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#1 Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Thu Oct 31, 2013 2:47 am


The day had started out slightly overcast, with a thickening set of dark clouds making their way into covering the entire Soul Society. Despite this early mass of clouds covering the sky, no rain fell for the majority of the day, mostly just remaining slightly cooler due to the lack of Sun. The slight breeze in the air had also managed to cause many of the trees in this particular area of the Seireitei to sway, along with it. To most it would seem like a dreary day, used to get paperwork done, and to steer away from their normal routine out and about in the popular districts. Some however could use this time, while everyone else is busy doing paperwork and not on the training grounds to begin working on more physical efforts.

It was around midday when the form of a serious Kirezen had begun his trip to the emptied site of a ‘Shared Training Ground’ which was used as a way to mesh squads together in preparation for larger scaled missions. This meant that the training ground itself was much larger in size then most of the other training areas, which is precisely why Kirezen had ventured out to this one in particular. He had some serious work to do, and he wasn’t sure about the damage it may cause while doing so, so he didn’t want to risk injuring anyone, who happened by.

It had been just after his mission to stop Reyes from getting away with some sacred fruit from a very powerful tree, and the realization he was not powerful enough to stop him on his own, that it had happened. The event that happened was the Visual Materialization of his Zanpakuto, to every Soul Reaper they knew exactly what this meant; they were ready for their next level of training. Kirezen had already been known as a prodigy for his work in the academy as well as how soon he was able to release his Zanpakuto into his Shikai.  

Since his time after the academy most of Kirezen’s time was spent in the Living World exterminating Hollows, especially in Karakura Town. He had quickly rose up the ranks in his Squad having been made a Fifth Seat just after graduating, and quickly following that up with taking the Vacant Fourth seat not long after. Kirezen however was not sated and had set his sights on greener pastures, he wanted the Vice Captain seat, and if needed he was going to take it. However, Kirezen knew that without training with his Zanpakuto, he was unsure whether he’d be ready for that confrontation.

Therein lays the purpose for Kirezen’s time out during this disdainful day, hot and humid with storm clouds, yet not letting out the cooling sensation of rain. He was going to train with his Zanpakuto until he was able to release his Bankai. A smirk managed to make its way to his face as he thought of being able to release his Bankai, he’d be the first to do that of his class, and would of course have his name forever remembered thanks to the deed. More importantly however, is that he wouldn’t have to deal with failing to defeat someone again.

After having made it to a comfortable position on the training grounds, which sat just underneath a tree, which served the purpose of protecting him if it began to rain. Kirezen crossed his legs after having pulled Ryujin off his back, placing her across his legs, setting it comfortably down with both hands gently on two sides of the blade. Concentrating on his Zanpakuto he began to think of his Inner World as if asking for permission to enter it, which soon found him pulled into it's world.

Zanpakuto's Personality:
Kirezen's Zanpakuto, Ryūjin, is a beautiful deadly Zanpakuto, who believes it is better to kill first then ask questions later, especially when it pertains to anyone who threatens Kirezen's life. As with most if not all Zanpakuto, Ryūjin wants nothing more then to protect her partner Kirezen, though she is definitely more vocal then most other Zanpakuto about her intentions. Aside from that however, she is usually violent, often suggesting that when someone disagrees with Kirezen he should simply beat them until his ideas are the only ones that sound good.

When it comes to combat however, Ryūjin is quite serious, and being that she is herself a Dragon Spirit, it is expected that she is vicious and will go for the kill as soon as a window for it is opened. A quality that is made more and more common among Kirezen's fighting style, when he battling Hollows usually beating them into a defensive stance until they give him an opening for an immediate death strike.

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#2 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:07 pm


A sky full of dark clouds, still thinking of whether to pour all their insides onto the world that awaits, or fly away leaving nothing but thirst and despair. It would be a nice day to take a walk, lay back and relax. May be fall asleep or worst, fall in love. But one particular shinigami had chosen such a day to walk to a training ground. Burdened by the feeling of defeat. Funny thing how defeat effects every soul, so differently.

Some can take it with a smile on their face and walk away. Living all their life with regret, but the few, who chose to stand and fight and improve. Their chosen path isn't easy, sometimes it takes lives. But the rewards that such a difficult path bears are indeed admirable and something to be desired.

For a normal shinigami, it takes quite some time to physically manifest their zanpakuto. But, since this was no ordinary shingami. Someone who could face Reyes and survive, was indeed not an ordinary one. Kirezen, entered his inner world. Where the dreaded beauty, the dragon Goddess had been expecting him. As soon as he enters the inner world, Ryujin would shout, "How dare you....", before the completion of her sentence, she would kick Kirezen in the face, with a force that's able to throw him quite some distance.

"..lose." This lady indeed had some trouble accepting defeat, may be she expected too much of Kirezen? Or may be he was capable of so much more. So much potential, which he himself had yet to discover. Ryujin wasn't one to cuddle Kirezen and teach him how he could discover his strength, if Kirezen thought himself ready to reach something like bankai. He would have to prove his worth, all the while dealing with this angry, not to mention gorgeous, dragon spirit of his zanpakuto. Without a pause or a moment of rest, she would continue, throwing punches, kicks, headbutts, elbow strikes, knee strikes, straight kicks, side kicks, round house kicks. All of them, right at poor kirezen, who had yet to speak a single word.

While she continues to shout at him, it seems as she has a lot more to say, "You lost to that stupid arrancar, and now you come to me for what?? " The strength of her melee attacks increased constantly, along with her voice, "You hate failure, don't you? What now? You failed.. You hear me?? You FAILED!!!" As soon as she screams the word failed, it's meant to depress the unsuspecting shinigami, who would face yet another well aimed and focused kick, strengthened by reiatsu, heading as a round house kick with impeccable speed. Another impact from such a kick, would once again, if hit, send the shinigami flying.

A zanpakuto's spirit is ruthless to the shingami as the shinigami tried to gain control over it. But, the dragon Goddess was a tad bit too ruthless, well a tad bit would be a total understatement. As she tells Kirezen every time, he should just ruthlessly kill people who dare to oppose him. She intends to do the same, as of now, her voice is the voice of reason. And Kirezen's voice, is the voice that opposes hers. Her intent is clear, either Kirezen proves himself worthy to gain control over her, or, he dies.

#3 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:46 pm


As soon as Kirezen finished entering his Inner World, before he could even speak, he felt the rough connection of a foot connecting with the side of his face, along with the shouts of his Zanpakuto. The insult had hurt, he knew he lost against Reyes, he couldn’t help it, despite his best efforts, pushing himself as far as he could even with the use of his Shikai, he could do little alone. After landing some twenty or so feet away nearly smashing into the small shack atop the mountain they sat upon, he pushed himself back up to his feet, a look of sadness still in his eyes. Though he was determined to get stronger he still had defeat in him, and this, “conversation” with his Zanpakuto was a good way to get it out of him.

He felt as if he could have pushed himself further during his battle with Reyes, he felt more power deep within him, but he didn’t know how to access it. He was unsure of what that power he felt deep in him was, until he had been too exhausted to actually use it. By then Ryujin had appeared during the battle but only to his eyes, she was as disappointed then as she was now, simply shaking her head at him before disappearing moments later. Before he could finish the train of thought he was on, Ryujin was on him again, with another barrage of attacks.

This barrage had been particularly brutal smashing him over and over again with the continuous attacks, he had clearly been injured, his face bruised and cut. Specifically a cut over his eye began to bleed profusely, though it was a shallow wound, the blood continued to pour covering the left side of his face. It was in this moment his body nearly broken from the beating that it happened; he was over his defeat now. Ryujin began yelling about his failure once more and began running towards him at high speeds charging a reiatsu powered kick.

Raising his once defeated head back up he watched her movements and with her leg, rose his left arm up while also focusing his own Spiritual Pressure, in an attempt to block the powerful kick. Looking her dead in the eyes, Kirezen spoke with his renewed determination, no longer beleaguered by his defeat, instead fueled by his anger and the thought of becoming stronger. “I will never fail again, Master.” His blue eyes appeared to be like daggers as they stared right into her eyes, no longer wavering, no longer looking like they had just failed.

Kirezen was back to normal, his thoughts returning back to becoming stronger, no more of his defeat at the hands of the Arrancar, and he was now focused once again. If his block of her roundhouse style kick had been successful Kirezen was going to follow with an attack of his own, pulling back his right fist, he was going to unleash it towards Ryujin’s mid-section. He knew how rough his Zanpakuto liked to be, so if he was going to prove he was ready, he was going to have to show he had the determination and the will to do what was necessary to fight for what was his.

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#4 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:19 pm


Ryujin wasn’t the emotional type spirit who would start crying after she was done beating and shouting at Kirezen. She would continue to beat him and shout at him, until he realized the truth behind her words, her true motive for doing what she did and saying what she said. She was harsh indeed in her approach, ruthless even, but her reasons for doing so where as pure as ever. To protect Kirezen, that is the purpose of a zanpakuto is it not? And so it is the true purpose of a zanpakuto’s spirit. The means for ensuring this may be different, but every route taken will eventually lead to this one goal.

Her reiatsu infused kick, as it moved towards Kirezen, while there gaze were locked. It would strike Kirzen’s hand resulting in a burst of reiatsu of sorts. Resulting in a little dust cloud, while in her anger and rush to teach a lesson to Kirezen, Ryujin would be unaware of Kirzene’s intentions of counter attack. She would just assume that he is still caught in his defeat, still burdened by the very thought of failure. The thought that would lead a soul to the depths of darkness, for some, it might even be the very end. She wouldn’t allow that, no, not even if she had to drag him out of that whole of darkness. Not even if she had to kill him and then drag him out of there and then bring him back to life. She would be ruthless, merciless and wouldn’t think twice before pushing him to his very edge, just to make sure, that he would crawl out of that hole.

When her kick is blocked by an equivalently strong block by Kirizen, she can see it in his eyes. He is no longer burdened by the defeat he had to face. Nor is he troubled by the thoughts of failure. Now he has the spark of hope, the hope of gaining strength. The confidence in himself, that he is capable of doing much, much more. It was indeed a satisfying feeling, but she wasn’t just going to sit with him and have  tea. Neither, would she show any change in her expression or actions. His words did convey a clear message, to which she replied, in the same tone, ”Prove it!”

Right at the moment her kick is blocked. She would place her hand on Kirizen’s hand using it as a leverage, more like a taunt. Moving from his side, to the other side, in a graceful acrobatic. Now aiming to kick his other side’s kidneys with an equally powered kick. This attack wasn’t like her previous attacks, of coarse she wanted him to prove his conviction, so as to remove any doubt that he had on himself, or the doubts she had. This attack was a way of saying that now is your time to shine. Prove me wrong.

The attack itself isn’t what she’s aiming for, it’s more of a diversion. Depending on how kirizen would respond to this attack, Ryujin would then launch another series of attacks. The continuous attacks were wearing her down, her breathe was faster than before, but, she had already made him bleed. His face was already bruised all over. And this was only the beginning.

#5 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:58 pm


The feeling of control had returned the fact that he was able to react so quickly to what would normally be a devastating attack by his Zanpakuto surprised even Kirezen for a moment. Yet, it didn’t matter any longer as now, this fight was going to get started for real soon, and that meant that these hits Ryujin was dishing out now, would be remembered fondly over what’s to come. Kirezen didn’t mind though, he welcomed the challenge, especially from one whom he was so familiar with fighting. Having basically learned and taught himself all of his own fighting style by working with her from the start. The only thing that mattered right now though, was that he needed to start pushing himself if he was going to finally make the mark of defeating her a possibility.

As Kirezen’s arm moved forward his fist hit nothing but air, however that wasn’t the only result to his failed attack either. As his arm stood straight out from his body, he felt the weight of Ryujin on his arm, moving acrobatically over it, using it as leverage. This movement placed her on the other side of Kirezen where his arm was extended away leaving his entire right flank open to attack, if he wasn’t quick enough to react along with her. So, now it was down to business, this would decide whether he moved forward or was caught in a state of perpetually being unable to move on to the next level.

Using his right leg to dive down and away from Ryujin, Kirezen used his now free left arm, to catch himself, and send him back up on to his in a cartwheel like flip. After which he looked at her once again his eyes still shining with the determination he flared not a moment ago. Reaching behind him he grabbed the hilt of his Zanpakuto and stabbed it gracefully into the Earth below. After which he raised his arms back up in his own self-made style of hand to hand combat.  He wanted to prove he was strong enough to best her, she who had taught him more than any teacher he had at the Academy, more than his Captain, more than anybody. Beating her was all that mattered right now.

Taking a deep breath, he looked up to the sky, the darkened clouds which had been encircling it pouring constant rain down on his beautiful mountain had stopped upon his coming to train. ‘Did it affect her so?’ Gripping his hands into tightened fists, he brought his head back centered on her once more, and he began think. How Kirezen thinks from most people comparably is quite different, he doesn’t think in the style of I want to do this or that. He thinks more of the style if I do this and they do that what will I do next, and he doesn’t do this while waiting, no that would be too easy, and boring, mostly boring.

So kicking his feet off the ground using his Spiritual Pressure to enhance his speed he began to close the distance between him and Ryujin, as fast as he could. Pulling back his right arm he feinted a punch after beginning to extend it forward but stopped halfway and instead raised his left leg up into the air aiming for a high mid-section hit. The way Kirezen intended to start the fight was basically a precursor to what the remainder of the fight would be consisting of, using every physical skill, and strategy available to them to score as many hits as possible. Between two driven fighters such as themselves, it was quite possible that this would be a battle of who could take the most punishment and still force themselves to continue.

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#6 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:35 am


Anger dulls the mind, all the entities, either of the world of the living or from any other realm, are very well aware of this fact. Despite this, some allow anger to control what we do, think, decide, say, express. Anger controls who they are, without it, there being is completely meaningless or to some point, pointless. Ryujin, was unfortunately, one of those beings. She allowed anger to control her actions, thus clouding her judgment. Whether it was the feeling of defeat, or the despair of Kirezen that had sparked this current anger, she had given in to it so much. That she for a moment, forgot who she was dealing with.

With every strike she had made to this point, she had spent unnecessary and excessive brutal force, accompanied with great amounts of reiatsu. As a result, her breathing continued to grow faster, and the speed of her movements, the efficiency of her reflexes grew slower by every punch, or kick she threw at Kirezen. They had trained for so long together, both of them knew each other’s fighting style all too well, if it had come to it, they would continue to just avoid each other’s attack until one of them was tired. Well it came to that, Ryujin who had been launching a barrage of attacks till now, was … slower than Kirezen who was yet to launch a single attack, since his counter didn’t hit, so that attack didn’t count.

Her kick aimed at Kirezen’s kidneys missed by a few inches.”Tch..”Indeed she was disappointed. He was swift enough, and her movements, now slower than normal. Once more, as they’re gaze met, the dedication in the eyes of Kirezen was pretty clear. His intent to gain more strength, and to fight till he got what he came for, was strong. In her heart, she must’ve smiled, yet her face showed no sign of happiness.(‘Now that your back to your normal self, reach out for what’s truly yours Kirezen. Grab onto what you really are capable of. Strike, and strike to kill, make every hit count”Of coarse, the ears of Kirezen were deaf to these words. She wasn’t one to give emotional speeches and she didn’t intent to start now. These were the words that she had uttered in her mind. Now that she had missed her attack, she was aware that she had been wearing herself out. It was the inner world, she had the home ground advantage, but for how long. It was kirezen’s inner world after all.

When Kirezen jumped backwards, avoiding her kick, It was too good of an opportunity for her to resist. She just had to provoke him, so she cried out at that very moment,”Weakling!!” She didn’t mean it, it was more for the purpose to make him feel that he could’ve launched a strike. Going on the defensive? Not a good strategy in her opinion. She wanted him to be the very definition of a cold hearted killer. This isn’t what cold hearted killers do, do they? But before she could say more, she saw his eyes. And the look in those eyes, he wasn’t unsure of himself, this wasn’t a defensive stance. He had moved back more of a strategic withdrawal so as to put himself in a better position to attack her.

Now he moved, towards her, with an intent to cause damage. From his gestures, his expressions and the look in his eyes. It was evident, he was serious. But what’s this? A plain direct attack? He headed for her stretching his right arm, wouldn’t she be able to see it coming from miles away and move easily to avoid it. No, it can’t be that simple. Kirezen was the type to think of a few moves ahead of the opponent, though at the time the disadvantage was, the opponent happened to him all too well. It was a fake attack, but before she could guess where the real attack came from, he had drawn close enough, his right arm stopped in the middle, proving that it was indeed a fake attack. At the same time, his left leg moved towards Ryujin, attempting to hit a mid section. She saw the motion of the leg, and understood that this was the real attack heading her way. But since she was more worn out than Kirezen, she wouldn’t be able to completely avoid it. In a beautiful, acrobatic maneuver of twisting her body in a 360 degree, while taking not the full but some extent of the kick to speed up her circular motion. She dodged the full extent of the damage, yet the left side of her stomach did get hit.

Right when she landed, now, she had enough of the hand to hand combat. She was only a feet away from Kirezen, just as she landed she had her physical embodiment, that is, her zanpakuto form. Unsheathed in her hand and aimed towards Kirezen. With a dragon head forming at the edge of the blade, Kirezen would know what came after that. An attack like this at such close range, would prove devastating, not only would it cover for the randomness of the lightening fired. It would also make it very hard to avoid completely. And all of this happens, a second later when she lands on her feet. Leaving very little reaction time for Kirezen.

Technique used:

Technique Name: Inazuma no buresu
Technique Description:
When swinging the blade and focusing his momentum as well as his Reiatsu on a particular point, a small Dragons head forms on the edge of his blade. The small dragon's head is a manifestation of his Zanpakuto causing it to be enveloped in pure Lightning which can be aimed and fired. Though at great advantage to Kirezen the Jagged Strikes of lightning that are fired, and not perfect and therefore come off at random angles, making it an impossible ability to time or plan for. The one downside however is that the strikes are small comparably to most attacks only being slightly larger in width then a Zanpakuto normally. But it makes up for it with it's massive damage potential, and it's incredible attack speed.
Charge Time: Half Post
Cool-Down: Two posts.
Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Nearly impossible to dodge even when ready and can cause massive damage to the limb or torso.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Unlikely to dodge, and will cause severe damage to limbs or the torso.
Opponent is Equal Tier: A fair chance to dodge, will cause painful damage to limbs or the torso.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Able to dodge when spotted before the attack is fired, slight damage to limbs or torso.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Likely to dodge unless caught off guard, and causes some damage mostly stunning or scarring.

#7 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:12 am


Kirezen knew that after dodging her charged attack it would have placed him in a much better position to change the pace of the fight back to favoring himself. Though he should have expected some trash talking from Ryujin, she was never shy from showing her thoughts during combat. All he could do though was grin at the notion, she was really trying to get to him, provoke him and see if he truly was ready for this next level of training. Besides, she was happiest during combat when she was bantering with an opponent, and she loved when he did so, showing his prowess and strength. Should have been obvious that the reason for that was her own love to banter during a fight, though normally Kirezen would have been right there with her, he decided focus served him better at the moment.

During the short exchange following up, to Kirezen’s kick towards Ryujin’s mid-section, he noticed a considerable difference in their current combat levels. He despite being somewhat injured had been relatively rested having not used a lot of his Reiatsu, compared to Ryujin who had been infusing many of her attacks with it, helping tiring her out even more. Kirezen noticed that every swing, every block, every breath seemed harder than the last for her, and he was going to take advantage of that. Hence why he had aimed his own Reiatsu charged kick for her mid-section to begin with, so that she would be more exhausted, and have a harder time than she already was keeping up with him.

He was impressed that despite her exhaustion she was able to move her body in the twisting motion that allowed her to absorb some of the kick without taking too much damage. For her to also use it to her advantage giving her some fair distance away to pull out her unsealed form, in the shape of a blade. Kirezen could only growl in frustration, knowing his only chance was to go back for the Zanpakuto he placed into the ground about ten feet away. Despite moving as quickly as his body would allow him to, by the time he got halfway to his Zanpakuto one of the strikes of lightning had managed to singe his left arm, right across the bicep.

This caused a low but audible yell in pain, "AHH!" despite it being his own element; it didn’t make it feel any worse when hitting him. This was made more clear by the second hit, once he made it to his Zanpakuto and grabbed it’s hit that another strike hit him, grazing, his right leg, though despite not causing as much damage, the feeling of his skin being burned by the current peeling away his skin, he yelled out again. "GAAH!" Once, he was able to turn himself around with the blade, in hand Ryujin had already landed from her spinning maneuver which included her drawing of the blade and her attack. His face held considerable frustration; he should have known better than to place his Zanpakuto down, giving him a severe disadvantage, one that he would have been expected by Ryujin to take advantage of.

Despite his pain he was no less determined, and as such had been charging forward, painfully, pushing off his slightly injured leg. His speed having not been hindered too much by the attack was made faster by the burst of Spiritual Pressure he rose in order to close the gap quicker. Having drawn his blade immediately after having picked it up a moment ago, he held it tightly in both hands having not unsealed it just yet swung it down in a vertical slash motion. He knew that the speed he swung in wouldn’t have been enough to catch Ryujin off guard, or overpower her, so she could likely dodge or block just as easily. It would be the following attack that would determine what could be done towards Kirezen, as well this was something he knew and was merely waiting and drawing out her counter attack.

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#8 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:47 pm


A spiritually powered attack is way more devastating as compared to a normal attack. Ryujin had not only managed to avoid the full extent of damage that Kirezen had intended to do with his previous attack, but she had also managed to make a counter attack. But, it’s not like she was completely unscathed. The damage she did take had put a strain on her middle section’s muscles. The more she would use acrobatics and the more she would stretch it would send a singing feeling of pain all through her body. It would come into play if the battle dragged on longer.

Her barrage of attacks, consisting of continuous kicks, head butts, elbow strikes and everything that she had thrown at kirezen. And each one of them empowered with spiritual power. It did produce devastating effects, but all that didn’t come without a cost. It was wearing her down the more she used it. By then, her body had began to sweat, her breath more faster now. It was quite clear that she was getting tired. And in her last attack she had used quite a bit of reiatsu. It did manage to do it’s part, hitting Kirezen, as she expected it would. But now, her forehead had begun to sweat even more. Her face, covered with little white droplets. That were finding their way down to the ground after covering the entire distance of her face.

When Kirezen cried out the first time as the lightening strike caused by Ryujin’s technique hit him. She was annoyed, well yeah it did hurt. But he didn’t have to cry out like that. She was even more pissed, and then it would have been not this worst if he had just done the first time. But as he continued to make his way to fetch his zanpakuto which he had so conveniently left in the ground, another lightening strike got to him, and once more he let out the same voice. That really pissed off Ryujin. He expected to gain control over her with that attitude? Really?

When Kirezen left to fetch his zanpakuto again, he gave Ryujin ample time to capitalize. Of coarse she wasn’t going to just continue standing there, allowing him to do what ever counter attack he intended to launch after her devastating hits. As soon as her second lightening strike landed, and the technique terminated. Though she was tired and her attack wouldn’t have the normal affect that it would have, still that isn’t going to keep the dragon goddess standing. She was in the air, right on top of Kirezen as he turned around. Landing right away in the form of a missile drop kick. But, finding nothing but the ground. Since Kirezen assuming that Ryujin would be standing in the previous location had already launched an attack by then.

So she couldn’t find nothing but the ground to hit. The impact made a small crater in the ground, and resulted in a “boom” kind of sound along with a dust cloud and a bunch of small rocks flying around. Frustrated Ryujin would stand, blinded by the dust cloud for the moment, facing the direction where she stood as kirezen had set off in that location. But, she had no idea where he was currently was. That would make anyone take a defensive stance, but well not Ryujin. She tightened her grip on her shikai release form that she was holding. As soon as she would see Kirezen, she would launch an attack right away. The word defense was a tad bit scarce in her book.

#9 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:02 am


As Kirezen charged feeling the presence of Ryujin float overhead, he could feel his body taking hold on his movements more instinctively. He was getting to that place, only he could get to, whether it was the influence of just his Zanpakuto spirit, or if it was that along with the deep anger and frustration that Kirezen often hid within himself. As he finished his charge, he could feel it, it was overwhelming as if taking over in a way, gripping his Zanpakuto tighter, he rose his head as feel feeling his Spiritual Pressure begin to leak out of his body, when had he done that?

It was almost as if his body was moving of its own accord and Kirezen was just watching it as it was happening, though he couldn’t deny the feeling of power and raw aggression he was feeling. The grip on his Zanpakuto seemed enough to snap that handle, but it was then that, he pulled the blade back and flung his arm forward, releasing his blade in a monstrous swoosh of Spiritual Pressure. Having mastered his Shikai form long ago he hadn’t needed to use its call when he released it, he simply needed to channel his power and concentrate on the blade.

Before he could delve too deep into his own mind however, he noticed the charging form of Ryujin once again, tenacious as usual. His normal stoic demeanor was gone, his grimace wiped from his face, replaced with a grin, a wide grin almost ear to ear. This was what happened when Kirezen was pushed deeper into battle, he honestly loved to fight, but often held himself back from going full gear. Most often he would pull back during spars, as once he got into full gear for fighting, he was fighting to win anymore, he was fighting to push his body and his opponents ever higher.

There was no ceiling when it came to fighting for Kirezen he always wanted more, when he got like this, which was part of the reason why he liked to keep himself calm and aware. He seldom let himself loose in a fight, for fear of overwhelming his sparring partner or finishing off an enemy too quickly. In this case though, that had absolutely no baring, because he was fighting someone equally dangerous, tired or not, Ryujin would push herself until her body couldn’t take it anymore. Now Kirezen just wanted her to push it so that she could keep going, but he definitely wasn’t going to make it easy on her, in fact he was going to enjoy some payback.

Back to the task at hand, Ryujin was charging towards Kirezen gearing for another round of exchanging blows, now that they were on equal footing so to speak the battle should reach new heights. Kirezen decided he was going to take it another step forward, as with his first step on the ground, a small crater formed where his leading foot had been, as he exploded with speed using his Reiatsu to charge towards Ryujin, as he had just a moment ago. Only this time around, he was using more Spiritual Pressure, and he was now using his released blade which made him even more powerful.

With both hands gripping the hilt of his Zanpakuto his stance was in a charging forward motion holding the blade forward at an angle. This tactic left options available for Kirezen to engage in, though in his current state they were all meant to be attacking options as well. Should his blade not be interrupted his ideal attack was going to be an angled slash, across her torso, left should to right hip. “Now, let’s have some fun!” Despite his intense concentration upon Ryujin’s form, he was able to let out a shout of banter before their true fight was going to begin. Things were certainly about to get interesting to say the least for one, Soul Reaper of Squad 11.


#10 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Training on Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:41 pm


From beyond the dust cloud, yet having little or no visual, Ryujin could sense Kirezen’s reiatsu increase. A sudden surge in his reiatsu, his intent in doing so was obvious. He was getting serious. A gentle smirk appeared on Ryujin’s face, she was indeed enjoying the fight so far, but now it was about to get a lot more interesting . Since now, Kirezen was increasing his ability to attack. Now that he would attack, his attacks would have more strength, more efficiency and more ability to cause damage. Indeed that was what she always wanted in a fight. More ever, that’s exactly what she wanted Kirezen to do in a fight, get serious, strike and take out the opposition.

After she had crashed onto the ground, making the small crater, in the form of a missile drop kick. Her whole body was now covered with dirt. Her face, further messed, since it had already been covered with sweat. But her demeanor, her stance remained unaltered. Battle ready, aiming to make an attack. She wasn’t going to show that her reiatsu wasn’t the same as the fight had begun. Showing off weakness in a fight, a terrible mistake. One that she wouldn’t make.

Ryujin noticed the expressions of Kirezen. He was indeed now pushed further into the battle, to a point that he loved equally as much as Ryujin. Indeed the joy of battle was a treasure whose worth these two warriors had found. Both of them cherished this feeling that was developing inside as the battle continued. The adrenaline rush, the hyper sensitivity to motion, the raised heart beat and blood pressure which would tune the senses making them able to sense the minute changes in the atmosphere or in the opponent that they faced. In battle, both of them, were happy. Almost as if they were in their own heaven.

When it came to limitations, Ryujin didn’t knew the meaning to that word. She wouldn’t care to what extent of damage her attack would do, neither would she care what condition she would be in. All that mattered to her was the essence of the battle. She would continue to fight as long as she was conscious, if she couldn’t move a single limb, she would just curse, if her tongue wasn’t able to say a single word. She would stare the life out of her opponent. One code about battle she followed to the perfect detail. “It isn’t over till it’s over”.

In her battle ready stance, as the dust cloud settled. She saw Kirezen, powered by her shikai release. It seemed that Kirezen was now  going to fight back more seriously. The look in his eyes as he released his shikai, the expressions on his face were crying out loud, now he had enough of taking the barrage of attacks. He was going to fight back, he was going to take what was his. He was now going to reach out and grab that power, that was truly his, and he wouldn’t stop till it was in his reach.

Ryujin saw Kirezen, heading for her. Holding his zanpakuto with both his hands, using reiatsu to speed up his motion. She turned the zanpakuto’s released form, holding the hilt in her right hand, with the blade turned towards her right, (holding the blade backwards). She moved with incredible speed heading towards Kirezen, bending so as to take as little air friction making her move more faster. While she moved, she replied to Kirezen’s word, ”Yes… let’s!” It seemed that the fight would continue, but her anger for Kirezen for losing a previous battle had cooled down a bit. Guess the beating she gave Kirezen as soon as he appeared in his inner world made it easier for her to let go of the burden of defeat.

Now, she would be more focused on the battle. Avoiding lashing out in anger, completely indulging in the depth of battle. Her each strike now would have a purpose, a meaning and a reason. Focused, she would give Kirezen one tough time before he could try to gain control over her.

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