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#1 Awkward Silence. [Closed] on Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:17 am


With legs draped off either side of the large branch he rested up, his eyes would make no notice of the people moving like ants around the cobblestone paths around him. He was reading his most recently acquired piece of literature - a small book ironically on the interactions between two books. He was however not entirely alone, as the presence of a peculiar soul that he was quite familiar with lingered around. He however was comfortable with "her" being there and he often regarded her as his best friend.

"You'll never meet your special someone if all you do is read, ya know." And there it was again. That annoying noise, that would not, no, it simply could not leave him alone. The voice of that spirit, that of his very own blade - Suzume. "I do not need the relationship advice of a Zanpakutō" he noted, closing his book just as he finished talking. He was certain that his peaceful reading was over as he'd opened Pandora's box. Sure enough, the bickering of Suzume would rattle his thoughts ruining any and all chances of continuing to read. He would relocate himself, free-falling from the branch until he landing feet first on the dancing grass beneath him.

Only one noise would pierce the incessant nagging of Suzume, and the was the low rumble of Nishi's stomach. He was favored today however, as a small sweets shop just before him offered the finest and perhaps his favorite delicacy - the beloved dango. Approaching it, the shopkeep would notice the shinigami as one of his most frequent customers. With a slight nod between the two, Nishigawa would take a seat at the bench just outside the shop. Waiting, and watching the birds as they flew freely in the sky.

#2 Re: Awkward Silence. [Closed] on Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:07 pm

Mizuko smiled as she left the barracks of the 7th Division. It was not often that she was able to get out and was happy to do so. She knew that her free time was far a few between due to her working so hard and keeping things running the way she did. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She then began to walk slowly around. She looked up at times and, at one point, she stopped just to look at the clouds. It was a nice day outside.

After a short while she felt the need for something sweet. She reached into her bag and noticed a large lack of sweets. She was shocked. She never let her in bag sweets get so low, much less be gone completely. ”Guess I’ll have to buy more sweets for my bag. I better do that while I’m out today.”

She pulled her hand out of her bag and looked around. It was then she saw the sweet shop not far off. She walked toward it only to be surprised by someone jumping out of the tree. She stood in shock for a moment, wondering where the other person had come from. She had no real time to think as the person headed to the sweet shop and sat down at a bench outside the shop. Curious as to what just happened, she walked over to the Shinigami male that appeared before her just moments before. Once she was standing before him she nodded to him politely. She then said, ”Seems you know this place. It’s my first time here and my sweet tooth is really killing me. I need some sweets. Any recommendations?” She looked to him to see if he would reply.

(don't be scared. it's me, Pallas. This is just my other account that I use when I post as Mizuko. Enjoy.)
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