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on Mon 28 Nov 2011 - 6:36


(It's cool, Ash. Thanks for respecting my custom, all of you ^^)

If Grimm would have been able to hear the Demon speak, he would have been disgusted. Were they all cowards? Did they not believe in each other to finish a fight? Sure, it sounded great to have someone's back, but when they weren't even down yet and you were threatening the other party, was that not FEAR in every word? Was he afraid of Griffin losing? Pitiful. If he would have been able to hear the other demon speak, he would have probably thanked him. There was no way in hell he wanted this fight to end.

Altholugh he did not pause in movement (perpetually dodging and slashing at tentacles attempting to attack him), Grimm studied the tower around them. No, he wouldn't allow for it to remain in existence. It was too much of an advantage for his opponent. Dropping from the air, the quincy avoided the scythe attack to his chest. Stretching both arms out, he pointed a seele shneider at a wall on both sides of the tower. Blasting fire from both staves, the compressed heat and power sent the Soul Slitter's flying through the air.

Spirit particles rotated three million times a minute to create the blade of a seele shneider. Add on to that fire, and you have one of Grimm's deadliest tools. Thanks to the high speed and high puncture rate that the seele shneider possess, the orange blades popped through both walls. As they immediately went to their job (breaking down spirit particles for Grimm to use), he began to spin on his heels. Fire flared from both dragon heads, torching the tower. The combined effect of internal destruction and external incineration soon brought the tower to crumble, where it immediately disappeared, along with it's security system (the tentacles).

Hirenkyaku. Fire flared at Grimm's moccosin's as he pushed himself back away from Griffin towards a tree, making distance for him to begin charging a very special ginto. Increasing his range of draw once more, the familiar embers that were a tell-tale sign of Grimm drawing in reishi from the atmosphere appeared once more. Converging towards him, many entered his body. Many more entered a silver tube he had fished from his back pocket. The staff he had been holding in that hand had been dismissed for simplicity, but it would take literally no time at all for him to summon it again.

Glaring at Griffin, he continued to point the dragon head of his remaining staff at the demon. It's mouth so ferociously carved, it almost seemed to be able to come alive at any second and rip a hole in whatever was nearest it. "Is that all you got? A tower and some tendrils?" Although it was true that he had destroyed the tower, he did not get out unscathed. Some of the tendrils had gotten to him, and the dramatic force that had been created when it was destroyed left some serious welts and cuts on his body. Samples of blood dripped down his arms, legs and chest, forming a small, almost unnnoticable pool on the ground.

"Prepare yourself."

(OOC: This is my charging post for my Ginto 'Atem'.)


on Mon 28 Nov 2011 - 9:47


(ooc sorry for interupting the flow but this fight is getting good and grimm watch how you talk about us demon lol jk)


on Mon 28 Nov 2011 - 11:17


(OOC: I know it is, but that's got Grimm sees it Razz)


on Mon 28 Nov 2011 - 14:42


"I have a few more tricks up my sleeves." He took his scythe putting it between both his arms and crushing it down into a small dark orb. Smiling he opened his mouth and swallowed the orb whole. As he did his body started to pulse with his reiatsu. The smoking tendrils that were black before burst into a brilliant red color then started to gain shape. Smoking imps ran out of the smoke and dispersed into even more smoke creating a cloud that messed with visibility.

As the smoke cleared a new demonic form could be seen with no apparent change of reiatsu strength. Griffin's ethereal body part have now become a blood colored smoke. His fingers have shrink to a normal size for his body and his armor has become more wicked. Where his legs should be instead of smoking tendrils there are red worm like creatures with gnarled teeth. Instead of a scythe being on his back he now has 3 large slanted eyes.

As he let the smoke clear the eyes jerk and peer around everywhere on the battle field. Pointing to the eyes Griffin chuckled. "They're probably my biggest critic when it comes to my art.... Lets see if they allow you to get any tricks past me now." Four of the worm-like creatures slithered up snake like peering at Grimm. Griffin reached down petting two and resting his hand on the other two. "My most trusted companions.... They haven't failed me as of yet and I don't plan on them failing me now." As he said this the worms darted away from Griffin directly towards Grimm hissing as they did so. Two of the worms darted towards Grimm's front while the other two circled around towards his back. The whole time their bodies kept growing longer and longer as they made their way further and further away from Griffin. As they performed this task two extra worms slithered up in front of Griffin to attempt to block any possible attack making a total of six worms


on Mon 28 Nov 2011 - 16:20


I sit up straight in the bench" what can he be up too I wonder"
. Well he must really want to cause the quincy to suffer. Blade I think i'm going to allow the battle to go to a conclusion. Griffin hasn't let himself go in quite a long time.i am quite sure he would be rather upset if i stopped this battle before he could get going in his form plus I,wanna see what the quincy will do next. I must say he is quite different."


on Mon 28 Nov 2011 - 23:03


((OOC: Taz I haven't quite unbound yet this is still my true form just with no obvious weapon. It doesn't affect my power or my abilities just makes me look different. My unbound form is completely different. I don't think its gotten quite to the point to which I need to unbound.))


on Tue 29 Nov 2011 - 7:44


(ooc sorry about that,griffin I edited my post to correct the error)


on Tue 29 Nov 2011 - 18:20


"well this is getting a battle that i must watch a petty there nothing around to snack on while i watch but then again i don't want to miss anything in this fight i might just learn something new from this." i say with relish while watching the fight and hearing what my lord had to say and a bit of my reiatsu flared in response to my enjoyment of this fight. possible giving my location away to any that my notice a small flare in reiatsu.


on Thu 1 Dec 2011 - 7:06


(OOC: I think THIS will give you a reason to unbound, bro Razz)

Eyed tentacles surged towards him, with an intent to... well, Grimm didn't really know what they would do. They were only eyes. Nevertheless, he couldn't risk that chance. This Demon has been capable of pulling some pretty crazy stuff out of nowhere, so he wouldn't be surprised if the eyes morphed into something, froze over and impaled him, became a conduit for electricity, or anything similar. So with that in mind, Grimm Hirenkyaku'd straight up, then to the left, and finally back down. Immediately beside the eyed tentacles, he had to be quick.

Releasing his other staff, it too fell before disappearing, moments before it reached the ground. Then, using his thumb to pop off the cap of the ginto tube in his hand, he brought the rim to his lips and downed the silvery liquid. Ignoring the urge to throw up, he couldn't believe the liquid's taste. It was so spicy it physically hurt him. But oh well. Draining the container, he tossed it aside. It was time to go to work. "Atem."

Energy erupted from his body. Every limb, every strand of hair, every spot of DNA... Everything that was Grimm simply surged with power. Orange light like liquid fire ran up and down his body. The power was so great that simply moving caused him to rip his clothes, and they were loose on him. Turning to face the eyed tentacles with his own glowing eyes, he brought back a fist and punched rapidly. The power he was exuding would easily send the eyes flying so fast it may even whip Griffin around before he regained control.

"But I'm not quite finished yet... DRACHEN!" Roaring, the energy surrounding him instantly tripled in potency. The ground beneath his feet cracked in rings as his reiatsu flared insanely. Sparks from the air couldn't get to him fast enough, and when they did, they collided with his skin rather then disappear into it. Literally, he burst into flames from the amount of energy he was collecting. As it consumed his clothing (hiding him from view with blinding white light), Grimm laughed. This was true power. This was something that demon would never understand. Power came from the universe. It was not a tool for destruction, but rather progression. Even fire understood this as it blessed him.

Disappearing, the fire left behind something magnificant. Orange scales rode up Grimm's body, covering his feet, legs, waist, sides, chest, hands, arms, back and neck. A lighter, smaller version of these scales covered his stomach and joints. Behind him, two miniaturized wings floated roughly a half of foot from his back. Burning intensely, they collected reishi casually with a speed that normal quincy feared to try. Facing Griffin, the final part of the transformation sequence took place. His yellow eyes deepened, becoming an acidic green. The pupils then receded from full circles into slits, similar to a cats... or a dragons.

Materializing his staves once more, he threw them into the air. This time, instead of disappearing, they too burst into flame. Transforming using the same scales that Grimm was currently sheathed in, they became actual dragons. Roaring in the clearing, the creatures circled Grimm protectively. Reaching behind him, he pulled out two Seele Shneiders, leaving a total of one left. Activating them, the flaming blades burst to life. "Prepare yourself." This time when he said it, he meant it. Shooting forward with Hirenkyaku, he slashed with the flaming blades in different directions. The right went down diagonally from his shoulder. The left was a horizontal slash over Griffin's stomach. Above him, the dragons released blasts of fire from their mouths.

(OOC: This is my final form, and I'm effectively 0-5 now thanks to Atem.)


on Thu 1 Dec 2011 - 14:37


Griffin was caught off guard by the sudden change in power. Immediately realizing the danger he attempted to pull his tentacles back but it was useless. The attacks were too powerful and too fast. As the attacks reached the two tentacles protecting Griffin shot out to meet the attack but to no avail as they were completely incinerated. Griffin prepared himself for the impact of all the attacks as he was partially stunned by what was happening. As the attacks neared him Griffin snapped out of it and held his arms out.

"NOOO!!!" He swung his arms inward towards each other letting his claws meet then dig into his chest. As they punctured his chest he ripped them outward apart. Tendrils tried to sew Griffin back shut as he performed this but it was useless against Griffin's strength. As the attacks closed the distance a new dark form arose from Griffin's chest and the rest of his body went limp. The figure stood and look at Grimm. The figure had short wings and it's body was almost ethereal. It almost looked human with the exception of horns and its grayish death like skin. As the attacks closed on the figure it dropped straight down avoiding the fire blast but still in the path of Grimm.

The being held out it's hand towards Grimm and smoke started to cloud around his hand. From the smoke emerged a demonic looking sheathed blade. Griffin cracked the blade away from the sheath slightly and in a deep demonic voice spoke. "Eterno Abismo...." A black aura appeared around the blade of the sword and began to gather towards the tip. With a quick swing downward the aura was gone but not before a small black orb had hit the ground. As it landed it exploded straight up into another pillar this one much bigger than the other however. Holding his blade out as the pillar surrounded them Griffin twirled his blade before dashing straight towards Grimm. "Eterno Ruptura!" His blade became ethereal as he began to close the distance in between them. If Grimm's attack landed so would Griffin's even if it was just a scratch.

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