: Senka
Technique Description: Moving behind a target using Shunpo with a slightly twist in the step, the practitioner cuts off the target's Saketsu and Hakusui (Soul sleep) in two quick and precise strikes, some targets unfamiliar with the technique may not be able to tell if they were attacked from the front or the back and even a outside witness to the technique may find it very difficult to track the movements. needs three posts to cool down

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 674
Tags;; Luke, Manda

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#29 Re: [Aol] Act-II Seeds of Time PRIVATE on Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:59 am

Hikaru Shibata;; 3-2 ;; Visored ;; Male    

Hikaru had sent out his attack as quick as he could.  That made it a bit weaker however.  This was not good at all.  Hikaru was running out of time and felt that he bit off more than he could chew.  He was not surprised when he saw a Cero heading his way.  This was one huge Cero and Hikaru knew he could not fully dodge it.  He did his best to dodge it and was able to, except for the outer most part of the Cero.   This knocked him hard to the ground.  He was bleeding from multiple areas and was feeling weaker by the moment.  Feeling it better to run tail and run he took off as fast as he can for where squad 4 was taking up base there in Karakura town.  He let the Arrancar win for now.  Hikaru wanted to work to improve himself further so that one day he could face that Arrancar on equal terms.

Manda Marluz;; 3-3 ;; Arrancar ;; Female    

Manda smiled as Luke introduced himself.  He was rather nice looking for a Shinigami.  But she was not here to find love, she was here to fight.    Once he had said his name she smiled.  She could tell that she had a slight advantage over him in power.  What she did not expect was what he had just done.  One moment he was on one side of her, then she saw a slight trace as he moved to the other side of her.  She began to feel slightly different and began to think he might have just attacked her, barely nicking her.  She turned to face him and said, ”What did you just do to me?”

Location;;  Karakura town.
Muse;; 5/10
Word Count;; Manda 116 and Hikaru 162
Tags;;  Luke, Shalashar, Manda, Hikaru
OOC;;  Don’t know what else to put.

Template (c) Yuki Seika
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“Did you hear, the Thirteen Protection Squads are preparing for a battle in the world of the living.” All of Shino Academy was abuzz with the news which was somehow leaked to the student body. It was more than likely a student who overheard a representative from the Gotei 13 instruct those in Shino Academy’s main office that all classes and trainings would be cancelled indefinitely. “Indefinitely?” Shuuryou thought, walking calmly through the main hallway filled with overly excited students. “Has the length of time not been defined because they are unsure of just how much time it would take to ease everyone back into the flow of things after the battle was over? Or is it undefined because they don’t know how long the battle will take, or if they’ll win at all?” The flow of thoughts continued seemingly without end. He’d experienced life and death battles that most of his peers would never live to see. Fights that those who would live to see, wouldn’t actually experience until years down the line, after they left Shino Academy behind.
“In either case, this is problematic.” He finally arrived at his own shared quarters to find that his bunkmates weren’t actually around. He was alone. This was usually the case though. “I’m on a strict schedule and would rather graduate sooner than later.” Shuuryou wasn’t the impatient type, however, he was little more than anxious when it came to begin the necessary research to solve his mother’s murder. The sooner he could gain access to Squad Three’s records, the better. This battle between the Gotei 13 and their enemy in the living world was yet another obstacle to tople. As always, he would rise to the occasion. He approached his own sleeping cot and flipped the padded mattress over. This was where he hid his zanpakuto.
He made up his mind before even reaching his quarters. He would show up, help where he could, and return. The punishment for leaving Academy grounds without permission was severe, but he viewed this with little risk. “As long as I’m not discovered….” He said, strapping his zanpakuto across his back. “Bakudo number 26, Kyokko.” He continued, while fastening his zanpakuto sheath and cloth in place. A blanket of vibrant, fragmented light washed over head, crawled down his chest and abdomen, before finally making it to his feet. He was hidden from sight. This technique was his most used during his torturous stay in the savage pale desert known as Hueco Mundo. He completely mastered it and learned to compensate for its flaws. It kept him hidden from the majority of deadly predators despite lacking the ability to hide his scent and the sound that he produced. The latter at least, was lessened, by walking through air and avoiding surfaces and objects that may alert someone to his presence. He could leave articles of clothing around to make attempts at tracking him by scent unreliable. There was one more flaw to this kido which he never managed to devise a way to get around. The moment any destructive spell or reiatsu relient attack was made, the concealing cloak was destroyed.
Getting outside of academy grounds was easy enough. Kyokko wasn’t something taught to academy students and the only reason Shuuryou knew it was because Instructor Ruki thought it important to teach him before he set out on his journey to Hueco Mundo. Upon leaving the training grounds he followed the path that representatives from the Gotei 13 always use when visiting Shino Academy. Before even reaching protection squad grounds he could hear the loud roar of the sirens. The Thirteen Squads were on high alert. It wasn’t until he reached the actual grounds that he was able to see the chaos that the alarm had caused. The Shinigami were nearly as worked up as the students he’d left behind just minutes ago.
“Alright Squad 4 let’s move out!” One voice shouted. Shuuryou was familiar with this squad’s purpose and assumed that they would occupy a small area in the human world to tend to the wounded. The sheer number of numbers caused Shuuryou to question just how much destruction had occurred already. He hitched a ride with them, so to speak, trailing close behind as they entered the dimensional gate separating the Seireitei from the land of the living. Though he knew a kido capable of travelling through the worlds without the use of such a gate, using it without Instructor Ruki’s concealing barrier would alert many to its use. He arrived in the human world to find it in absolute turmoil.
The sky had darkened and become a thunderous blanket which perfectly mirrored the events occurring below. There were several battles occuring. He was no expert in sensing reiatsu, but he could tell that everyone involved were heavy hitters and not to be taken likely. Death Gods battled what felt like Hollows, only, more dangerous. There were indeed dark times for humans living in Karukara Town. Those humans he came across while searching the area for clues as to what was happening were withered, in pain, and nearly drained of all life force. Further still they were wrapped in strange wood like extremities, almost wood like in texture. Were they the cause of all of this? He began tugging at the wood that entangled many, but it did nothing to restore their life energy. Perhaps they weren’t what was causing it?
This misconception he held was quickly discarded, as he watched a couple of kids backed up against a building, swat away at the wood like tentacles which slowly creeped towards them. With a simple flashstep, he closed the distance between himself and the human children. He quickly drew his blade and severed any of the creeping things that were in the path of his initial swing. “I’d run away if I were you!” He shouted, turning towards them only to realize that they couldn’t hear or see him. “This isn’t going to work out too well” He thought, catching the most peculiar sight he’d seen in a while at the edge of his peripheral vision. It was a mountain. Though small in comparison to many he’d seen before, it was clearly a new addition to this town as the ruins of many houses and chunks of street pavement littered its sides. He wasn’t completely sure at this distance, but it appeared as though a tree stood at the very top.
Upon more careful observation, it became obvious that what he’d only just swung his zanpakuto at, and the things that were attaching themselves to this town’s inhabitants, were branches from this tree. It needed to be destroyed if there was any real hope at saving the humans of this town. Surely the Gotei 13 knew this though? This was likely what the battle was over. The Thirteen Protection Squads came to destroy it, but someone, or something, was preventing them from completing their mission. Who led these Hollow and where did they find so many that were so powerful. Of the ten years he spent travelling through Hueco Mundo, he only ever came across two with powers so staggeringly worrisome.
Shuuryou was unnoticed. This was the perfect opportunity for him to make his way to the tree and strike, before one of the Hollows sniffed him out. It would however be extremely dangerous. Things would definitely be bad if he were caught in the crossfire along the way. There was only one way to assure that he could make his way to the tree without being detected and it would cause his presence to become known the moment he arrived. Not only that, but were he discovered, it would come with heavy consequences even if he were successful in destroying the tree. He would need to strike quickly. He would need to deliver the final strike before the massive Hollow reiatsu nearest the tree noticed him. He took a break from  swinging at the roots. That was a losing battle. He sheathed his zanpakuto and began to concentrate all of his focus on his intended destination.
“Sentan Hakuja!” He shouted. Kyokko was dispersed. The red and white fabric of his academy uniform began to grow and augment, twisting and turning. This was a sign that the very space around him had begun to bend to his will. In an instant, he vanished in a pool of light, only to reappear on the top of the mountain beside the tree. His forbidden teleportation kido was executed successfully. Now was the time to do what he’d come to do. What bettern way to destroy a tree than by burning it down? “Hadou number 4, Byakurai!” He shouted, extending his right arm, index finger pointed towards the tree. Currents of bright electricity raced along the back of his hand and crawled to the tip of his pointed finger. It condensed for but an instant before streaming towards his target. With such little distance separating him and the tree, unless the fates themselves were on the side of the Hollow, it was going to hit.
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