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#1 Person of Interest on Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:29 am


today was rough for Daemon.  in addition to the normal workload of hurt shinigami to heal, and rudimentary chores to do, there was a huge influx of wounded from an attack on rukongai as well.  the details weren't in yet, but many of those injured were covered in an unknown white material.  he had spent the entire day working on these patients, and he honestly couldn't be more tired.  he had used up much of his Reiatsu treating them, and that made him long for his bed.  he was on his way back to his room when he was approached by a subordinate.  "Sir, a report from the team at the 44th district."  this was strange.  why would they be sending him a message?  he wasn't even seated.  nonetheless, he took the note and opened it.

News from the Front

there appears to be some sort of powerful kido at work that is turning the 44th and parts of the neighboring districts into a bone-like substance.  the 4th Squad Captain has requested your presence at the front to help with research into a countermeasure.  Please report immediately.

Daemon just looked at the paper.  "HOLY CRAP." he thought to himself.  this was stunning, it was literally a repeat of what happened back in the 13th district all those years ago.  but what got to him was the fact that his captain knew that HE was the one who caused it.  it was common knowledge that he was the only survivor of that incident, but nobody but himself and the Captain Commander knew the truth.  he must have told the Captain about it when he joined the 4th squad.  but why didn't he let him know that he told the Captain?  surely something that important would be brought to his attention.  but he didn't have the luxury of time to think about this at the moment.

he left soon after getting the letter.  he made his way to the 44th as fast as he could, running endlessly until he got there.  along the way, he searched his mind for Shi no Ishi, looking for some answers.  "as far as you know, am i the only one with this kind of ability?"  he asked.  "is there any other way to do something like this on this big of a scale without your power?"  the black snake responded first, "are you accusing us of something?  i don't think i like your tone..."  the white snake shushed him and then said, "not without very powerful ritual kido.  it might even require living sacrifice."  honestly, he didn't expect that kind of answer from his zanpakuto.  but then again, it was healing based.  technically.  so it should be familiar with various kido.  "so what does this mean?  why would someone want this to happen again?"  this was the only thing that he couldn't figure out.  why would someone go through all that trouble to attack Rukongai?  it didn't make any sense.  both snakes responded then, "i don't know..."

Daemon ran.

Word count: 503

#2 Re: Person of Interest on Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:19 pm

Hikaru woke up that morning just like he did every morning.  The only difference, there seemed to be much more noise than usual.  Hikaru yawned and got up, getting himself ready for the day.  He still was not fully used to being Vice Captain.  He didn’t realize that when he challenged the previous one that he’d actually get the spot.  He polished the badge a bit and the put it on before a knock came to his door.  Shocked, he answered and was told to report to his Captain.    He thanks the messenger and heads to his Captains office.  There he was told to report to the 44th district to investigate an incident there.   Hikaru looks over the notes and then begins to recall a similar incident that happened long ago.  He nods and accepts the assignment.  Before heading over to the 44th district, however, he heads back to his room.  Once there, he packs up a few items he feels he may need.  He also looks over a folder that he always keeps with him regarding something that happened to district 13 many years ago.  He only said one word in regards to it.  ”Bone.  Can it be?  After all this time has something happened to him?  I sure hope not, but if so, I may have to do something I don‘t wanna do.  Please let this be something different.”

No one heard him, of course, but he did want to speak his mind.  Hikaru put the folder away before heading to the 44th district to examine the area.  He took his time, looking over everything.  As he looked everything seemed as familiar as if he was seeing what happened in the 13th district all over again.  He kept shaking his head as he walked around, checking everything out.   Once he had enough information he checked his list to see what squad the person in question was in.  Realizing it was 4th squad that he was on, he approached the Captain of the 4th squad who was there tending to the wounded.  He approached the Captain and advised Lara Dirk of what happened to the 13th district and how it’s similar to what is happening now.  He then requested for Daemon Tetsuyo to come here to help look things over and give Hikaru advice.  He advised Captain Dalk not to let Daemon know who is requesting him.    Once the message was made Hikaru took it from the Captain. He then looks it over and has a member of squad 4 take it to Daemon quickly.  Hikaru then waits with Captain Dirk for Daemon to appear.

After a while it seemed that there was someone running off in the distance.  Hikaru could just make out Daemon’s shape.  He smiled as he waited for Daemon to fully make over to where he and Captain Dirk were standing.

Word count: 476
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