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#1 Combat Guides on Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:16 pm


Basic Combat Guidelines V.0.4

Note: This is an always changing and adaptable set of Guidelines for combat and Reiatsu added in combat. This is something everyone should read and become familiar with. Also check daily for updates.

The following explains a huge gap of detail in fighting that is often not used, miss used, or all together hard to understand for some to use. More to the point, this is to help explain how Reiatsu or Spiritual Pressure, can be used to aid in your combat.

Basics: We'll start out simple, now, something that is often forgotten, due to the lack of explanation by sites, and sometimes by the show/manga occasionally, is that an important part of physical combat is your Reiatsu. It's not just used for Kidou, or Techniques. Sharpening of your Reiatsu is how you are able to fight and injure anything that is outside of the realm of Humans(this includes sub categories such as Quincy/Fullbringer etc).

Now as to what this means, sharpening your Reiatsu, it's focusing your energy that is laid in both the blade and yourself, making the Zanpakuto able to cut. The ability to cut with a Zanpakuto is dependent on it's wielder's concentration and their will, if their wielder is afraid, then they are not focused. If they are not focused, their swing, has no bite as it were, and it can end up only hurting yourself instead of your opponent.

Ex. Now for an example of how one would RP, sharpening their Reiatsu into their blade.

Bradley Kirezen wrote:Ichigo huffed, as he jumped back, exhausted from the length in which the duel between him and Kenpachi had continued on for. The blade dripping down from his forehead and managed to once again cover his left eye, it was a distraction but really only served to remind him how much trouble he was in. "Dammit, nothing I do hurts him, it's like he's invincible." Frustration was evident in the boy's face and even more so in the way he gripped the hilt of his cleaver like blade.

As the feeling of hopeless entered into the mind of Ichigo, he could think of nothing but the fact he failed, he failed in his attempt to rescue his friends. He was going to lose and nothing was going to change that, no matter how hard he tried, no matter how fast he swung, he could not hurt the monster he was fighting. It was during this despair that everything seemed to wind down almost turning black and white void of sound and color. Suddenly a shape began to appear tall, cloaked in a black garb, with faded orange shades covering his eyes, "Master!"

"Is this how you waste my power?" The shaded figure, grunted towards the exhausted teenager, sounding disappointed yet, bold at the same time. "You must let go of these feelings of fear, use the thoughts of your friends and your allies to strengthen your resolve." Ichigo could only listen in disbelief, did he think he could still beat him? Even after the way he just tossed Ichigo around with little to no effort, and he couldn't even scratch him.

"You can beat him Ichigo, and I will help you." The world around him had suddenly began to slowly come back to life, the color and sound both returning slowly, along with the looming form of Kenpachi strolling towards him, blade slung over his shoulder. It was then, that Ichigo felt a sudden wave of confidence in him, he wasn't fighting alone, he had Zangetsu with him, and he had to save his friends no matter what. A wave of power had soon began flowing from Ichigo, enveloping him in a blue aura his eyes had also begun glowing signally he'd been engulfed in his Reiatsu.

Using concentration and focus, he was too afraid to use before he could feel a level of strength from his blade and launched forward at the surprised Kenpachi slashing him clear across his chest. As if cutting through anything else, it went across cleanly causing a short spray of blood, signally that Ichigo could actually cut him. Without having concentrating his Reiatsu into the blade of his Zanpakuto he wouldn't have been able to cut through the Spiritual Pressure that someone as powerful as Kenpachi had. Now that he had found that focus, he wasn't going to lose it.
Alright so that is basically an example through a Roleplay in how you can focus Reiatsu into your blade and the difference that it could make in combat, with your Zanpakuto. This is not the only way, Reiatsu can be used in combat however, or even basic Roleplay for that matter.

Shunpo: Or Flash step for those of you like me and prefer some of the English words over Japanese. Basically this has been a center of misunderstanding for a lot of people on both sides of its use. There are those, who believe it to be like a teleportation ability where you just disappear and reappear wherever you want. I cannot stress this more that, that is one hundred percent wrong. Flash Step, is basically focusing your Reiatsu so that you are able to travel short to medium distances at maximum speed, this is one of the most useful techniques in a Soul Reapers arsenal.

This does not mean however that you cannot be seen, in fact most will actually be able to see you, if they are around your skill level. In fact if they are above your skill level it's possible to say that you may appear moving slow by comparison to their level of Flash Step. Timing and choosing your window are what make using Flash Step such a powerful tool, if you are smart it can help you overcome an opponent, who may be more physically inclined then yourself. Or it can aid in retreat from a much more powerful opponent, or maybe racing to the side of an ally to help.

The following is a basic reminder of some important points of how combat should be performed along with examples of how to utilize skill which are rarely mentioned.


-It is important that you as the player understand that, the purpose of every battle is not to completely dominate your opponent unless the RP benefits from such.

-Combat is suppose to be entertaining, and a combined effort by both parties.

-What that means, is that you should work with the person you are battling against in order to make the best fight you possibly can.

-Some good thoughts to remember during combat, to make it as successful as possible; you're not perfect or unbeatable know when to get hit, be careful with your wording when going for a strike.

-Details are key, here. Both in reward for doing a good job, and in getting the most out of every fight.

-Always describe your surroundings. Though this may not sound important, it's always good to know what's around you and your opponent, anything can be used as an advantage in battle.

- Anytime you use an ability of technique in battle be sure to post said technique or ability in your post in a spoiler, for easy access.

-Understand how much time you have during your turn. Ex. If you're charging attack for your next post, don't expect that you'll be able to press your attack or dodge without either have to fire your attack or disarm it all together.

-Don't go out trying to kill everyone's character even as a Villain, during an event or with permission is preferable, do to the time and effort it takes to create a character.

-Stick to the fighting style you describe in your profile, unless of course you have reason or have learned to be proficient in a new style.

-Should you be in a position to kill someone, think about instead giving them a serious wound or injury, maybe taking an arm, eye, etc. Something that allows them to keep their character, but also keeps you in character, should you be the type to not let people go just because.

-Be aware of what abilities you have. All to often do people not familiarize themselves with what abilities and techniques they have, and never use them, or use them incorrectly.

Ex. Shunpo(Flash Step), Reiatsu(Spiritual Pressure).
Shunpo, or Flash Step as I prefer to say, is not the instant teleportation that many believe it to be. It is actually a quick movement, using Reiatsu, in order to make your body move faster, but not teleport. This means that someone of a higher tier, or more skilled in Flash Step, would be able to counter you with their superior speed and/or skill in this area.

Though everyone obviously knows what Reiatsu, Spiritual Pressure is, it's hardly used in what could be a great way for both Roleplay and in your combat. Though admittedly it is easy to forget it, but your Spiritual Pressure is a great tool for more than just showing off your strength. It can be used to display your killing intent, or better yet as a way to show excitement, anger, or anxiousness. Some other uses could be during combat, especially when preparing for a technique, or attempting to reach deeper for more strength.

If you have any questions please ask or PM me.

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