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#1 Yuki Akies [finished!] on Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:57 am

Who are you?

Yuki Akies アキエスゆき

To be earned


Age of Appearance:


Vizard. Identifies as Shinigami.

Character Alignment:
Apathetic Neutral

Reiatsu Color:

At first glance, Yuki appears fragile and dainty to most, with an overall thin and lanky build. On second glance though, one will notice the strong arms and legs and well-groomed body of this girl. One could say her build is athletic, what could be seen out of a dancer or swimmer. Holding herself up straight, Akies is of medium height and stature, with an almost majestic posture when walking, sitting, and even fighting. Yuki keeps herself in such a way that anyone at any number of glances could use the word 'graceful'. In skin tone, this Shinigami is rather pale compared to most of the Asian ethnic group appearances, and is flawless on the outside.

Though having appeared extremely identical and maybe even the twin of her younger sister, Yuki actually has grown out of that appearance and into a much different one. She has grown out her hair to at least middle or lower-back length, and it has tinted to that of a dark violet, lavender and black color rather than the dark blue and navy color of her sister. Her hair itself is thin overall, and Akies often is seen wearing a black silk headband in it to keep the flowing locks out of her face. It is normally worn down, but Yuki can be often seen brushing the end parts back in a moderately fast gesture.

Optics appear like a deep pool of rich purple and dark violet, yet portray no emotion and a reserved demeanor. They seem straightforward and focused, betraying no signs of anything but the ever-so-rare surprise or delight in something. Yuki has high cheekbones, giving her face a supported and strong appearance, which support her reserved and oftentimes also intimidating manner and feeling upon first glance. This contrasts from her sister's mischievous and sassy demeanor, helping to make her the perfect rival and opposite for the Seika sisters. All in all, Yuki Seika is very well put-together and pleasing to the eye in appearances and looks with a sturdy and dainty build, quiet demeanor, and overall uniqueness upon presentation.

Yuki Akies can usually be found wearing her standard shihakusho that most Soul Reapers can be found wearing. It includes a white shitagi, a black kosode and hakama, along with a white hakama-hido and silky tabi. However, instead of wearing waraji, Akies prefers simple black toms or shoes, even if they are worn over tabi instead of casual socks. When wearing her Shinigami uniform, she also wears a dark lavender ribbon around her nape that ties loosely in the front, along with the black headband she can always be found wearing.

When not wearing her shihakusho, Yuki is wearing her favorite getup. One may ask again, "nan desu ka?". Well, think purple. Actually, lavender to be precise. Akies prefers to wear a short dress with three-quarter length sleeves. The main part of the dress is white, but has lavender on the main skirt and collar. She wears a long-sleeved shirt under the dress which pokes out the top as another black collar, and completely covers her arm after poking out of the original sleeves, making her wrist area appear black. Yuki continues to wear the dark purple ribbon from her Shinigami uniform, but also has a long ribbon tied into a bow on her dorsal side. This bow has two long 'tails' that stick out and seem to move freely.

Along with this lovely dress, Akies wears long black leggings or tights underneath it. that are shear in diamond-shapes on the outside of her legs. The shoes that go along with this outfit are similar to the ones she wears with her shihakusho, but have a slight one-inch heel on them, making her appear taller than her average size. Yuki prefers to wear this rather than her shihakusho, and can be seen wearing it more frequently for as long as she can get away with it under Gotei 13 standards.


There are many words to describe such a character, just as with anyone. With this one person, there too are words, but maybe not the words you would expect on appearances. Why? It must simply be because Yuki Akies is an individual, with much taking up the fact of a personality. However, breaking down this person in words may be the best way to sort her out through and through.

A good word to use to describe Yuki would be reserved. It may or may not be obvious how she got this way, but it is common knowledge and definitely one of the best-known things about Yuki. Her words are normally quiet, and she rarely, if never, opens up to anyone. But one thing that goes along with this is the fact that she uses empty words with others, or so they seem. Akies rarely opens her mouth without something that is purposeful to say. And to those around her, she can come off as quite hard to read with her demeanor and such words and actions that are hard to perceive.

However, despite the fact that she is reserved, Yuki can play a good actor. She has become a professional at masking her feelings and emotions, and normally the only ones who can break through to know her completely are her zanpakutou. When in other settings, Akies could appear lively and happy though not care what is going on, or perhaps shy and self-conscious, even if she has at least a normal self-esteem. If she was hard to break and understand at first, this can only make the matter more difficult, but helps her in allowing herself to get close or trust anyone. Really, the only way she could trust someone was if they too could break through her mental shields and sympathize, though it will not be happening while she has a goal in mind.

Maybe we should move on from this and take a side-turn. Yuki has a very keen sense of justice, to put it short. She believes in goodness overall, but won’t be afraid to take a side-turn if it so requires. When they say one cannot run from justice, Akies helps reinforce that, discriminating against those who let things slide too easily. Although not one for following the rules herself, this Shinigami can be rather keen on making sure both she and others take responsibility for their actions, and one can expect a random outburst if it goes against this, no matter how quiet she may seem. However, this in itself delves deeper to bring up another trait that belongs to Akies.

Stubbornness. It obviously runs in the family, but Yuki’s tougher side can definitely be described with this. Just as when she feels something needs to be justified, or in any case really, this Shinigami’s stubborn and thick-headed traits show. Though Akies commands this trait and limits it fiercely, she knows good and well when she needs to put her foot down and not budge. This can be exercised rather often, in fact, especially when something straight-forwardly affects her. That or she could just be marked off as stubborn, but either way she doesn’t do so carelessly and liberally. It goes along with her sense of justice, most likely, and the two traits find a relationship as both refer back to the other, creating a cause-and-effect relationship with her emotions and choices.

To move off of those two coinciding mental and personality traits, Akies is very mysterious to others. It is not as if she chooses to be this way, but because of her demeanor, her apathetic eyes, her use of seemingly empty words, and her overall personality and quietness, Yuki can be always thought to be mysterious at first and second thought. She is always very hard to read, and can make others feel uncomfortable when catching her mannerisms, demeanor, and simple thoughts. Her movements and actions are both very subtle, and one really cannot completely read her out. They could resolve and understand one side of the coin, then completely forget or miss the other half. All people are like this in a way, but Yuki is especially so.

Along with that brings her coldness into the picture. Think snow and ice, along with a high wind chill factor. Akies can be very cold and seemingly apathetic towards others, just as she refuses to let much emotion filter through to the outside. Her actions and apparent motives toward others can seem heartless and cold, even if she could possibly have warmer meanings behind. Nonetheless, this is a natural trait of Yuki and surprisingly has nothing to do with any of her past. Rather, it could have been a trait melted by love ever so long ago, but that spark of hope is gone. For now, others simply have to deal with her cold, apathetic, and sometimes what looks emotionless behavior.

To tie all these together brings out the next round of personality to throw at one. It doesn’t have something that coincides or relates with it, except for the fact that it wraps everything up and acts as a clincher for the individual known as Yuki Akies. This trait itself is known as honesty. Yuki rarely can bring herself to tell a complete lie. While she may hold back truth and bits and pieces, she still never makes up fantasies or stories unlike some other. In fact, she would rather be punished than have anything such as ‘writing a story’ happen to her, but that may be because she doesn’t put punishment and pain/dishonor in the same category like most. But this fact of honesty also has its downfall, as Akies can be quite brutally honest, not lying for the sake of sparing someone else’s feelings. While most would see this as a positive trait, it is in actuality, a negative one.

To wrap this up, Yuki is reserved, but a good actor and disguiser of emotions, justified and stubborn, and mysterious and cold. In the end it all goes to her honesty though, even if much of her personality is based off of past events. She could quite possibly make the best and truest friend, or the most cruel and deceptive of enemies. However, her range of happiness is somewhere in the middle, where nobody attempts to go or break down to get to her. That could change in time, but so long as she holds onto hope for her dreams, all is lost and unreachable, and nothing will ever change.

• The color purple. Who doesn't have a favorite color? Well, if one was actually reading this bio, they could very easily guess that Yuki's favorite colors includes those of purple hues: lavender, lilac, plum, mauve, violet, amethyst, and all the like.

• Spring time! Anyone who has never once had springtime fever is lying. This time of warmth, yet cool and breezey days are an enjoyed and merry time of many, including Yuki. It is a time of life and slow awakening, yet brings joy after the silent emptiness of winter.

• Power. Now it is getting serious. Like most Shinigami and other spiritual beings, Yuki strives for power and wishes to gain it before she is yet too late to enjoy and lavish it. This power includes status, honor, respect, and the ability to do whatever she wants. In other words, true power.

• Healthy food. The secret is out! Akies is a health-nut like you see around here. She detests food with refined sugar in it and prefers fruits, vegetables, and other food that is healthy.

• Green tea and black tea. Though different, oddly similar. Tea-time appears often from her birthplace in Japan, but it is another pass-time of many Soul Reapers who are on a break. These potent leaves soaked in steaming hot water with a bit of cream or sugar help relax those who drink it. That, or one could simply drink tea plain as soon as it has steeped.

• Night-time! When most souls settle down for the night is when Yuki's creativity peaks and her senses are most alert. It is under the cover of darkness and the stars and feeling the cool breezes of the night when Akies feels best and most at home and free.

• Junk food, naturally. Because it is known that Yuki is a health-nut, it is also quite obvious that she would despise junk food and anything with GMO or refined sugar. Processed foods, candy, chips, and regular snacks are among this list of 'refusal to eat'.

• Hollows and Arrancars are also among detestable things for Yuki, especially Arrancar. Why? It's simple, really. Her sister or 'replacement' is an Arrancar. While most Shinigami naturally hate hollows, Akies' hate goes far deeper than their's ever will.

• Alchohol and 'dem other things that make ya drunk. To use slang or at least put it short, Yuki absolutely despises alchohol, drugs, and anything that can make someone lose control or act like a complete idiot. Not only that, but the taste is far too strong for Akies and all forms of liquor are bitter and disgusting.

• Chai tea. While Yuki lavishes the taste and drinks of green and black tea, chai tea just pushes her buttons, er, taste buds. It is nothing personal against the tea, but everyone has their likes and dislikes even in things so closely related.

• Idiots and those who don't think level-headedly. Yuki has little to absolutely no tolerance for ones who act or think like idiots, picking fights that mean nothing, or thinking and acting without intent or purpose.

• Because of her tragic past and death, along with being 'replaced' by her younger sister, Akies wishes for nothing else but the death of Yuki Seika the Arrancar. She is constantly searching for her sister in her free time, and will stop at nothing until she has drained the life of the one who stole her moments and love.

• Ambition and power can be good things at time, and Yuki wishes to climb the latter to the top of Gotei 13. A secondary dream of Akies' is to become Captain of a Division, namely the Third, but any would do. Parts in this dream are achieving Bankai and vanquishing all who defy or challenge her.

• Humanity again, though impossible. Unlike most Shinigami, Yuki remembers her short past as a human, and wishes she could once again have the freedom and bliss of ignorance, along with the love of a parent and true flesh-and-blood friends. This dream is shared by her sister, but at the same time, both sisters detest and deny their wish, knowing it is the same as weakness.

• Stealth, silence, and patience. Very silent and observant, Akies could make a brooding assassin and spy, able to keep her reiatsu down and her breathing quiet for long periods of time. Being a very patient individual, Yuki can wait on an objective for hours without losing focus. This is an especially useful trait when hunting Hollows.

• Strategizing. Yuki is a very good strategy fighter, relying on wits and intellect over brute force and strength. Her style involves making a quick attack and escape plan on each of her moves, as her attack and offense are weak areas of combat.

• Logical thinker. Akies is very adept at solving puzzles and mysteries, being quick to think and fix problems just using logic and critical thinking. However, her action time is still somewhat lacking despite her efforts. Nonetheless, one doesn't easily trick or trap Yuki. Rather, they fall into one.

Fears & Weaknesses:
• Stubbornness. Yuki is actually very stubborn just like her younger sister. Once she sets her mind to something, or even doesn't, Akies can be known for holding firm to her opinions and never easily swayed. Suppose it is safe to say that the trait of being stubborn definitely runs in the family.

• Finding the right words. Even though she is adept at puzzle-solving, improvisation, and thinking on the spot, using words and voicing things are completely different and harder for Yuki. When caught off guard, it can take a few moments before she gets a reply. Though this is a trait she is aware of and is working on, it shows up every so often.

• No doubt, defeat. The fear of defeat keeps dreams from becoming realities. Yuki fears for her current position, and being defeated as to where she will literally become nothing. She mostly holds onto this fear to keep herself from giving up or despairing before her goal and dream has been granted.

Battle Specs

List of 'Known' Skills:

• Shunpo
• Basic Reiatsu Detection
• *If more need to be added let a Mod/Admin know*

Fighting Style:
Yuki Akies' fighting style is very similar to her sister's. However, she is not as cowardly and has a much greater defense. Just think of it this way: "Hurt your enemy more than they can hurt you."

That is how things roll with this Shinigami. She prefers to fight lightly and on quick feet, but gradually gets more aggressive as the fight goes on. If anything, she prefers her powers and kido over melee or brute force. While she is not good at karate or any martial arts, Yuki still takes pride in being extremely agile and able to defend and strike again very quickly. Her recovery time is very short, and after a few beatings and some pain, Akies is able to stand on both feet and continue. One of the only ways she decides to stop fighting is simply when she can no longer stand.

Flight before fight is always kept in mind, but once Yuki starts a fight, she seldom leaves until the battle has reached its end. However, Akies knows when combat will be futile, and refuses to waste her abilities or life on such, especially with pointless battles. She prefers long range, as most of her Shikai and Kido abilities aim for that, but has a few close-range tricks up her sleeve as well. This makes medium-distance fighting also come very easily. But overall, Yuki is a very featherweight, light fighter with much aggression in battle, but essentially a jack-of-all-trades.

Personal Abilities:

Name: Sumire Itami
Effect: This ability is the odd occurrence that happens whenever Yuki's reiatsu or spiritual energy comes into contact with flesh or any living thing. Nothing particular happens, but touching her violet-colored reiatsu triggers the nerves and pain receptors in someone's body. It effects the receptors to their extreme, resulting in the most agonizing burning sensation. While it cannot do any other damage, the pain is enough to distract someone greatly or make them pass out for a few moments at least. If they already have a medical condition, it can affect that or cause bleeding to someone at least one tier weaker than her.

General Techniques:

Technique Name: Sumire Itami Noshuku
Technique Description: This technique takes Sumire Itami and simply concentrates the lavender reiatsu around her blade or allows to to shoot it in a 'fireball'. The same effects take place. She can also concentrate the Sumire Itami around her body to protect herself from direct attacks from punches, fists, kicks, etc.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The opponent experiences intense pain, semi-blindness, and bleeding.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The opponent experiences intense pain, semi-blindness, and bleeding.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The opponent experiences intense pain and semi-blindness.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The opponent experiences massive pain.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The opponent experiences massive pain.

Technique Name: Saiken
Technique Description: This is a basic technique that Yuki somewhat detests. It enables her to feel everything her sisters, Yuki Seika and Erida Seika, are feeling. This includes pain and sometimes even emotional and mental pain. For now, this technique is locked until she comes into combat with her sisters again, but she will be trying to use it to her advantage, especially against Seika.

Shinigami's Partner

Zanpakuto Name:
ライトストーム -- Raitosutōmu

Zanpakuto Element:
Light and Sound waves and frequencies (electromagnetic spectrum, basically)

Sealed Weapon Appearance:

Spirit Appearance:
Raitosutomu is actually two zanpakuto spirits, one representing light, and the other sound. The one representing sound has his own appearance and name as a person, Ryusuke, or simply Ryu. The spirit representing light appears slightly younger with the name Keiji.

Ryu is a pale, tall figure that appears to be about 19 years of age. He has straight, semi-long, ivory-black hair that can blow freely in the wind. This spirit's eyes are ice-blue as he gives off a cold demeanor, only for one to be surprised by his seemingly happy-go-lucky and raucous behavior. He wears a black jersey and mint-colored bandanna-like scarf around his neck along with boots and long black pants.

Keiji, on the other hand, is the younger-looking spirit, only appearing about the age of a boy in middle school. He has yellow hair and orange-gold eyes that give off a demeanor with slight attitude or shyness. He usually wears a green, blue, and white toboggan hat, a blue hoodie, baggy black pants, and sneakers, all of which seem slightly too big for him.

Spirit Personality:
Ryusuke's personality is very carefree, raucous, and often sarcastic when around Yuki Akies and Keiji. However, when around others or in seriously situations, he can be rather quiet and come off as intimidation, depending on his mood which swings rather often. Even when trying to be serious and in truth, very solemn, he will appear as if nothing is going on. His Shinigami and Keiji both understand his signs for certain things, as he gives off different personalities and behaves in various ways depending on circumstance and situation.

Keiji is quite the opposite of Ryu, and can often get annoyed with the carefree ways of the dominant spirit. He is actually quite shy and self-conscious, but knows how to bring out the best in both Yuki and Ryusuke. At times, however, he can portray much attitude and strong-will which can give him reprimands from the other two. Overall, he prefers to remain quite and soft-spoken, only noting things that are important or showing exclamation and expressions when he is either extremely happy or in despair or fear.

Inner World:
Yuki Akies' inner world appears like a forest of cold cherry blossom trees all around, with some clear moonlight poking through the pink flowers always in blossom as if in an endless springtime. The petals of these trees are more purple-tinted in color than possessing the pink hues of realistic and normal cherry blossoms. The forest continues forever with constantly blooming trees that also never stop falling and raining down. The forest floor has a light spring snow over it that never leaves off footprints except from foreign spirits, if that ever were to occur.

However, when despairing or in traumatic moods or feeling bitter emotions, the trees go bare and the navy night sky clouds over and rains small drops. It never floods, but the place seems dead, empty, and lifeless. The snow turns to ice and is slippery and tough to walk on. Breezes turn to winds, and the world grows much colder.

Shikai Release Phrase:

Shikai Appearance:
Unlike most zanpakutou, Raitosutomu's blade appearance never changes as it is always in Shikai mode. Like with Ichigo's Zangetsu, Yuki Akies is able to use her zanpakutou as long as both spirits are not materialized at the time. If one is materialized, but the other is in sword form, the blade appears only half its normal size, and is more of a wakizachi than a katana.

Shikai Abilities:

Name: Tenjisupekutoru
Effect: Using this ability, Yuki is able to manipulate frequencies, waves, and the physical energy that light and sound use to travel. This ability also enables Akies to see limited waves as well, in order to target them for techniques.

Shikai Techniques:

Technique Name: Hacho
Technique Description: When uttering the words 'hacho', Yuki uses her hand or fingers to shoot a small burst of reiatsu and send it along a wavelength, mostly hidden by sight and sound. Depending on the amount of reiatsu she sends, it packs a sting and burn based on strength and tier. Akies can use this technique for up to three posts, but it requires a two post cooldown.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The opponent receives major burns and open wounds, and intense pain and stinging.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The opponent receives burns, open wounds, and pain and stinging.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The opponent receives burns, open wounds, and pain and stinging.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The opponent receives minor burns, open wounds, and pain and stinging.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The opponent receives pain and stinging, but no open wounds.

Technique Name: Nami Shirudo
Technique Description: This technique enables Yuki to manipulate the wavelengths around her or a target of any sort into a shield. The wavelengths are in actuality, shortening the distance between crests to crest and heightening their frequency, moving at a faster pace to deflect anything, basically like a shield. Yuki can use this on herself for protection, to protect someone else, or to trap an opponent. The shield can also be broken by those strong enough. Nothing can get in or out. The cooldown is three posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The target is completely trapped for at least three posts.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The target is completely trapped for at least two posts.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The target is completely trapped for two posts, but it can be broken with maximum strength, a bankai, vizard mask, etc.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The target is trapped for a minimum of one post, but can break the target with some strength. However, they are stalled.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The target can easily break the shield, but they are stalled.

Technique Name: Mage-ko
Technique Description: Using this technique allows Yuki to bend the wavelengths so that they effect light and color. Bending the light's energy wavelengths then allows Akies to cast optical 'illusions' that effect eyes and sound only, but nothing else. For example, she could create a person and replicate the sound frequencies of their voice, but it could still not be physical or use any other senses. She could also create an optical 'world' with enough strength. The illusion cannot be destroyed or used to fight, but poses a good distraction for trying to stall an opponent. Any attacks or touch flies through it. To ignore the illusion would be the best bet for attempting to defend against this technique. It is mainly a distraction and cannot harm anyone. Yuki can hold out the technique for up to four posts with maximum strength. After that, it needs a three post cooldown.

Technique Effect Chart: (I do not believe this is needed, as it's an optical/sound illusion and cannot really hurt anyone. Once they figure out it is an illusion, Mage-ko is useless and can be ignored.)

Technique Name: Nami Manto
Technique Description: Upon using this technique, Yuki can bend the light around her or a target and reflect it back, making the target or her appear invisible. The target can simply not be seen, but can be heard. Reiatsu can be felt, unless it also is cloaked by the wielder. This cloak can be held for three posts, then requires a three post cooldown.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The opponent cannot see the target/Yuki.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The opponent cannot see the target/Yuki.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The opponent cannot see the target/Yuki.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The opponent can see the light distortion, but not the target/Yuki's figure.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The opponent can possibly see a faint outline of the target/Yuki.

Technique Name: Shuhasu Furue
Technique Description: With Shahusi Furue, Yuki can slash her sword and in the path of the stroke, very strong vibrations are sent along the nearby wavelenths and travel vertically until they reach a target with a strong blast. The vibrations can break rocks and ground, or smash and wound a live target. To picture this, just think about sound-barrier breaking. It's like that, with a more concentrated force.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The opponent is severely bruised, bleeding, and has broken bones.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The opponent is bruised, bleeding, and has broken bones.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The opponent may be bruised or bleeding with a few broken bones.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The opponent is bruised or bleeding.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The opponent is bruised with some minor bleeding.


Spell Name: Dobutsu
Spell Type: Custom
Spell Number: Equal to Level 50
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The kido spell, Hentai, is used to transform the wielder's body into that of a medium-small animal. They are unable to use Shikai or any abilities in this form except for basic Shinigami ability(shunpo, etc.) This can be used for an endless amount of time, but it uses up all your energy to use it, thus there is always a big cooldown between transforming into the animal and back. Yuki's preferred forms are a cat, marten, and bird.
Note: This is based off of and similar to Yoruichi's cat transformation spell.

Spell Name: Sekienton
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 21
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: This kido creates a of smoke as if a smoke bomb went off.

Spell Name: Sokatsui
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: 33
Spell Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws.
Spell Effect: A pale, blue fire generates from the user's hand and can be shot at a target.

Spell Name: Shakkaho
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: 31
Spell Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!
Spell Effect: A pale, blue fire generates from the user's hand and can be shot at a target.

Spell Name: Hyapporankan
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 62
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: Creating a large blueish white rod in her hands, the user can throw the light rod, having it split into hundreds of rods of the same size. Once one rains down and hits a target, it immobilizes them.

Spell Name: Kaido
Spell Type: Kaido
Spell Number: Unknown
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: A blue glow emanates from the user's hand, healing whoever it is used on.

Spell Name: Sai
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 1
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: This kido causes the victim's arms to lock behind his/her back, making them immobile.

Spell Name: Sajo Sabaku
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: Unknown
Spell Incantation: 63
Spell Effect: A thick yellow light rope is creates that binds the target.

Spell Name: Byakurai
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: 4
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: A highly concentrated beam of energy shoots from the user's fingers, and can go through an opponent like a bullet.

Spell Name: Haien
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: 54
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: A purple 'disc' of energy is shot out from a sort or arm, then explodes upon impact with a target.


Bankai Name:
Muonshi Raitosutomu

Bankai Release Phrase:
Sleep, Muonshi Raitosutomu!

Bankai Appearance:
Yuki's appearance and outer-wear change with this ability, and her usually-silver blade appears the same, but is obsidian black with its ribbon and fabric pure white. The blade itself is also an inch or so longer.


Bankai Ability:

Ability Name: Muonhikage
Ability Description: This Bankai ability, Muonhikage, is an inverse of Tenjisupekutoru, her Shikai. Instead of manipulating waves and frequencies, basically physical energy of light and sound, Muonhikage allows Yuki to 'cloak' it, making it simply "appear" like it was erased, even if it wasn't, leaving nothing but soundless, still quiet, and complete darkness, hence the name "Soundless Shade". However, things and her can still be sensed via reiryoku skills and other senses such as feeling and smell.

Bankai Techniques:

Technique Name: Enhanced Endurance
Technique Description: This is the one technique in Yuki's Bankai that does not correspond with the ability. Instead, it simply uses the extra power she gets from Bankai to allowed her more endurance and strength. When attacked or damaged, she receives one tier up when using Effect Charts.

Technique Effect Chart:
Not needed for this.

Technique Name: Mage Teishi
Technique Description: It can transform the radio waves around her to her advantage, to where if Yuki is in the path of a thrown chair, realistic fireball, or sokatsui, she can emit the frequency of that object and shatter it to pieces, basically just cancelling it out. While also distorting the sub-tonic light particles to transform energy(including reiastu) into the type of that object. She can use it for one post, then must have a one post cooldown.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Yuki can completely cancel/destroy the attack.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Yuki can completely cancel/destroy the attack.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Yuki can cancel/destroy the attack, but the tiniest, harmless shred can remain.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Yuki can cancel/destroy the attack, but only half of it, making it weaker upon impact with her or a target.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Yuki can cancel/destroy some of the attack, but only up to a quarter, which isn't much. Basically, this is futile on those with many tiers more power than her.

Technique Name: Kojin no Sekai
Technique Description: Using this technique, Yuki retracts all the light and sound in a one mile radius around her. Anybody caught in this 'deceased world' is unable to see and hear. While they can feel and sense reiatsu, it usually puts a big dent in anyone's abilities. All light and sound is shut out completely. Yuki can hold this technique up for six posts. The cooldown is five posts. Most of the time, however, she does not remain in Bankai for this long. Note again that reiryoku and reiatsu are not affected by this technique.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: People within a one mile radius cannot hear or see anything.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: People within a 3/4 mile radius cannot see or here Yuki.
Opponent is Equal Tier: People within a half mile radius cannot see or hear Yuki.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: People within a 1/4 mile radius cannot see or hear Yuki.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: People within a 100 meter radius cannot see or hear Yuki.

Note: This is pretty much the same as Tosen's Bankai, but simply limits just light and sound rather than everything. It is Yuki's primary technique and power when in Bankai. The best way to avoid it is to get out of the one-mile radius using shunpo/sonido, or simply using other senses to fight.

Are you a Visored?

Inner Hollow Appearance:
In truth, Ryusuke is her Inner Hollow. However, Yuki Akies is not aware of it and Ryu continues to pose as the zanpakutou of hers representing sound. In truth, he does have all of the sound-based techniques of her Shikai, but is also her Inner Hollow.

Mask Appearance:
This guy's mask:
Yuki's mask is black with the design of a white eye with purple outline and pupil. It only covers the side of her face, however, leaving her right eye to appear hollowfied.

Mask Duration:
Four Posts

Mask Techniques:

Technique Name: Sonido
Technique Description: Sonido is basic. It works just like shunpo, but slightly faster for Yuki. She can use this for three posts, but must have a one post cooldown.

Technique Effect Chart:
Sonido is basic. It doesn't need an effect chart, as it works like all sonido/shunpo.

Technique Name: Cero
Technique Description: Yuki has the ability to shoot a purple-colored cero out of her hand with her fingers aligned straight with her arm. She can use this once with a one post cooldown.

Technique Effect Chart:
Cero is basic. This doesn't need an effect chart, as it works like all Cero.

Technique Name: Enhanced Defense/Endurance
Technique Description: With her Vizard mask on, Yuki is able to defend against attacks as if those offensive attacks were hitting someone by one tier higher.

Technique Effect Chart:
Fairly basic. She doesn't take on the damage that she would at her normal tier. This gives her a one-tier up in defense and taking on damage only.


Tell me your story...

Born in modern day Japan, Yuki’s life began. The history of this soul before this particular moment was a mystery, but all that can be accounted for is here and now, moving up to the present. The Japanese family was humble. Mom was actually from China and trade between the two Eastern counties was her career, but Dad was a successful lawyer. Now by successful, this meant he had a good income. He wasn’t famous or rich, but the family lived comfortable lives. This was the setting in which Yuki was born into. Nothing was special, except maybe for the excitement of the fact the couple was expecting. On a springtime night, a child was born; a baby girl. Nothing to influence the order of the worlds, but nonetheless it was a tender moment when a person was added to the Earth’s ever-growing population. She was healthy, happy, and in a good home with a loving family.

This all changed very abruptly, however. Yuki was barely out of toddler years, and was the average playful, cheery four-year-old who everyone understands favors the word ‘no’ for some odd reason. Now Japan is small. Houses and apartments are close together unless you lived on an extremely wealthy family’s estate. This wasn’t the Seika family, but they had a driveway at least. What four-year-old girl doesn’t like to play ball with her parents and run around in a driveway? This was a favorite pastime in the family, spending time together outdoors in the suburban areas, but the night held inevitable futures. Red bouncing ball. In the street. Child chasing it. Drunkard driving down the street at high speeds. We all know what happens now. Thus ended the short earthly life of little Yuki Seika. The parents mourned, of course, and couldn’t get completely back on track with their lives. Mom quit her job, and Dad’s business started failing. There was enough income to keep food on the table and the taxes and debt paid off, but no room for much leisurely comfort. It was only natural, seeing as the happy family lost their bright bundle of joy to a tragic accident.

Determined to move on, the parents conceived again and Mom bore another child; a girl with dark hair, fine features, pale skin, and shaded eyes: the spitting image of Yuki Seika. In a desperate attempt to rewrite the bitter past, the Seika family named the new baby Yuki, in hopes to literally replace the beloved family member they had lost. Yuki’s little sister’s story goes on, but that story is to be known somewhere else, at another time. This is the story of big sister Yuki Seika. This is where her story really begins.

Death was her life now. Soul Society was her Kingdom Come, and it was not a pleasant one. Yuki was now forced to endure the harsh atmosphere of the slums of the 60th Rukongai district. In a place many thought to be heaven, there was suffering all around her. Water was needed to survive everyday life, even though her entire being as a Konpaku, or soul, was really only a big mass of spiritual energy. That obviously didn’t matter to whoever had created this godforsaken place. While in that dirty district, Yuki grew up alone and cold, her life being pure agony, torture, and loneliness. She had to beg for water, having been refused to be allowed to steal any with nearby gangs; deemed too weak. And weak she was.

It wasn’t until her apparent teen years that for the very first time, Seika started to feel twinges of hunger settle deep within her. Had she really built up any true spirit pressure to discover these long-lost feelings? It had been many decades, and just now she was wondering what it felt like to eat icecream again…

As the weeks passed, memories painfully filled Yuki’s head of a stuffed four years, and knowledge of watching a sister grow up in her place as she waited for a Shinigami to safely guide her to the Soul Society before becoming a hollow. Life. Real life. True, happy times. Seika had a loving mother and father, but who were now raising a child in replacement of her! Anger burned in the girl, as did hunger. Hunger for food in a place where there was no hunger, and hunger for vengeance. In a passionate rage, Yuki Seika changed her name around to Yuki Akies. There was no telling if her parents were still alive on earth, or even her younger sister for that matter. Still, she would hunt them down to the ends of the earth- if she could. Not only that, but people could age in the Soul Society. At a much slower rate, yes, but now Yuki looked like anything but her sister. She had taken on the appearance of somebody around the age of seventeen, had grown out her hair, and really only kept the shaded eyes and dark hair physical traits to share with her sister.

Akies entered the Shinigami Academy before long, barely passing the tests, and hoping to get stronger not only in body with her weak condition, but also mind and spirit. One day, she would be a Soul Reaper; a Death God. Having resolved the answer to her physical starvation problem, Yuki set her sights on Gotei 13. She trained and studied hard, but things were slowly proving to be ill-willed for her. Grades were failing in kido, fighting, and the like, and her strength made her run out of breath and lose endurance quite easily. It wouldn’t be long before she flunked the academy, but then something else happened that she didn’t quite expect: a voice. A voice whispered to her, even if it was nothing more than a mere murmur.

Her dreams were dark and silent, and other times bright and deafening. Still, throughout it all a voice called out to Yuki Akies. Later on, it began to seem as if it were two voices intertwined into one. The shinigami-in-training called back out, but did not understand the word or name the duo-voice was crying out to her. Right before graduating the academy, Yuki started to see a silhouette in the bright dreams, or a lighted figure in the dark ones. The duo-voice kept calling out, however, but was muffled and unclear. After graduation with outstanding grades in kido and her other subjects, the silhouette had split into two forms. One was tall, while the other was just slightly shorter.

Months passed. Akies was now an unseated Shinigami who still had yet to earn her shikai. Having joined squad six, she was trained by a stranger who claimed to be from another squad. The stranger was powerful, and before long Yuki unlocked the voices. Raitosutomu was the name the voices were crying out, and it wasn’t just the name of one. It was the name of two. The stranger had long left the young shinigami, but it was truly just the beginning of her power. She mastered jinzen almost immediately after, but soon something odd happened.

Her spirits could materialize at will. Thinking of it as nothing but natural spiritual phenomenon, Yuki dismissed it. However, many shinigami seemed to exclude her from missions, seeing the often-materialized zanpakutou a weakness. It wasn’t long before Akies was randomly transferred to the Third Division for some extra training. Later it was learned that this was simply unnatural, but was not a power or would prove any advantage in training or fighting. In truth, it would leave her defenseless if one of the zanpakutou spirits were materialized. That spirit, however, could use his own ability. Because of it happening so often against her will, Yuki gave them personal and human names for unformal use: Ryu and Keiji.

But now it was time to move up. Years later, Yuki Akies was a seated officer in Squad Three. However, she still held onto the secret grudge against her younger sister. Tension kept building until the soul reaper was finally allowed to hunt hollows in the World of the Living. There she searched in Karakura town for any trace of familiarity in a souls or hollow. That, or she kept her eyes peeled for an older woman about her age, but who definitely showed it. But she found none, except a report from a partner about happening to see a blue-tinted fox hollow that had killed a comrade. Holding back anger, Yuki’s attempts at finding her younger sister had all been in vain.

Until that fateful day…

There had been reports about an Arrancar going around attacking pregnant mothers, staining the soul of the infants inside and condemning them to the secluded life of a Fullbringer. While on this mission, Yuki had recognized no other dark being than her sister, a Vasto Lorde-made Arrancar, seeking revenge for a troubled life. But even through seeing this, Akies was not allowed to meet the foe in combat. Her own strength was nothing compared to the fully-evolved hollow, and she would need to bide her time.

Ryu and Keiji consoled her, but it wasn’t long before she kept heading back in attempts to track her sister. It had become easier than ever and thankfully the miserable Arrancar had not noticed yet. She would reveal herself in time, and make her hellbound ‘replacement’ regret ever being conceived. Yuki would continue to climb the ladder of the Gotei 13, but never would rest until she met her sister in combat and finished her off to were cleansing and purification were completely useless for a Hollow and soul so foul. Thus this ends this tale of Yuki Seika, or Akies, but never completely. There is much more to be concluded, yet only in due time.

RP Sample:

No one could expect this except her. Another average day which was supposed to be boring. Hueco Mundo offered little to nothing for an Arrancar in a simple-minded mood. Ripping open the dark sky and entering that world, Yuki felt the moon looming behind her and the quiet sound of night peaking her creativity. Looking around carefully, the Espada recognized the place as Canada, a cold and somewhat boring country. Sighing, Yuki gazed at the ground below her, eyeing as an engineer left his train for the night. Grinning, she flexed her fingers and popped each knuckle one by one, ending with the thumbs. Swooping down with Sonido, the Hollow landed a few yards away from the human.

Bitter winds gently licked the Canadian lands, giving a frozen crispy feeling in the air. The night was cold, ranging somewhere in the lower temperatures. Clouds blanketed the sky, tucking the atmosphere in bed and allowing nothing but the moon to push through for light. Below the skies was earth, with grass shivering from the freezing breezes. Thin snow patched certain areas, but other than that, all was dry and silent. Even the crickets, which made the most distinct sound in the night, were quiet. Naught could be heard except the natural motion of still life in the vast blackness. Suddenly, the air stilled and the shallow noises stopped. This place was a synonym to her; quiet, lonely, solitary, and nothing but a dark shadow slithering above the ground. But right now, it was time for something else to happen.

The train engineer was moving closer, obviously going towards the town to find a hotel, inn, or motel. Unfortunately, this was to be his last stroll. Sensing a rich spirit inside of the man, Yuki darted forward, her hands and fingers aimed at the human's face. All of a sudden, the man was blinded and could not cry for help. This was simply because all of the blood from his eyes was flowing into his mouth. Giving an amused chuckle, Yuki Seika dug her claws into the man's two shoulders, ripping them down all the way to his stomach. Pulling a hunk of skin off and examining it for a moment, she tossed it aside and licked the oxygen rich blood from her ivory black claws. Now that they were clean, she quickly kicked the man in the gut with her right leg and approached him once more as he lied there, suffering.

"It hurts, doesn't it? Dying all alone like this with nothing but the night to keep you company," she said softly and cruelly, even though she knew the human would not hear her. Opening her mouth, the Arrancar gruesomely devoured the soul while the man still was alive. Once it was done, the body stopped moving altogether, and Yuki made a quick deed of mauling it so it was indistinguishable from any dead creature.

Now there was his train. Licking the blood off her claws and cleaning any traces off of her clothing and face, Yuki walked in the direction the meal came from. The train looked like it was carrying oil, and was parked on a hill. Most of the engines were off, except one. The one engine was keeping the air brakes locked on the track. Leaping inside of the locomotive, the Espada glared at the sole engine silently working alone.

"Hu Shenzhou!" she announced quietly, raking her claws through the chilly air. With that single swipe, five small 'slices' of spirit energy combed the air and went straight through the engine as if it were a knife cutting cheese. A fire instantly started inside of the train car, and Yuki quickly leaped out. The fire got bigger and bigger until she heard sirens in the distance. An emergency vehicle quickly pulled up and the men sprang into action, putting out the fire professionally and diligently. Once they finished, the firemen turned off the pretty much demolished engine and retreated. However, Yuki was not finished just yet. What she had seen was somewhat amusing, but she had not even scratched the surface yet.

Dashing into another car, Seika located the handbrakes, one of the locomotive's safety measures. Easily turning them off like any other human being would, the Hollow felt the train jolt. Instantly leaving what was an accident waiting to happen, Yuki watched from the sky. The train began rolling down the hill, as clearly expected. Following it, Yuki watched it gather speed and momentum as it raced onward. Estimating it was moving at about sixty-three miles per hour, the Espada watched it dart in the direction of a town. Stopping where she was to watch the show, she gazed as the locomotive leaped off of the tracks. As the train flew and hit the ground, there were many explosions from the oil and train itself. Silently laughing to herself, the Arrancar saw as firefighters instantly went over to fight the fire and rescue civilians.

After about two hours of watching the chaos from where she stood, Yuki began once again getting fidgety and bored. Yawning, she decided to take shelter someplace where no other Hollow, Shinigami, or human would find her. After all, the Soul Reapers were sure to find that this was no accident pretty soon. Using a Descorrer, Yuki Seika opened the Garganta between the World of the Living and Hueco Mundo. With nothing to do here, she slipped inside, allowing it to close behind her and to return to the gloomy sands of her home. And that was just today, she thought with a smug attitude for once. Right now, it was time to cause some disaster someplace else. However, she would not brave Soul Society without some help, even if she despised it. Maybe Seika could find someone other than an average Hollow, such as a Fraccion, for help. Perhaps it was time she started looking for the perfect Fraccion.

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#2 Re: Yuki Akies [finished!] on Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:13 am


are you still working on this Yuki?

#3 Re: Yuki Akies [finished!] on Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:05 pm

Aye, I am. =] She's on a Word Document right now. Once I get more time- which won't be long- I'll finish her. I'm more than excited for playing her and her zanpakutou. ^.^

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#4 Re: Yuki Akies [finished!] on Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:42 am

Finished! ^.^ Bump!

*is so excited and feels so accomplished*

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#5 Re: Yuki Akies [finished!] on Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:29 am


Appearance: 3+
Personality: 3+
Combat: 5+
History: 10+
RP Sample: 6+

Comments: Very well executed. obviously lots of thought put into the personality and technique sections. and that history though Smile the only thing i can think of that might need a little tweaking is your technique Nami Manto. i would add something to the effectiveness chart for 1 tier above where an opponent can see the light distortion, but not the subject. this gives those who are a little stronger than you just the slightest of advantages against your ability rather than none at all. just a thought, and i'll see if the other mod who grades you agrees. overall, a nearly perfect app.
Ready for Approval: indeed.
Tier Assessment: 3-1

#6 Re: Yuki Akies [finished!] on Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:33 am


Name of Character: Yuki Akies
Race: Visord/Shinigami
Ready for Approval: Yes
Changes Needed: I can’t really see any that need to be made.
Comments: Like the reference to Frozen in your personality. Makes me wonder if you thought that up because of my thread or not. Razz This app is well put together, thought out well and a very good read overall. I enjoyed reading this and can really see Yuki as a person rather than just some words on a paper. A few grammar errors here and there, but nothing too bad. Overall, I am very happy with how this all came together.

Approved: Yes

    Tier Assessment: 3-1

      Appearance: 3 +
      Personality: 3 + (wow)
      History: 10 +
      RP Sample: 8

P.S. Sorry for taking a while. I was just finishing up a few notes when Daemon posted. I'm happy to give finally approval. If you like you can fix what Daemon had asked, but it seems alright to me otherwise.

#7 Re: Yuki Akies [finished!] on Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:40 pm

Thank you! ^.^ I fixed the technique, Nami Manto. Also, because she was approved for 3-1, I can go create a Bankai in the technique/spell creation area, and get them graded, yes? I'll be doing that. =]

And I originally had wanted Yuki to be very cold, Pallas. xD Probably why your thread appealed so much to me. But yes, the thread did give me some extra inspiration. <3

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Read new tier system for details, but I'm retiering this to 1-3, veteran captain tier range. Any problems with this feel free to message me for discussion. Nice app Yuki! Try to get your muse back ASAP.

#9 Re: Yuki Akies [finished!] on Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:09 am

Awesome, thanks. Would that include her Earned One Tier-up or...? ^^

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If you wanna bump it up to 1-2 Feel free Razz up to you.

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