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#1 Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:33 am

I looked at the sun as it beams to the the grass. It was a sign that it was going to warm up the day because of the breeze of Autumn is turning into winds of Winter that was coming to Karakura. I wanted to stay inside and do absolutely nothing for once, but I just don't have the sheer audacity to rest for a while. I coughed a little bit and my eyes was starting to widen normally when I see the clouds starting to cover the sun. 'Let's go the the park', I've thought of out of my boredom and tiresome attitude. Warmly, I got my Mp3, necklace, hat, and jacket for a day of relaxation out side the house instead of staying inside. I spoke to myself about the events that were about to happen while talking about the swoosh of bad luck that I was beginning to feel.

"The sun is blaring so much now that Autumn is about to convert to winter. Maybe I can go to the park while listening to music. Or I can find a food stand to see what they got to eat. Or maybe-"

"Maybe you can help me try to get home safely with a sweet-ass new TV."

"Yeah, I'll do that as well and- *Stutters*"

For some reason, Cousin Zee came out of nowhere saying something about a TV that was rather impressive on how he said it. He wanted me to help him with it to his house without harming it. I say I wanted to relax for one day, but God really wants me to exert myself even further since I got here. I have to face it and just help him with his TV. I don't think this place even has TVs. Guess I was wrong.

~Moments Before~

Secretly standing on top of a building, a mysterious somebody scans for humans with belligerent skill and talents. The person has one arm, a tail and a bone helmet with a horn behind it. That person was a he, with intentions for what he had deemed as his own business. He looked at one person with a kendo stick and a bag of groceries walking to home. The human was skilled with professional swordsmanship and cause the mysterious male being to chuckle in delight. In a blink of an eye, he quietly sneaked behind the kendo man and touched him in the head, paralyzing him in an instant. It was fair to say that the mutated being was indeed a hollow, but not just any hollow. He looked human, but with features of a hollow. It was something worse... an arrancar.

"As long as you can sleep, I will take absolute pleasure seeing your fairly developed body. It's not that I want to kill you or anything, but to TEST you to see if you are really useful for me. The keyword's useful."

The arrancar was strangely nice as well as twisted. He dragged the human to somewhere that no one can ever follow. He wants to TEST the human's body to see some use from it. He disappear from plain sight without alerting anybody.

Given the mood, the arrancar might be a problem for the day ahead. For one thing straight, the not an arrancar. It's just an adjucha with an ego bigger that the half of Karakura itself.

There are no words describing the surreal events that were going to happen moments later.

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#2 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:41 am


Kirezen was once again on his favorite type of assignment patrol in the human world, in a town called Karakura, apparently there had been readings of high level Hollows near the park. Not wanting to take any chances this time around, Kirezen had come already in his Soul Reaper form, forgoing his Gigai until after making sure it was safe. Though he hadn't sensed any particularly impressive amounts of Spiritual Pressure he began following the source of a moderate amount of it, likely a hollow hunting it's pray. Kicking it into high gear, Kirezen began using Flash Step to travel through the town quickly finally coming up on the source of Spiritual Pressure he felt before.

What he found however was not at all what he had expected, two young men walking down the sidewalk, curious Kirezen leaned against a near by wall placing a hand on his head. Focusing his Spiritual Pressure on his sensing ability he focused more on that particular signature and it seemed to have been coming from the two boys in front of him. "How is it possible that two seemingly regular looking humans be capable of having levels of Spiritual Pressure that high." Though he spoke out loud it was directed towards no one in particular, "I should probably keep an eye on those two, they could very well lead the Hollow I'm looking for to them."

It was at this point that Kirezen had then moved himself to the top of the low level buildings that sat around the sidewalk in which the two boys were walking. Keeping his senses in tuned to his surroundings he continued to follow the two while keeping himself aware in case the Hollow finally made his appearance. Sighing Kirezen came to the conclusion that this wasn't going to be as simple as he had hoped it would be, hopefully the Research and Development guys over estimated the power of the Hollow he was looking for so he could go back to just walking around Karakura Town.

#3 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:17 am


Sekhmet was bored. That was a first in many, many, years. She could hardly remember the first time she was bored, but she knew it was after she had stopped meddling in the affairs of humans. Those days were boring, she having grown accustom to causing strife amongst the humans, though the dangers of the many Shinigami suddenly springing out of nowhere was reason enough for her to stop. If she hadn't, she wouldn't be here at this present moment.

But she was glad the Shinigami had come to stop whomever was starting those wars that were killing a lot of people. She wouldn't had been able, or thought about, associating with the other Arrancars. Yet she had managed to do it. But those same Arrancars were unavailable, or unwilling, to play with her. She would had been in Hueco Mundo the entire day, lest someone heard there was a hollow in the human realm, a powerful one, and she wished to see if this rumor was true.

Sekhmet exit the garganta, floating above the buildings as she felt a slight breeze. The garganta closed behind her, but she remained floating. She was currently sensing for this rumored hollow, and it must be true if she could feel others within the area. But she couldn't feel it at the moment. It forced her to follow the Shinigami, landing on the ground and suppressing her power, Sekhmet went in search of this Shinigami. She would keep her distance for a while, not wanting to engage in a fight when the could be other Shinigami near, but close enough that she didn't lose her.

Sekhmet had a feeling that this Shinigami would lead her to the mysterious arrancar that she had heard about.

#4 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:13 am

While carrying the t.v. to Zee's house, it was starting to cloud up in the skies. Was it going to rain, or was it just for covering the sun for a second? It doesn't matter, as I walked faster with all my strength to the house we're almost in. My body in an instant jolted for a moment as I lost balance and trip, causing the television screen to land directly to my chest. It wasn't comparing to the light pain I had in my head.

"Whoa! Dori, you OK. man?!"

"Yeah... I had worse than-*Struggles, picks up T.V.*-This!"

"Wow... You are that much of a determined hard head, are ya?"

"Question is, are you one as well?"

"Don't snark me, dude. It's like that personally for you than for me."

"O.K., Zee. Gee, you can be such a pain in the-"

Mid sentence, the headache is starting to grow in a great state. Either is it common or something evil is coming up in my world. The feeling was wretched and twisted, even for my sake in reality. Was it a demon, a ghost? I was close. It was a hollow, an adjucha with a massive heap of power that is more lethal that any kind of power I've sensed. I told Zee if he felt that as well, but to a kick of acknowledgment, he looked like he felt it too. The power can be seen from miles away, and its only getting stronger at the moment. This is going to be bad for me, and the day is just getting started. Luckily, we made it to the house before we can act.

"Zee. Place the T.V. right to the table center and place my body to the bed room.

"Don't tell me."

I looked at my cousin with a dark, cold glare, meaning that I have to this for the sake of my sheer will. I wanted to decide for me and my cousin to go, but the challenge was deeply endangering. So I swallowed everything to my piled pride, and separate my spirit from my body, already prepared with Tanzi in my hands. I ran off to the scene to fix something that would be disastrous if I ignored it. My run to the spot was good as golden, as I left with intensity, also with Zee in complete shock from the sight of it.

"Please don't die, bro. You have messed up your psyche enough."

~Moments Later~

The egotisical adjucha was causing a quiet ruckus, as wanderers kept going in his plane of sight, giving him an easier hunt for human bodies. He was enjoying every second of his "wonderful" hunt for his amusement and monstrous needs. He sees a perfectly built woman with delightful features. He wanted her for himself not for his plans, but for other things. The adjucha silently sneaks around the woman so he can knock her out longer than the rest of the humans. But just right before he was going to do that...

"Finally, this is the body I needed for a grand time. Sure, it's not for a treatment section like the rest, but she looks luscious! I gonna make her my slave for sure! This woman will be my- Huh?"

He sensed more beings far away from this area. He couldn't believed his mind to feel what it actually was. A shinigami with great power, not one but two. He ran in fear from the tremendous pressure the shinigami has and hide in separate parts of the town. To his shock, there was an arrancar in the world as well. He was timid to the sight of fear.

He wasn't going to let his fun be a bust today, so he will conquer up a plan to make sure that it won't be a bust.

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#5 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:03 am


Kirezen had long been traveling along with the two humans, who had been traveling with what he learned from the Research and Development department was a T.V. It was some sort of metal or plastic box that could transmit images so quickly they made it so that movement was projected, depicting life or other actions. Back to his travels, though, the only excitable thing that happened while he followed closely behind the two humans were that they nearly dropped the T.V. and it seemed that the one carrying it was doing it stubbornly so. "For his strong Spiritual Pressure, he doesn't seem to be that strong physically, what an odd combination, even for a human."

Once they neared what appeared to be the home of the two, a sudden shot of Spiritual Pressure grabbed the attention of Kirezen as he sat on the roof of their home. As he waited for them to enter their home Kirezen was about to head towards the source of the threatening Spiritual Pressure, he saw a Soul Reaper suddenly jump out of the building. At first he was surprised and was about to call out to them, asking what squad they were from and why they were here, until he saw the face. "It''s that kid!? What the hell, how is he a Soul Reaper?"

To say things were getting interesting for Kirezen was an understatement, not only was he hunting for a powerful Hollow, he also ran into someone who appeared to be a human with intense Spiritual Pressure who then turned out to be a Soul Reaper as well. "Looks like I'm going to have a conversation with this kid, after I finish my job here, so much for keeping it simple." To keep from drawing his attention though he continued to keep his Spiritual Pressure suppressed as much as he could.

There was another matter however, off in the distance, Kirezen could sense another presence, he wasn't quite sure what it was. It felt like a Hollow, but at the same time it wasn't like any Hollow he'd ever felt before. For the moment he simply ignored it, figuring he should focus on keeping this human alive and killing the Hollow that had been causing trouble abducting people. Sighing Kirezen quickly kicked up his speed again making sure to stay a ways away from the kid, until they ran into the Hollow.

#6 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:50 pm


"Meh, Anubis, do you think the Hollow could be an ally?" Sekhmet asked, she having stopped walking since the Shinigami was resting on the roof of a building. He seemed intent on watching two human boys do something with an odd looking box, but she didn't see how watching them was interesting. So she turned her mind to her thoughts, wanting to talk to her vain counterpart about the rumored Hollow being an ally. It was probably not a question she should had asked the woman, since she was the same person who had isolated herself from her brethren for many years. But it was too late, and Sekhmet doubt Anubis would answer, the rarely talked though she could see that was beginning to change.

'No!' Anubis snapped, Sekhmet jumping upon the unexpected anger Anubis expressed. 'He may be strong, but the Shinigami will kill him. He's useless to us dead. You hear me? Useless!' Anubis shouted, which was giving Sekhmet a headache.

"We'll have to just find him before-" 'No! The Hollow is useless. If he runs after feeling the presence of Shinigami, than you can't expect him to stay by your side. Now focus on the Shinigami you are trailing, he's begun to move again following another Shinigami.'

Sekhmet groaned, another Shinigami. It was to be expected since they enjoyed protecting the human realm from those who live in Hueco Mundo, but seriously? How many Shinigami are needed to run one town? It wasn't a question she would be able to answer, so she begun to follow the Shinigami once again. She hoped that the Hollow would show up soon, so that she could confirm the rumor, ensure he didn't try to escape back into Hueco Mundo, and that the Shinigami killed it before she would head home. That was the plan she was going for now. As long as the Shinigami played their part, she would be out before they had time to even consider if she was friend or foe.

#7 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:56 am

I breathe in the air like I was in another world. The spirit I'm in was exhilarating every time I got out of my body. This is something that I never felt since my first battle with that one hollow. Was I prepared for disaster, or was it another side of me trying to get out? It doesn't really matter how it was told, but first things first. Before I can even go further, I sense a pair of others. Ones not the same than the rest, giving me a shock of worry and paranoia. One spirit was like me but different, while the other was cluttered with serenity. Was I being followed? Was I getting paranoid? I stop at the park for a moment with no one in sight, but deep down there

"Hey! I don't know who you are, but you better come here and explain your presence!"

"*Distorted* Dori, you're starting to get delusional like last time."

"*Angrily* I'm not getting delusional! Just aware. *Calmly* Just...aware..."

Anxiously, I was out of breath and sat down to the nearest bench. I didn't felt this way before, but maybe I did. I remember lots of things, but they just came and went like paper in the air. There were images of me in the rain, in a troubled fetal position, cold and lonely. Also an image of me in front of two killed people, one's a male and one's a female. I sat in the bench with blank eyes, dull with confusion. What were those memories? Was it a trigger from the locations of spirits that caused it? No. No it was not. There were intentionally slapped into me in the worst time. Didn't bother me entirely, as I stayed in the spot, so I can reel those two spirits out.

I wasn't paranoid. There are more than one spirit in Karakura and I need to reel them both at once or draw them in separately.

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#8 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:25 am


Kirezen had continued his efforts in following the boy, though his pace was not difficult to keep up with he made it an effort to stay out of plain sight. Sticking to the low level roof tops all around him, it allowed him to keep his senses feeling out for the somewhat hidden Spiritual Pressure of someone who seemed to be following him. Though his immediate instinct was to turn and face the person following him, he decided it was more important to first deal with the boy who looked and seemed Human, yet he could become a Soul Reaper, as though he were in a Gigai.

This annoyed Kirezen, who could have screwed up in the monitoring department so bad, that they hadn't noticed the Spiritual Pressure of a human turning into a Soul Reaper. He would have to have words with those busy bees whenever he finished his assignment here. Though his thoughts would have to wait as well, as the boy had suddenly stopped running and called out, though in no direction in particular. 'Guess he figured out I was here after all, those his senses are not very keen, he doesn't even know where I am.

Sighing to himself, he figured he might as well get it over with and confront the imposter, "Maybe now I can shed some light on exactly what the hell is going on." Using Flash Step, Kirezen found himself, directly in front of the panting boy, he was of similar height and body size to himself, though not quite as toned, he would be quite the looker to Human women.

Though with his body now seated on a near by bench, Kirezen himself probably looked intimidating standing up straight completely with his arms crossed against his chest. He looked like a man disappointed in the actions of another, though truthfully, he was just curious, but he wanted to seem intimidating in order to get some answers. Just to make sure, in case he was too deep in thought to notice his presence, Kirezen began to speak, "What do you think you're doing?"

Kirezen's eyes were narrowed and focused directly on the hunched form of the man in front of him, though his senses were elsewhere still trying to focus on the presence of the other who was near by. And all the while still trying to find the signature of the Hollow he was here to find anyway, with his attention spread all over the place, he hoped it wouldn't manage to bite him in the ass.

#9 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:48 pm


Sekhmet stopped, for some odd reason the other Shinigami had noticed them. She hadn't known that he could sense herself and the Shinigami, but it meant that he wasn't a pushover Shinigami. She had thought the one she was trailing would hide, she didn't expect him to show himself to the boy. Nonetheless speak to the boy, though what they said she couldn't hear, and she wasn't going to get any closer. Sekhmet wasn't suicidal, that was how the humans put it, so she didn't show herself. She doubt they would attack her if she stayed back since if she had ill intentions, she would had attacked them. But yet she hadn't so their only reason for attacking her was simply on the basis that she wasn't suppose to be in the realm.

Sekhmet looked around, noticing that there were plenty trees, and that she could climb one in order to get a better view of the boys. And climb she did, though the tree branches slightly obscured her vision, she wasn't in plain sight and still had her sights on the Shinigami. It was a win-win situation. She swung her legs back and forth, her eyes occasionally darting around the area. But she remained concealed, and she remained silent. Awaiting the arrival of the Hollow.

#10 Re: Slum Beautiful CLOSED on Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:32 am

There was a guy in front of me with spirit energy that was frightfully higher than my spirit. He had a robe of black and white, proving that he was a shinigami. But unlike me, he was an authentic shinigami, one that looked like that he didn't belong here in Karakura. He lloked young, but with slight shrill of maturity, like a college student. He also had light purple hair, in contrast to my pitch black dreads I grew with. The shinigami looked nice in my point of view, but in reality he's both shocked and confused that he needed to hide it by acting in a discipline manner. He told me what I was doing while looking at me with narrowed eyes, meaning that he wants answers. I can concluded that this guy was following me after all, because I can shift into a shinigami. Am I targeted or in need for answering? It doesn't matter as I looked back at the guy with narrow eyes as well, but is shifted into yellow irises with no pupils, making a blank circle. My behavior was still calm and gentle like, but when I spoke to the shinigami, it got uncanny way fast.

"What am I doing? How's about sitting down for a minute to explain it?"

Did I really say that? I was nice before, but niceness does not come randomly to certain people. I secretly like people, but also detest them. That was a shock for me saying that, because I was one of the nicest guys in Karakura right now. I felt uneasy not because there were two other beings out there, but due to the fact that I politely sat in a bench in front of a shinigami that looked like he was going to beat me to a pulp if I can't comply to his question so I can tell him for a seat offering.

"If you want me to talk, be polite like I am to you."

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