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#1 Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Release on Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:03 am




Bankai Name: Saikō Ryūjin
Bankai Release Phrase: Ban-kai
Bankai Appearance:
Unlike it's previous transformation which turns the blade completely silver along with changes to it's hilt and guard, to similar glowing shades, his Bankai though similar differs in both its size and color. The blade itself turns into a sleek black shade of jet which extends among the entire length of the Nodachi sized blade. (It's basically a Samurai blade for those that specialized in bloodshed like Offense, think Zaraki's blade in length.) The blade itself is not the only part to be changed into its new sleek blacked out color to match its wielder's new scaled armor which surrounds his entire body.

The sheath just as with its Shikai follows suit along with it's blade and changes shape to make up for the extended blade, as well as it's color becoming a shaded night like black. The Dragon etching imbued on its casing is the condensed power from it's shikai form making it the same silver like color even keeping the glow of Reiatsu any time it's blade is sheathed within it.
Bankai Ability:

Ability Name: Dragon's Law
Ability Description:
In his Shikai, Kirezen's ability was increasing his physical abilities to their max making him dangerous in combat, and almost impossible to keep up with. The weakness in that, was that it left him open to the attacks and abilities of other Shikai with powers that went passed just physical meaning if the right person was fighting him, he would be at a major disadvantage. The point of Dragon's Law, which is his Bankai's ability, is to negate the effects of other Zanpakuto's abilities along with its own, to make the fight dependent on physical combat which remains Kirezen's forte.

However this ability is not always active and actually needs to be triggered by Kirezen before it will effect Zanpakuto. This is so that, Kirezen's Shikai ability which is carried over and perfected into his Bankai will remain active. The perfection of his Shikai in Bankai simply includes more powerful techniques that are available thanks to his increased Spiritual Pressure in his Bankai state.
-When Kirezen is in Form 2 of his Bankai and uses his ability, his armor will stay in place but his Zanpakuto will re-materialize in it's normal Bankai state.

When the ability Dragon's Law is activated both users Zanpakuto will return to their Sealed State in strength. Meaning that the users will have their blades turned back to normal losing any benefits gained from Shikai or Bankai. Being that this is Kirezen's Bankai ability however his Zanpakuto will retain it's Bankai shape and size, but it's power will be no more than that of a Sealed Zanpakuto.

His armor will also stay in place as it's part of his Bankai but will no longer represent anything other than style, until the ability is ended, in which case his armor and blade will return to full strength.

Charge Time: Immediate
Cool-down: Five Posts.

The activation of his Dragon Armor, which is the initial start of his Bankai, involves Reiatsu hardened pieces of scale like articles attaching themselves most firmly to his body. Though not replacing his Shihakusho, they comfortably fit on top of the robe in all of the most important places around his body. The first set of the Scaled armor place themselves over his chest and collarbone, then continue along his arm starting around his shoulders and spreading down to his hands. A second set of Reiatsu then floats towards his waist beginning a similar process first covering his crotch and thighs as to protect his mobility. The armor then continues its spread down to his ankles where his sandals are then covered in the same scale like armor in the shape of small dragon like boots.

At the beginning of this transformation the entire set is in perfect order, and while able to resist continuous attacks, without being harmed, it can be used as a measure for the amount or concentration of Kirezen's Spiritual Pressure. Should his resolve suffer, or he become weakened, drained of his Reiatsu, or something of the like, his Armor will crumble and be susceptible to attacks that equal his own strength during his weakened state. Even more so to attacks that surpass his weakened state.

NOTE: This armor does nothing more than show the amount of Reiatsu that Kirezen has unless it is used in combined efforts with a technique, that will be gained through training.

Bankai Techniques: Limit 6

Technique Name: Inazuma no buresu
Technique Description:
When swinging the blade and focusing his momentum as well as his Reiatsu on a particular point, a small Dragons head forms on the edge of his blade. The small dragon's head is a manifestation of his Zanpakuto causing it to be enveloped in pure Lightning which can be aimed and fired. Though at great advantage to Kirezen the Jagged Strikes of lightning that are fired, and not perfect and therefore come off at random angles, making it an impossible ability to time or plan for. The one downside however is that the strikes are small comparably to most attacks only being slightly larger in width then a Zanpakuto normally. But it makes up for it with it's massive damage potential, and it's incredible attack speed.

Bankai Version: The tremendous difference in power make this version of the attack severely more powerful and also change its appearance when preformed. Instead of it's usual blue jagged strikes of lightning which are thin and require precise accuracy to gain the full amount of intended damage, the Strikes of Lightning are now many times stronger and faster. The Strikes themselves are now engulfed in a black hue surrounding the Jagged Blue Lightning Strikes, giving them a more menacing aura for those that are quick enough to register the swift attack.
Charge Time: Half Post
Cool-Down: Two posts.
Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Nearly impossible to dodge even when ready and can cause massive damage to the limb or torso.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Unlikely to dodge, and will cause severe damage to limbs or the torso.
Opponent is Equal Tier: A fair chance to dodge, will cause painful damage to limbs or the torso.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Able to dodge when spotted before the attack is fired, slight damage to limbs or torso.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Likely to dodge unless caught off guard, and causes some damage mostly stunning or scarring.

Technique Name: Doragon no kami
Technique Description:
The Doragon no kami is a simple yet very powerful technique while using his Shikai ability. While in Shikai, Kirezen can use his Reiatsu to fire off the blade of his sword from the hilt. Without mastery it can only be fired twice. However, being adept at using his Shikai and having it completely mastered, he is able to fire it up to, three consecutive times, with no rest in between. The ability itself requires no great concentration and can be channeled over time before actually using the ability. It's greatest strength is not its power but it's ability to be repeated quickly.(simply meaning he can use the ability three times before he meets the cool down requirement.)

Bankai Version: Along with an appearance difference, similar to that of his other attacks, a black hue now surrounding the blade as it is fired away, the attack is vastly more powerful. Twice as powerful and fast, however due to the amount of increased strength the requirement of Reiatsu is higher as well. The number of times that it can be fired is doubled each time he charges the Reiatsu thanks to the stronger potency of his Reiatsu, and his more precise control over his Spiritual Pressure as well.
Charge Time: Two Posts. Three Posts, after the first attack. (passively once channeling his Reiatsu)
Cool-Down: After firing the sixth shot, two posts.
Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Unlikely to dodge the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding is caused, and severe damage to the area hit.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Small chance to dodge the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding is likely, and hard damage to the area hit.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Fair chance to dodge the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding is probable, and Some damage to the area hit.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Can dodge when ready the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding depends on the hit, and little damage to the area hit.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Better chance to dodge the oncoming blade. If hit, bleeding is possible, and little damage to the area hit.

Technique Name: Doragonsurasshu
Technique Description:
Doragonsurasshu, is his ultimate attack and only available in his Bankai form, due to it's destructive nature and the immense amount of power. The amount of power needed to even use the technique, could only be achieved in his Bankai state, utilizing nearly an entire fourth of his Reiatsu in one attack. It's attack power is truly devastating, as during the attack Reiatsu engulfs his blade during the swing giving it a Claw like appearance. After this momentary change in his blade's appearance a large wave of Reiatsu tears through the air, in the shape of three claws tearing into the opponent. Because of the amount of power and it's wide range of attack, this is easily his most powerful technique, and only uses it in life or death situations, or as a bluff to end a fight, before either person is killed.
Charge Time: 1 post.
Cool-Down Time: 5 posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Nearly impossible to dodge, the technique would almost certainly tear the opponent in pieces.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Unlikely to dodge, yet when hit, death is likely on a direct hit, without some kind of defense.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Possible to dodge when also using an ability to increase their abilities. Certain to take some kind of damage when hit, especially if hit directly.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Able to dodge with complete attention on the opponents movements. Strong enough to cause moderate damage if hit directly, and slight even if only just hit.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Can dodge if aware of the oncoming attack before it is unleashed and still has time to block if not dodge. Yet blocking will cause some damage, not major, or debilitating. Direct hit results in injury, but still not severe or life threatening.  

Technique Name: Bankai Form 2
Technique Description:
Form 2: Is completely forgoing the use of his Zanpakuto and fusing the power of his Zanpakuto into his Bankai's body armor. Their is no difference in power, except that his punches and kicks, as well as blocking with his arm guards is increased as though he were doing so with his blade. This is an example of both his and his Zanpakuto's fighting preference to be able to switch between hand to hand and blade combat with no change in his threatening demeanor.

This technique is completely dependent on Kirezen's ability to use Hakudo, hand to hand combat. Something which he prides himself in being proficient in the use of due to his desire to be a complete fighter, able to take advantage of any situation whether he has a weapon in his hand or not.  
Charge Time: Half 1 post.
Cool-Down Time: N/A
Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: N/A
Opponent is One Tier Lower: N/A
Opponent is Equal Tier: N/A
Opponent is One Tier Higher: N/A
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: N/A

The abilities crossed out, are not innate and will need to be trained at a later time. If they need to be removed, let me know.

#2 Re: Bradley Kirezen's Bankai Release on Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:49 am


Once you complete the training your bankai will be approved and moved into your app for you. The rest of the techniques will remain pending until your are ready to start training them.

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