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on Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:47 am


At some unknown time before the current events involving the Arrancar Reyes, there was a period of peace in the average sized town of Karakura. In this average town of Karakura, there was a very not average person roaming its streets currently. Panning away from the overheard view we have of the city we now come to the first character in this episode. A male, six foot-two inches tall, brown shaggy hair which comes to just around his eyes in the front. His eyes an intimidating blue which could either strike fear into the hearts of many or swoon the hearts of countless ladies. Normally the former over the latter, when it came to the thoughts of this young looking man.

However were one to know the identity of the 'young' man walking the streets of Karakura, they would learn he's not so young at all really. In fact the twenty something looking, man that was roaming the streets of Karakura a small sucker in his mouth was actually closer to two hundred and eighty something. Now to most this would sound insane, hell it would sound flat out nuts, and they would just laugh it off. Though this isn't to say he is a two hundred and eighty something human, that would be incorrect, and that is also something that would cause more confusion.

For the man walking casually down the street in the World of the Living, today, wasn't exactly a human nor was he exactly living, in fact he was a ways from it, he's dead. That's right, he's dead, and not just that, he's also quite visible to anyone who were to look in direction, though that's actually because of the fact he's off duty, for the day anyway, during his month long patrol in Karakura. Off-duty? From what? Well this carefree looking man, is actually a "Soul Reaper" a balancer as they were called thousands of years ago. They protect the Living World from evil souls that have become twisted and attack the Living to consume their souls, and it's up to the powerful Soul Reapers to protect them.

(Sorry if the writing style is a little different. I was trying something different. I wanted to make it sound more broad and Episodic. I thought since the site rebooted, it would be a good time to do "Re-introductions" for everyone and everything)


on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:11 am


Karakura Town. The one place hollows flood to in droves. I truly never understood why but I had traveled there a few times for the same of history. A very nice place it was for the first 200 years or so from the time of its birth, but it gradually began to birth humans that were...unsightly to say the least. Manners were a rarity and what once was a quiet town was now a bustling city, filled with beings of many kinds, from humans to quincies to fullbringers to bounts to the spots of Soul Reapers who patrolled the city from the shadows.

It was a nice change of pace from the desolate landscapes of Hueco Mundo, and the weather changes from season to season were pleasing to the senses. Unlike Hueco Mundo, there was a Sun that rose and oversaw the land during the day, which felt wonderful on my skin which was far too accustomed to the sunless Hueco Mundo that was overseen by the gorgeous Moon. At times a light breeze flew through the streets and tussled my hair. My sense of touch was the most pleased in Karakura because there was so much to feel. My sense of sight was pleased often because there were so many interesting things to observe, record and enjoy from afar. My sense of smell was quenched often when in the markets of the large city, due to all the many different foods and drinks and flowers and smoke that glided through the air within the area. Taste...oh the many foods I tasted that were deemed commonplace to humans were so much a delight that it made me sad that I could never stay for too long.

My reasons for making an appearance in the world of the living were for the sake of my depraved senses which so direly needed such an atmosphere. There was no other reason for my being there, but to just relax and enjoy the place. I stood atop a bridge and looked out to the open sky, wondering only what I would do the rest of the day.


on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:46 am


Having been walking around Karakura for most of the day, it seemed like Kirezen had almost forgot about everything that had been going on in his life. Sometimes he wouldn't mind just trying to live a normal life in the Living World occasionally going out to destroy Hollows that threatened the people there. It just seemed like a more peaceful life, then his currently always busy one, he was either training, eating, or fighting Hollows. Though he certainly was happy to be protecting helpless souls from Hollows he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed at times. Part of why he was so happily enjoying this bit of free time he had just walking around Karakura it was reminding him of what he was fighting for.

Tugging on the hood of his zip-up hoodie, to make it more comfortable, Kirezen found himself wandering closer to a near by bridge. He spent many afternoons on that bridge watching the sun as it would slowly careen beneath the water's horizon in the distance. There were not many things that Kirezen would say he found beautiful, but that certainly made the list and it was not something he was ashamed to admit. As he got closer to the bridge however, there appeared to be another thing needed to be added to it.

He saw a tall blonde, a bit shorter than himself, near the railing of the bridge looking out towards the open sky. He couldn't say for sure, but she looked to be enjoying herself, but there seemed to be more about her, that he couldn't place at the moment. Before he knew it, his feet were slowly making their way towards, her, not something he often did, around people he didn't know the man though bold was often shy.

So instead of opting to say something to her, once his feet placed himself near her, being about five feet to the left of her, he leaned against the railing. Being that it wasn't much different then what he usually did, a smile quickly made it's way on his face. Being that it was late Autumn, it wasn't too cold, but the warmth of the sun in distance kept him in place, as it shone directly towards that side of the bridge. Unable to fight his curiosity he turned his head in order to get a closer look of the girl he spotted just a few moments ago, hoping that she was but at the same time wasn't looking at him as well.

(sorry if I didn't make it clear what time of day it was in my first post, so I tried to do that with this one. I'm placing us in Autumn and it's around 5 so it's getting darker but we still have some sun for a while.)


on Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:32 pm


Autumn time, quite a splendid time to slack off. Well any time is good for slacking off actually, for this one particular shinigami. Epizon was at it.. again. And this time, he was in karakura time. Not on any shinigami business, since he was part of squad 6, if it was a task for his squad it would've been inside the seiretei or near it. Not in the world of the living, but Epizon had grown quite fond of a drink known as "coffee". He would come to the world of the living from time to time to enjoy this leisure of his.

This was one of the times. He bought his cup of coffee and walked out of the cafeteria. This day, he wasn't in the mood to sit around and sip away. He thought he'd walk, take in the beautiful air outside, and enjoy it with a hot coffee. He was a romantic like that. Walking on the sidewalk, he wasn't aware of the two unusual reiatsus that were very near. He was more into the coffee, but he wasn't that slow on sensing reiatsus either. It didn't take him much long to notice that there were in fact, unusually large reiatsus, two of them around. Though, he didn't feel any hostile intent, and it would be too much of a work to trace them out then follow them and then investigate their motives for being their. Eh, he just thought to ignore them.

Dressed in his usual casual attire that he wore in the world of the living. He would look like any teen of his age. Dressed completely in black, with his black jeans and shirt. And the accessories that always accompanied his attire. Calm, with a little smile on his face, and of coarse lazy. The normal teen.

In terms of location, Epizon was a block away from the two. He just happened to head that way, well actually, even if he was lazy. Large reiatsus always caused trouble if they were in the world of the living. It's a bit of a cliche, and he did care about the innocent lives that surrounded him. Though there was nothing that prompt such paranoid thinking, but he was of the opinion to be safe than sorry. Slowly, he made his way in the direction where he had sensed the two. All the while, enjoying his coffee.


on Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:00 am



OOC: Sorry for the wait. Since you're playing around with style, I will as well so.. forgive the ruff stuff. Oh and I'll assume the events of "Sharp Eyes" is said and done here and we have ended it on somewhat favorable terms.

“And: Eight ball, side pocket”

A beautiful dame bent low over the felt-covered table and pitched her cue stick, sending the white ball into the side of the table, allowing it to bounce back into the black ball, mashing it into the corner pocket. She chortled, turning her attention to the tall, dark, and handsome gentleman leaning over her shoulder. She brushed a lock of silver hair away from her forehead, looking just over her shoulder. “That’s the final ball. So… do it.” The gentleman inched away from her, nervously looking over his person. He knew it would come down to this, as every game he enjoyed to play had to carry a risk, a little incentive to spice things up. He had played this particular game of strip pool better than most before him. He had managed to get his opponent down to nothing more than a bra, her jeans, and those curious black suspenders she used to hold it all together. But alas, she outwitted and outlasted, bested him in every sense. The only thing left he had left to cover his shame was his briefs. Too bad they had to go. He resigned himself to his fate as his fingers began to slow ascent to the waistband. Just before his fingertips could slip through, before he lost everything, he noticed movement from the corner of his eye. Both he and the woman turned to face it, only to witness a teenage girl’s slim and slender frame step out from behind heavy blue drapes.

This newcomer looked upon her surroundings with eyes that literally closed off to the world, that jet black, unkempt hair of hers kicking, fluttering about in the breeze of the open window. You should hurry home, Milo. She smiled weakly. Consider it a favor. Without so much as a hint of hesitation, the man scrambled to gather the clothing scattered across the floor and rushed out, saluting towards the lass, giving her his solemn thanks. To that, the scantily clad gal gave her new guest a round of applause. ”Nice. Very nice. That’s once more that you've snatched a fun and exciting afternoon out of my paws, Remy...” Right. Every Sunday afternoon is a day of debauchery in this room. Well, what a pity it had to end when things were getting juicy. Disinterested in the raunchy, Remy merely flagged her hand towards the host of the home. I think you know why I’m here, Desiree. Oh, she knew. Remy was looking pretty bold and cheerful today. She was sporting a smile most delightful, and had an impish look about her. She was here for one teensy little thing: The use of a good friend’s television. Desiree didn't voice any sort of disapproval. She only watched as the young girl trotted further into the room, stopping only when she had reached her destination.

There was a lovely entertainment center mounted right onto the wall and a beautiful plasma screen TV hanging ever so slightly above. The young girls sylphlike digits reached out towards the screen only to clinch just inches away. Within her grip, she produced a single mallet, large and bulky, bland and gray as this day. She drew back, swinging the hammer in an arc. The striking head connected with the TV with an ear splitting violence. The sound of crunching plastic, cracking glass, and fizzling circuits could be heard; but visually the television was fully intact. The power button just below the center of the screen flashed a pale shade of green, pressing inward all on its own, the screen flickering on as it normally would.

The picture jarred a bit, stabilizing to show the smooth, slightly shaking image of midtown Karakura. Through this simple screen, the passing throng of everyday people came in waves. The tear jerking depression of those who had not yet located a single thrill in the day became apparent, along with those who were trying to hide their disappointment in the day. Shrill laughter and chat chatter could be heard from the television’s speakers. Smooth motion became somewhat jerky as a hand… and a coffee cup came into view. Remy could hear the sounds of a certain someone savoring their hot beverage with a couple of gulps. Charming. Let’s put a stop to that. In a shrill monotone, she called out into the screen only two words. Epizon-kun. Soon enough, Remy’s words would be carried all the way from that tidy apartment room she was in, and straight into the heart and mind of Epizon. Seeing how he had stopped by the town once again and with how he was strolling right into an interesting situation, it might be nice to ask a few questions and get caught up. Oh and seeing how he might react to voices in his head could be fun as well.

Ability Used:
Technique Name: Hermit Hammer
Type: Various
Charm: This charm is set against a yellow backdrop.
Technique Description: Ah yes, The Hermit Hammer; it was The sagacious article that Lupi used to know where to go. The Hermit Hammer allows for feats of psychometric awesomeness. By thinking of a certain person or object Remy wishes to find and then brutally and violently striking an object, she can produce an incredible amount of information. If something such as a camera is struck, the camera will produce a single photo that shows a moment in time where a subject's location (be it an object or person), or in some cases, general location can be pinpointed with the help of general knowledge, maps, and so on. Through the use of a cell phone, computer, or television, the screen will show the person's location through their point of view, just as if you were gazing through their own eyes. Communication through these means becomes possible through both vocal and telepathic means. Unfortunately, this "live feed" only lasts for two posts. It can also be terminated at any time by the person being viewed if that person has knowledge that they are being watched. When the live feed is over, the object then takes on the damage that would be appropriate with being well... smashed into hell and back with a hammer and is rendered unusable.

Using a radio as a medium, vocal communication is only possible and that can only be upheld for four posts. When those four posts are up, the radio takes on the damage appropriate with being struck by a hammer. Aside from those aspects, The Hermit Hammer like all other hammers after it draws power through the idea that it's abilities were defined solely by the wording and the concepts surrounding it. Thus, The Hermit Hammer's psychometric aspects are more or less limited to Remy's creativity. Thus, other means such as crystal balls and other ways to divine can be used if struck. The vast potential and room for creativity is rewarded so long as plausibility on a level is maintained. Finally, The Hermit Hammer is also the only hammer that can function purely as a hammer; thus, it's suitable for standard combat. Remy is limited at this point to individuals and objects she has seen before.


on Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:38 am


Not a care in the world. Yes, that was something I wanted very much. Too often I had wanted to not be burdened with so much stress, though perhaps it was my fault for being focused all the time. The life of a normal life day by day, and not century by century...where being excited about little things was the best feeling. It was something I yearned for but I knew it was impossible due to the conflicts between my kind and the Soul Reapers and other races. I wished that such conflict didn't exist...that peace could be maintained somehow. Perhaps it was naive of me to believe it was possible to make such a deep-rooted conflict disappear. Though at the same time, I did not want to lose hope that some day, it would come true...that peace could be achieved between all of the races.

The air around me was gentle...almost as though it comforted me in my moment of deep thought and contemplation of grand conflicts. Nature worked in mysterious ways after all. It seems not all was lost in my attempt at wanting true peace. The falling Sun greeted the clouds and mountains in the distance, creating an orange-red sky. Sunsets were always a sight to behold in the world of the living. Again...just a nice change of pace. The mixtures of aromas began to drift away from the city, allowing me the chance to catch its last bout before dancing away into the distant sunset.

In the midst of enjoying myself and my surroundings, I felt a decent reishi presence headed in my direction. I could tell it was a Soul Reaper because I knew the squishy feeling of the gigai they wear when off-duty. As I was naturally though, I didn't want to start anything so I kept my nature hidden, filling up the very tiny hole above my stomach and continued watching the sunset calmly and with a smile on my face, though it was classified more as a little grin. Moments later, the person who was walking toward my general direction made his destination about five feet away from me and leaned against the bars. He seemed kind of cute for a Soul Reaper, though his attire was somewhat...relaxed. Then again, I couldn't have blamed him. It was a wonderful evening and it would have been wrong to not have dressed comfortably. Moments of silence flew on, and then I decided to pose an open-ended question, my speech clear and warm:

"Do you know why the sunset changes colors like that? I've always wondered it, though I'd be fine if I never knew. It's beautiful."


on Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:22 pm


Having been able to make his glance without being caught, Kirezen began to turn his head back to the ever encroaching sunset, when he her a soft yet clear voice speak to his side. Turning his head with less subtlety this time, the sound came from the source he thought it had, listening closer he listened. A smile enveloped his face even deeper than the one he had already been adorning, it was indeed a thought many had shared and though he personally knew the answer, it wasn’t the ‘correct’ answer. So using his brain muscle, he took a deep breath, in his mind, and began to tell her what the, real answer would and should be.

“I think what makes it so beautiful is that it’s a mystery.” He started softly his voice though at the moment a little dry didn’t break nor did he pause but he spoke soundly and fluidly. Smiling as he continued to look at her, he continued, though much softer with this comment, “Like some other things in life, they remain a mystery, yet that’s what makes them so beautiful.” During the time he spent speaking he slowly made his way slightly closer to her, so that she would hear him better, and make it more obvious he was responding to her.

Though if he thought about it more, considering he was the only person within earshot of her, and she being the same to him, it should have been obvious who he was speaking to. Considering the world around him, he felt the air chill ever so slightly, the end of the day was getting closer, and the breeze he caught with his face was evident of that. Though something else that came to realization for Kirezen was that there were quite a few fairly high levels of Spiritual Pressure peeking out a bit around Karakura. There was one near-by that was around his, and another a block or so away that was around his as well, however there was another that he couldn’t seem to place.

Shrugging off the unreadable signature he went back to enjoying the moment with this stranger, before he finally overcame his nerves somewhat. Hell he could stand toe-toe with some powerful beings, so this should be nothing by comparison. With that, he managed to turn himself once again, partly to move his face away from the cool breeze that would come off the water, but also to make him appear more personable. “My name is Bradley, Bradley Kirezen.” Though his first instinct was to raise a hand, he quickly lowered it before it got higher than his waste, and instead postured himself against the rail, to look more casual then he felt.

‘Wow, you’re bad at this.’ The voice appeared to be his own but altered somehow; he shrugged it off as just being some odd part of himself doubting his capabilities. Kirezen didn’t realize it at the moment but that, would be his first encounter with what would be a very important part of his future.


on Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:28 pm


Epizon was in no rush to get to where he had sensed those two reiatsus. Since they weren’t killing people mercilessly,  there was no need to get there immediately. He was enjoying what was happening around him. People going about their daily lives, some walking in and out of shops, shopping for different reasons. Different food vendors, like hot dogs and burger shops had the air filled with mesmerizing smell. Though of coarse Epizon hadn’t much of an idea what they were. He hadn’t had much time to try them out, but he would love to do so someday.

He took a sip of coffee while he looked around. Warm and exactly to his liking. His little cup of happiness. Slacking was more of a regular thing of Epizon, since it would just get too tough in squad 6 barracks with Juni’chi running everything. He was more like a military dictator, do this do that and even if you do it right your gonna get scolded anyway.(‘Sheesh…’) He would think to himself, it wouldn’t kill people to just relax a bit. Well not as much as he did of coarse. Yeah, sure maintaining a balance between the living world and the spirit world is not an easy job and requires vigilance, but still that don’t mean one has to be on his toes all the time, does it?

He had walked quite some distance, at a slower, relaxed pace. He was still half a block away from those guys. In no hurry to get there, once more he took a sip from his cup. The atmosphere was filled with plenty of different voices, the sound of people walking. Chit chat of the people walking around, sound of the food vendor’s cooking utensils.  To clear out one sound from this many sounds would be a nuisance. But since he was all by himself, he didn’t have to do that. It was all him and his thoughts, no one to interrupt him or scold him or tell him what to do and how to do it. But that didn’t last much long.

As he was walking, thinking random stuff, noticing his surroundings. A sound penetrated his thoughts, and echoed in his mind and heart. ”Epizon-kun” He almost spilled his hot cup of coffee on himself. Barely managing not to. He was startled of coarse. Looking around to find the source of this sound, but there was no familiar face around. Nor could he see anyone who would know his name. (‘Where did that sound came from??’) Indulged in those thoughts he continued to look around. About the sound, he was pretty sure he had heard it before, it had that familiar touch. Like he had been with this person not so long ago. But he couldn’t just put his finger on it, who was it. It was a tad bit frustrating, it would be nice to put a face to the origin of the sound. But frustrating as it was, everyone around him was continuing on their own paths. No one was looking at him in the manner that they had just called him.

He ignored the sound thinking, (‘Oh great, now your hearing things Epizon. ’)


on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:48 am


OOC: Excuse my lateness and short post please.

Oh, just look at that. There he was fumbling his cup, looking up, down, and all around like a complete nincompoop; turning this inside look into his life into a jarring, nausea inducing, incoherent mess. Remy shrugged, taking two steps away from clusterfunk in progress. “Epizon-kun,” she spoke. “I ask that you make no sudden movements. Invading your privacy through the use of psychometry is toilsome.” But on that tasteful remark, the clicks, clank, and clatter of rummaging rang from the other room. Desiree had put her all into that game. Considering that She Who Would Not Be Named had taken away the spoils of victory, she felt entitled to a small drink in the icebox as a consolation prize. So Desiree grasped the stone cold decanter she had stowed away for such an event, spilling its contents into a stemmed crystal glass.She crossed the doorway and strutted back into the main room with her wine glass, cool and content. “Parapsychology would classify your ability as clairvoyance. Psychometry is touching an object and gathering information from it, you ninny.” Desiree sipped, smacking her lips appreciatively. “Excellent. Chateau Margaux 46. Superior Vintage.” Remy turned a glancing eye towards Desiree’s glass and blinked. Her eyes narrowed as she discerned a single, noble truth from the faint fizzling bubbles that danced and frolicked within liquid contained. “That’s grape soda.” Then came a pause; a lapse in the audio that circulated the room, that seeped into Epizon’s mind. It lasted for no more than twenty seconds. It was then that a single voice had cut through the veil of silence. “You have one minute to leave my house.” Then came the scraping of feet, the rattling of plastic, the muffled sounds of girlish giggles invading the backdrop. It would seem that Epizon-kun had been all but forgotten at this point. But he need not worry. That familiar face sounded off once again and spoke to him and him alone. “It’s Remy. How have you been? I noticed you were in the area and with interesting company,  so would it be alright if I trot on over and scope things out? If anything, let me just treat you to lunch. It's the least I can do in light of last time."


on Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:48 pm


Continuing his path towards the two, he walked with the same path. Pretending as if nothing had happened. And the sound was just a creation of the mind. Though, something felt that it wasn’t. And what’s more, he was still confused about the part him feeling a touch of familiarity in the voice. He just couldn’t remember who it was. Which was indeed frustrating. (“….sigh. Looks like I’m growing old, but is that even possible? I’m not alive anymore, so the word old, shouldn’t apply to me. Or should it?”) Now he was wondering if the time frame of the living world applied to him. Apparently, his attention span was quite short today.

After a few steps, the same voice broke the silence of his mind. Once more, he heard his name being called out, and the sound echoing within his entire being. ”Epizon-kun”, but this time it wasn’t just the name. The female voice in his head continued. When she told Epizon to act natural, which was quite difficult considering his mind was being invaded. How can someone not panic? He was considering his options, and lashing out like a baboon having a flee in his posterior region was one of them. But he resisted the temptation, and continued to sip away his cup of coffee, while walking in the same direction, almost doing the same thing that he had done a moment ago to avoid suspicion.

Before Epizon could respond to the owner of the voice, and ask questions as to who she was or how she had managed to invade his mind. A discussion began in his mind, it had something to do about psychology and the actually ability being used to do what was being done. Epizon was pissed, but he was more confused. (‘What’s going on??!!!’) Really he was being ignored, after his mind had been invaded. Seriously, the nerve of people. He sat on a nearby bench, waiting for the orchestra playing in his mind to subside. Which took it’s sweet time, but finally came to an end, and the voice from beyond continued.

(‘Ah, Remy. I remember that name. I’m good, intended to enjoy my cup of coffee, but it seems that other things need my attention. Well, yeah sure. It would be nice to have some company, doing all the work by myself is a nuisance.’) Since the voice of Remy was in his head, he thought that the logical way to communicate with her would be think instead of saying the words and making people look at him in a weird manner, suspecting him to be insane. Epizon was one of those guys who would love to share anything and everything with his friends. Since Remy had offered to join him, it would be nice to share what ever that was going on. Her offer to lunch did kinda make Epizon blush. He didn’t knew how to act around ladies much, and well this particularly stated that she would like to treat him to lunch. Now what would that mean? Is it a date or something? Or just a lunch-lunch and not date-lunch.

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