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#1 The Search for The Codex CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:21 am


OOC: My bad. I'm late as always, lol

Thunder and lightning ripped through the sky, cleaving apart the heaven’s in a blinding flash. The sky... It heaved. It pulsed. It shivered in the presence of the last whits, the sparks left to linger. Briskly, the energy fanned out, dissipating into little more than a thin line that withered away replaced with a dazzling green gleam. In it’s presence, the sky had begun to shrink away at every angle. The clear blue tensed and shook, darting off as the brilliant green gave chase. Within the now long, broad strip of green, a wooden frame became visible, lattices of bamboo forming over it soon after, the translucent paper within it bathed in the afterglow. The center of the frame suddenly divided, thick white smoke and rose petals spilling out into the open, scattering into the winds above. And then, a blue frog cloaked in shades of leafy green and flowery pink leapt out from the opening, free falling down into the world below.

After an uneventful fifty foot fall to the surface, his webbed toes found land at last. It was frozen, snowy soil, but land is land, right?. After taking a moment to brush off his shoulders, crack his knuckles, and adjust his collar, he decided to take a look at the world around him. He was treated to the sight of the windswept icy plains, the thousands of horizonless miles lined with graceful white and blue. It was cold… Too cold. Every breath he took in and let out, he could see clearly. Well, that settled it. He had made it to Antarctica. Having confirmed it, he clenched his fists tightly, raising a single arm straight into the air. Not too shabby for his first use of the Senkaimon. A little rough around the edges, sure. Would it have been better if he had managed to create one on ground level? Absolutely.

The rose petals were swept away in the sky after all… Sadly, it meant that the first glorious steps he would take in the region would not be lined in elegance and beauty as they should have been. Being the first frog in Antarctica was crowning achievement. Being the first frog to stay here and survive? Even better; being the first frog shinigami there? Oh now that was a tale worth telling! But oh well. For now he would just settle for allowing his awesomeness fill up the cold, winter wasteland. But why was he here? Truth be told, he wasn’t quite sure of the details. Even thinking about it gave him a headache. Luckily, there were others following behind. One of them was bound to give the boring expository speech to clear all this up nicely.

#2 Re: The Search for The Codex CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:02 am


The job description was the same as most of the others the Vice-Captain of the Kidou Corps had been receiving of late: "tag along, contain the situation if necessary, blah, blah and blah". But today, the mission involved retrieving a particular artifact, so it seemed. While that in itself seemed to be an everyday mission, for Sada it held a special connotation. There had been talk that this item that her team was expected to retrieve had the power to cure the disease that had been ravaging Seireitei, turning its denizens into hollow hybrids. And unknown to everyone in Seireitei, as far as appearances went, the one whose name meant 'pure' was tainted. It was for this reason that she placed special importance on the mission before her. She would ensure that the 'Codex' as it was called, was retrieved no matter the opposition.

For the umpteenth time that day, Sada considered her minimal dressing, trying to figure out whether going as scantily dressed as she was would affect her performance, should a battle arise. Perhaps it would, but then, there was the issue of washing. Sada couldn't stand the activity, so she was in a bit of a dilemma. Which would it be: dare the cold of the Antarctic wastes (which for some 'convenient' reason was where the Codex was located) half-clothed, or wear something to keep the cold out? Well, Shinigami could withstand stuff that the average mortal couldn't, but still, it would be unwise to just assume that the conditions in the icy wastes would be clement enough not to hinder fighting. Making up her mind, Sada selected a long thick grey cloak, wrapped it round her body, and left for the Senkaimon....

Passing through the inter-dimensional portal had the same effect as usual; the tingling on her skin told her she was out of one world and into another. As Sada's feet came to rest on nothingness, she pulsed reiatsu into her soles, standing momentarily on the air. She could feel a strange reiatsu signature below her, Shinigami and something else at the same time. That was probably one of the people assigned on this important mission with her. Cutting off the reiatsu flow, the Shinigami girl plummeted through the cold air, landing on the snow without incident. It was a good thing she had brought the cloak. Before her stood a blue... frog(?) in green and pink garb. It (or was that a he?) stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the greys and whites of the frigid expanse. "Ohayo gozaimasu," Sada called out as she approached, trying to be civil, "are you here on the Codex Retrieval mission?"

#3 Re: The Search for The Codex CLOSED COMPLETED on Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:57 am

Mizuko quickly gathered all she needed for her mission. She had been told by the Captain to accompany the 4th seat of the squad to the frozen land of Antarctica. He figured she could use the experience and knew she was an ice user and might come in handy. She sighed as she finished dressing. She had been out in the snow and ice before and it had not bothered her too much. She dressed in normal clothing but put a cloak in her bag in case she needed. She also made sure to carry enough candy to hopefully last for the full mission. Once she felt she was ready she left and began to look for Hachiro. She looked for sometime before she was told he had already left.

Frustrated by this she quickly headed for the Senkaimon. She passed thorough with no problems and ended up above two people. Having a bit of experience traveling to the human world, she used her reiatsu to remain above as she took in her surroundings. A slight, frigid breeze told her she must be in the right spot. She gently hopped down and landed near what seemed to be a frog and a lady wearing a long, thick, grey cloak. She was glad she packed hers but did not feel the need to bring it out just yet. She arrived just after the lady had spoke. Once settled on the earth she smiled a bit and said, ”Hi guys. I hope I’m in the right spot. I’m meeting with my 4th seat to help him on a mission. Something about my knowing ice moves might help. I don’t know. I’ll do my best to help however.”

She didn’t bother to introduce herself yet and didn’t feel the need to hide her reiatsu as they seemingly were in the middle of nowhere with no one around to notice them. Even though she did not get out much she did want to get this mission done and over with. In her mind she was not the strongest Shinigami and may never be. She was, however, strong enough to be 3rd seat or Vice Captain if she wanted to be. That was the main reason she didn't hide her reiatsu for the most part.

As she thought all of the she was waiting to see if anyone else would show up or if anyone would reply to her.
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#4 Re: The Search for The Codex CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:30 pm


As the team gathered a final senkaimon opened releasing a gentle cloud of mist guided forth by a powerful reiatsu as Captain Hanji of the 7th division stepped out into the freezing cold terrain. "Yooooooooooo!" The reiatsu he was giving off was certainly impressive...but it  didn't seem much higher than a 4th or 3rd seat. A seal on Hanji's power was hidden beneath his uniform in the shape of an Iris on his left breast. But he was well dressed for the occasion with a warm hooded cloak to fend off the wind and biting cold. "Cap'n Hanji's here to lead the show! To retrieve the codex, lets'a go! Unseated Mizuki! Pick up the flow!~" The captain began a ridiculous rap while striking several poses with animated hand movements and he pointed dramatically to the hidden power that was Mizuki. Was this Hanji's way of saying he recognized her strength despite not having a title? Oh god, why did he have to show his respect in such an odd way!? But should Mizuki show even the slightest hesitation, Hanji's eyes would turn into fierce gaze accompanied by a thug-like expression. He would then shout, "Use your words and weave a rhyme or I'll kick your bum into double time!"

Following this unusual demand he would turn to Hachiro with another overly dramatic hand gesture and begin to spout more madness before something catches his eye. "4th seat Hachiro! Drop down a sick bea-....WHAT'S THIS!?" The captain performed a sudden shunpo to Hachiro's sides and places his hands on both the poor childs shoulders. "YOU FOOL!" The old shinigami suddenly headbutts the frogman in the snoz and the points at him before shouting a lesson at the squad member, "Why aren't you wearing warmer clothing!? Didn't you know this mission was taking place in the cold!? Eh!? Ya' fool! Y-...Wait, unless you were...TRAINING!?" The anger on Hanji's face as he berated Hachiro suddenly vanished and his eyes slowly built up with tears. "To think one of my own squad members was so dedicated as to train by using the cold temperatures of the snow! Fear not Hachiro! Your captain shall join you in your noble gesture!" Hanji made a dramatic gesture to the heavens with one hand as the other clutched the warm cloak he'd brought along for the mission. In one great movement Hanji tore away not only he winter gear but also his normal uniform as well leaving himself wearing only a fundoshi. "How's that Hachiro!? Can you walk the same limits as your taichou!?" Clearly there was some huge misunderstanding at some point, but now Hachiro was being beckoned to strip down along side his commander and suffer the harsh cold elements unprotected.

Ability Opporunity for Hachiro:

Among the various species of frogs, some can develope antifreeze in extreme cold to prevent their blood from freezing. Suffer through hypothermia during this thread and find yourself in a life or death situation! If you push your reiatsu to the limit then you can awaken your cells and awaken the genetic code to produce antifreeze.


    Name: Genetic Anti-Freeze
    Effect: This is Hachiro's latent potential as a frogman awakened. Through experiencing extreme cold, his body as adapted to produce Antifreeze allowing him to survive in sub-zero temperatures without complications. He can amplify the effectiveness of this natural talent with reiatsu so long as he as the stamina to keep it up. Ice and cold attacks are less effective against Hachiro unless his antifreeze can be neutralized due to sustaining severe damage.

This is an example of an ability you could obtain!

Finally, Hanji spun around 360 before spotting Iro, the support from the Kidou Corps. He pivoted and flashstepped again. With a swish he was at her side smiling with a bit of a bow, but it was clear that his perverted gaze was fixated on her bosom and not her face, "You must be the kidou specialist sent to help out. We were ordered to obtain an artifact known as the codex in hopes that it might find an answer to the illness that has been claiming many shinigami lives."

He finally looked to her face but he was blushing and had a slight nose bleed at this point. Despite treating a non-member of the 7th division more like a normal person, he couldn't help but fawn over a beautiful girl when he saw one. But thankfully he was able to give a straight briefing which Hachiro and Mizuki would be able to hear. "We know its guarded, but other than that we are more or less in the dark. We don't even really know which direction from here it is. But Huge Hollows are known to show up in this area from time to time and many hollows fight each other here in a battle for survival. How does the 4th seat want to proceed?"

Hanji turned with a raised eyebrow as he put the pressure on Hachiro to put forth a suggestion on what the whole group should do next.
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#5 Re: The Search for The Codex CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:02 am



the snowstorm was in full swing as a gate, black as night, opened onto the frozen wastes. a lone figure stepped from the darkness and put first one foot, then another onto the ice below. the garganta snapped shut behind him with a clap like thunder, and echoed across the mountains of ice. the figure was a stark black against the pale white of the ice an snow, with red marks covering his body. he wore nothing, despite the bitter cold. although, it would seem to an observer that the frigid temperature didn't faze him. this was Karasu. a vasto lorde that controlled a decent sized region of the white sands of Hueco Mundo. he was here looking for an item. a special artifact called the Codex. it had nearly infinite information on all subjects, and would be a valuable tool if he was ever going to take control of the great prize that was Las Noches. it was a brilliant structure, worthy only of someone of his strength. but he knew that without the right plan of attack, it could never be his. that was why he needed the Codex. it alone could give him the perfect assault plan, and information on every foe he would face. their fears, their weaknesses, they would all be his to control and manipulate.

despite his own lack of Reiatsu, he was still able to pick up on the signals of others in the region. he calmed his mind and searched, finding two collections of reiatsu. he only had a general direction, and he could not tell the strength, but who could possibly confront HIM? he picked a cluster and began to walk towards it, dragging his blades in the snow behind him.

Skinny the Penguin

today was a day like any other for Skinny. it was the premating season and he was looking for a wife. he had tried most of the available women at this point though, so his only option was to go farther out from the homestead in search of a loner. this time, he thought he must have wandered too far however, as standing in front of him were three gigantic penguins with strange colors, and something that looked like a fish with legs instead of fins. they hadn't seemed to have noticed him yet, and for the moment he was happy that way. suddenly, one of the penguins ripped of his skin, revealing a pale underbelly! what was he thinking? doing something like that out here was akin to suicide! and, you know, ripping off your skin tended to kill you anyways. but this one seemed to be perfectly fine! it was at this point that he decided he needed to investigate. he walked forwards towards these strange and humongous figures and said (in what he would soon discover was perfect japanese instead of penguin-speak), "who are you guys? i haven't seen you around here before."

OOC: skinny, as well as the rest of his clan of penguins, have been affected by the Codex from overexposure to its reiatsu, and that's why they can talk.

OOC: Karasu will arrive at his destination in 3 posts.

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