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on Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:08 pm


The squad 4’s shinigami apparently didn’t listen to Epizon. He wasn’t pissed with that, he just couldn’t get over it that why was he in such a rush to just jump in a practically zero visibility zone. Wouldn’t that be a bad idea? I mean, wouldn’t he end up just swinging his zanpakuto around? Even though his intentions were pure he still might end up causing damage instead of making his efforts count in a positive manner. And Sada and himself would have to clean up the mess afterwards. As he relayed the orders again, despite Epizon asking him to calm down, he let out an audible sigh. As if saying, “why in such a hurry?” That was a bit ironic though, since Epizon himself would’ve done that if Daemon hadn’t. Normally he was the one who jumped into stuff without actually noticing the surrounding and what kind of affects his actions would have. So seeing someone else do what he did, made it a bit, awkward?

Yet, despite how he felt. He couldn’t do anything to stop the shinigami, since he already released his shikai, and charged in the dark building. Telling them to surround the building? Again, one more thing he wasn’t much of a fan of. Dividing, wouldn’t that be something that the enemy would want? Like hasn’t he heard of the concept of “divide and conquer” ? ’sheesh’ Epizon joined Sada as she shook her head, it appeared both of them were thinking alike in the matter.

It didn’t mean that Epizon or Sada weren’t concerned about the lives at stake here. Even though Epizon didn’t knew much about the importance of the artifact he was able to deduce it would be important seeing Sada being a part of the team that was sent to retrieve or locate or whatever their task was in context to the artifact. Though Sada wasn’t in a hurry to barge in, it meant that she knew what was really at stake, if they all charged into the building blindly it would be just asking to be killed. And Epizon was in no mood for dying today or anytime sooner in the current millennia. So when Daemon left, and Sada turned to Epizon, It would be appropriate for Sada to decide as to what the plan of action would be since she was the high ranking officer here. And it seemed she had a plan, and it made Epizon the back up plan, ”So technically you want me to be his guardian angel? “ A little look of disappointment over his face, since he wanted to join the action not just watch over this apparently hyper shinigami. But well it was the better choice, what if he got in trouble? ”Alright, at least my back is covered.”

Epizon joined Sada as the two got closer to the building. Since he had charged straight through the front door, it wouldn’t be that smart to stand at the door … duh!. So Epizon stood at the corner, where he could sense the reiatsu’s of the one’s inside and if needed he could just break through the wall and rush in to charge like a mob of hungry man eating tribesmen. With his hand placed on the hilt of Daimanos Rigas, he waited for anything to happen inside the building. He would make his move accordingly.

The Father

The old man was but a peaceful man, never had he been in such violent situations. The light going off, everything going dark, for a man of his age and his lifestyle that would be the cause of a heart attack. But somehow he managed to not give in to that. After all his daughter’s life was at stake here, he wasn’t going to die of a heart attack now, what would they to her if he did. The rude woman, approached him, he thought of ways as to take down this lady. But he couldn’t just lay a hand on a woman, that would be dishonorable. Even if she was the one who had tortured his daughter, he still couldn’t do it.

The artifact, now uncovered from the white cloth, he had extended towards the lady. With his hands and body still shivering, but his grip still tight so as to not allow the artifact to take any damage. He just wanted them to take it and let his daughter go so they could return to their peaceful and non-violent lives. Little did he know, it was about to get a lot more violent than this.

He heard her threats, and was about to answer her but before he could say a word, he heard the sound of glass breaking. Someone or something just charged from the window, right then he hugged the artifact tightly in his arms. He didn’t knew what had caused the noise, but it sure sounded scary. Closing his eyes tightly he just stood there motionless, not aware of the shinigami that had just appeared in front of him. Not that he would be able to see him anyways even if he left his eyes open. But he couldn’t just open his eyes, it was scary. Why would a window just break out of a sudden? Were there naughty children throwing stones at the windows? Had the police arrived even though he hadn’t told anyone. What was going on???

The Daughter
She was completely conscious now. At the moment she wasn’t aware as to where she was, it didn’t seem like where she had been before. Plus those annoying lights were gone now, it was totally dark and she couldn’t see anyone or anything near her. Though, that wasn’t helping since her mouth and her hands and legs were still tied to a chair.

And to add to her troubles, the back of her head was being weighed down by an extreme soaring pain. It really hurt but that was the least of her worries. She continued to struggle for what seemed like hours, but it had only been a few minutes. Suddenly she stopped moving as she heard the sound of glass breaking, the scene was quite so even though the voice of her father was yet to reach her ears, the sound of the window glass breaking echoed loud enough to reach her.

Something was going on, may be the police had arrived? Or was it her father? Tears began to fall from her eyes as she pictured her old father struggling to do his best to find her and then making all the effort he could muster up to get her back. If only she could do something, if she could find something sharp or anything. A light may be? Wasn’t there something she could do?

on Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:45 pm


The sound of breaking glass. Remnants of the window, a strong released reiatsu, and a shadow going past her. The brain of Irina Zakharov processed the event quickly, giving her time to react; the shinigami had already made their move, and at least one was in, behind her, ready to strike. Her brain searched for alternate plan, a way of escape or an opening. She was ready to block this attack, but she didn't have time to unsheath her blade, or do any simple dodge. Moving to the back, would make the shinigami attack again, even more fierce and aggressive; moving to the other side, could get her a scratch in her hips, and would make her back vulnerable to any other attack. Her reaction was naturally early, as all this thinking had only taken one quarter of a second, and when turning quickly around, her way of thinking was revealed to be right; shinigami had an attack directed to her, towards her hips, being an undeadly attack, that would only shock her. Her eyes had an innocent gaze, trying to made the shinigami doubt and regret his attack, and she rose her hands to protect her head. She bit her tongue, in order to not scream for the pain, when the attack would hit. A half of second had passed from the moment she had heard the window breaking, and then she got an idea.

Irina's brain was still processing in hyper-speeds, and the idea was developed than such a small amount of time. She could not really go forward, backward neither to right or left, and going squat, would give so many openings to her enemy, that she had only one possibility. She was about to burst into laughter, for forgetting, that she had kind of superpowers; for a situation like this, it was however improper, and Irina choose not to start laugh like a psychopath. Her muscles were filled with her spiritual energy, as she release her reiatsu with a great force; she maybe was "just a human", but she had beated up a former vice-captain of shinigami, and so on was class of a lieutenant, and so on, her spiritual power was notably pressured. It wound create a strong wind of power, that would wipe out every object around or at least make them fly to the walls. It wasn't enough to cause any damage to shinigami, or push him away, or even stop the attack, but it surely would overwhelm him and shock him, if he was seated officer, giving her some kind of idea for his power class. A second had passed from the arrival of the shinigami, and only one of three parts of her plan was done.

She took a small bounce towards the roof, and activated her powers, turning the bounce into a leap. Time in Irina's eyes seemed to slow itself, an she saw the blade slowly slash the place, she had a moment ago been. The vertical jump was in halfway to the ceiling, when Irina's shoes fell off, or rather were aimed towards shinigami's head, and she turned upside down. Against all laws of gravity, she should now be falling, yet the speed she had previously been in, allowed her feet to touch the ceiling. This moment caused her feet to cling to the ceiling, making her stand upside down in the eyes of shinigami. This surely would shock him, or at least make him confused for the sudden change. Irina's feet took more firm position, as she performed her wallcrawling skills. She gave a innocent stare to the shinigami, while started the third part of her plan; analyzing of her foe or foes. This all had taken only three seconds, leaving the shinigami unsure, what just happen.

630 words posted in the section of Irina. Summed up, she dodged the attack, and is standing in the ceiling, upside down.


Too lazy to post anything detailed, so I am going to say this.

Delphinapterus, click this sentence for image, has came out of his investigation of area, and has currently spotted Sada near the mansion. He has target her as his victim, but hid his presence so, that she has no way of noticing him. He has some kind of sound- and psychic-based powers, that I shall post in next post.

Anton and the daughter are still in the basement. He couldn't take the temptation to taste wines in the cellar. They will be coming into the first floor in the next post. Jun'ichi will enter the event in 1 more round!

Irina's Powers Used:

Supernatural Dexterity
Ability of possessing supernatural dexterity; her speed, agility and athleticism are all enhanced, and she gains ability of great leaping and wallcrawling. Only one trait can however be used at one time; if agility is in usage, another trait cannot be used, unless the agility is abandoned. This is one of the two abilities of Irina.

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on Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:21 am


the human was fast. she got out of the way of the blade with only millimeters of clearance, and shot up to the roof. and, surprisingly, she stuck to the ceiling with her feet. how she did that, he might never know, but it didn't matter. the visibility was low. it was dangerous to fight in these conditions, but then again, it was dangerous for her as well. if he could somehow take advantage of the visibility, he could gain an edge.

Daemon had an idea. he would use the darkness to his advantage by using white bone to draw attention away from himself. he dashed to the wall, unleashing his Shikai as he went. he then jumped up the wall as high as he could, and when he could go no higher, he struck the wall shouting, "Hone no Supuriasu!" the bones erupted from the wall and shot towards the girl. meanwhile, he shunpo'd off the wall to the other side of the room. from there he could see the shining white bone streak towards the girl, shockingly bright in the dark room. from the darkness he launched himself towards the girl from behind, feinted a slash and then shunpo'd again. this time he showed up above her, where he made his real strike. a spinning vertical slash aimed for her spine. he was getting serious now, landing a strike like this could prove fatal. but he wasn't playing around. he had someone he needed to protect.


on Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:08 am


While the 4th Division Shinigami and the strange woman battled in the house, Sada wondered why the Arrancar signature wasn't making any move. Surely he should see the switching off of lights as a discrepancy and get out to investigate. But nothing of the sort seemed to be happening. Well, it was all good that way. It would be best to try to whittle out the opposition, while any other potential threats were sitting still. It seemed the 4th Division guy was actually attempting to kill his opponent, which Sada found a little surprising. She had thought that Division 4 Shinigami would be more gentle... but then she remembered she had once been in the 4th as well. But she had been gentle until Shinzou died, and that had changed her...

Getting sidetracked by such thoughts was dangerous. Perhaps Sada would try to finish the battle between Daemon and his opponent, by attacking from out-of-sight. "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and tear out your own throat! Bakudou #9: Hōrin!" Sada pointed her index and middle finger in the woman's general direction, as a bright orange tendril materialized and streaked towards the woman. She would be more distracted by it than Daemon's strange wall-bone-thing, and unless the woman had some serious multitasking ability, she would hardly have time to react to Daemon. Besides, Sada had chosen the Hōrin spell, because it could be controlled, in case the opponent managed to dodge it initially.

She had no idea that she herself was in danger....

Kidou used:

Spell Name: Hōrin [Disintegrating Circle]
Spell Type: Bakudou
Spell Number: 9
Spell Incantation: Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and tear out your own throat!
Spell Effect: The practitioner, using the index and middle fingers, generates an orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns which, ensnaring the opponent as the tendril wraps around their body, immobilizes them. The end of it remains in the hands of the user, allowing them to control the path of the tendril before and after capture. The Kidō can connect with another one of itself, if both have captured a target, and bind them together.


on Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:58 pm


Epizon sighed, when he saw Sada heading into the building, right after Daemon. ”Not you too.” Obviously he was expecting Sada to stick around and wait. She was the one who actually detected the stronger reiatsu of the arrancar inside. It wouldn’t be a good idea to just barge in and reveal your location via releasing your reiatsu. But it was too late for Epizon to do something about it. His comrades had already charged into battle, something that was more like “his thing”. So now, instead of doing that, he made the logical decision of sticking back and keep a watch for that arrancar, so he kept his reiatsu suppressed. There was something in the air that was unnerving. A presence? whatever it was, it wasn’t something good.

Still standing in the corner, where he stood, there wasn’t much light so visually, he was invisible. Only those with a good ability to sense reiatsu, would be able to locate him. He intended to surprise any other who would jump in the fight. He heard Sada using the incantation to cast a spell, so she was serious. That was good, normally Sada was the type to take her time in finishing a battle. This one, she wanted to end right away, and she was pretty much capable of doing so. Epizon was counting on her to cover for Daemon’s mistake of jumping into a very low visibility zone, having little or no idea of the enemies capabilities. They weren’t even sure of the number of enemies as Sada had said there were at least 5 reiatsu in there, but she didn’t say that they were the only ones. At the moment, it would lead to a one on one situation. But, what if, something or someone had passed her technique and managed to remain undetected. Any surprises could cost them their lives.

Epizon was mostly listening to the noises inside, but he wasn’t looking in. There would be a chance of getting detected if someone just looked from where he would look inside. He was near the window, but there was no creak or anything where he stood, so he couldn’t see in and unless something broke, no one could see him standing from the inside. He was looking around, to locate the shinigami that had come with them, maybe he had just disappeared. He was mostly looking around to find the source of this unnerving feeling, though, most of the time he was right. He normally ignored his gut, this time, however, he had follow through on his gut feeling. Hoping, that his gut was wrong this time.

The Father

The old man had hugged the artifact right when he heard the window crash. It was more of a reflex, to protect the only hope he had to save his daughter from these horrible people. She had already been tortured even though he had not called the police, neither had he told anyone. He had just brought the artifact since it would be valuable enough to pay off his debt to them. Even still, they had tortured her, who knows what they would do to her if he took anymore time.

But what was this? The girl in front of him, suddenly jumped, after just a moment he heard the window glass broke. The gush of wind sent the old man flying 1metre, still holding the artifact tightly in his arms, he fell to the ground, on his back. The artifact remained intact, not a single scratch was on it. That was a relief. Managing to sit up, he looked towards the girl, who was now standing on the ceiling. Wait, what? Standing on the ceiling? That was completely baffling, the old man thought he had some kind of brain damage, how is that even possible? She wasn’t normal. And a moment ago, he was thinking of attacking her? It was good he hadn’t already done it. Otherwise, it was highly likely that he would have been dead by now. He just sat there, looking at her, as she was the only visible person in front of him, and he was completely unaware of the battle that was happening right there.
((The daughter will continue to struggle, growing tired and becoming sweaty all over. But, she won’t be able to get lose or anything. ))

on Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:48 am



Leaning to his two forelimbs, while his feet were seated to a firm position, a horrible beast stood hidden in the woods, but near enough the open area to see what was going on in the place, that mansion was located. The beast had a dolphin like head, and his crimson blood vessels were shown all over his body. He had two strong legs and a massive tail, that was capable of lifting a truck. The beast had four toes, but three fingers, in his long and thing forelimbs, that could act as his hands, and no eyes. He was not clearly near a human or an animal; the beast reminded more an alien or a dinosaur. This horrible monster was capable of traumatizing even shinigami with one single look at them, because his presence and body was oozing of danger and deadliness. Even though he may first seem to be a mindless killing machine, he is extremely sentient and rather hunts, that just simply kills; this beast had lived longer, than any of it's former hosts, who had all died in action, for their recklessness. He was not a doll of his master, more like an adviser of sort. The beast was extremely intelligent, more like genius, and he had indeed special powers, that he had mastered a long time ago, such as his natural skill in spying and detection. He had set something of a monitoring device to the area of mansion, and now it had actually served it's purpose...

A few moments ago, the reiatsu sensor of his 'devices' had picked up few presences. The father had arrived, but with him, so had shinigami. He had retreated from his investigation mission, and soon arrived to the mansion again, just to notice that two more shinigami had entered the area. The tricky thing of 'monitoring devices' were, that they were birds and they could record what they have seen, sensed or heard. This allowed the monster to gain knowledge quickly about his enemies, meaning that he now knew the names and ranks of his enemies. He also reasoned, that Sada was a kido master, and that Daemon's powers were based on bone, and that he was a healer. The birds had so minor amount of reiatsu, jut like ordinary animals, that shinigami wouldn't pay attention to them. The beast was not invisible standing in the woods, but he was behind the trees, his steps were silent and his reiatsu completely hidden, making the shinigami able to find him impossible. Then he sensed something new again; a masked reiatsu, coming now nearer. The beast double checked that Luxley was in his room, because he recognized, that this was an arrancar presence. He did not really react to it, maybe because this another arrancar would a threat only after they had eliminated the shinigami; this fourth intruder could even be willing to help them, after seeing that their boss was another arrancar.

The beast considered now, what he should do, and he picked his victim in few seconds; the vice-commander, in terms of rank, and kido master, in terms of skills, was a suitable enemy for him, because then they would be rather equal against each other. In other words, he would have felt sad for killing a third seat, because they are so weak against him, at least those, who he had encountered. The beast had not any specific element, his powers were rather based on 'witchcraft' and 'nature'. He was able to manipulate sound to some degree, and had a lot of innate psychic powers, not to mention his most masterful element of all; avians. He did not yet step forwards, waiting for a opportunity, not even trying to help Irina in her battle.

Irina Zakharov...

She knew, that the same pattern would be done over and over again, until one of them was too tired to continue. Irina saw the glowing bone attack coming as well as both slashes. She saw the kido attack coming; she had seen a similar one, didn't she? Was it a Hainawa? No, it was orange colored, but indeed it could have binding powers... Processing the event quickly, Irina's brain got only one result; three movements. She almost laughed to simpleness of her plan... Kido was of course the fastest, then would come the bone attack, and after all that, the slash of shinigami. All of the shinigami were clearly underestimating her... First, she dropped her wallcrawling, changing it to speed, knowing, that this move could potentially end the battle, and all strikes were made by her enemies. She moved in such a swiftness, knowing that it would dodge the slash, but also knowing two other things. Irina was now behind the shinigami, not him behind her. It was too late for him to move, nor react without super-processing powers, and her enemies did not have enough sight to move direction of the kido attack. The glowing bone would strike the shinigami after the kido would first trap him to that spot; the shinigami would not die, but be fatally wounded. She felt the gravity taking over her, and she fell to the floor, yet ready take another round of that.

[[[OOC: The attack hit, because Daemon would not have any kind of possibility to react or move, Sada cannot see enough in the dark to move the kido spell, plus it can't be that flexible to strike her. Like I said, he is fatally wounded, not dead. Sorry for grammar and tiny post Crying or Very sad]]]

[[[OOC: Jun'ichi has problems with the Dangai, his arrival will be delayed a bit. Anton is laughing in the wine cellar (drunk, of course), as the hostage girl tries to escape.]]]


Seeing the opportunity coming, the beast moved swiftly towards the kido specialist; this fast-speed movement had a bad trait of it's, and actually the monster liked it that way. It was really loud, based on the sound, and without a doubt, it would catch the attention of his enemy. He had moved just behind Sada, and his mass and height was enough to be said, that he was huge. More creepy and feared than any hollow, Sada would rather get a heart attack, when turning around to see. He simply said, "You are the Fukutaicho Iro Sada of Kido Corps?" with the every word oozing bloodlust. I am Delphinapterus. after that, he again made the loud step, ths time not moving far, just a little closer, enough to be able to impale Sada with his long forelimb, that was aimed for her stomach. He actually hoped, that the battle would last longer.

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on Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:58 am


the sheer speed with which she moved was incredible.  in less time than it took to blink, she was behind him and falling down.  Daemon reacted quickly, executing a move he had used thousands of times in the past.  the bones were just inches away from him when he reversed the grip on his blade and touched the red fang to the bone.  the words weren't necessary, as the technique activated by mere touch.  the bone pillar shattered instantly, with just enough time for him to pass through it with only minor scratches.  through his peripheral vision, he saw the Horin spell that Iro had cast fly over him, seemingly redirected. he landed, shattered shards of bone raining on the ground around him.  the amount of bone was large enough to cover him completely and then some.

he stood up and regained his bearings.  that was too close.  if it wasn't for his instinctive reaction, he could have sustained serious injury.  he had one idea about what to do next, but he decided to save it for a more opportune moment.  instead, he decided to wait for his opponent to make a move.  he needed to see how she fought before he could launch an effective counter attack.  but just in case, he had the words for a particular spell upon his lips.

Kyoshin Suto:
Technique Name: Kyoshin Suto (Resonating Strike)
Technique Description: you tap the red fang at the bottom of the hilt to an opponent who is currently being affected by the bone disease, making a small “ting” sound.  immediately, the area of bone about a foot in diameter implodes damaging the internal organs seriously, and destroying the muscles.  The more bone affecting them, the more damage it does.  This effect removes all of the penalties for the bone disease, returning the opponent to their normal state.  Opponents body must be at least 25% covered to take effect.  For every 25% over the first, increase the damage by one step.

OOC: i'm assuming that sada would redirect the Horin to not hit me. other than that, there were no other attacks aimed at me.


on Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:39 pm


(OOC: Okay so here are the changes that I'm making to Sada's post, of coarse with her permission. Delphinapterus doesn't get to Sada, he's running towards the warehouse making that loud sound, hasn't gotten there yet. Also, the monitoring devices, void.

The attacks done by Delphinapterus on Sada, void.

The attacks that Sage determined will hit Daemon are void as well. The rest of the post remains unaltered.

Daemon edit your post and determine what attacks hit your character and how. )


on Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:11 am


As Sada redirected the Hōrin to avoid Daemon, the bone-manipulating Shinigami, using quick reflexes and resourcefulness, managed to prevent himself from being skewered by his own technique. The human was slippery, it seemed, but the 4th Division Shinigami seemed to be able to handle things by himself. That was a good thing; when Sada was in the 4th, she had noted that most of the Division members seemed rather unwilling to put their hand to violence. She had been guilty of the same mistake, until the one she had cared about got killed, and she had not had the strength to prevent his death. So Daemon's ability to fight was quite acceptable to Sada. Without having to see the fighting pair, Sada crouched in the near-total darkness, and placed her hands together, as she began preparing to cast another spell to aid her fellow Shinigami.

That was when she heard the noise. It was loud and ungainly, and whatever it was, it was rather ominous. What didn't help matters was the fact that whatever was making such a din seemed to be headed in the general direction of the warehouse. Sada could not tell what it was, but she knew two things. One: whatever was coming was not from Seireitei, so it wasn't on their side. And two: whatever it was was one hell of a sneaky bastard, if Sada could only be aware of its presence, thanks to its noise. But she had an advantage. The noise had given its position away. The Shinigami girl waited till the monster was close enough to be within her spell range, then holding out her hand, out of the window through which she had entered the building, in the direction of the noise, she said, "Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six! Bakudou #61: Rikujōkōrō!" The selected kidou would brighten up the environment when it hit the approaching beast, and Sada would at least be able to know what was coming, by the light of the Six Rods Light Prison kidou. And better yet, Epizon, who was outside, would be able to see and react to the creature. Even if all that was temporary.

Kidou Used:

Spell Name: Rikujōkōrō [Six Rod Prison of Light]
Spell Type: Bakudou
Spell Number: 61
Spell Incantation: Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!
Spell Effect: A restraint spell which immobilizes enemies with six spiritual bands. The practitioner points his/her index finger at the target, generating a spark of yellow energy, which summons six thin, wide beams of light, which, slamming into a target's midsection, hold them in place.


on Tue Dec 17, 2013 6:21 am


[Sekhmet stays in her place. Next person can go since nothing happens]

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