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#1 A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:06 pm


The evening wasn't the same as it usually was, the blowing wind had something different about it. It felt like something wrong was going on somewhere, but well, to whom it may concern, and it didn't concern the shinigami sleeping in his favorite spot, on a tree branch near a house where he liked to watch the residents. The old man of the house was inside, and the young daughter of his hadn't showed up. Who knows what the young kids of these time were upto? But anyways, it was just another nice day to slack off and sleep all day and all night. Now why would Epizon waste such an opportunity? So he was enjoying it to the full, snoring away.

Life couldn't have been sweeter, away from that brute of a captain, he had managed to sneak away, but who knows what would happen when he got back. Why worry about what was about to happen and ruin the present? Suddenly, the sound of someone crying disturbed the whole aura of the beautiful evening. Epizon woke up startled, it appeared the sound came from inside the house. He was thinking of sneaking in to see what was going on, when he saw the old man of the house, coming out of the house with something wrapped in a white cloth. He couldn't see what was in it, but he did manage to see that the hold man had been crying. His tears were still flowing, but the old man didn't seem concerned about them. He was almost running with that thing he had. Turning in the garage, the old man sat in his car. Though it wasn't his business, Epizon was just intrigued about what had happened? So he jumped on top of the car, he wanted to see what he was going to do? what had caused him to cry? Clueless about the abduction of his daughter. He just didn't have anything better to do.

Moments earlier
The old man was sitting in his comfortable chair, enjoying a good book, eating cookies and drinking milk. He was a bit concerned why his daughter was so late, thinking she must've gone with her friends to some where and would arrive any minute now. He continued to read. The phone rang, turning his attention towards the phone. He got up, putting the book down, with a cookie in his hand, he received the phone.


He heard the scream of his little girl, he was about to reply in the same manner, when the phone disconnected. He didn't knew what to make of that. May be it wasn't her daughter, may be it was just some prank call, a second later, his phone rang once more. As fast as a body's any other reflex, he picked up the phone, this time, it wasn't her daughter on the phone

"Remember me, you old fart!'

Instantly, the old man recognized his voice. He had taken a debt from him, the mortgage payments and the delays in his pension had made his payment late. He was about to reply when the person on the other side continued,

"Listen up, here are your options, pay me what you owe me, with the interest. Or, we can receive the payment from your daughter, by other means and you can just forget that she ever existed."  

The old man began to sweat, his precious daughter had been involved into this. Due to his mistakes, his daughter would suffer, he couldn't let that happen. Crying he replied,

"Please, I'll get you the money right now. Just don't hurt her. Please, I beg of you."

"You've got one hour. Come with the money to the old warehouse, remember, being smart won't save your daughter, it might end up getting you killed too."


The call disconnected. The old man had said that he'd get the money right away, but he had nothing to offer him, no gold, no bank account, no secret property nothing. He had lived a hard honest life. Barely affording his daughter's education, now he had to find something he could offer him. Running around the house, like a crazy person, while crying. He desperately tried to find anything of some worth, when his eyes met on a family artifact. It had been passed down from one generation to the other, and had been in the family for centuries. Though, it was more precious to him than his own life, but it wasn't nearly enough precious than his daughter's life. He grabbed a nearby white colored cloth, and wrapped the artifact in it. Running towards his car, he didn't plan on wasting his time selling it somewhere, he was going to directly offer it to them. To save his daughter, he had to try.

The afternoon of the same day
Her tough day at college was finally over. She was always an A+ plus student from the start. But wasn't a nerd neither was one of them OMG girls. Just a regular kindhearted person. Never missed a chance to help out someone in need. Her friend had asked her to help her out with her physics subject. Being a braniac and all, physics was a piece of cake for her.
She was dressed in pink and white that day. Wearing a pink hat, with a pink top, and a white bottom with white shoes. Innocent to the fact that her life was about to be in terrible danger. Her friend had asked her to come to a bench near the parking so she could ask her about what she needed help with and then she would drop her off at her home. She reached the parking lot, but her friend was yet to come. She sat on the bench, putting her headphones on, she began to listen to music. Her friend came soon after, it took a few hours when she was finally done. Her friend excused that she had to go somewhere else and wouldn't be able to drop her off at her home.

She had already missed the bus, so guess she was taking the train now. And walking to the train station too, alone. As she was all by herself, she kept her headphones on, listening to loud music, may be she shouldn't have done that. That way she would've heard the fast car that stopped right behind, emerging from the car were two men, who grabbed her  from behind and put her in the car. In a minute the car disappeared before anyone could do something about it. People filed a report about a black colored vehicle with no license plate.

She had been unconscious for some time, when she finally regained conscious it was completely dark, she couldn't move her hands or her legs. She was sitting on a seat, and her head was covered with some kind of cloth, and her mouth was taped. It didn't take a rocket scientist to understand what was going on. She was abducted. Before she could think of her options, someone removed the bag on her face, it was too bright for her to see who it was. From her surroundings it appeared to be some kind of a warehouse, the man spoke in a scary tone, extending a phone towards her, while someone slapped her face ,

"Scream little girl, it's daddy on the phone."

The slap nearly knocked her teeth out, when she heard that it was her father on the phone. She didn't think of anything and only screamed


Just as she said it, she grabbed the chair and attempted to jump the guy holding the phone, falling on top of him. But that was the full extent of what she could do, the phone got disconnected. While she received another hit, this time on the back of her head, knocking her unconscious, once again.

#2 Re: A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:34 pm

Erida Seika

30 minutes after the phone call

A russian woman sat on the windowsill of an old mansion, used to be a warehouse, that basically was located far from everything moving and living, deep in the woods, looking towards the sunset, that was almost over. A night in a haunted estate, whose owner her boss had killed a few days ago, with an alcoholic, but indeed a bit charming, Anton, and with a scary boss of hers, Luxley, did not sound nice to her first, but when she heard about the payment for job, she was in. She had been recruited by Luxley himself, to secure the exchange of the target and the hostage, client's daughter. She looked extremely bored right now, filing her long nails to more round shape, and hoping that everything would be over after the midnight, because she really hated work overtime, especially when the risks were this big. The russian swiftly stepped down from the windowsill, and walked into the mirror, to admire her very own beauty. Woman was indeed beautiful, stunning sight; Her jet black hair was curled and set to the right side of her head, her blue eyes shined in the dark room and her skin was white as snow, white as death. She picked up her handbag from the floor, took her lipstick and make-up out of it, and started to decorate her face. Woman selected black flat-lying clothes from her closet, the same clothes she often used on this kind of missions. The moment would have been perfect, if a seductive drunk voice would not have been wafted upstairs, where the russian woman was.

"Irina...! Come down and drink with us... We still have plan to do, woman."

Irina sighed, when Anton called him to "drink with us". Their boss wouldn't even touch to alcohol, before the mission was over, and she was not sure, if he would do that even after it. Anton was drunk again, and their task would be here at any minute. She took her weapons, that she would need in the mission, and set them to her suit; one pistol, both filled with spirit-damaging bullets; one spirit-granade, that would instantly blow away part of the house and slay all nearby foes and allies, or one stronger opponent; and finally a wakizashi blade, the oldest of her weapons, containing poison, that can kill spiritual and mortal beings. She looked down the window once more, seeing if the client would have arrived, checked her look on the mirror, and then walked dowstairs.

"There is my lovely lady, would you like a seat?"

Anton smiled at her, when she came down from the stairway, offering her a seat next to him. His mouth was moving, forming the sentence; "Boss' on the phone, talking about the exchange with his friends, and how we two should be treated after the mission". Irina, open her mouth, and wordlessly replied to Anton; "He is talking how to eliminate us." She spin one of her knives, and pointed at the direction of their boss, then stabbed the air, like a person's back. The man smiled back, giving her a look, 'you-are-sure-you-can-do-it', and pouring wine to Irina's glass. She sat and waited moment, then asking quietly;

"So, how do we act, after the exchange is over?"

"Well, darling, I was thinking a small plan, if you are interested. Pay attention on details..."

[OOC: Shinigami are now informed, that the artifact has been moved, probably by the GPS of Division 12.]

[OOC: Due Anton's special ability, he is able to detect psychic movement, reiatsu and objects. When ever the shinigami shall appear, he is ready.]

[OOC: Look to my sign, for the details of NPC's, Irina and Anton. Sorry for the post, low muse, hope this is enough.]

[OOC: Jun'ichi is told, that Epizon is lacking of the work and hears about the situation; he is driven to World of Living seeking Epizon, in order to investigate the vase and find a reason, that his subordinate is using to slack off.]
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#3 Re: A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:45 am


It was just another night of patrols for the fourth seat of the eighth division. He was tired of all these patrols. Rarely would he ever run into something of significance. Usually it was just guiding a lost soul or two to Soul Society each night. On rare occasion, maybe a couple times a month, he ran into a hollow which proved short work for him, but it was not enough. Kazuma had a vendetta against hollows, a burning desire to hunt them, to destroy them, but he had to follow orders. That is why he had recently requested a promotion within the eighth squad. He had already mastered his shikai and was sure he was able to get third seat, but he wanted second. He wanted to the Vice Captain position, that was the only way he would be able to set the patrols for him and his men. Killing one or two hollow while three or four takes their place does nothing. Though he was focused, he was intent on eradicating hollows and it was the hollow from his past, Zeradul, the hollow that had forged much of his life who was to blame for his ambitions.

As Kazuma stood atop a street light, thinking about his daunting past, two sets of car lights blinded him. It was the highway heading out of town and there was no traffic, so why was the man in the car driving so recklessly? He had to find out. Kazuma move to the side in order to get out of the headlights, and concentrated. He could feel his reiatsu flowing through his body and up into his spine. From there it entered his head and through his eyes. Suddenly time slowed, and to about an eighth of its normal speed. Kazuma could clearly make out a man in tears and a rare looking artifact in the passenger seat half haphazardly tucked in a white sheet.

Suddenly time sped back up and Kazuma's sight blurred. He always had trouble regaining his vision after using his Jikanteido ability. It was the sudden pumping and draining of his reiatsu into his brain that caused it and though he had trained diligently on mastering it, there was no way to avoid the side effects, only minimize them. His vision was still impaired, but the shinigami could still make out the car and so he followed it; not only for his concern for the driver, but because it was an opportunity to take his mind off of other matters.

After a half hour of following the car, which basically consisted of him running along the guard rails nearly a hundred yards behind the driver, the man turned off the main road and onto a dirt path that led into some of the darkest woods in the area. It was lucky for Kazuma that the man had taken this path because if he continued along the road for another five kilometers the shinigami would have then been outside his patrol area and thus would have had to give up on his self-appointed mission.

A few minutes passed and the man pulled up to an old mansion in the middle of the woods. Though it looked to be condemned, there was some light inside so it was definitely not vacant. As the man put the car in park, Kazuma could sense that something was amiss. There was something dangerous in the place and so, without a second thought, the shinigami took off into the woods. He jumped up into a tree and began hopping from branch to branch in hopes of finding a good vantage point so that he could come up with a plan for staking out the house without arousing any suspicion. There was no way he was going into such a place without any knowledge of what he might be facing.

Abilities Used:
Name: Jikanteido
Effect: For some reason or another, Kazuma was born with the ability to process situations in his head much faster than a normal person. His ability to do this, along with years of tedious mental training, has allowed him to view things as if they were happening in slow motion. It is because of this that he can find weaknesses, openings, and learn about his opponent far quicker and easier than most people. Though he can see and assess these situations very quickly, his physical speed is not affected. The skill does not come without a cost however, as after using this ability and any techniques based upon it, the strain Kazuma puts on his eyes makes it difficult for his eyes to ficus for a short while (1 turn).
Charge Time: Instant
Duration: 3 Turns
Cool Down: 5 Turns
Duration Remaining: None
Cool Down Remaining: 5 Turns

#4 Re: A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:58 am


"Oh?"  Daemon had just been told that he was to follow some 6th squad members to the human world.  it appears that some kind of rare artifact had been moved, and they wanted some 4th squad support in case things got nasty.  Daemon was sure that they could have handled something as simple as this, but orders were orders, so he got ready and headed for the Senkaimon.

when he arrived in the human world, he was alone.  no one was there to meet him at the Senkaimon's exit.  "Wierd..."  he said, there was supposed to be someone here to meet him.  Daemon looked at the map he had been given.  there was the location of where the artifact was currently located.  some kind of abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods.

it took Daemon only a few minutes to find the place.  he then sensed the presence of another Reiatsu in the area.  from the feel of it, it seemed to be a shinigami of about his level.  he skirted around the area, not getting too close to the building, looking for the source.  after about 5 minutes of searching, he found it.  it was someone he didn't recognize. he decided to approach him and find out.

"hey, are you from the recon squad? i'm Daemon Tetsuyo from Squad 4. i'm the healing support. Daemon waited for his answer will a little anticipation. he was curious to see what this person would be doing here if they weren't on the squad.

#5 Re: A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:44 am


((Instead of waiting for SAGE to edit, I'll just say here to remove any bits about Luxley even being in the same room as the humans he's hired. In typical Luxley fashion he'll be locked away in his room and threaten anyone who tries to disturb him with death.))

It had been 3 years now. 3 years that Ashram had been watching the old man and his daughter. The arrancar had developed a bad habit since he'd evolved from hollow to something in-between hollow and shinigami. Every now and again he'd wander the world of the living and go from city to city. More specifically he'd go to the slums and projects where the daily dose of despair was greater than usual. It was in these places that he would find "proof" to further strengthen his ideals that the fate of everything is unfulfillment. It didn't matter where he went, there were always being suffering unfulfilled lives. Humans were always so petty about their goals too. "I want more money" "I want a nicer house" "I want that girl to notice me" if it wasn't one desire it was another and the moment that desire is met, it's replaced by another one and the humans start all over again. This was the cycle that Ashram's dead eyes saw and to him it was the only one allowed to exist.

Thus, when he came across the happy father and his daughter whom lived fulfilled and satisfied lives, Ashram decided to watch them. Surely this moment of joy as a girl hugged her father after opening a birthday present was just an illusion. It had to be a temporary and false satisfaction! What awaited this family tomorrow would be pain and unfulfillment even worse than usual to make up for the happiness they were experiencing now...right? Ashram returned and watched the next day only to find that the family remained happy and seemed content with their lives. Over the next few years Ashram began to check up on this father and daughter from time to time, always telling himself, "Next time, they'll be time..." but after 3 years he'd never once caught them in a time of anguish or pain. A few months ago he decided to confront them and disguised himself in human form using a technique called, "Lobo Capa". The arrancar pretended to be a mute who was simply admiring how great the small family got along. The man and his daughter had nothing to hide so they told him what allowed the two to remain so content. As long as they "had each other" they could smile.

Realizing that the only way to make their lives suffer from unfulfillment was to separate the two, the arrancar began setting a plan into motion. He hired two humans to kidnap the girl and demand a ransom. The fact that the old man possessed an artifact of power was only a fraction of why Ashram was motivated to do this. If that was all he wanted, he could have taken it by force. No, the arrancar's true aim was to know that the man and his daughter's blasphemous happy days were put to an end...

Now Ashram sat in a study in the mansion with his massive greatsword leaning up against his shoulder. He had his eyes closed and was sitting in a nice couch with his feet up on the coffee table in front of him. The arrancar was waiting...

Techniques Used:

Technique Name: Lobo Capa {Wolf Cloak}
Technique Description: Named after the old saying, "A wolf in sheep's clothing" this technique is performed by finding the corpse of a human body with similar skin tone and hair color to the user. Using reiatsu, the base components of the body are broken down and then layered on top of the user. This creates a "shell" which allows Ashram to pose as human. The problem is that it doesn't solve for the fact that humans still can't hear anything Ashram says. Thus he must pretend to be a mute while in this form. The cloak can be held indefinitely or so long as Ashram has reiatsu to spare, but if he takes even the slightest bit of damage the entire cloak is lost and becomes a bloody mess of skin, hair, and other flesh on the floor. This technique does nothing to hide Ashram's reiatsu making it completely ineffective at fooling other spiritual beings.

((Being the boss, Ashram won't be leaving his study until the events of this thread climax. Sage's humans should know by now that their boss isn't the talkative type and would simply get mad if they bothered him. So everything is in their hands until they are defeated or hopelessly outnumbered. That is when I need someone to pm me. Until them skip me because Ashram wouldn't be doing anything. What an apathetic guy D: ))
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#6 Re: A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:57 am


OOC: If my internet was human, I'd be soon charged with manslaughter!  X(


The night had such a deceptive calm to it, offering an illusion that all was well and peaceful. In actuality, for those who had a bit more perception, the stillness was simply the effect of tension. And wherever there was tension, there was no such thing as calmness. It was into this false atmosphere that Sada descended quietly, hopefully unnoticed by the world below, as she exited the Senkaimon and made her way towards the co-ordinates she had received using Shunpo. There had been some artifact of sorts that was being hidden in the human world, and it had been moved. Why it was in the real world, where all sorts of people could have access to it, Sada could never tell, but she assumed it was one of Seireitei's acts of lesser wisdom that had caused this event. Whichever the case, complaining about spilt milk never managed to get the mess cleaned up.

As Sada approached the co-ordinates, she detected the presence of two Shinigami outside the perimeter of a warehouse. It was most likely that those were part of the team assigned to retrieve this artifact. Without further ado, the Shinigami girl made her way to the two of them, just in time to hear one say he was from the 4th Division. If Seireitei would bring a healer in, then this stuff seemed more serious than Sada had imagined. Arriving as quietly as possible, but not doing much to hide her presence from the two Shinigami, Sada said, "Konbanwa. I'm Iro, Sada of the Kidou Corps. Has everyone deployed from Seireitei arrived?"

#7 Re: A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:09 pm


Sekhmet hadn't planned leaving Hueco Mundo for the Human Realm, it just happened that way. She had no real reason to be in the realm where the ignorant living dwelled, but something she heard another Arrancar say intrigued her. The rumor stated that there was an artifact within the realm, though she didn't know what it was. But after wasting her time killing a Arrancar for information, she decided to see if this rumor was true. That was how she ended up in the garganta, walking at a leisures pace until she saw the exit.

Sekhmet grinned, skipping until she was out of the darkness and surrounded by the dark skies of the Human Realm instead. Her eyes swept over the place, she allowing herself to see how much danger she would be in during her stay. Sensing several different Shinigami, she wondered if they had come for the artifact as well. What other reason would several Shinigami be in one area? She giggled, a wonderful game would commence tonight. "This should be fun," Sekhmet said, though no one would hear it. She landed on the ground, though Humans couldn't see her in the sky unless they were the few pesky ones, but she couldn't stay in the sky and suppress her reiatsu.

Sekhmet may be strong, but she wasn't stupid enough to allow her power to be detected when there were several Shinigami within the area. And she doubt they were too occupied with whatever they were doing here, to not notice an Arrancar had entered the realm. Thus that reiatsu was suppressed, and she waited for the Shinigami to move first.

#8 Re: A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:34 pm


Epizon was enjoying the ride on the roof of the car. When the car entered the darker area, the wind was soothing. Made him feel sleepy again. But he didn't fall asleep, he would have when he noticed a reiatsu following them. Turning his head a little, he saw a shinigami. Heading right after them. Though he didn't knew who it was or why he was following the car. Epizon decided to ignore the shinigami till the shinigami himself felt comfortable to show himself.

When the car stopped in front of a dark, gloomy building. Apparently something like a ware house, Epizon began to doubt that his joy ride might have nasty touch to it. May be something serious was going around, and him tagging along might prove useful. Though it would really be a nuisance if it was just another scuffle among human, who had the tendency to do such things to one another for greed or whatever reason they may fancy.

The shinigami that had followed them hadn't shown himself, instead he had decided to hide in the nearby trees. Epizon unaware of his location currently, thought he might've left. He felt a little chill run through his spine what if the shinigami was a member of squad 6 and went to report the captain? That would be a total bummer, not to mention the beating he'll have to endure from the captain. Being optimistic he decided that the shinigami wasn't of squad 6 otherwise he would've introduced himself and asked him why he was here. Since he hadn't so he would assume that he was still in the clear, or was he?

Now since the car ride was over, he saw the old man coming out of the car. His face now worn with the continuous crying. But it wasn't the crying that had added the misery to his face, it was something else. A deep concern for something or someone. Could it be something related to her daughter? Or was it something along the lines of going bankrupt and finding a place to hide? Epizon didn't knew what the old man had done for a living before retirement. So he thought may be he was a gloomy gang member or something to come to a place like this. But then remained the question of this something wrapped in a white cloth. What was it? and why did he bring it here? and why was he crying this whole time? Too many bothersome details, Epizon wasn't going to concern himself with something like that.

As he decided to follow the old man, he heard the voice of a shinigami, who introduced himself as a 4th seat of squad 4, Daemon Tetsuyo. What was this about a recon team? Is there a team of shinigami team dispatched for some sort of mission? Epizon turned to face the Daemon, "Hey, I'm Epizon psychi. 3rd seat of squad 6." Epizon paused a little, now he had to decide, either he was going to lie and deceive a fellow shinigami. Or was he going to spill it that he was slacking off and just managed to be here. What if the mission included the captain? he would be in for a treat then. Oh well, he wasn't just going to deceive another shinigami. Yeah, he had that noble side to him. "No, not really. I'm not aware of any recon teams. Why is there a healing support here anyways? What's the mission that requires something like that?"

The Father

All along the way he had been crying and praying, that he would reach in time to save his daughter. One way or the other, the family artifact would definitely be of enough worth to pay off the debt. He didn't care any more about the traditions of the family. All he wanted was to save his daughter. Stopping in front of the dark warehouse.

Completely unaware of the presence of shinigamis, he opened the car door. And walked outside with the artifact still wrapped in the white cloth. He didn't have the exceptional reiryoku to see or here or even feel the presence of shinigamis. He was just another normal human being. The continuous crying had left a touch of misery to his face. As he made his way to the warehouse and the apparent silent was broken with his foot steps.

The warehouse was large in size, huge actually. The door was of metal, enough to fit a bulldozer through the door. The old man using all his strength, struggled to open the door. Finally managing to do so, that resulted in a creaking sound that broke the silence in the air along with his continued foot steps. He made his way into the ware house, where he could see a bunch of lights. All the while, not being too smart. Asking if someone was actually there. "Hello?? is anyone there? I brought the money. Hello??!!"

((The daughter is still unconscious from the beating she took earlier in the evening.))

#9 REPLY on Sat Nov 02, 2013 12:05 am

Erida Seika

"You really managed to come all the way here, huh?"

Irina spoke, and her words echoed in the main hall, standing in the stairway. She sensed it too - She did not need Anton's abilities to recognize the presence of four shinigamis, not far away from the house. She wanted this to be done quickly, and that everything go smoothly, so that everybody could go home, without losses. She was a little uneasy, so she asked the man;

"I assume, that you have brought the money? And maybe something other for us too, in exchange for your daughter? She will be here in a moment; I am afraid she fell unconscious, when we beated her up - did you know, that your daughter can act very naughty? Anyways, did somebody follow you?"

She landed down the stairs, and looked to the eyes of man, ready to kill him, if the scene would not go as she planned; Irina really did not want to get her boss disturbed. Suddenly, lights turned off.

(OOC: Anton got the unconscious daughter from cellar, and when noticing the shinigami presences, he turned off the fuses.)
(OOC: Jun'ichi is entering dangai, ready to assist others and teach Epizon a lesson)
(OOC: Sorry for small post Wink)
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#10 Re: A Debt Not Paid CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:55 am


Daemon looked at the three other shinigami gathered in the trees.  the one he had approached didn't say anything as per his question, and just kept looking towards the house.  the other two had responded.  the first, Iro Sada, seemed to know what he was talking about, but Epizon had no idea about a Recon team.  this was somewhat puzzling.  why would there be four shinigami, but only two from the recon squad?  maybe they were just on patrol in the area and happened to notice what was going on?  whatever it was, he had to make some kind of sense of the situation.  "Iro-san, do you know the location of the other Recon members?"  Daemon asked, hoping to figure this whole situation out.

just then, something caught his eye.  all the lights in the house had just turned off.  they might know that they were there.  if there was anyone in the house who could sense reiatsu, then they had already let themselves be known.  Daemon knew that they only had a small window to act before they were taken by surprise.  he had an idea.

"ok, they might know we are here, so we have to be quick.  i have a plan.  we need to surround the building and extend our reiatsu towards the house, as much as you can easily keep up.  now, i need someone who can perform a kido that makes your voice louder.  you will need to be a good liar.  you will announce that we have the house surrounded by a team of shinigami, and to surrender the people and the artifact to an ambassador.  that person will be me.  i will walk out alone and accept the items.  this means that if this doesn't work, i will be the one most at risk, so you will need to be on your toes in case this goes wrong."  Daemon couldn't feel any particularly strong Reiatsu coming from the house, so he figured that those inside couldn't be too strong.  they should fall for this ruse.  but if he was wrong, and there was a powerful individual waiting for them, then he was the one most at risk, being that he was the one out in the open.  but he wasn't about to ask any of them to do something he wasn't willing to do.  Daemon waited for the responses from his teammates.

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