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#21 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:59 pm


A sigh escaped Kirezen’s lips as he continued to listen to the explanation that flowed from Ryujin’s lips, he was truly going to hate this day, wasn’t he? He was about to ask if she had gone soft on him, but after giving her another look, her demeanor looked even more menacing than usual and that in itself never boded well for the Soul Reaper. He was replaying her voice once more in his head trying to better understand what she was conveying to him, looking for hints in her speech anything that would illuminate what he should do. ‘It won’t be a mindless test of brute strength. Well she didn’t say there wouldn’t be any test of my strength, it just wouldn’t be mindless, and so I should be ready to fight just in case.’ He hopefully deduced the first part of her explanation correctly and immediately began to decipher what she said next.

“Oh great, a series of tests well this is going to be so exciting.”
Of course it wasn’t going to be anything easy, maybe boring, but Kirezen thought If he tried to snub her idea, she might burst out in anger and reveal something about these tests that she wouldn’t mean to. Though he doubted with her steely mind she would actually divulge anything she didn’t mean to, so not worrying much about it he continued to ponder still having yet moved from his spot. ‘My eye sight, eh?’ Kirezen may have been a member of Squad Eleven, usually not a group particularly known for using their intelligence but Kirezen would be lying if he said he didn’t train his mind as much as his body.

‘Seems like she is purposely trying to either mislead me, or immediately give me the answer, which I cannot tell at the moment.’ Growling almost silently yet still grinding his teeth it was evident he was frustrated, yet he wasn’t about to just stick up here with Ryujin and let her taunt him the whole time. It was then that Kirezen suddenly felt dozens of Spiritual Pressure signatures light up all over the valley of his Inner World. Before Kirezen could charge off to begin checking each individual source, he heard a final message from Ryujin, ‘Oh great that means they’re all fucking booby trapped.’ Trying to resist the urge of going back and just asking for a fight, Kirezen began to rush towards the furthest one.

He may not be a genius by any means, but he was fairly intelligent and most often in a scenario where a test is trial and error it’s more likely what he is seeking is at the end rather than the beginning. This is why instead of going through all of the signatures one by one, he would just start from the last one and go from there. Kirezen hadn’t thought however of the consequences of the fact that Ryujin may have also thought of this and purposely made this one the most difficult to access. His mind however wasn’t even remotely worried about that, as he was dead set on getting these boring tests done as quickly as he could so he could get back to doing what he was comfortable with, using his Zanpakuto.

What he was not aware of however was the ever ominous feeling of his world, as if he was going something completely wrong. Though Kirezen shrugged it off as he near the final signature, he couldn’t help as if something was telling him he was making a mistake. Worse yet, there was another feeling as if something was watching him, very closely, so close it was like they were literally in his own head watching, waiting. This caused Kirezen to stop just shy of the marker, as he waited to see if there were any traps ahead.

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Notes: I figured I would add Spiritual Pressure signatures instead of just running around the valley to give it more designed places that I would actually go to. And I’ll leave the trap making up to you. This should be rather fun.

#22 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:14 pm


The test of sight had been underway just as the spiritual pressures began to appear. The atmosphere of the inner world, once more was full with the scent of battle. However, there was no battle at the moment, it didn’t mean that there would be no battle at all. Sometimes one just has to fight in other ways, this was one of those times. Right now, Kirezen had to decide what to see, not what was apparent to him. As any simple minded brute would have just picked the closes spiritual reiatsu to investigate, Kirezen had already set himself apart from the common brute. He hadn’t chosen the closest one. But what he intended to do was still not clear, the hurdles along his way would begin. When he would right past a spiritual reiatsu, not moving towards it. It would disappear. Acting almost, like a checkpoint. This was to spark a question in Kirezen’s mind, so he wouldn’t know what lay ahead of him.

Nothing will happen when Kirezen passes the first four checkpoints. Everything would remain the same as it usually is, of coarse the anomalies of the spiritual reiatsus aside, nothing usual will happen. Once, Kirezen has passed four of them, after a minute, four Ryujin’s would appear from four different sides. Apparently from out of nowhere. Kirezen won’t be able to see them coming from a distance, since they won’t come from a distance, they would just materialize out of the thin air, almost as if made from the fog. Actually, they would be made of the fog, that is the four would only be illusions. The illusions would surround Kirezen, one from 11 o clock, the second from 1 o clock, the third from 4 o clock and the last one from 8 o clock, directions, with a radius of 2 feet each. Yes, it would be too close and too fast for Kirezen to respond right away. But, just as they’re attacks hit Kirezen, or, when Kirezen hits them, they would disappear.

What’s the point in them appearing? Actually they would be to diverge Kirezen’s attention to them, while the arrows launched from exactly behind each illusion makes it’s way to Kirezen. The arrows would be made of reiatsu, so they would do serious piercing damage if they hit Kirezen. The same procedure will continue if Kirezen ignored this incident and continue to make his way towards the reiatsus. Which is actually a wasted effort, since none of the spiritual pressures are related to the answer. Also, when the attack is finished, Kirezen would hear the sound of Ryujin laughing, almost like a mad scientist’s laugh.

After she is finished her laugh, she would say to kirezen, if he stays put after the attack. ”Are you blind?” This would serve two purpose. Well three if you count the taunting as a purpose, one purpose would be that it would hint Kirezen that he’s way off and he’s not heading in the direction he should head. Also, it would prompt Kirezen to look more carefully, so that he might see the answer that awaits him.

#23 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:59 am


As Kirezen made his way forward with, surprising speed, obviously all the training he had endured lately was showing in a big way. After all the amount of training he’d performed in such a short time would be something more akin to having trained normally for months. Someone like Kirezen though is willing to sacrifice relaxation in order to gain immense progress, though he would very much have liked to continue his enhanced training, work was catching up on him. He had asked for extended time off from killing Hollows and performing Konso in order to hone his skills. Considering his battle with Reyes he was granted this short intermission, but it had already come and went, today was his thirtieth and last day for his break.

Despite his momentarily scattered concentration, it didn’t go unnoticed to Kirezen that as he passed where the first Spiritual Pressure was it disappeared, and then the next one did. His thoughts began to process the information and it wasn’t long before he came to a definite conclusion,‘They’re like checkpoints, so it must mean that my goal is at the end of these checkpoints.’ Allowing himself a cocksure smile, he, “Guess I was right after all, no problem.” With all of the current evidence he was given he had no reason to doubt himself and only continued along his way speeding up of course. This was of course, his second mistake during this test he had been given by his trainer and Zanpakuto.

Everything continued as it had, Kirezen passed another checkpoint and it disappeared only furthering the assurance that Kirezen had for his conclusion. However, after passing the forth, it disappeared just like the others but something seemed off, Kirezen couldn’t tell for sure, but he knew something was off. How he knew something was wrong could be explained by his warrior’s mentality, that he knew when something around him had changed while he was focused on something else. It wasn’t long after he thought this that, four Ryujin’s had suddenly appeared, and not only that, they looked aggressive.

They were perched mid-air, which obviously caused Kirezen to stop his movements, as he observed their positions, each at an angle to himself, two in front and two behind him. Of course reaching for his blade he swiped it forward in order to meet the blades of the two in front of him, as they made contact, their blades just shimmered and went through his blade before disappearing. Likewise the two behind him which had sliced into his back had shimmered and disappeared as well. Angered by the trick, Kirezen growled to himself, he couldn’t believe that he had first been caught off guard, and that it was all just an illusion.

It was just a few seconds later, that the purpose of this faux attack was made clear, as a small barrage of arrows sailed towards Kirezen from several directions. They appeared to be funneling in from where each Illusion had entered from, causing Kirezen to swipe his blade forward with enough gust and Spiritual Pressure behind it to deflect a good portion of the blades in front of him. Afterwards, he swung his non sword arm around in order to pull his body in that direction, which also gave his blade, added some momentum to do the same for the arrows behind him.

Unfortunately the extra time allotted to the second set of arrows, the ones that came from behind him, had more time to close in, and despite his increased effort to deflect the arrows, a couple made it through. This resulted in his body being pierced by more than a couple of arrows, though he made no fuss about it and instead simply reach for him and crushed them with his Spiritual Pressure, via his hand. After ridding himself of the final Arrow he could hear loud bellowing laughs from behind and above him, to which he knew who and why, which only served to aggravate the Soul Reaper more.

After hearing her taunt, Kirezen tightly gripped the hilt of his Zanpakuto and had considered just forgoing the test and taking his frustration out on her for the moment. He quickly dashed the idea, as it wouldn’t help and would just waste time and energy, so he just thought for a moment, Ryujin wasn’t one to needlessly taunt, everything she did and said had a purpose to it. “She said, ‘Are you blind!’. So maybe it’s that I shouldn’t be following these Spiritual Pressure checkpoints to the end.” Deciding to really make an effort, Kirezen dropped down to the ground and sat with his legs crossed as he really began to think.

“Well it seemed that passing so many checkpoints unleashed a trap, sprung by illusion attacks, followed by real attacks. Despite knowing this, I can’t rely on her traps to be the same every time, either.” Now crossing his arms, Kirezen began to become frustrated by being unable to piece together everything, it seemed he was missing something important something vital. “If my sight is leading me down the wrong path, brought around by the fact that I caused a trap to spring on me along with the fact that she’s hinting to it. What do I need to do…” His confusion led to a small throaty growl, as he stood up to his feet and gave Ryujin a glare.

“What am I missing?” His voice was calm but obviously annoyed, he was not used to having his intellect pushed and tested in such a puzzling way. “You gave me some information, such as the fact that what I’m looking for is somewhere in this world, but you never specified what it is, what it’s made of, if it’s even visible.” He felt like some of the pieces were trying to work themselves out but yet again, he didn’t have the full picture. “So what is it, you haven’t told me yet, that could finish the train of thought! Obviously you were trying to deter me with this path of checkpoints, so what am I supposed to do?!” Though raising his voice to show his bravado, he hadn’t appeared any more angrier then he was a moment ago, but he was thinking clearer.

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#24 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:55 pm


The trap was well placed, well planned, it wasn’t meant to be avoidable. So, as Kirezen continued to move on to a wrong path, he activated it, and took some damage. The damage was actually meant to be a “slap to the head” kind of notion. Sometimes, you just need it to make you think and see clearly. Of coarse in the world of the shinigami, it wouldn’t be that simple, if Kirezen hadn’t done what he did, he could have been pierced badly, but being who he was, and the training they had done for a month, made him capable to dodge the most part of the trap.

As Kirezen sat to the ground, thinking about something, being the spirit of his zanpakuto and the embodiment of his inner self. Ryujin could hear it all, he wasn’t there yet, but he was getting there, most importantly he was thinking what he was doing and what he needed to. Three words, said as a taunt, were enough to make him stop and think, indeed the relation between the two had passed the limitations of words. They were more connected in spirit, that was what Ryujin was counting on. But of coarse, it wasn’t easy to just guess it by this one trap. Kirezen still needed a little more push, maybe another slap on the head?

She looked over him, as he sat there, processing the events that had just happened. Ryujin wasn’t in her physical form, she was more of just a presence, being in the inner world, she was able to do so. It would make it a lot easier if Kirezen would just sit there, and think about it, but it wouldn’t be much of a test if he was allowed to just and think. He did need to think, and process what was said and what was happening all around him, but.. He needed to do it while he was being attacked. Just when he sat to the ground, a barrage of arrows, bigger than the previous ones, also made of reiatsu, headed towards Kirezen. Surrounding him in the same manner, though this time, he would be able to see and sense the barrage, even though it was bigger, if he sensed them earlier, he would easily be capable of avoiding all of the arrows. The arrows weren’t meant as a trap instead, they would keep him at his toes, and will strike whenever Kirezen isn’t moving.

(”Only this once Kirezen, forgive me. I can’t tell you what you need to do, or what you need to think. If you want to get through this, you are the only one you can rely on.”) Ryujin thought to herself, as Kirezen said it out loud, asking what he was supposed to do. Even though Ryujin was who she was, taunting Kirezen all the time and being mean and stuff, but she still was his zanpakuto’s spirit and her ultimate purpose was to protect him. In any other battle, Ryujin would just tell him, what he needed to do, what he needed to think and where he needed to look. But, this wasn’t a normal battle, it was the kind of battle where the rules of engagement dictated that if Kirezen wanted that higher power, he would have to do it solely himself. He can’t rely on his zanpakuto’s spirit to help him, and even if she wanted to, she can’t do anything, even if it leads to Kirezen not learning his bankai.

#25 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:59 pm


In the previous moments, Kirezen had been running every thought he could through his head and as quickly as his brain would allow him to process. This, quick thinking, as it were allowed him to kill several thoughts in mere seconds, leading up to him, having just been sat on the ground for minutes at maximum. Those feeling, however, that Kirezen had felt and kept an eye on before seemed like they were crescendoing into a huge moment. Realizing it was probably best if he checked his surroundings again, Kirezen pulled out his Zanpakuto from his back, and stood full height yet again. This was when he had begun yelling at Ryujin wherever she was, he could feel his presence though it was hidden, he knew she was there, she wouldn’t leave him unattended.

Despite the fact he was more focused on finding his Zanpakuto’s spirit, he couldn’t help but react to the sudden killer intent that seemed to just appear in the air around him. Thankfully already holding his Zanpakuto he brought his attention all around him to notice a massive barrage of Reiatsu enhanced arrows, flying from all directions. ‘Seems like I’m not allowed to just sit or stand around anymore. Guess it’s time to get moving!’ With no more delay, Kirezen immediately begun channeling his Spiritual Pressure and swiped a path through the arrows just to the right, ironically in the direction of the other beacons. As he ran in that direction however, he could feel some of the arrows turn and pierce his Shihakusho, leaving it now tattered revealing much of his bare skin, especially around his torso.

Sighing in aggravation as he continued to bat away all the arrows he could, though they were not specifically designed to kill or trap him like the previous attempt they were more numerous. Which, though little threat, were a nuisance and of course could still injure him badly if he wasn’t currently destroying them and getting them out of his way. While finishing off the somewhat annoying barrage of arrows which had been encumbering him from taking some time to specifically put all his focus in thought. A light had gone off in his head, the second attack was purposely keeping him from stopping, this must be another part of the test that he was supposed to be able to think under pressure of constant attack.

A smile crept up on his face as he finished the last section of arrows that flew in his face, she was trying to make him learn a new skill in a pass or fail manor. Either he would learn how to think on his feet and figure out what the answer was to his current quandary or he would fail, and never learn his Bankai. He had to admit it was certainly a good motivator as he was moving as quickly as he could and letting his mind absorb all the information it could and try to piece this together. This was training to obtain his Bankai, yet she wasn’t helping him for some reason he couldn’t understand it, until suddenly, a little light went off over his head.

That was it, the point of this test, for him to survive and figure it out on his own, without his Zanpakuto’s help, there was no pearl at the end of these checkpoints. It was just a ruse, which of course caused Kirezen to dead stop mid-air after another leap from the previous mountain peak. After stopping he simply held out his sword about a foot from his face and just stared at it, both in admiration and understanding. “There is no pearl, you just wanted me to see what it would be like to be in a situation without you, and see if I could still hold my own. Right?” He was pretty sure he was right around what he was supposed to have figured out but he couldn’t have been perfect on it. Now he was just hoping to get some kind of reaction from either his Zanpakuto or, the world itself giving him some indication on whether he was correct or not.

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#26 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:01 pm


The barrage of arrows were skillfully deflected by Kirezen, as was expected of him. Kirezen’s quick response was the fruit of the long month that he and Ryujin had spent on training. Not only did he manage to avoid taking any serious damage. He also was able to think in that kind of situation.  Being able to think during a battle, not many can do that, it requires nerves of steel. It was not only a gentle push, in Ryujin’s own way, she also wanted to see that whether her assumption that Kirezen wouldn’t have much of a problem with such a trap would be correct or not. Thankfully, she was spot on.

When Kirezen finally managed to deflect all of the arrows. Ryujin smiled, she was interested to see what Kirezen would do now, he would have realized by now that the test wasn’t going to just allow him to sit and think, but then, Kirezen proved himself worthy of being who he was. Suddenly, he stopped in mid air, and addressing Ryujin he answered the question. ”You figured it out… Well done” She smiled while thinking to herself, and materialized from the fog right in front of Kirezen. Slowly her body appeared from her face, right down to her feet. The dragon goddess, elegant as ever, stood smiling, looking at kirezen.

”Tch.. Your no fun.” She paused a little for the effect, and then continued, “You have indeed, found the answer to the question.” She began to walk closer to Kirezen, as he stood, her demeanor, having no hostile aura. When she got close enough for Kirezen to be able to hear her whisper, she spoke in a gentle tone, yet, still that touch of elegance and pride in it, “Don’t let it get to your head.”

Then she moved away, turning and swinging her elegant long hairs. The first test was over, but she didn’t intend on letting kirezen rest, this series of tests would serve as a test of stamina and conviction.  She continued to speak, tilting her head to the left, using her left eye to look back,  ”Your next test…is a test of true strength.” She turned and continued to head into the mist, disappearing once more. Just as she disappears, chains will appear around Kirezen. Chains of reiatsu, comprising the same reiatsu signature as Kirezen. The object of the chains will be to surround Kirezen in the form of a square shaped cage. The chains will appear from the ground, and will begin to surround him with great speed. If Kirezen is caught than the test will begin, if he manages to flee them, the chains will continue to follow him till he’s caught. Once he’s caught in the cage, his objective will be simple, he just has to get out of the cage, but of coarse, there’s a catch.

These chains are no normal chains, just like the ability of Kirezen’s bankai. Their able to neutral one’s abilities. And are as strong as Kirezen is in his shikai. So technically, if Kirezen tries to get out of the cage via just his strength he’ll need something even more.


Note:So, now that Kirezen is caught, the problem is how does he get out of something like this? He won’t be able to get out till he keeps on trying to use his zanpakuto. The chains are able to resist his abilities, not him. So, when he trusts not his sword, but himself, and launches a simple blunt attack, using his fists or his kicks. The cage will disappear and Kirezen will have passed the test.

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