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on Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:30 am


Chiba sighed as she walked around the Seireitei with a bored expression. This was often the case with her when she was walking to her next activity or mission. The Shinigami wished she could take on more missions that had more to do with exterminating Hollows or dealing with renegades. However she had to settle with sparring when not on missions. This preference for fighting was mostly due to her view of becoming stronger so she can protect others more efficiently.

The one thing she regretted about it was that it often led her to be bored, like now, when she had actual down time. She wanted to spar with someone but the other Shinigami that she passed seemed too busy or too lazy to agree to it. Chiba then sighed once more as she wondered if she will have to return to the division barracks and just listen to music her whole down time. While it wasn't a bad idea though the woman had a preference for training over just sitting around. More of her fellow Shinigami passed by and seemed to be on an important task.

This has led to a long sigh from the normally cheerful and outgoing Chiba. Then, as if to make matters worse then they were since some clouds had apparently swooped over from nowhere and were black as night, the rain had started to fall. While she enjoyed a good drizzle from time to time but this rain was more of a shower since they fell harshly against her and her uniform. The now lone shinigami was soaked and annoyed now that any chance of sparring had probably just been washed away with the rain. Since it would probably be impossible to find a sparring partner now, the young appearing woman turned around to wander back to the barracks where she dwelled.


on Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:48 am


a training mission? this was weird. usually they would ask someone from one of the other squads to lead something like this. or at least someone from their own squad. instead, Daemon from 4th squad had been chosen to lead a training mission for someone from the 13th squad. he was walking past the barracks when he noticed a girl who was as soaked by the rain as he was walking towards him. he called out to get her attention. "hello! are you Chiba? i'm Daemon, i'm supposed to be training you today!" he walked towards the girl to make sure he wasn't making a total fool of himself. as he got closer he noticed the squad 13 symbol on her arm. this had to be her right? "your captain asked me to hand you this letter explaining the training."


on Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:11 pm


Chiba was about to just let herself fall into a rut of despair when she heard a voice. The young woman looked up and saw a man approach. She looked him over while he came closer to her. She stared at his eyes, which were a deep green, while he continued with his introduction. She had immediately cheered up when she learned that he was there to train with her. Then she looked at the letter the man presented and took it. "Yes, I'm Chiba. Pleased to meet you Daemon." She said politely while opening and reading the letter on it's contents. She would then quickly skim through it before handing it to Daemon again.


on Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:48 pm


"excellent.  we have a Dangai waiting for us, if you're ready to go."  Daemon led the way to the Dangai's opening and through it to Earth.  as he passed through, he could feel his power ebb as the reiatsu seal was placed upon him.  it would severly limit his power so that he wouldn't cause any undo harm to the human world.  it felt pretty weird, he had never felt something actively drain his reiatsu before, and he wasn't sure he liked it.  nonetheless, he continued on.  they landed somewhere in Kyoto, near a power plant where hollows were known to frequent.  from there, they headed underground into the dimly lit sewers.

"the training is simple.  i'm going to let off some Reiatsu to call in some hollows, and you are going to kill them.  i won't be fighting, so make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew.  the training will last 2 hours, or until i stop the fighting.  take what time you get in between hollow attacks to rest.  you'll need it."  Daemon didn't know anything about Chiba.  he didn't know her fighting style, or her general personality, or even if she preferred her right or left side.  but something about her gave him confidence that she could do it.  it was tough training to be sure.  2 full hours of hollow attacks would strain even the strongest fighter.  but, he would be controlling the general level of hollow that she would fight by letting off a very specific amount of reiatsu.  normally letting off such a low amount of reiatsu constantly would be hard, but the reiatsu seal surprisingly made it easier.

Daemon waited for her to get prepared and then began letting off pulses of reiatsu.  this would attract Hollows from the surrounding area into the sewers.  it didn't take long.

three hollows entered the sewer almost immediately.  the first looked like a fox's head with a snakes body.  the second was small and gremlin-like, and the third was, for lack of a better term, a fuzzy pink star.  they launched themselves at Chiba.  the gremlin running straight in in a low stance, attempting to grapple her legs.  the fox came in from the side, elongating it's jaw in an attempt to bite through her shoulder.  the fuzzy pink star stood there, unmoving.  it looked past Chiba right at Daemon.  it stared into his eyes, and then disappeared.


on Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:08 pm


Chiba followed Daemon as he lead the way. She knew he was quite strong if her captain had selected him to train her or that the thirteenth captain was concerned about her safety. Either she didn't let it bother her much as they left for the world of the living. Once they had gotten to the underground level of the place and stopped was when Chiba really started paying attention to her trainer and what he said. Once it was clear that she would be fighting Hollows was when she started to grin wide with glee.

To Chiba the greatest joy was when she risked her life in battle. However when the hollows appeared she drew her zanpakuto with her right hand. As two of them charged she debated what to do for a moment but soon embraced a rage that she felt before. She saw the gremlin and fox hollows coming at her when she had instinctively ducked low and went forward. She saw the fox barely miss her as she brought her zanpakuto down straight towards the gremlin looking one. She was aiming to slice the lower beast straight in half while in descent she would then charge reiatsu into the tip of her fingers on her left hand and point to the fox one that just missed her and shouted, "Bakudo number one, Sai!" in an attempt to cast a Kidou on the monster.


on Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:49 pm


the gremlin Hollow screamed as Chiba's blade passed through it, killing it instantly. meanwhile, the fox Hollow passed over her and began to turn around to strike again. from the corner of its eye it saw Chiba activate the Sai spell. it flinched, but soon realized that it wasn't affected because it didn't have arms. taking this advantage, it streaked towards Chiba. it brought it's tail up over its head in an attempt to slam it down on top of her.

from the opening of the tunnel more hollows streamed in. most of them weaker than the gremlin she had just killed, but one in particular stood out as being significantly stronger. the Hollow towered over the rest, almost not fitting into the tunnel at all. it had claws like that of a raptor and the head of a hammerhead shark. it slithered on four grotesque tentacles towards the combatant screaming, Kill her! Kill the Shinigami! it spoke in a raspy voice that still shook the sewer walls with its power. as it approached Chiba it attempted to grasp her with its claws to tear her apart.

from farther back in the tunnel a short pained sound could be heard. suddenly a huge Reiatsu filled the room. but it wasn't the Reiatsu of a Shinigami, nor was it quite the Reiatsu of a Hollow. it was something in between, something that felt like thick smog on the skin, and poison in the lungs. it stretched out through the rest of the tunnel, making the other Hollows go mad with power. not just their attitude changed however, their bodies seemed to get even bigger and stronger than before. like a wave, they flowed and surrounded Chiba, forming a sort of wall of Hollows to prevent her escape.


on Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:48 am


Chiba relished the death of the gremlin but soon turned around to focus on the fox hollow. The shinigami smiled wide as she ran forward towards the enemy. She brought the blade of weapon up diagonally while it's ail made contact with her left shoulder. She spun around but was able to keep herself from falling while the Zanpakuto blade sliced through the animal like creature. She then turned her attention towards the hollows that had been entering into the tunnel.

She heard one of them speak of killing her. She was able to identify it since it was towering the others with just sheer size. She jumped back as it's claws came at her though she wasn't as fast s she'd thought she was. It was proven to her when the claws barely connected though they tore slightly into her left side. She placed her hand on the wound and then looked at the blood on her hand. She felt the pain and tensed as she wondered how bad it looked though the pain he felt suggested it was a decent ash at least.

"Well, this is going to ruin my day. Cut by some Hollow. Let me show you what happens." The female Shinigami said as she started to glare at it. She held her zanpakuto forward to the larger creature as they all surrounded her. She quickly looked around her at all the hollows before she started to speak, "Bloom in the frozen wasteland, Fuyu no Hnana. As soon as she finished speaking was when she released her shikai.

The blade was longer now as well as a solid ice blue while the tsuba became larger and solid ice. The handle grew as well from it's default length while it turned purple while he white wrap stayed. She then smiled widely while staring a the tall hollow. She then charged directly toward it with a hand on her side while they all seemed to grow bigger and stronger. She paid no attention to the change however as she was bent on destroying the one that wounded her.


on Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:41 pm


the large Hollow roared as it charged in as well. it didn't seem to notice the change in Chiba's blade, although some of the other smaller Hollows seemed to shrink back in fear. it jumped up and spread its tentacles over a wide area attempting to trap Chiba.

meanwhile, the other hollows began to do something strange. they were so densely packed into the tunnel that they began to merge together. the shape was something out of a nightmare. limbs and masks covered an otherwise amorphous mass of Hollow flesh, that writhed with potential unmet. to the academic, it would seem that there weren't enough Hollows to form a full Gillian. instead, each form retained its own consciousness and fought to wrest control from the others.

from the back of the tunnel, the pulses of Reiatsu continued to increse in frequency. something was wrong. no one supervising a training would ever let it get to this point. Daemon should have stopped the training by now. instead, the Hollows were being allowed to coalesce and transform into what was surely soon to be a Menos Grande.

Finally, to make matters worse, there was some kind of powerful Reiatsu in the distance. and it was coming closer.

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