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#11 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:24 pm

Alastair saw the waiter walking towards him to give him the glass of water he ordered. Something in the air was off his special ability caused him to pick up on the incoming attack. Without thinking he flung himself over the waiter causing him, the waiter, and the glass of water to slowly fall to the ground. While falling he turned to Mizuko and shouted, "There's a hollow near by!!! He's using a cero that will destroy two bloc...." Just before he could finish the sentence the two closet block exploded causing his gigai to be torn to shreds but leave the waiter perfectly fine. The resulting blast also flung his body of his Figaro and across the field. He observed the area. He couldn't see Mizuko but he knew she would be fine. There was rubble and fire everywhere and the only thing he could see was a tiny figure the size of a bat evily laughing where the remains of the cafe stood, "You bastard!!!"

Alastair felt his heart drop as he saw the waiter get up completely terrified tossing Alastairs destroyed gigai off of him and running directly towards the hollow, "No watch out!!!!!"

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#12 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:34 am


Mizuko watched as the waiter delivered the water. She then, a few moments after Alastair and just as he shouted, noticed the pressure of the hollow. She was able to duck under the table just in time but her gigai was completely torn off her. She was a bit upset as that was her favorite shirt to wear in the human world. She crawled out from under the table and looked around. Indeed there was debris and fire everywhere. She saw that Alastair was not too far from where she stood. She looked around at the different bodys laying around and sighed. She hated to see lives thrown away like that. It just was not right.

Mizuko fully stood up and brushed herself off as the waiter passed her. It was as if he didn’t see her. She shook her head and ate a piece of candy. She then looked at Alastair. She then said, ”Thanks for the warning. I’m fine and seems you are as well. What say we take care of this little bug and work on getting things fixed up?” After she finished speaking she drew her zanpakuto and looked at the creature. She smiled and began to head for it.

#13 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:10 am


the flames were beautiful. he watched as everything around him was burned and scorched. he took a particular interest in watching the people. he especially liked the part when their skin would boil and pop and finally turn black and fall off. the muscles would snap causing immense pain even as they continued to burn. and finally the skeleton would crack and burst as the marrow bubbled out and hardened, and it all culminates in it turning into a fine black powder on the ground.

the little Hollow was just beginning his fun. after his Cero went off he saw the female shinigami begin to approach her. Tormenta Palo! he screamed. instantly the room was filled with 25 reflections of him, all moving in different directions. he began to fly around the room as well. when he was sure that they were sufficiently confused, he began to launch his pestering attacks. Minusculo Cero! this attack was more meant to confuse and annoy his opponents than harm them. he was just having some fun for the moment. he would launch two at the girl and two at the boy, all the while shifting in and out of his confusing storm.

Tormenta Palo:
Technique Name: Tormenta Palo (Bat Storm)
Technique Effect: creates 25 copies of the user that fly about at random within an enclosed space. the copies are merely images and therefore emit no sound or scent. they cannot attack.

Minusculo Cero:
Technique Name: Minusculo Cero
Technique Effect: creates minor burns as it strikes an opponent, more to annoy and confuse than actually deal damage.

#14 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:42 pm


Mizuko kept her charge until he used one of his attacks. The Tormenta Palo would throw her off. It was as she was looking for the right one that she remembered a trick from her academy days. She thought about it as she tried to find the right hollow. She didn’t have much to go on but this. Just before he launched the Minusculo Cero she was able to motion to Alastair about a duel attack she had seen in one of the text books. She’d never use it before but knew it worked.

Just as the attacks came in she did her best to avoid them, mostly hitting her outfit and a bit of skin on her leg. She signaled for the attack as per the text book and began to approach the Hollow, or where she figured he‘d end up. Once close enough she made to attack him only to move away quickly just before the attack hit.

#15 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:02 am

Alistair was slightly annoyed by the flurry or attacks. He used his special ability to read the majority of the tiny veto and yet he still managed to get hit by a few because of the size of the attack. He then looked over to Mizuko as she signled one of his favorite tag team attack. He once read it basic tag team tactics book back in the academy an has been using it every sense. He followed behind Mizuko gathering reiatsu on the tips of both of his index and middle fingers. Once the reiatsu grew to a sufficient level it formed a cotton ball sized white light.

He suddenly slowed his speed so that he would be several feet behind her as she continued to go forward. This would cause the hollow to focus on her and not him. As she slashed and as quickly she attacked she was gone and in her place there was nothing... Alistair had disappeared but in actuality he had used his shunpo to float above the hallow in a upside down position.

His original plan had changed he wanted to follow up behind her and when he moved out of the way he would shunpo right in front of the hollow firing a Byakurai but he decided to go with something more lethal. The rieatsu swelled and grew to twice the size, "“Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! One the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens! Hadou #73 Soren Sokatsui”

He fired to deadly beams of white flames toward the opponent that certainly would be easy to dodge at this range. This attack also pushed his body upward causing him to now be back in the orignal upright position.

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#16 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:19 am


the fun was revving up as the shinigami launched their counter attack.  the girl launched herself towards him and made a sideways slash.  even though this would be simple to evade, he thought it would be funnier if he played around a little with a special technique.  "Ready, Go!  Jack in the Box!" a small box appeared around him with stars and polkadots covering it.  when the attack connected with the box, it exploded with a huge cloud of lingering smoke and he was rocketed straight upwards!

From up here he saw that the girl had disappeared after her initial attack, and the boy was slightly below him chanting something.  suddenly two balls of white fire launched from his hand and flew towards the cloud of smoke.  the boy was turned rightside up by the force of the blast.  the girl was still nowhere to be seen, but the hollow saw an opening and he just couldn't pass it up.  he flew down right next to the ear of the boy and whispered, "Ceeeeerooooo"  instantly a large red ball materialized in front of the hollows mouth and a huge ray of energy spewed forwards, aimed right point blank at the head of the boy.  at this range, it might just kill him he thought gleefully.  he hadn't had this much fun killing shinigami since before he was a Gillian.  the only way this boy was going to get out of this one is if he had some... sort of... backup...  shit.

Jack in the Box:
Technique Name: Jack in the Box
Technique Effect: a trapped box surrounds the user, and when touched instantly explodes in a cloud of smoke. this explosion launches the user straight up a distance relative to the amount of force the box was touched with. therefore, tapping the box would only launch about a foot to two feet, whereas attacking it would launch the user a considerable distance.

#17 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:26 am


Mizuko followed the plan through, but got caught off guard by the box that was created. She did touch it, but just enough to set it off. She then flash stepped a bit away to get her bearings and make sure that Alastair was alright. She had turned in time to see the hollow above him. She was about to move next to Alastair when the hollow moved. She saw him whisper something and then her eyes widened as she realized that he was forming a Cero. She knew she had to act fast. It is with that that she closed her eyes for a moment and drew the energy she needed to activate her Hatsuden. When her eyes opened they were glowing a sapphire blue. She called upon water in the area and quickly created a barrier between Alastair and the cero. She know that the water barrier would not block the attack completely but she knew it would at least lessen the attack. Once she had finished with the water barrier she knew she’d have to think fast. This hollow seemed to be toying with them, having fun. She was already tired of this and wanted him gone. She raised her sword and said, ”Rain down from the heavens and crush our enemies, Selece.”

With that Mizuko’s Zanpakuto grew to a rapier that is almost as long as she is tall. The blade looks to be made of water. Mizuko’s clothing remains basically the same and the look on her face is more serious. Her eyes still glow the sapphire color to show that her Hatsuden is still in effect. She then draws on the water still in the area after raising her index finger. Once she has a decent sized ball of water she sends this out towards the Hollow, calling, ”Water Dragon!”

Once the water begins to head for the hollow the part closest to him takes the shape of a dragons head, aiming right for him. Knowing she has fully given away her spot she flash steps to a different area to try to avoid any further attacks.


Name: Hatsuden
Effect: Mizuko has the ability to control water and can use the water in the air. This does use spirit energy and prolonged use does wear her out. The control of the water normally is for defence but can be used in offence as well. The use of water only lessens the damage taken, depending on type and strengh of the attack. If the attack is water based it may do no damage at all depending on what tier the attacker is. For attack, it can varry from an annoying sting (Like a spit wad hit) to a bruse depending on her mood for the most part. When she uses this attack her eyes glow a sapphire blue. This takes one post to charge before use, unless she is very angry then it can be right away. This ability aslo takes two posts to charge in a social thread. Mizuko also does not have the ability to control other water users attacks. She is able to use the water in the area to make her own attacks, just not the water from the enemy. The ability, when used in a social thread, is more like a show rather than an attack but the figures are basic ones with little detail. When in an attack thread it will be used mainly to help draw water in the area to aid in the attack. There is a 3 meter limit on where she can draw the water from.

Shikai Appearance:

Mizuko's zanpakuto changes to a rapier that has a thin blade that looks to be made of water. Though it looks like water it is quite strong and can take a good hit. The sword itself can take quite a bit of damage but is not completely unbreakable. Those in a lower tier would not be able to break it while those in a higher tier would have the best chance through continued high power attacking. Those in an equal tier would have a chance, but it would mostly depend on their strength as compared to Mizuko's defense. The hilt of the sword is blue and fits her hand like it was made for her. The guard trails out on either side of the hilt and looks almost like the tails of a dragon. Also just above the hilt is a blue jewel that glows when she uses her water/ice attacks. It's almost as tall as she is, 4'7" tall, since she is smaller than most Shinigami

Technique Name: Water Dragon
Technique Description:

She calls for energy and gathers water in the area around her index finger or her sword. If there is not much water in the immidiate area she will use her Hatsuden to call water from a distance to her. Once she has a sufficent amount she sends out that water towards her enemy. As it comes towards the enemy the water takes on the shape of a dragons head with the body following being the rest of the water. It lasts for 1 post and can't be used again for 4 posts. There is no charge time to use this attack unless she needs to call the water. If she needs to call the water from somewhere else this will take one post to charge.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The attack will knock the enemy back, hard, knocking them down and soaking them and causing broken bones and deep gashes.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The attack will knock the enemy back, knocking them down and soaking them and causing deep, heavy scratches, broken bones and bruising.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The attack will knock the enemy down and soak them causing many deep scratches and some large bruising.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The attack will knock the enemy down and soak them causing many scratches and bruising.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: This attack will knock the enemy down and soak them, causing light bruising.

#18 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:30 am

Alastair watched as the hallow charged the cero not to far away from his head. He aslo saw from the corner of his right eye the water barrier forming around him for some support. He then decided that this were his special ability would shine he face grew relaxed as the purple tent in his eyes became more dominate of the midnight blue, "Analyst." His eyes carefully read and calculated the amount of time he had left before the cero would fire, "Ten Seconds..." This was just enough time. Other then calculating the time he determined that the water barrier would cut the cero's power to about seventy five percent.

Alastair quickly used his shunpo to back up while once again preparing another Soren Sokatsui. As the energy reached the right level to match the cero. But the cero had already broken through the water barrier and was quickly head towards him, "Hadou #73 Soren Sokatsui!" He the fired the blast causing it to clash with the cero casuing a mild explosion and a huge cloud of smoke which would surely cover both him and the hollow. Lastly Alastair flash stepped from the smoke cloud towards Mizuko revealing he had several cuts and burns on his body but he defanitly escaped with he head and torso, "Mizuko do you think you can stall him for a while i need time to gather some reiatsu?"


Personal Abilities:

Effect:Alastair gains the ability to read people moves more quickly then a normal person. This allows his to quicken his reaction time and to respond with accurate coordinated counters.

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#19 Re: A Helpful Meeting CLOSED on Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:12 pm

"Hey, tha-that wasn't fair!" The hollow shouted, when the cero of his was stopped by a beam of blue fire; Shinigami had not chance to do it, no one would have a chance to react that kind of attack, yet there he blocked his attack. The bat hollow was really pissed off, not only because boy had made his cero to crash, but because he had seen the girl shinigami to release her shikai and launching an attack towards him. The huge cloud of smoke reached him, and made him invisible to the shinigami. Then he sneered, and shouted from the cloud. "You shall pay for that! Now I am getting serious." The hollow was going to kill these two, no matter what they would say.

He saw the water dragon coming at his direction, in order to purify him, and the hollow raised his hand, ready to use of an advanced version of a technique, he used against them before; "Doble Fuerte Cero" which was greatly more powerful than before-used Minusculo Cero. Two fierce and huge beams of burning fire-ceros were sent to air, and in direction of the water dragon. In a second, when there two techniques met, they caressed each other, and then the fierce cero ate the water dragon by vaporizing it.

Hollow laughed for the success of attack, and he laughed low. Now, the next move, he though. Something fancy to scare these shinigami. So, he shouted loudly, making sure that shinigami would hear. "Tormenta Palo: Furia" And all of the clones of the hollow turned red, glowing in shade of cero, and the cloud of smoke disappeared on that second. They opened their eyes and turned their heads towards their original self's enemies. Their eyes were filled with rage and fury, waiting for order to kill the shinigami; they were truly horrible sight. A sight, that could make an experience combatant to fear; they were oozing the hatred.

"1" He said, and one of the hollows furiously attacked the shinigami couple. Murder, rip apart, kill, slay, maul... all of those words echoed in the clone's head. He moved with super-speed towards the girl and the boy, and when he reached them, he exploded with a massive power.

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