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#1 Footsteps on the Sand - PRIVATE on Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:35 pm

Erida Seika

A warm, smooth wind blow through the white sand, silently the crescent moon was sneaking to the blank night sky, slowly it rose above everything. One by one, the stars were ignited, and they rose alongside the crescent moon of the white-sanded desert. The silence had fallen over the land of endless desert, only the quiet jeremiad of hollows would be heard from distance, where they sang for their fallen comrades. On the moment, when the moon was truly crescent, the northern section of desert celebrated the day of memorials, and set bonfires around the wasteland of northern sand as a tribute for those, who had died before them. A small hollow did so too.

There was footsteps on the sand, a few of little paw prints, behind him. A small dog was sitting in the white sand and staring at the bonfire, anger in his eyes, while he licked his front paws to get rid of the blood in them. He quickly glanced around him, seeing if any hollow survived from his wrath, just to get see the destruction, that surrounded the bonfire. The victims of his attack were torn apart and mauled all over their bodies, and their blood had covered most of the white sand near the large fire; they had experienced a painful, yet a quick death, when they had encountered this tiny puppy. But there he sat angry, because he had met those hollows again - that he had walked into the place, where those, whom had killed his master, were having a celebration. The tiny dog had felt the pleasure of watching them die and eating their souls, but he was not glad for killing them, even though they were murderers and heartless monsters. The act of avenging itself was like heaven to him; something, that he had waited for so long, and what he had sought many times, was the only thing, that could feel that good. Underneath the colours of the moon, a tear fell from the hole, that acted as his eye, of his hollow mask, to the ground covered in blood.

The puppy turned away from bonfire, and howled loudly to his deceased master, and let the sound echo in the desert. "My tribute to you, master." The whisper came from the mouth of his, and he lifted his head towards the sky, to see the crescent moon, imagining the mask of his master in place of moon. "Now I am ready to let you go." Another tear fell to the ground, and another one followed it, until the small dog started to cry. He was not ready, and anybody, who would be there would see it. The memory of his master's final wish came to his mind as a flashback; he wanted the puppy to find a new master. The small dog fell to the ground, tears flowing in the surface of his mask. "I, Perro, will fulfill master's last wish, if he really wants so!" He remembered the last words of his to his master, and the promise he had made his stomach hurt; how would he find a new master, and how would he learn to serve and love the new master, like he had the old master.

He stood up, and rubbed the tears off his mask with his front paw. He would just have to figure it out.
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#2 Re: Footsteps on the Sand - PRIVATE on Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:09 pm


Another night in Hueco Mundo, I walked alone through the endless sands and took in the silence. Something about the silence was comforting when there was much on my mind, especially when it induced stress I neither needed nor wanted. The climate was just a tiny bit warmer than usual, and I couldn't help but wonder why. The climate was never warm in Hueco Mundo unless a fire was lit, which led me to believe there was some sort of fire in the general vicinity of where I was. Curiosity steering my steps, I edged myself steadily closer to the source of the warmer climate. Perhaps it would turn out to be something worthwhile.

However, after taking a few steps, I stopped and questioned why exactly I was curious about something like this. Was I really so bored that I decided to search out a source of increased humidity in the middle of Hueco Mundo where barren trees didn't even exist? Being honest with myself, I came to the conclusion that this was at least half the motivation for it. At the same time, I was indeed curious. Why would a fire be started here? Were there outsiders traversing these lands? That was a slim possibility, but really who would want to come to this place...seriously. There was nothing to explore unless one was some sort of scientist looking to take samples of the reishi in the sand. Only residents of this land could truly appreciate the atmosphere this place had. Wild and peaceful mixed together.

After deciding to pursue my curiosity, I began walking at a steady pace yet again in the direction of where I was starting to feel slightly more humidity. It seems I'm not as far away from the source as I thought I was. After a few minutes, I began to smell the scent of ash and burning flesh. Was something's or someone's body being burned on a pyre? Things just got a bit more interesting, as I started to get more and more clues as to the cause of the source of heat. Then I heard a loud howl coming from the direction in which I was headed. A dog? What's a dog doing way out here? As I thought this, I finally began to see a fire in the distance while the howl continued to echo throughout the area. It sounds like the howl of a dog who has lost its owner. Curiosity continued to poke me in the chest as I walked toward the large fire, hoping that my curiosity would be sated once I reached the source ahead of me.

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