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#11 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:47 pm


Sweat flew off of Kirezen’s browed being pushed by back by the tremendous speed he was using to charge towards Ryujin. The smell of blood, dirt, and violence filled his nostrils, these intense senses that came from his rush of adrenaline only made him smile wider. Every aspect of battle now amplified to its maximum, everything was made clearer, larger, and so much more enjoyable. Within this time of his senses being at their peak he began to take notice of Ryujin’s form as she now began to bring her attention exactly where he was as well.

The dust that formed around her during her missed missile drop kick had started to subside some, giving him full view of her, as well as her of him. As a result of that she had prepared her own blade bringing it to her right, but pulled back in reverse style. Kirezen being the battle minded man he was thought that this might be in an effort to increase her striking power, meaning she is likely starting to become very fatigued now. Now that he had noticed that, Kirezen had come up with an idea in which to claim this battle as his.

With the distance quickly closing between the two, Kirezen began channeling even more of his Spiritual Pressure then he had moments ago to release his Shikai. He figured that if Ryujin was so exhausted and had lowered her own available amount of Reiatsu so much, he would take advantage. This surge of Spiritual Pressure however wasn’t just the kind that increases a Soul Reapers strength and speed. The sheer amount by this point that Kirezen was using began to become visible, noticeably engulfing his body in its blue aura. This aura that had begun to highlight Kirezen’s body was shimmering reflecting the amount of Spiritual Pressure that Kirezen had been using.

This increased amount of Spiritual Pressure quickly made its affect known, as the ground below him where he was dashing forward no longer remained intact. Instead the further Kirezen went and the more Spiritual Pressure he released the deeper the craters that had begun forming beneath him became. Even the sky above with its overcast look had begun to darken, and crackle as Lightning began erupting through its darkened horizon.

Reflecting the world around his Zanpakuto had begun to spark as if it was made of lightning as well, this would be more disconcerting or exciting depending on the opponent when their blades made contact. Though he hadn’t yet seen any type of maneuverer from Ryujin that would lead him to believe she wouldn’t be in front of him, Kirezen had begun to swing his blade forward, now with much gusto. Whether or not their blades made contact Kirezen had already charged more than enough of his reiatsu to fuel his first true attack of the bout.

The gap between them now, completely closed Kirezen was ready and while swinging his blade forward at full force, his voice quickly echoed throughout the valley of his Inner World, “Doragon no kami!” It was almost immediately as he spoke the words that an eruption of power exploded from his Shikai, a blast of Lightning energy shot from his blade in the shape of his Zanpakuto shot off of its origin point in the slashing motion in which it was fired. The idea of the attack was to cause a two pronged assault, first causing Ryujin to have to deal with a fully charged technique fired from his blade, coupled with his own attack following swiftly if not immediately after. Knowing Ryujin was exhausted, this was an attempt to completely overwhelm and end the first round of their fighting, with overkill, as most people would say. To Ryujin though, it would simply have been looked at as, the perfect amount of killing intent desired for every attack that should be followed through.

Unfortunately, the amount of power his charge and the full charged technique would leave him though not exhausted or tired, would cost him some reaction time right after the strike. Should his blade not immediately make contact and should he not continue to keep the amount of Spiritual Pressure up for the duration, it would temporarily slow his initial reaction time. This was due to nothing other than the pure strain that so much Spiritual Pressure would be put on his body. The bane of his Shikai was that, though it made him stronger, faster, and more powerful, it pushed his body far beyond its limits, and even though he can take it doesn’t mean it feels so great right after a huge burst of power.



Technique Name: Doragon no kami
Technique Description:
The Doragon no kami is a simple yet very powerful technique while using his Shikai ability. While in Shikai, Kirezen can use his Reiatsu to fire off the blade of his sword from the hilt. Without mastery it can only be fired twice. However, being adept at using his Shikai and having it completely mastered, he is able to fire it up to, three consecutive times, with no rest in between. The ability itself requires no great concentration and can be channeled over time before actually using the ability. It's greatest strength is not its power but it's ability to be repeated quickly.(simply meaning he can use the ability three times before he meets the cool down requirement.)
Charge Time: Two Posts. (passively once channeling his Reiatsu)
Cool-Down: After firing the third shot, three posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Unlikely to dodge the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding is caused, and severe damage to the area hit.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Small chance to dodge the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding is likely, and hard damage to the area hit.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Fair chance to dodge the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding is probable, and Some damage to the area hit.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Can dodge when ready the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding depends on the hit, and little damage to the area hit.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Better chance to dodge the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding is possible, and little damage to the area hit.

#12 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:52 pm


As the distance between the two reduced, Ryujin sensed that Kirezen had another surge of reiatsu. So he intended to make one strong attack. That would be a problem, at close range. She might not be able to block it, or dodge it completely. And the reiatsu that kirezen was using, it would cause serious damage even if she didn’t take the full extent of the damage. Normally, something like this is enough to stop and rethink their strategy. But than again, that’s the normal scenario not the Ryujin scenario. She continued to head his way, in the same manner as before, unaffected by the increased reiatsu.

Her eyes were focused on Kirezen, and every move he made since that would allow her to determine what he had in mind in terms of an attack. It would be to her benefit to know what his intentions were, that would make it much easier to dodge the attack and launch a counter attack. So she didn’t miss the craters he made due to the increased reiatsu. Not just the ground was affected by his reiatsu, but the sky of his inner world too. It continued to darken, the sounds of lightening strikes now more frequent. This attack was going to be one big problem for Ryujin.

Ryujin just kept heading in that manner, she wasn’t intending to launch any side attack or an attack from behind. It would be a frontal attack, if that is she would be able to avoid Kirezen’s attack. She had noticed that Kirezen had sensed her constant forward motion, since he was swinging his zanpakuto in a forward direction, expecting her to come from the front. It would’ve been a lot much fun to move away right at the last point, maybe she would consider that. But while she still assessed her possible openings, Kirezen launched his attack.  She was expecting a direct attack, not something like this. At such a close range, near avoidable range, Kirezen launched a lightning strike. (‘..huh?’) The attack caught Ryujin off guard, she barely managed to move a little to the left, while the lightning bolt went straight through her middle section. The right side of her stomach was now pierced by the lightening.

She didn’t scream, didn’t falter, as it was her gut feeling that the attack didn’t just consist of this. The smell of blood filled the air, the ground behind filled with her blood. The same middle section that took the kick, was now even more damaged. If she was in prime condition, it would’ve been possible to dodge this attack even further. But this was the only thing she could think of at the height of the moment. Now breathing heavily, and quiet but with a larger smile on her face. She was injured, so this meant the battle was getting more excited, wasn’t it?  The damage would reduce her speed, and the efficiency of her attacks. Her acrobatics won’t be possible now, if she attempted any, she wouldn’t be able to land properly.

After taking the attack, she didn’t just stood there. She began to focus more reiatsu. She could  attain the bankai state, but that would be too much. It was just a little injury, she didn’t that surge of power right now. As soon as she got close to Kirezen, still holding the zanpakuto reversed, she used her left hand to deflect the motion of the extended hand of Kirezen with which he was holding his zanpakuto, while at the same time she would use her right hand to make two slashes almost at the same time. Using the reversed zanpakuto, first from his lower right to upper left in a diagonal slash, then after the slash she would reverse the zanpakuto, now holding it straight, and then making another slash, from his upper right to lower left. Resulting in a x-formed slash. If Kirezen’s hand isn’t deflected, he would be very well able to block both the slashes, since they lack their actual strength.

Edit: OOC: I have edited the side of the stomach that took the damage. Sorry, about my lack of imagination and common sense v_v

#13 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:30 pm


(Just a note, you said that you moved to the left and got hit on the left side of your stomach by the attack. It should be the right side of your stomach. Just wanted to mention so that you wouldn’t be confused by my post. Also, I believe you misinterpreted one of my attacks, but I just played it off, and gave it an explanation, which works out fine and is perfectly possible)

As Kirezen followed through on his slash meeting no resistance, he heard the defining sound of flesh being torn and singed, which caused a feeling of pride to wash over Kirezen slightly. His first strike was the one that was intended to make contact anyway, the act of him moving to physically attack was just meant to distract Ryujin, and it worked well. Despite the slash of his blade slicing through the air, it still resulted in the ground in front of him being smashed and a ten meter gasp into the earth following the crater. He had to admit though; he was surprised at how quickly Ryujin moved, especially after having not seen his true attack until he was right on top of her.

Quickly turning to face her new position, he once again was surprised; she had not taken the full brunt of the attack on her effort to move out of the way. The right side of her mid-section had been pierced by the attack, at first this confused Kirezen as instead of the blade coming from the hilt he had fired it straight from the blade. The wound should have been a gash or a large cut; instead she had a piercing injury, though with a few seconds of thinking it over, Kirezen came to a conclusion. When she moved to the side, the angle in which she moved her body must have cause the tip of the blade to pierce her, instead of just being sliced open by the attack. Kirezen couldn’t help but mentally applaud her prowess in combat, he truly was lucky to have one such as her teaching him how to fight.

To be honest with himself though, Kirezen was still angry, he had just hit her with a pretty strong attack, his strongest in terms of usefulness, as he had a remaining two shots of that attack to fire. What made him made though was that, she played it off as if she was fine; she was literally bleeding right in front of him, albeit slowly due to the nature of his attack some of the wound was cauterized. She hadn’t let out a yell in pain, or a scream, or even a loud gasp, she just took the attack and squared herself right back up for the next round of fighting. Even more so, she was far from full strength now, Kirezen doubted she was at half by the way she used up her Reiatsu, yet she stood so confidently still.

Before Kirezen could decide on a follow up attack, she was already at it again, having never changed the hold on her Zanpakuto she was still holding it reverse style. The only difference being the distance between them was greatly shortened with her being maybe just a few feet away. Cursing to himself, about his being caught off guard, Kirezen quickly rose the blade straight up in the air, holding it with his arm high and the blade pointing downwards. Knowing the strength of her attacks, however, he used his other arm to reinforce his parry, pushing the forearm of his left arm against the back of his blade.

Despite his readied parry the attacks were still powerful and though they didn’t get through his guard they had managed to push him back a foot or two. The force of the attacks had also dug the back side of his blade into his forearm causing some cracking of his skin, made evident by the blood slowly flowing off his arm and down his Zanpakuto. Being that they were so close to each other, Kirezen realized that after having blocked those attacks, he was given a golden opportunity. Raising his blade up quickly, causing some of the blade that had dripped off his arm to the blade, to fling off hitting Ryujin, he smirked.

His eyes, had met hers, and his smile had reciprocated her own smile, as the blade was raised was even with her chest, he didn’t go for a fatal head attack, as he wasn’t quite sure what a killing stroke in his Inner World would do. Raising his Spiritual Pressure once more in an attempt to slow her reactions to avoid a repeat of his last attack, he fired his second shot. This time haven’t been holding the blade forward instead of using a slashing motion he was attempting the regular form of his attack, firing off a Lightning base Reiatsu formed blade forming over his Zanpakuto and firing from the hilt.

Strangely enough, before the attack fired time seemed to stand still as something was in the air. Kirezen knew not, what it was, but it felt dark, not necessarily evil, but definitely not something that would feel around a Chappy doll. It felt almost like a Hollow, but more powerful than anything he’d ever felt before, and it worried him. It could only plague him for a few milliseconds though, because as soon as it was there. It was gone.

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#14 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:54 pm


She wasn’t one to show that pain had begun to pull her down, nor that the loss of blood was resulting in the dullness of her speed, and the attacks of her strength. She wasn’t going to just fall down, neither was she one to give up. It wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t played out till the very end. Though, the attack wasn’t meant to be piercing by it’s nature, it had managed to damage her in quite an annoying manner. Leaving her to think of ways to take on Kirezen, without depending on strength or speed. It was only her love for battle and the durability she had attained so far due to the time spent in battle, that was keeping her going.

The ground continued to be smothered in her blood underneath her feet. The damage wasn’t fatal, nor too big. But it was still a wound that needed to be looked at. Even with the injury, she attempted to attack Kirezen, not much of an attack, so it didn’t achieve much either. Kirezen was only pushed backwards. It seemed that even though she wasn’t able to cause him much damage, she was still able to hurt his hand, as she saw the blood flowing on the blade that Kirezen held. Kirezen was pushed back only a few feet to add to it, there was a downside, Ryujin was wide open at such close proximity against Kirezen who was empowered with his continuous release of reiatsu. An attack at this range, if connected, would prove fatal.

What she had feared, did happen after a few moments when Kirezen had been pushed. Kirezen raised his blade but before making an attack, almost as if mocking her. He flung the blood that had made it’s way from his arm down to the blade, resulting in it hitting Ryujin. A few drops of blood on her face, indeed an act of a barbarian or to put it more precisely. An act pronouncing that he was in control, that the spilt blood was now on her. It was more like a warrior speaking to the other, that you are now done for. The blood you’ve spelt was only this much, now you’ll be the one bleeding.

As their eyes met, she was more certain of what was to come. It was like she was petrified, not that she didn’t want to move or attack. It happened in a split second, also, her reflexes weren’t like usual. Attempting to parry Kirezen at her given state and his current state would be stupid. So she stepped back a little as the blade came closer to the height of her chest. The smile that had been on her face a moment ago, had now made it’s way to kirezen’s face. She no longer was the one in control neither was she in any position to launch an attack. She had to consider her options, but besides this, there was something else on her mind. Something that she had been keeping on a short leash, it had it’s own repercussions and if it was released which would definitely happen if Ryujin was severely injured since she was the one keeping that dormant evil in check.

Right before Kirezen launched his attack in the form of a slash, she was expecting this attack, he had two of them left. At this range, this attack would cause the damage he needed to take her down. At that instant she focused all her reiatsu, because of which, the dormant one came to visit Kirezen, but soon as she felt his presence, she stopped it from revealing itself, pushing it back into the depths. But for her, it was a bit too late. The lightening based blade headed straight for her, she could only manage to duck, like any sane person would do, but that wasn’t even fast enough. The blade hit her, resulting in a large cut over her left shoulder, and her arm. The damage made her fall to one knee, while still she kept her eyes on Kirezen. It was a bit too much for her body, but she persisted. She still had the real strength of her contained. And now, it seemed like the time to do so. But before she would do it, she would wait, to see what would Kirezen do now. After seeing that he had her on one knee, what decision will he make?

(OOC: I think I just don’t get the mechanics of this attack of yours. If the damage I’ve mentioned is incorrect, please pm me about it so I can alter it, before you reply. Sorry, for the inconvenience, yet again.)

#15 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:21 pm


Kirezen finally overcame the feeling he had been teased by, by focusing all of his willpower on his own strength, seemingly flexing his Spiritual Pressure, as if he was shaking something loose. After a few seconds of working that feeling off of his body, he felt a sudden wash of relief crash against his body, he was tired. He had been going full power for what seemed like days but concluded to about thirty minutes maybe an hour of full power combat. Letting out a large sigh, Kirezen was immediately brought back to his situation at hand, his battle with Ryujin, seemed to be entering a calm before the storm like feeling.

It was almost as if he blacked out how much power he used with his last attack, however reflecting on his thoughts he remember every detail. Turning his attention lower, he noticed the form of Ryujin down on a knee panting, gasping for air. A gash over her left shoulder bled profusely, yet other than the occasionally loss of air, she hadn’t made a sound over it. This would certainly be a facet that Kirezen would start to honor in his fights for now on, never showing signs of pain or weakness, as during their fight it always put him on edge, as if she couldn’t be hurt.

The images began flashing through his mind now, him holding out his blade and bringing forth the power to fire off another shot of his technique. Yet something was there something urging him to go for the fatal head shot, causing him to falter, slowing down how long it would have took for him to fire into her chest originally. The feeling gave Kirezen a shiver, as he continued to think, now recollecting, the form of Ryujin almost throwing her body down to dodge the attack, and the subsequent injury caused to her shoulder.

Despite the odd feeling he felt in those last few moments, Kirezen felt happy yet relieved he had done so well in the short yet intense bout they had just had. Even being exhausted, and around half strength, he felt stronger than he ever had before, he now felt truly ready for his Bankai training. His thoughts had then returned to her, she was probably the most important, well, probably the most important person to him, she was the reason he was strong. Pulling his Zanpakuto away from her head, he moved it instead to her bleeding shoulder and using his last shot, he used as little Reiatsu as he could.

Instead of firing it however he simply used the now small charge of Lightning enhanced Spiritual Pressure, to cauterize her shoulder to stop the bleeding. If that hadn’t been clear enough he raised his Zanpakuto up and over his shoulder sheathing it as it returned to its sealed state. After doing so, Kirezen then leaned down and extended a hand to the Dragon Goddess so that he could help her up and they could rest. They had just been in an intense fight to determine whether or not, he could be forgiven for losing his fight against Reyes.

Knowing how much Ryujin hated to lose, but wanted Kirezen to improve he wasn’t sure how she would react now; normally he would say he didn’t care. Normally, however this was his Zanpakuto, she was an important part of him, and he cared about her every thought, and her every feeling, he just wanted her to be proud of him. Though this battle proved he was ready for Bankai, Kirezen was sure he still had a ways to go, before he’d finally be able to learn it. “Want some help getting up?” Kirezen’s voice spoke softly behind his wide grin, as he waited for her to decide if she was going to accept his help.

End Part I.

Words: 683/500
(not counting Notes:)
Note: This isn't the end of the thread, this is simply the end to Part I. After your next post, I'll do a short time-skip or something else, of when Part II begins.

#16 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:27 pm


The air was already defiled by the smell of blood that had made it’s way from her mid section to the ground. Once more, her body was cut, and her blood joined the already spilt blood on the ground. Pain overwhelmed her body, making her fall to her knees. She was beyond her limits now, but there was no feeling of regret and neither did she bore any burden of her defeat. This was something she actually wanted, she wanted Kirezen to defeat her. Overcome the odds, stand up to her attacks and make her fall to her knees, no longer able to launch any other attack. It would prove that he had grown stronger, more capable and now able to learn his bankai. Thus she would have fulfilled her true purpose, that was of coarse to always protect Kirezen.

Her eyes were still set on Kirezen since she was a bit confused as to what his next move would be. A mind that’s deeply in love with the essence of battle, always suspects the enemy to attack. In this case however, she wasn’t facing an actual enemy. It was Kirezen, the one who she had herself trained on many occasions. And had fought alongside ever since she came into existence. The time that they had spent together had indeed made a special bond between the two. No words were needed in such a bond, the respect in one’s eyes and heart were all that mattered. And there was plenty of that on each side.

She really wanted to fight, it’s not like her beaten body would force her to stop. But no longer did her body respond to her in the manner she wanted it to respond. No longer her grip remained on the shikai released form of herself. The last attack of kirezen had made the shikai revert to it’s normal sealed form. No more was her body empowered with reiatsu. She was weak, almost fainting, the lost blood was pulling her down. As she would think most of the time, in context to her opponent, it isn’t over till it’s over. Well, when it came to kirezen. The current battle was indeed, over.

It was good that Kirezen didn’t aim for her head or a vital part. As she only managed to avoid the damage because of a living beings normal reflexes. That’s because her reiatsu was exhausted, she wasn’t even in a position to defend herself, the last she had used before Kirezen’s attack had used up everything left in her. Now in this position, breathing heavily, drenched in sweat and blood. She raised her head, still the touch of beauty wouldn’t leave the dragon goddess’s side.  Seeing Kirezen approach her, but his intent was quite obvious, he carried it in his eyes. She had spent enough time with him, to know mostly what he intended to do by looking in his eyes. As he began to cauterize her would, she stood still, still resisting the temptation to make a sound. It would show that she is in pain, however, she wouldn’t be much of a mentor if she did that. She just sat there, still allowing Kirezen to stop her bleeding.

She saw Kirezen sheathing his zanpakuto, as if to say that this battle is over. The decency of declaring his win and not rubbing in. A trademark of a true warrior, winning should come as a second nature to those who intent to keep at it. At least that’s what Ryujin believed anyways.  Even though she allowed Kirezen to heal her wound, what she didn’t like was Kirezen leaning down to help her. She had her sense of pride, and that wasn’t acceptable, but he had won the battle and he did demand respect. So instead of taking the hand Kirezen had so boldly stretched out to help her stand, she got up on her own. With her right hand on her left shoulder’s wound and her left hand on her middle section’s wound on the right. After getting up, she said nothing. She would just let it pass, he deserved a break after all. So she nodded as if to say, “well done”.

#17 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:05 pm


Part II

Following his first all-out battle against Ryujin, Kirezen and his Zanpakuto had continued to train, pushing themselves further after each battle. Despite his clear readiness to learn and train with his Bankai, Kirezen opted to continue their sparring before learning it. He had come to the conclusion that he wanted to have a better base for his overall skills before learning what would be his most powerful technique. From his understanding Bankai should be an ability one uses when they have no choice and cannot win simply through Shikai. He wanted to become strong enough that he wouldn’t ever need to use his Bankai, he wanted it to be something people feared to see.

Since their last bout, the fights had gotten progressively longer, as they both became stronger, raising both their stamina and their strength by leaps and bounds. The influence of this training had resulted in a more aggressive Kirezen, though he still offered help at the end of every fight, he no longer strayed from going for the fatal blows. As Ryujin once told him, if he didn’t come at her with the intent to kill, he wouldn’t be used to the feeling in real combat against an opponent of equal or greater power. Kirezen had no reason to doubt her, so he began changing the way he pushed himself during a fight, taking advantage whenever he could.

That brings us to, today about a month after he had first begun his Jinzen training, though certainly on a much nicer day compared to the first day, when it was overcast nearly storming. Now, it was a calm yet, cool day, with the sun still glaring far above in the sky, giving a soft warm glow on those below helping warm those cold from the Autumn months. Kirezen wasn’t heading to the training grounds this time; instead he was residing inside his Vice Captain quarters, quietly meditating training his mind. For the last month, he’d specifically set aside an hour every day to simply meditating and reflect on his training, fighting style, and his techniques.

His quarters were pretty basic, nothing over the top for a Vice Captain not that he would prefer something of that style anyway, and for the most part Kirezen was very low key. It merely consisted of a bed, a couple book cases, a desk in which he had a few candles sitting on, that he used to do paper work or to read up on his assignments. At the moment however Kirezen was sitting calmly on a small circular rug in which he would often sit on for the purpose of meditating or visiting his Inner World. After waking up and doing his morning meditation it was then that Kirezen decided that today was the day, which he would become stronger.

It was on this day, that after finishing his meditation that he spoke quite plainly to his Zanpakuto, “I’m ready.” Taking a deep breath he let a smirk slowly spread widely on his face, it was finally time, he was going to learn his Bankai, and today he was strong enough and confident enough in his base skills to move on. Placing his Zanpakuto across his lap he gently placed his hands on the two ends of his long Zanpakuto and began pushing his thoughts into his mind. Keeping the smile that fit firmly on his face spreading from ear to ear, he spoke again, as if to wake his Zanpakuto up, “It’s time.”

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#18 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:02 am


The stronger a shinigami grows the stronger his zanpakuto’s spirit gets. Ryujin had been defeated in the end of their first encounter, if Kirezen wanted he could just reach out for the bankai, but those who have tasted defeat, victory and the feeling of power. Their thirst for power is not that easily quenched. So he trained and the training continued for a month, perfecting his shikai and his skills more and more. It would also increase both of their reiatsu’s as the thing with reiatsu is, the more you use it the more you have it. It’s like any other trait, the more strength you use the stronger you get or the more you run the faster you get, so it worked like that.

During this training that Kirezen did with Ryujin, she taught him to be more persistent in his intent to kill. No longer did he need to keep himself from making that one strike that might end up taking the life of the enemy. But sometimes that was what it would take to finish a fight. Plus she just liked the whole idea of killing the opposition. In this time, the two grew stronger, faster and more durable together. The fights prolonged and the results varied, irrespective of the winner it would still to one goal, a stronger Kirezen.

However, that was in the past now. Today Ryujin had felt it in their last fight, it wouldn’t be taking much longer now. His thirst for power will bring him to it, and he would finally reach out and grab the power that had been awaiting him ever since he beat Ryujin. Though, unlike the battle itself, it wouldn’t be anything like it. It would be a series of tests, also with a touch of battle. If he wanted to take it, the power the ability known as bankai. He would have to fight through and pass all tests that Ryujin had in store for him. Of coarse they weren’t going to be a puzzle solving or a mental quiz. All the training they had done would prove useful when he would take the tests. If he hadn’t taken the tests, it would have proven much difficult for Kirezen, but since he had trained just for this purpose, he’ll be much stronger and much more capable against the tests that Ryujin will throw at him.

When Kirezen placed his hands over his zanpakuto. Ryujin awaiting his arrival near the mountain shack in his inner world, smiled. She knew what came after, he was finally ready. ’You’ve kept me waiting Kirezen’, She thought to herself. Indeed she wasn’t exactly known for her patience when it came to battle. As the words echoed in the calm valley, ”It’s time”, he made his intent clear. Ryujin’s thoughts were proved, so she replied, as he would enter afterwards, her words were bound to reach him. ”Be ready for what lies ahead” The last words that Kirezen spoke right after which he entered the inner world were nothing but evidence of his confidence over himself.  Indeed, he had come along way from he stood before.

#19 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:12 pm


The last real feeling, Kirezen could recall were the touch of his hands on his Zanpakuto before a similar whooshing feeling took its place instead tingling over his entire body. The minute Kirezen opened his eyes he now observed the even more familiar surroundings of his Inner World, having spent more time here training than he ever had before; he was now more at home here as well, especially during his training. Oddly enough, as he and his Zanpakuto grew stronger, the roots of his Inner World seemed to strengthen as well, the surrounding peaks around the centralized summit they sat on, grew. It was as if, him becoming stronger made his Inner world and his Inner Self more stable and resistant, this caused a smile of pride to spread on Kirezen’s face.

Before he could spend too long relishing in his own new found prowess the oh so familiar Spiritual Pressure of his Zanpakuto could be felt just behind him. She of course was standing arms crossed as if she was annoyed at his wonderment, but she still held what became more prevalent as of late, a smile on her face. It was as if his defeating of her, had finally got to her in a way she needed to be got to, and it allowed her to lighten up, well, made her more easy to deal with would be an easier way to put it. She still drilled Kirezen into the ground every opportunity she got, and would never pull a bunch if she saw an opening in fact, most times she make it a harder hit. Actually if Kirezen were to give it more thought, he would have to say, she’s been even more vicious then before! ‘At least she looks and sounds nicer!’

Kirezen sighed and shook his head, as he brought his full attention back to Ryujin now, “Alright, I’m here and I’m ready.” His voice exuded confidence as it never had before, and why shouldn’t it? He had grown in strength far faster than anyone would have expected especially off of a defeat at the hands of a such a powerful Arrancar, but that’s what set him apart from most, his undying determination. There was also that hitch about him wanting to challenge and beat a Captain, another smile quickly began forming on his lips. The excitement of fighting someone so powerful caused his blood to boil and his body to heat up readying himself for the confrontation.

Yet, he was getting ahead of himself once again, he had training to do, or well a release to train anyway, “So what exactly do I need to prepare for?” Though he simply asked out of formality assuming it would simply be another dual with Ryujin, as they had done on his first arrival here after Reyes. He assumed it was simply her way of making it sound menacing using her classic mind games to psych him up for the battle, which would soon take place. Kirezen of course wasn’t bothered by them, nor was in need of any type of encouragement for battle. Part of the change in his demeanor was that he would keep his cool exterior ready and hide his blood lust until he was in battle then he’d let it loose.

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It didn’t long before Kirezen would appear right in front of her. They had been fighting, training, learning, and struggling together for a long time now. It wasn’t surprising that a unique bond had formed between the two. Yet, Ryujin would normally keep to her usual demonic self, the only difference was her expression towards kirezen, were…. changed, somewhat. Kirezen had earned her respect, and in the life of a warrior, honor and respect are equivalent to one’s life. Most warriors would give their life to earn something like that, it was a good thing Kirezen did it while he was still living and breathing. Well not technically living, but almost living, or something close to living.

There are plenty of ways one can attain his bankai, but in order to perfect it or learn it better. One has to go through a certain criteria depending on the spirit of the zanpakuto. Considering the spirit of Kirezen’s zanpakuto, it would be an obvious deduction that that way would be an all out brawl. Wrong answer, Ryujin had a surprise for Kirzen, since she had known Kirezen as long as he had known her. She knew that he would be expecting that, but this particular bankai, the full release that is the full extent of Ryujin’s power needed a bit more than just raw power. And these tests that she would put Kirezen through, were to ensure that he is ready for that power. In other words, the earlier brawl between them was to check either Kirezen was ready for these tests or not. Which he undoubtedly proved that he was. Now, these tests will see if he is ready to attain the full release (bankai).

Her face was shining the moment Kirezen entered the inner world. A devilish smile on her face with a touch of sparkle in her eyes, it would be closer to a cute puppy eyed little girl if it wasn’t the face of the dragon goddess herself.”He’s ready, he says… But then asks me what he needs to prepare for?” The smile on her face grew as she completed her sentence, as she stood there, looking like the devil himself. Even though she did respect Kirezen, and there was a feeling of trust in her heart for him, but .. that doesn’t imply she wouldn’t taunt him or toy with him. It was her nature, and she didn’t intend to change it anytime soon.”If you want the full extent of your power, you will have to prove it yet again, this time however, it won’t be a simple, mindless test of brute strength.” There fights were never simple, and were neither about brute strength either, that was yet another taunt thrown right at Kirezen, she was pushing his buttons, almost as if provoking him. But, she had no intention of fighting him today.

She turned around, moving away from Kirezen now. All the while, continuing her set of instructions, ”I’ll be putting you through a series of tests. The first test, is a test of sight. It will see how good is your eye sight.” It was almost a riddle, something that would spark a series of thoughts in Kirezen’s mind, as he would still be a little baffled since he would be expecting a spar not a test. ”In your inner world, there is a pearl, hidden somewhere. You, need to find it. All the while, you have to protect yourself from what lies in the way.”

With that the spirit would disappear, of coarse there wasn’t going to be a question and answer session nor a tea afterwards. Everything that she didn’t say, was for Kirezen to figure out himself, since he was the question and he himself, was the answer. The task required Kirezen to search the immense valley and find a little thing such as a pearl. Like finding a needle in a hay stack, this wasn’t just a test of sight, it was more of a test of conviction. How much did he really want that power?

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OOC: You’ll need to find a pearl, but I didn’t mention is it an actual pearl or a metaphorical one. It’s actually metaphorical, the pearl of Ryujin that lies within your zanpakuto. That is what you’ll need to realize at the end of this test. And while you roam around the valley, you can say you triggered a bunch of traps set around. The traps can be anything. I leave that, to you, or if you want. I can design em. *evil grin*

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