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on Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:21 am



Anyone can jump in! Signing up in the RP request is unnecessary. This is a harmless thread... with a plot!


Yuki Seika ;; 3-2 ;; Arrancar ;; Female    

Prowling. Hunting. Stalking. Creeping. Ever on the move.

That was the life of a hollow. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Live or die. Even into the days of an Arrancar, Yuki followed this circle of life. Hollows. Shinigami. Humans. Souls. All the rest. They were all nothing but breakfast, lunch, and dinner to a hollow such as Yuki Seika. Arrancar were naught but hollows that were fully evolved and at an ultimate power and level. The rather young spiritual entity wasn't finished yet though.

Foot before foot in a straight line, she kept her azure gaze focused on the horizon, but her senses open to every surrounding. Yuki had a somewhat negative habit of allowing her reiatsu to leak everywhere, and did nothing to contain it. This wasn't about hiding, secrecy, or privacy. Seika was proud of her power, and was going to wear it like a badge, even if it killed her. By this, it would attract worthy opponents to her. If she didn't like the opponent? That was simple. Run, but don't hide. This was how Yuki Seika operated. If the prey wasn't worth it, and if she would have serious 'side-effects', the Arrancar simply would run away. Call her a coward, but she could care less.

The usually green hills were dull this time of year from the chilly winds and approaching winter. However, the cold didn't bother her in any way. Neither did heat, for some reason. Was it her continuous coating in her own erratic spiritual pressure, or simply ignorance?

Either way, Yuki was ready for something entertaining. Hueco Mundo was drab, dim, and boring, which drove her all the way to the European hills. However, after entering this region, a feeling of sorts came upon the Arrancar. The feeling of chains binding her powers and means of fighting. The bonds were not on her, but definitely on Raposa, her zanpakutou. Why? Gazing down at her hands, which black claws replaced fingernails she gazed off into the gray distance and aimed a strike into thin air. ”Hu shenzhao!” she said quickly, swiping her clawed hand through the air and releasing five even slices of cutting reiatsu. Or at least, that was what was supposed to happen. Her technique, Hu Shenzhao, usually was a rather destructive and dangerous power, but she could not use her personal powers here.

What was this sorcery?

Angry with the thought of an enchantment being cast over her, Yuki Seika pulled out Toketsu-en, her blade, and attempted to release her zanpakutou. ”Steal, Raposa!”
Again, nothing happened.

Placing the deadly chisa katana back in its sheath, Yuki glanced around warily. It was obvious this place was not of natural sorts. She was completely exposed out here with only her knowledge of martial arts as her self-defense. If she was lucky, anyone in this area had this problem.
Unless, of course, it was simply her. The arrancar slowly concealed her reiatsu, hoping to bring little to no attention to herself. Strange events were unfolding. And she knew right then and there, she wasn’t alone.

Muse;; 6/10
Word Count;; about 500
Tags;; Yuki, Kyusen, spell, Raposa, arrancar
OOC;; rushed D: first time roleplaying in weeks.

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on Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:18 am


The biting chill of the winter winds which swept across the cold hills made Sada feel for the umpteenth time rather grateful that she had brought along a thick cloak which she could put on over her  usual scanty uniform. As the young female Shinigami's eyes swept across the hills, which some months ago would have been covered with thriving greenery, but were now covered with grasses trying not to die with the onslaught of winter, she contemplated the reason for her coming to Europe from Soul Society. It wasn't as if she really liked it or anything, but being a soldier simply meant one had to take orders, whether one liked them or not. It was a matter of some nameless patrol Shinigami coming across a spot that contained an anomaly in the human world. Having filled out some paperwork that detailed his experience in the area, it did appear to be a curious irregularity indeed. This had prompted the top dogs of Seireitei to begin commissioning research expeditions to examine the matter. And since the Shinigami who had documented the anomaly had referred to a strange effect in the area as preventing him from manipulating his reiatsu, among the many organizations attempting to tackle the case, two major organizations in Seireitei that had been given the green light to begin action were the 12th, in charge of research and development, and the almost autonomous Kidou Corps, which was involved simply because the members of this unit had a particularly great knack for using kidou, and as such, they were expected to understand the workings of reiatsu, and perhaps serve as advisors to the other teams on the field.

Of course, being one of the highest ranked members of the Corps (with the Kidou Corps Commander having run off again or something; needless to say, he had conveniently made himself scarce, and Sada had the brunt of the work on her head), Sada was saddled with the responsibility of leading the kidou-related researchers onto the field. And her retinue involved a staggering number of people: one. Of course, that one was Sada herself. Resisting the urge to let out a groan, the blue-haired Shinigami took a final look at the closing Senkaimon behind her, wishing she was one of the people who manned the gates. Well, based on the fact that Seireitei was practically understaffed, Sada couldn't have any other Kidou Corps members follow her. It was just as well. Having to work with less skilled individuals could mean having to defend them if some serious threat came up, so maybe working alone would just be cool. As Sada tried to focus on the positive aspects of the mission, she wondered why other Shinigami  had not arrived after her. Whatever the case, she had full rein to begin her investigations, with or without the other Shinigami. She had attempted to keep her reiatsu hidden from the moment she had arrived in Earth, so it would not be easy for a spiritually aware person to detect her. To further help her furtiveness, Sada quietly cast the 'Bending Light' bakudou on herself to cloak her presence. Having made these precautions, the Shinigami female felt it more convenient to begin.

First of all, she would seek to investigate the Arrancar reiatsu she thought she had felt just moments ago. There had definitely been a presence, but after a while, the reiatsu seemed to be cloaked. Sada wondered whether the odd reiatsu-affecting area would have any effect on her bakudou, for her Senkai gate had just dropped her on the border of the area which had been reported about. Taking a step forward, Sada moved into the region of the reiatsu anomaly. She seemed to feel a tingling sensation on her skin, then to her shock, she could perceive that she was visible again. Lifting her right hand, Sada looked with dismay at the smooth skin of her hand, understanding that if she could see herself, others could definitely see her. Which essentially meant that her kidou spell was no longer in effect. That was troubling. Of course, it had been as the report of the patrol Shinigami had said, but Sada had expected the potency of the region to be less powerful. She had assumed that reiatsu manipulation would be hindered, or perhaps the ability to effectively utilize reiatsu would slowly reduce over time. But as soon as Sada had entered the field, it was almost as if she had been stripped of her powers. But she wasn't... or at least she felt so. Sada could feel the reiatsu within her, unrestrained, but when it came to using it, that was where the problem appeared.

Unwilling to accept that she was all but powerless, the Kidou Corps Lieutenant attempted some more low level bakudou and hadou. To her consternation, not even a flicker of light was birthed into existence. It was as if she was some normal spiritually unaware kid who had seen an incantation in a book, thought it sounded cool and quoted it to her friends. Totally devoid of power. Perhaps the issue with this place was that it disallowed power to be released in form of spiritual constructs like kidou. But if that was the case, surely her zanpakutou would be able to release. Then again, releasing could be dangerous because the increase in Sada's spirit pressure would definitely alert the Arrancar who was somewhere in the area. Yet still, it would be best to know her capabilities, and what she would depend on, should she find herself in a pinch. Drawing her sword from its sheath, Sada whispered, "Kagayake, Hotarubi!" Nothing happened. Truth was, as Sada had drawn her weapon, she felt like her zanpakutou was alive, but devoid of power. Worried, Sada attempted to make contact with Hotarubi, her spirit. She succeeded, to her relief. So nothing was wrong with her zanpakutou, except that her power was sealed. After attempting a flash step, Sada finally accepted the fact that she was, for all intents and purposes, a normal (maybe invisible, which would be abnormal) girl.

Then she saw the figure in white just ahead....

[WC: 1023]

on Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:03 am


Yuki Seika ;; 3-2 ;; Arrancar ;; Female    

Ah, a shinigami.

It was only natural that a shinigami would be sent from the seireitei to this godforsaken place. Seika was pissed as it was with being so exposed and powerless. But the question was, did it effect others too? Was she to be helpless against this shinigami, or was the woman's power just the same in this area?

Of course, being the only one here, she was most likely the one to be blamed for this area sealing off power. It wasn't her fault, though. Heck, she didn't have that type of power, but Yuki knew better than to reason with soul reapers. She tried, once or twice, but received the same results. Having the type of power which caused this phenomenon would be cool though...

Perhaps if she located the source of its power, she could have a little fun with it. Maybe the arrancar could steal it, or simply destroy it so this area would be free. But then she would be the hero, and Seika didn't want that. Even if she did, it would likely go unrecognized. However, the Soul Society would know. They seemed to know everything that was going about in this world. They ruled the place, behaving like gods and thinking they new everything. That was the case, and hollows were treated as demons. It wasn't like she cared, though. Yuki knew she was a demon and would get credit for nothing.

Finally deciding to approach the shinigami, her enemy that fate and time had decided against either will, Yuki moved forward with quick strides, unable to use her sonido. For sure the soul reaper knew what was going on, but the arrancar wanted to see if she truly had power or not. It was risky, seeing as if the other party still had power, escape would be futile. She would be at the mercy of Iro Sada, and shinigami slayed hollows and arrancar mercilessly. However, curiosity killed the cat, er, fox, and Seika moved forward nonetheless. In her normal mischievous and haughty attitude, she went ahead and gave a 'greeting'. "Nice day isn't it?" she asked with a sarcastic grin, referring to the gray skies and dead, dry grass all around.

Muse;; 4/10
Word Count;; about 400
Tags;; Yuki Seika, Iro Sada, Kyusen
OOC;; I apologize for the very late reply and low muse. I shall try to do better.

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on Sat Jan 18, 2014 2:54 am


OOC:(Mind if I join in?)(BTW- does this anomaly only affect the outter-appearance of riaetsu? Being that both of you can still feel your riaetsu & talk to your spirits- would it be a stretch to assume that I can still use one of my Ressurection forms? This form affects my physical prowess only through inner-enhancement)

He was not too far away, but being the expert on raietsu manipulation that he was: he seriously doubted if either the human or the shinigami had noticed him. Truth be told, he would have been the most unusual looking spectator in the area: while one was dressed somewhat presumptious(the arrancar) the shinigami was likewise dressed except partially covered from the cold. In contrast, Anamist was in full butler attire.

He pushed his bone glasses further up the bridge of his nose, they could come off if he desired, but otherwise they wouldn't- they were a fundamental part of his being: the part of his mask that remained. He shifted his stance on top of the soft dying grass as he noticed the arrancar & shinigami meet; he seriously doubted a fight wouldn't break out... but then again, neither of them could likely use their powers. His hands absent-mindedly rested on both katanas at his left waist-side; it was indeed a strange sight to behold- seeing any arrancar with two katanas was "supposed" to be impossible. He grinned to himself at the thought of how many times he had explained that both swords were just two sides of the same blade- then again, none of those he explained it to had ever lived to tell about it. Except four people.

He seriously considered revealing his presence right there, while it wasn't in the arrancar's nature to help one another- he had no desire to fight either of them. He wasn't fond of Shinigamis, but he had no personal grudge against them either- he was more wary of arrancars than shinigami, their viciousness could be much more frightening. He was not too concerned however, his physical prowess were enough to give him a fair advantage against either one of them. He as proficient in Iajutsu, a sword skill of instant flash techniques.

So... I wonder what they're talking about... maybe I should get a little closer?

It was risky, but he thought it the wiser choice; being that even himself couldn't release riatsu outside his body- it was wise to assess ones potential opponents carefully. He dashed low across the grass and came up a short distance, hoping to be in the two beings' blind-spots- seeing that they were concerned with the other to notice him.

on Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:53 am



Yuki Seika ;; 3-2 ;; Arrancar ;; Female    

ooc;; I've been wanting to continue this thread. Should we completely take Iro Sada out of it and reboot it, basically? I tried writing a post, but we've already sort of gotten into it... xD Rebooting it?

Word Count;;

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on Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:22 am


OOC:(So I guess we're omitting the posts after Yuki's first post.)

They were here, in the Human World- not for any specific purpose, but partially out of desire to see the world. Anamist was staring up at the human sky and always enjoyed it, the sky wasn't blank and lifeless like even the sky in Hueco Mundo. He had his hands lightly in his vest pockets as he looked upwards, his feet were lax in the soft ground and his posture was straight and true- just like his desire to see the stars n person.

Rui was less like him in that aspect, she stood closely beside him but was very "down to earth" She was his anchor when his perfectionism got in the way of "normal life" as normal of a life as an arrancar could have. She gazed at his up-turned face out of her one eye- she had two eyes, but the other eye was covered by a while medical patch. Her purple eye could see through his "soul" and knew exactly what he was thinking, they shared an unbreakable bond. She tugged lightly on his butler jacket and brought his gaze back down to her. One of the few shining stars left on earth.

Monkey, we should continue our journey... currently we are in a place where we cannot use our powers- we are quite vulnerable.

Monkey That was what she called him when she wanted to tease him, mostly because he wore a monkey suit(butler outfit) It was a name he didn't mind being called, but only by her: he would probably kill anyone else who called him that. He smiled at her, in that way that only they understood. Even so, it was true enough that they were in a terrible circumstance, they couldn't use their powers or even release into their resurrection. he was a master of reiatsu manipulation and he hadn't even noticed it at first, Rui had to point it out to him. He snapped his fingers and tried to make a pair of butter knives appear in his hand, but nothing happened.

I guess you're right, let's continue on and see what s the cause of this enchantment.

Rui wrapped her arms around his left arm and they continued to walk forwards; Anamist's ability to sense reiatsu was still sharp- he had sensed something in this general direction, but it was suppressed now.

on Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:53 pm


Indeed, something much like a curse or a spell had been cast upon him.

Those were exactly the thoughts Selim Khalid, as the immortal child walked on the dead grassland, looking at the cloudy, yet very lovely twilight sky. At first glance, he was a perfectly normal young child, but if somebody would pay attention or would get close enough, they would see the true colors of his - the expression of a beast and the personality of complete sociopath. Behind his innocent shell, there was a vast shadow, darker than the color of black itself, which emitted a malicious energy and made his surrounding to shiver in fear. The shadow had no shape, but it was clearly supernatural, as there was zero sources of light, that could create it - and if there would be one, the shadow had no basic attributes of shadow. That is exactly why Selim was known as "The One, Whom Lurks in the Dark".

Selim felt nothing. No fear of being stripped off these powers, nor that somebody would have cast a kido seal specifically on him. He doubted, that somebody would cast it on him for personal purposes, as he was secretly made by shinigami researchers nine hundred years ago, and if somebody would know about him, they would not go after him, knowing Selim's proficiency in killing people brutally and painfully. Also, due the fact, that he was not a mortal soul and he had no spiritual anatomy, it would take hundreds of tests to figure out, how to seal his powers completely or how to track him. There was no detective power, that could sense him, unless there was visual contact - He had no reishi, reiryoku nor reiatsu inside of his body, so he couldn't be tracked with it, and the supernatural radiation of his was complex for simple individuals to understand, so complex they couldn't even recognize it. Also, he had the ultimate defense against detection of living things; he existed, but he was not alive.

Yet, another question popped to his mind. How did this enchantment then affect him, and what were the ordinary restrictions? And more importantly, if the spell would affect him, could it be, that he was one of the possible targets? Having roughly nine hundred years of experience, he could tell, that he was not the only target, as the spiritual limitation was set on an area. Selim would locate the other victims and the source of spell, and then perhaps learn more about this peculiar ability of source. He was in a mood for adventure, but first, he would have to think about himself and the effects of limitation.

Selim set his blue eyes towards the horizon and activated his ability. His iris slowly changed the color from blue to black and then expanded to cover the whole eye in black. His face turned slightly paler, and a few of blood vessels appeared around his enlarged eyes. The shadow was bend by the simple command, that simply moved it around, but he was unsure if it radiated any energy. He completed a few more tests, and he ended up with a diagnosis.

The area was presumably sealed by an ability or by a kido seal; the area was constantly held together by this force, and so on, it would require a great amount of concentration, unless the creator was really powerful, which would be a real deal problem. The creator could also have a certain person or an object, that bound the spell to the area, to ease the exhaustion and the consumption of energy, that the enchantment surely caused. He was able to project his shadows, but he was unable to radiate supernatural energy, and so were all others in the area, he assumed. However, Selim was able to radiate supernatural pressure around him, but it was so weak, that it could not be used for attacks. His supernatural core, honshitsu, equivalent to reiryoku, had been sealed off, and Selim was unable to use any powers, that his essence gave to him. The atoms of his body were also sealed, so he could not manipulate his own body either, and something suddenly made him think, that too much of his powers were sealed for the spell, and this was because somebody knew about him.

Anger had already filled his eyes, when they returned to normal. Selim would find out, who did this to him, and he would finish the person off for good. Nobody did this kind of thing to him without consequences, and the consequences were a horrible way to die, even though the death caused by his hand was always horrible.

He kept walking, until he saw the figure in the white.

[[OOC: Sorry, this is f**kin' shitty post and it's like a year late. It is so bad, but I don't wanna be skipped Sad((( ]]

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on Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:04 pm



OOC:I know it's a bit too late, well a lot late, but I thought better late than never, so Epizon is jumping in Wink
Dressed in his black casual attire, he headed in a direction he didn’t care where it would lead. He just felt like walking, it was just one of those days where he wanted calm and peace and tranquility. Nothing to do, nothing to get worked up for, just passing away like the sands of time. Nothing was bothering him or anything, it was actually an excuse to walk away and sleep. He just couldn’t put his finger on it, a location where he would end up sleeping without getting disturbed for a while.

His search led him to cold place, the air cold as the winter breeze, blew warning of the spell that enchanted the land. Epizon however, continued to walk in it’s direction, having no idea of the few figures that were already there or were approaching just like him. He just continued to walk in a straight line, as he had been walking for who knows how long ever since he entered the earth.  A member of the 6th squad roaming around in the living world would normally mean an organized attack on some enemy from the gotei 13, but that wasn’t the case. He just happened to disappear from the barracks and end up here, due to his nature for being too lazy, he had attained the delicate art of slipping away from the seiretei, despite all the defenses put in place to prevent such things. His actual goal wasn’t  slacking off though, not this time.

More like he was training, walking and focusing on his reiatsu, getting better at reiatsu control would really prove useful. As he had a natural surplus amount of it, was focusing his reaitsu all around him, controlling it’s shape it’s pressure, while walking. Doing something simple as walking may not need his concentration but it does a part of the brain to focus on the motor control of the limbs, while the rest of his brain was more focused on his reiatsu.

Just as soon as he enters the area enchanted by the spell, he feels a change in his reiatsu. Something was there, it was in the air, it was in the ground, it was in the aura of the land he had just walked in. What was it? He didn’t knew, neither had he come across such a place before in his time as a shinigami. So he had no idea, whether such a place was possible. Cautiously he placed his hand on his zanpakuto, ready to pounce on the slightest possibility of hostility. As it was obvious that such a thing wasn’t a natural occurrence, may be it was something that intended to set up an ambush, or may be it was nothing like that at all.

”I don’t know what’s going on but.. this certainly has my attention now.” He thought to himself, as he continued. Raising his head, he saw those figures that were right there in front of them, now in visible range, they must’ve seen him by now. So he removed his hand from his zanpakuto he didn’t want them to think that he had any hostile intentions.  Casually, he continued to head in the direction he was heading before, in the same manner as before, so as to not appear inconspicuous.

on Sat Mar 22, 2014 6:01 am


Yuki Seika ;; 3-2 ;; Arrancar ;; Female    

Sensing and detecting was getting harder and harder. All she could do was physically see, hear, feel, and smell. Of course, all of Yuki's senses were keen, and especially so as of now. Eyeing with azure orbs a child-like figure not too far away, the Arrancar placed her hand on her zanpakutou. Though it had no voice like a Shinigami's weapon, she still had a sentimental attachment to it. The being before her looked like small-fry, but why would a child be out here all alone? That in itself was a red flag for Seika.

Still, despite whether or not this kid was powerful didn't matter. From what she could tell, no one could use their powers. And a kid even with super-strength couldn't use it. Yuki could easily overpower anyone with her martial arts knowledge and skill, even if she was rusty after many months of not using physical skill. Suddenly allowing her reiatsu to seep freely again, the Arrancar tried to make the kid aware of her presence, if he was spiritually-aware. Even so, if she could use basic skill and he was an average human, Yuki could have a meal on her hands.

Even though an Arrancar now, Seika never wanted to stop evolving. Well, actually she couldn't. It didn't matter if she had gone as far as a Hollow could go and could no longer truly evolve. Yuki was still starving, and hungry for souls of any sort. If her hunger wasn't satisfied, there was the fear of dying of starvation like a weak human, or even regressing, which although quite impossible as an Arrancar, there was still the fear of an Adjuchas.

"You lost, kid?" Yuki called, putting her suspicion that the child was spiritually-aware to the test. What could go wrong? No one could use their powers, at least to her knowledge, and she was fleet of foot even without sonido. Nothing to lose, but maybe something to gain. However, unbeknowest to the Hollow, it wasn't just the two of them.

Location;; Inside the Truce Spell, Northern Hemisphere
Muse;; 5/10
Word Count;; 338
Tags;; Yuki Seika, Kyusen, Selim
OOC;; Sorry for the late reply. x.x My post is also lacking in quality. I shall try to do better.

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on Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:06 pm


The young shinigami, saw the little boy and an arrancar caught in the same predicament as him. He walked right towards them, standing now a few feet from the two. He looked at the two for a little while, trying to understand who it was that had caused such an unnatural and unusual occurrence. ”Greetings.. it looks like we’re caught in a situation, aren’t we?” His manner wasn’t provocative, more like inquisitive. He just wanted to know who had managed to seal off his reiatsu, but he doubted that it would be one among these two, since they didn’t seem to be at ease with the situation either.

To add to the unusual circumstances, a shinigami was caught with an arrancar, what if the arrancar chooses to be unsocial and takes a more hostile and violent approach towards him. He hadn’t ruled the possibility of that happening, but he didn’t intend to show what he was thinking. It would be better to keep his suspicions to himself, and if things came to that, he would have to resort to a simple brute like strategy. Having little experience in hand to hand combat, may be a sword fight would be the best option.

And what was a child doing in a place like this? Was he a possible ally? Was he another foe that Epizon had to keep an eye on? His gaze was more fixated on the arrancar, what if he attacked him on impulse catching him off guard. The shinigami, dressed in his customized black colored shihakusho, had his face covered with it’s hood. So his eyes and half of his face wasn’t visible but he was able to see those in front of him, having mostly dressed this way he was pretty used to looking from under his hood.

For now, it seemed like waiting for their response would be the only best solution the shinigami had. So he waited for what the others had to say, may be despite his doubt the one who had cast such a spell was among them, having some devilish motive at heart or conducting some crazy experiment, either way, waiting was the best policy.

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