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on Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:56 am


Kirezen's mouth gaped in awe as soon, as the boy spoke out to, to him, the sheer insolence, that a boy in the human world would so obviously insult him. His first thought was to grab the boy by the front of his shirt and unleash as much Spiritual Pressure as he could, and bend him to his will. However, that wouldn't be very becoming of a Soul Reaper vying for a Vice Captain seat, more over, actually wanting to become a Captain. So instead Kirezen took a deep breath and narrow his eyes again this time speaking while pushing his Spiritual Pressure out albeit at small amounts, he didn't want to crush the boy's soul.

"You had better have some good reasoning for having the powers of a Soul Reaper, without the knowing of the Soul Society." Leaning forward a bit, fainting menacing intent, "The punishment for the theft of Soul Reaper powers is a punishable offense, by death." Honestly Kirezen wasn't sure if that was the punishment anymore, it had been centuries since anyone outside of the Seireitei had gained Soul Reaper powers, but the kid had really annoyed him with those last two remarks.

After he was sure, he made his point he softened up his Spiritual Pressure, and leaned back away to his previous stance, "After I take of this Hollow situation, we're going to have an important talk." Normally Kirezen would have gotten it out of the way now, but he could feel the faint signature of Hollow in the area, and he wasn't quite sure if it was the one he was going after or what. So to be sure, he figured he'd leave that discussion for later and raised his arm back and over his head grabbing the hilt of the impressive nodachi that was his sealed Zanpakuto.

on Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:18 am

OOC: This will be a short post. You've been warned.

I knew I wasn't the only one that he would let it off for one day. We both knew that my powers wasn't the concern, it was the way to use them to the faint signature that was a hollow. This kind of thing was getting obnoxious, but it beats sitting down letting others do the work for you. I got up for the bench and told the shinigami the most possible way to the monster.

"We have to go downtown near the stores. I think we might find the torment there."

I wanted to wait for another source of energy to come here to explain as well, but action likes to rush the unfettered or fettered. I ran to the location in a slow pace to see if the shinigami would follow. Then I forgot one thing learned...

"Dorian. What's yours, sir?"

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on Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:24 am


(OOC: Sekhmet got skipped, so I'll let them post next then i'll go.)


on Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:27 am


(You can go Bradley. Sekhmet will just follow you two and won't show herself until you find her, or until the Hollow comes out.)


on Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:56 am


Kirezen's attention had been focused solely on the hand gripping his Zanpakuto as well as the light amount of Spiritual Pressure he could feel from a Hollow. However it wasn't but just a moment later that Kirezen was plucked out of his concentration by the sound of the boy's voice. He had said something about being able to find the source downtown near the stores that were scattered about in that area of Karakura. Though personally, he didn't know if he could trust the kid yet, but it was better than just waiting around.

Seeing that he'd already left his spot on the bench, without waiting for an answer from Kirezen he might as well follow, and after turning on his heel, that's exactly what he had proceeded to do. After just a moment of a slow paced run, the boy called out what his name was, asking for Kirezen to return the gesture. "Suppose I should, Bradley Kirezen." Though he was going to tell him more such as his squad, he figured he point was moot, at the moment, he was just some human running around like he was a Soul Reaper, he wouldn't know any better, yet.

While still following, Kirezen turned his head back a bit, noticing the movement of more Spiritual Pressure, keeping up with them. 'Whoever they are, haven't attacked yet, they've maintained a good distance and have kept their Spiritual Pressure low, smart. I don't think they are going to cause any problems, but that could always change, I'll keep my eyes peeled more so now.

on Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:55 am

I wanted to ask him everything I know on how these powers came to my hands. I need patience and ambiance to ignore all that, and faced the challenges that were coming to me if I made it there. My mind was good to go, focusing one that one body of energy we were coming to. It was horrible to go deeper with the senses, as the people being abducted were crying for help. Behind me, Bradley felt that as well, meaning that there was no time to waste. I hightailed the way to the town, hoping to get there faster in time to stop it. Bradley looked at me still like he didn't trust me. I responded the proper way possible.

"It's O.K. not to trust me. You wouldn't understand or believed me on how I got powers like you. The matter is: I know you can kill me by any chance, or took me to your masters to do something worse to me, but between you and me, we need to find the faint source of energy that is in the town in front of u-"

Right before I could finish, the headache I had was even more painful than it already was. I tripped to the concrete, panting in agony as my lung was slowly starting to spike up my pain. I struggled to get up, but my head was painfully spewing some thoughts, different from the ones I had before. I started to roll in the ground, coughing blood lightly to the concrete.

"What's happening?"

Suddenly, it stopped in an instantaneous rate, giving me the chance to run again. It didn't matter to me if my body was overexerting itself. I knows its functions and its limits, and it won't stop until the threat was depleted.

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on Fri Nov 08, 2013 7:28 am


Sekhmet was following the Shinigami. After their thing in the park, she knew for certain they didn't know one another. That bit of information didn't seem important, but it would be when it came down to fighting the hollow that alluded them all. It meant the Shinigami didn't have any information on each other ability, nor have they ever fought alongside one another. The fight was looking to be a total mess, she could already see them getting into one another way and maybe even almost killing each other rather than the Hollow. It was a fight that she didn't want to get in between since she could be hit by a stray attack, and that wouldn't be fun.

It didn't help that the younger looking Shinigami, she couldn't guess age or anything, was having a breakdown of sorts. She was bout to call the boy mental, but last she checked, mental people don't roll on the ground and spit up blood. But just as quickly, he was back up, and thus Sekhmet believed him to be fine. And so she continued to follow them.


on Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:28 am


Keeping his eyes on the boy in front of him, still continuing a strong pace, he noticed that he had begun to falter in his speed slowly down considerably. Though he slowed his own pace so as not to shoot passed him and maintain eye sight on him, he heard him begin to speak. Listening to him, but not replying he understood what the boy was saying, but it was his job to worry about it, not a humans. Especially one with such infantile levels of powers, but he wasn't going to let him die either, or let him get into too much danger.

He just needed him to lead him to the Hollow, and he would of course take care of the problem himself as only he knew how to do. Suddenly Dorian's voice went silent for a moment and Kirezen watched as he just dropped to the ground wheezing and gasping for breath that would come. Kirezen had stopped just in front of Dorian lead leg bent at the knee in order to help his deceleration.

He turned to look down at the seemingly injured form of Dorian seeing him cough up a considerable amount of blood onto the concrete floor below. Kirezen sighed to himself, this was going to be troublesome and he needed to stamp this out before it cost one of them their lives if it came to battle. He leaned down to pick up the boy, but he had pushed himself to his feet and began to run once more, though it didn't matter, they had already reached their destination.

Flash stepping front of Dorian, he held an arm out in attempt to stop him from moving any further, "We've arrived." If he was successful in stopping Dorian, he would continue speaking, "You're injured, so you need to keep yourself out of the way for now, you did your part in leading me here, I'll make sure you make it out alive, then we'll continue our talk from before. Just stay alive, until then." Kirezen was sure his voice sounded rough and commanding but he didn't care, he needed him out of the way if he was going to take care of this situation.

on Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:18 am

My body was not in its best condition right about now, but the truth is that the world need some pain to show life its darker moments, hence me having a mostly mental, but lightly physical breakdown. The shinigami told me we made it to the town in a fast pace. Sighing in relief, I still felt uneasy. First a headache, then internal damage kicks in, and now uneasiness to a certain degree? I wanted to go further to the threat, so we can make it easier to finish. Suddenly, the source was scattering everywhere, place after place making it hard to go to it. The clouds starting to darken the area, meaning that the time we have wasn't enough and we need to get this straight fast. The place and the people in it was moving faster like they were going to start panicking. I turned to Bradley for a plan we could do, along with me feeling that he wouldn't trust me in general.

"Ok. We made it, so there's that. We have to go to the source before it can cause more hysteria. I think that you should find it and I stand far away from you, so that the thing we're chasing think that one person came. I'll lower my power to make it more effective."

I don't think that it can work, but due to the situation, it looked like the first and only possible solution we got. I was scared if the plan didn't work. I wasn't seasoned with this kind of power, nor I was filled with any talent. Seriously, I can't fail even with those traits are not in my grasp. Planing was better than waiting, so I wish that it can be effective for this one time.

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on Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:40 am


"Looks like it wants to play," Sekhmet said, coming out of her hiding spot. She was walking towards the two shinigami, her reiatsu still suppressed so that they didn't feel threaten. Why had she come out? Simply because she was bored of hiding, and she would have to come out sooner or later, so she chose sooner. Her eyes were fixated on the two, as she ran her finger through her short hair before crossing her arms. She stopped walking, tilting her head to the side, and smiled.

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