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#1 Simetria Organization on Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:32 pm



Simetria Organization

This topic will be in official use once the plot for the Arrancar has begun.


The purpose of Simetria deals with becoming a form of government for the Hollow/Arrancar race. This means that that they will be dealing with Arrancar and other considered-deadly Hollow who leave Hueco Mundo. They also handle issues regarding those of other races who enter Hueco Mundo. Each number represents a governmental function. These functions will be explained in detail under each of the numbers. All leaders must have a minimum tier of 2-3 in order to keep control of their roles. While many may believe that such an organization would be impossible considering the nature of Hollows, it is for that reason that it becomes necessary to weed out the weak-minded who could not handle such odd commitments.












Numeros Legion

Exequias Squadron

#2 Re: Simetria Organization on Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:01 am

Erida Seika

Eden Alexandria wrote:

Okay, I shall keep this brief and to the point. Yesterday, several members who had Arrancar characters including me had a discussion regarding the creation of the Espada organization. We decided upon a new name that will take the place of "Espada." The reason for this change is that, as of right now, the Espada organization never existed (due to the reboot, this was one such reset). Another reason for this change is due to the amount of positions that comprise it. In this new organization called, "Simetria," there are 11 positions in total from 0-10. The third big reason for this change is the directive of the organization as a whole. This new organization will become an actual governmental organization similar to the Gotei 13, only it will be for the Hollow race (or Arrancar). All of this will happen IC, during the course of the Hollow/Arrancar race plot. Once this organization is founded, this topic /* This is a link */ will become officially open for members to sign up for Fraccion positions, since all 0-10 positions will be temporarily filled by NPC's so that members may gain their desired position IC.

That is all for this announcement.

Eden Alexandria

Just reminding everyone of what is agreed and what's not. There is no espada.

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