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#1 Dota's Hado/Kido's on Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:49 am




  • Bakudo Number 56 Hebi: The user sends out a demonic wave of reiatsu that puts the enemy into an exhausting illusion. Their world gets blacker and hazier by the moment while their reiatsu is digressed/expelled. No Incantation

  • Bakudo Number 40 Kotei no tate: Upon successfully completing the incantation a pentagon shaped shield is formed in front of, besides, or behind the caster. The shield can stop Hado's up to number 40, standard Cero's, and equivalent attacks. The shield is pentagonal in shape with the shinigami crest symbol on it. Can be done without incantation by Dotachin

      Incantation: Gather at my side oh Imperial Shield.

  • Bakudo Number 65 Midori no Hebi: Upon successfully competing the incantation a reiryoku is hardened in the user palm in the shape of a snake but just the head. The rest of the snakes body is jagged lines that stem from the users reiatsu. The snakes aim to clamp down and bind the enemies. Depending on the amount of reiatsu a dozen or snakes can be formed at the same time.Can be done without incantation by Dotachin

      Incantation: Raise your head and recognize their sent you dreadful snake. Chase them down and bind them with your poison.
      Cooldown 1 post, Last 3 post or until broken.


  • Hado Number 25 Torapu: The user will create an illusionary field directly in front of, besides, or behind them. You can't see whats on the other side of the field. Whatever passes through it will have all their reiatsu eaten. Last one post cool down one post.

  • Hado Number 30 Shudo: By forming his hand as though he was gonna shot someone Dotachin actually fires off a gathered amount of reiryoku. Depending on what he wants the do it can push someone back, put a hole in them like a bullet, or hurt as much as a bala. Limit 15 per post.

  • Hado Number 57 Jirai: The user will leave behind small two feet by two feet discs. They are stationery and they can be placed in the air. If something besides the user gets within five feet they will explode. Last until triggered, up to twenty at a time.

  • Hado Number 60 Doku: A small green two dimensional circle forms next to the user. Moments later a green smoke is released from the circle filling the area. All that breathe in the smoke will have their reiatsu start to plummet. Cool Down Three Post. Last Three post, can be blown away easily.

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#2 Re: Dota's Hado/Kido's on Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:45 am


Yeah way to many custom Kidou dude seriously not even Kidou Corps has this many...

#3 Re: Dota's Hado/Kido's on Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:04 pm


eh they seem fine to me, but lets see what another mod says?

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