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on Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:25 am


It had been more years than Amido could count since he cast himself to the farthest reaches of Hueco Mundo far beyond where any curious eyes would ever wonder. In his seclusion he had reached an insurmountable wall blocking his path towards enlightenment. Amido knew that he could not find the answers to life in solitude. He only bonded with one soul in all these years, Sykes, his faithful companion. Since he required neither food nor water Amido had very little belongings. He honestly looked like a beggar of sorts with his worn tattered pants and poorly stitched shirt to match. The arrancar possessed no foot wear, but his hands and feet were both wrapped in bandages. He would mount his faithful wyrm hollow companion Sykes and set out to return to the world of hollows and arrancar. Event with the speed of his mount, the journey from Amido's secluded campsite to just the edge of hollow "civilization" would take several days. That being said, the Arrancar decided to continue his meditation as it was always a good way to pass time. The winged worm of a hollow screeched happily before creating a massive sonic boom from a sudden acceleration. The ride only got faster from there, but thanks to Sykes' ability neither the Adjuchas nor the Arrancar felt the force of their speed.

While Amido sank deep into his meditation his senses became more aware of his surroundings than they would usually be which allowed him to sense a faint reiatsu in the distance. As far as he knew he was still very far from where one would normally find hollows gathered in nests. To make things more interested, the reiatsu had a sublte mix of shinigami with hollow reminiscent of his own. An Arrancar...Amido thought it fitting that the first soul he meet after his solitude should be a fellow arrancar, but the fact that it was this far from anything was curious and made Amido all the more interested. He tugged the reigns on Sykes in the direction of the reiatsu and the Adjuchas changed course accordingly. Little did Amido know that he was now riding into a storm the likes of which he'd never before seen.

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on Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:38 am


Megami. The Great Spirit who I was once part of before my birth. Why did she disappear? Why couldn't I talk to her? Was there a reason she couldn't communicate with or remain with me? These all were things I wanted answered and more. I wanted to know more about that past. My search for that knowledge led me outside the last line of Hollow civilizations, where it seemed nothing lived or even tried to live. It always intrigued me as to why that was the case, or at least why it felt that way.

Uncertainty drove me forward for many decades merely for the fact that I didn't know Megami as well as I truly wanted to. It was something that bothered me...that there was a piece of me I still didn't comprehend. Perhaps it would allow me to come to terms with the pain that I felt due to my life as a human so long ago. Such was my purpose for traversing Hueco Mundo's landscape and into "uncharted" land.

It was very quiet, so far away from the boundaries of the Hollow dwellings. It was a kind silence however...the kind of silence that would be praised after a long day of noise...a comforting silence which wrapped around my body in order to keep me company. Hueco Mundo was a pleasant place to be, but most had never given much time or thought to appreciate it. My home for such a long time, I grew very fond of the subtleties of the place in which I was reborn and it made me feel more at peace with myself. However, always my thoughts of Megami wandered endlessly and tirelessly in my mind.

After standing in place for a few moments, I fell to the ground and landed gently on my knees; my bottom resting on the inner sides of my feet. The sand under me felt like a soft cushion for my legs so that the skin would remain soft. The cool air was forgiving in terms of my stressful thoughts, and I thanked nature for its kindness. I knew there was something or someone was headed my way, but I paid no real heed to it. I was too focused on relaxing to get worried over something or someone finding me.

on Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:24 am


Sykes would arrive like a crack of lightning striking the ground about fifty meters away from Eden causing quite a bit of wind to blast past her in the form of a surprisingly light sonic boom. The large winged worm Adjuchas transferred most of the force from it's speed into the ground melting the nearby sand to glass in an instant. Amido stood up from his seat on the hollow's back and ran up it's neck as the hollow moved it's large face near the female arrancar. The beasts face would approach cocked to the side curiously sniffing Eden as Amido appeared from behind its head jumping onto the sand next to Sykes' face. "Sykes, behave." Amido's gentle voice spoke with a chuckle just as Sykes was about to try licking Eden. The Adjuchas closed it's mouth and pulled it's face away as its massive 50+meter worm body coiled up with its wings wrapped around its body and it's head sitting at the top of the coil. "Kyaaa!~" the Adjuchas squawked happily looking for Amido's approval. The arrancar simply smiled at the massive hollow and nodded before turning his gentle silver eyes to the female who was out here all alone with the same soft smile on his face. The blue halo around his pupil would be hardly noticable as his reiatsu was rested in an extremely calm state having just come out of a meditation.

The reiatsu he gave off was clearly that of an arrancar, but something would seem different about him. He gave off a calming atmosphere and there wasn't a single trace of killing intent or even suspicion from him. He almost seemed like a child without the concept of violence at the moment. This cheerful and peaceful man took a seat across from Eden as if they were friends and looked her in the eyes as he greeted the woman and introduced himself, "Greetings! Amido Apolinar, questions to you." The man paused with a big smile of his face for a moment but when he realized what he'd just said made little sense his body language collapsed into deep though as his hand moved to stroke his chin. It would seem like an instant later that the light of a eureka moment dawned over Amido's eyes as he started over, "Greetings! Sorry, I forgot how language worked for a moment. I've been by myself for a long time with just this guy who can't speak for company." He gestured back to his pet monstrosity which was now seemingly grooming its wings of sand particles using its tongue.

For a man who had forgotten how to speak, his mind picked it back up pretty fast, but he still seemed to speak a bit oddly, "I find you here a lone where none often travel. Why have you come to this place?" As Amido spoke he placed his hands on his hips and it became apparent that this arracar did not have a zanpakutou on him.

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