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#1 A day off on Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:02 pm


It was a peaceful morning at squad 6 barracks, but that was the problem. A peaceful morning? At squad 6 barracks? How can that be? Does this mean the captain Juni’chi is dead? The squad members hadn’t been shouted at in the morning, something was wrong. The captain wasn’t shouting at them to move and get ready for the daily morning duties that was usually the case. Was the captain sick? Had he gone somewhere? The squad members were confused. Well, not all of them, one of them was very busy doing what he usually did, sleeping. As a precaution, Epizon would wake up early from his move, and move to the branch near the barracks, where he could continue sleeping. So it would take some time for others to find him, but well he had been using it so much everyone knew he would be there. But he still liked sleeping there anyways.

But at this time of the morning, he would normally be falling off of it, after the captain had shouted at em for being lazy and useless and all that stuff that he was usually told he was. That hadn’t happened today, but his eyes opened anyways.”… ah, a peaceful morning.” He turned, facing the barracks, there was something missing, no squad members running around. No hustle and bustle of the morning. And, no shouting? ”…ehhhhh??? Peaceful morning?” The shock made Epizon fall from the branch, it was a good thing he landed on his head, again. He got up, dusting himself, grabbing his head by his left hand, ”oww..”

A squad member came running to him, after noticing that Epizon had fell from the branch of the tree like usual. ”Epizon-Senpai, it’s terrible, you must come quickly!” he came shouting towards him, grabbing his shihakusho, from the sleeve. Epizon was dressed in his usual custom shihakusho, black colored, with that elegant mysterious touch. Though as he was in his own barracks and not on some mission, he wasn’t wearing the hood on his head. Still reeling from the fall, Epizon couldn’t talk straight, but he still did regardless,”wbhat blappened???” Well it’s kinda difficult to talk when you just fell off a tree and then your being pulled against your will.

The squad member brought him to the front of the office. After, his vision completely cleared, and he finished dusting himself, he hadn’t looked at the office door, he turned to the squad member and questioned him, ”What.. what is……. Ehhhhhhh?????” his jaw dropped as his gaze turned to the office door. There was a sign at the door that said, Today is a day off. Get lost and have fun.” at the bottom the sign was signed Juni’chi Nakamura. It appeared that he didn’t like the idea of giving shinigami a day off, but the captain commander had a way of “persuading” him.

After a slight pause, the silence was broken and shouts of “banzai” echoed. A day off? And the captain of squad 6 agreed to it too? Well that was rare. A few squad members began to shed tears of joy, there weren’t going to be the daily tough routine this day. It was going to be off day, they wouldn’t have to go through the rigorous training, no more chores. No more shouting of the captain, indeed it was a slice of heaven. Epizon almost shed a tear too, but before he could. The door of the office, creaked as if it was about to be opened. In their excitement they forgot that the captain would obviously be in his office early in the morning. Before the door could open, everyone who knew how to shunpo, including Epizon, disappeared, right away. While the other’s just ran for their lives, leaving a large dust cloud. Of coarse, they weren’t gonna stand there and get killed or anything. They weren’t that stupid.

Now, as the day was off, Epizon didn’t knew what to do. If you have a bunch of stuff to do, then slacking off is fun, but if you don’t have anything to do and it’s your day off, how can you just spend it by sleeping the whole time. Epizon wasn’t in the mood to train either, it was finally a well deserved day off. But what to do, he just thought of going back to sleep, but it just didn’t had the usual charm to it. ”..sigh, what to do?” He decided to walk around and find someone to hang out with. Hanging out with friends was another luxury that Epizon really enjoyed.

As the squad 6s day was off, it would be natural that every other squad’s day was off. Now, to find someone he would like to hang out with. There was Sada, he had been acquainted with for sometime, but they hadn’t really hung out. It was just a coincidence whether they would end up at the same place or were assigned the same mission, because of their techniques being so compensating of the other. They were a good fighting duo, but why would he just go to the kido corps headquarters to meet Sada. ”What if she took it the wrong way? Even though she’s pretty laid back and all. Pretty informal too, but still, going all the way there JUST to meet her. That’s definitely a red flag. Can’t, I can’t go there. No way, na uh.”

So, heading for the kido corps headquarters for no specific ready was out of the question. What to do now? Well there was Daemon, he had met him once, but then again. That’s not a good enough reason to go there and ask em to hang out either. ”…sigh” he was still caught up in those thoughts, when he heard shouting from behind. As he turned, someone passed really fast right next to him, the speed was fast that it made Epizon spin in a 360 degree angle enough times to make his head spin. He stopped a moment later, grabbing his head, ”what the…?” Then he saw three shinigami, heading his way, the one leading them came to Epizon, asking him, ”did you see him? Where did he go?” Epizon didn’t see who was it or where he went. But why were these guys chasing that guy anyways? Before he could ask them a question, the one standing behind, shouted, ”look, there he is”. And they began running again, in the direction that he pointed. Leaving behind a confused Epizon.

Word count: 1085/1000

[OOC: I’ll add the NPCs later.]

#2 Re: A day off on Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:00 am


The day had begun like a usual Seireitei day; the early morning chill, felt by those who were used to rising and shining early, was still persuading the less 'industrious' Shinigami to attempt to clinch a few more hours of shut eye on their beds. The sun was still a measure over the horizon, and although it was light, it was obvious that the great orb that illuminated the realm of Soul Society had not displayed the full measure of its strength. Needless to say, it didn't take an Einstein to say that the day would be clear and sunny. Some would like to regard the radiation from the sun as oppressive on such a day, but the majority of normal folk would see the weather as a good time to have fun and enjoy life: perhaps go to the beach, or hang out with friends, or take a walk in nature, or even stay cooped up at home reading a book (problem with that option was, it didn't really matter whether it was raining or not, did it?). There was only one problem: Seireitei was not filled with normal people. Essentially that meant the day would be spent doing paperwork, more paperwork, babysitting noobs from the Academy who wanted kidou training, and, if one was lucky, going on an interesting mission.

It wasn't as if Sada considered missions as really interesting. For starters, she wasn't one for unnecessary violence, but bloodletting was a Shinigami's way of life, and as such Sada had to fall in line. So in essence, the blue-haired Shinigami was praying for a lazy day with nothing to do, except maybe slack about as if being on ground in case anything out of the ordinary happened and pretend as if she was dutifully seeing to her tasks. By the time she had cleaned up, dressed and come out of the Vice-Captain's living area (being a high-ranked officer in the Gotei 13 had amazing perks indeed), the sun was high in the sky, mocking the black-clad drudges who had to waste such a wonderful day slaving away while there were so many fun things to do. Carrying a book in hand, which she had muscled out of Seireitei's general library, the young Shinigami female made her way to the general meeting hall of the Kidou Corps building, her mind trying to distract itself from the potential boredom that loomed ahead. Maybe the Commander of the Kidou Corps would do something out of turn today and make things a bit more lively. He was really a handful, that Naresora Shun. But due to the fact that he was of a higher rank than Sada, the Shinigami girl could not but treat him with deference, despite his antics. Although she didn't know much about him, it wasn't difficult to understand that he most likely behaved the way he did in order to hide a great sadness within. Hefting the book she bore under her left arm, Sada pushed the sliding doors of the main hall aside...

...and was greeted with a scenery of near chaos. Her visible vermillion eye widened for a moment as she took it all in, then the young Vice-Captain cleared her throat loudly but daintily. Although she wasn't strict and she valued people being free and informal around her, it was still nice to keep a respectable image sometimes, lest a higher-ranked someone with his "panties in a knot", as Sada liked to describe such people who didn't have a shred of humor or levity, put her in trouble just for the fun of seeing the discomfort on the face of a laidback individual. At the sound, there was a bit of increased decorum, then all the Shinigami in the room crowded round her. "Iro-fukutaichou," they were saying, "have you heard?"

"Heard what?" the girl questioned, placing her book on the nearest table. It was most likely that Captain Naresora had done something mischievous again. One of the Kidou Corps Shinigami pointed at the door of the Captain's office at the end of the hall. Her eyesight being as bad as it was, Sada walked over to the door, not seeing anything wrong with it until she was a couple of meters away. Nevertheless, her keen reiatsu sense had already informed her that there was a piece of parchment pinned to the door. She drew close and couldn't believe her eyes. But being the 'not so emotional' person that she was, the news only elicited a raise of her eyebrows. "Well, ladies and gentlemen," Sada announced, "I'm sure you've all read the notice. And no, it's not a trick from Naresora-taichou; it's got the Soutaichou's signature on it." A notice with the Captain Commander's signature could not be a joke; Sada was sure that even Shun, her captain, would dare to attempt to copy his signature. As the implication of the notice set in and the Kidou Corps began to cheer, Sada announced, "Essentially, we're all to get out there and have fun, so anyone I see in this hall will spend the entire day cleaning the--" A grave silence told the azure-haired girl that she was speaking to the empty room. Although whatever threat she was about to issue would not be taken seriously by members of the Corps, based on the fact that they all knew Sada to be very kindhearted to her colleagues, nobody needed a threat to be out there looking for a way to enjoy themselves. Sada smiled, as she retrieved her book and returned to her quarters.

Moments later, she was out again, without book, or even Shinigami uniform. It was a day off, so Sada was quite uninterested in dressing in uniform. For someone who was notorious for her rather racy dress sense, she was quite modestly dressed today: a simple tank top, jeans pants and running shoes. All the same, wrapped round her right upper arm was her Lieutenant badge; there was no need for someone mistaking her for a low-ranked officer and disrespecting her. And now came the important question: what to do. Sada was considering taking a stroll into Rukongai; it had been long she had done that, when a commotion and the sight of some speedster being chased by three Shinigami caught her eye. While she wasn't interested in whatever they were doing, she saw a familiar face, and friends were always welcome anytime of the day.

"Epizon!" she called out, strolling over to him. "You're still in your official threads," the girl said with a small laugh, looking at his uniform. "Aren't you the serious one? Soooooo, what are you doing today, and what's up with all the people playing 'catch' today?"

WC: 1118

#3 Re: A day off on Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:22 am


Naresora Shun

Moments ago, before the news of an off day broke to the tormented shinigami of squad 6. A certain someone being a captain, had already received the news of an off day and was on his way after making a notice to his squad, to do something “fun”. Heading towards the Squad 12th barracks. Stealing food was interesting too, but why steal food every single time? That wouldn’t be that fun, plus it would be too easy since it was an off day. A few researchers might enjoy the day while continuing there research, so it would be fun to check out some new discoveries or something.

Being a master at shunpo, Shun arrived at the squad 12 barracks, of coarse, yet to be noticed by the shinigami guarding the entrance. He passed by them and entered the barracks. A certain room, where he found so many shiny screens, and computers. It was so interesting, he couldn’t decide what to do, so … after much thought, he began tampering with everything, while using shunpo. It was like a thousand people in there. But, if someone was outside, they would hear, a thousand people, poking keyboards and screens, almost like a thousand” deedee”(from Dexter’s Laboratory), saying “Ooooh what does this button do?”.

After 5 minutes, a little smoke, began coming out of that room. It appeared that after poking the screens he had found some chemicals which he began mixing randomly playing scientist. The captain of squad 12, had already felt his reiatsu inside the barracks, he just didn’t want to waste his time with him. But, when he felt something was wrong, he began to make his way towards that room where Shun was busy having fun.

Before he could reach though, a little explosion echoed in the squad 12 barracks. After which, a figure appeared from outside the room, having the look of a monk, resembling exactly Shun, but this Shun was covered black all over. The explosion must’ve done that to him. Oleg, shouted, someone get him!!

And then, well the chase began. Shun, outrunning most of the poor shinigami who attempted to even get close to him. But of coarse, he would reduce his speed from time to time, just to let them catch up to him. It’s no fun if you just make a clean get away, now is it?

While running from three shinigami that did look more interesting to annoy, Shun ran right pass a guy wearing a slightly different shihakusho, spinning him in a 360 degree rotation a couple of times.
[OOC: Not putting in the second NPC yet, will bring him into the scene later. ]

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