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#41 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:42 pm


In front of his very eyes, the ordinary looking shinigami with a normal shikai, released his bankai. When he saw the grim reaper kind of form of Daemon, with a scythe and a bone armor, his eyes almost sparkled. An unusual bankai, he was the ally that kagamine was looking for.  The shinigami pointed his scythe at the exile, making it very clear that there was resolve behind his words and what he had said, he meant it. He had accepted the illusion that kagamine had created, that the soul society had abandoned him. Despite that, he still maintained his resolve, and decided to work from the outside, only to make things right. So there was no longer a doubt in his mind, the events that had happened before, weren’t intentional and Daemon, wasn’t exactly guilty of them, he was a good soul at heart making him a trust worthy smile.

”Well done”he said, as he shunpo’d behind the shinigami, before the shinigami could realize that kagamine was right behind him. He would remove the bug planted in his collar, and would shunpo once again, distancing himself from the shinigami. ”I just wanted to test you, and you’ve passed. Contact the soul society if you wish or if you wish to gain control over your ability. You know where to find me.” With that he would disappear, once again using his shunpo.  As he saw Daemon’s bankai, it was apparent to him that he was yet to perfect it. It was only a unstable power, and without control it would cause havoc, not to mention hurt the shinigami himself and possibly beyond recovery.

The cards had been placed now, he had shown the shinigami what he was capable of and had offered to help him out. Now, all he needed was to wait, he had doubts but by his calculations the shinigami would come to him. Asking for him to train him and thus becoming the ally and connection to the soul society that he wanted. Kagamine would come back to the bar, where the bount was and where it all began. There he would sit at the bar again, the bount would turn and face him, ”Pour two drinks, will ya?” the exile would say to the bount. ”Expecting company again?” the bount asked, to which kagamine smiled and nodded. He was so sure of it, that once the shinigami would calm down after contacting the soul society, he would most certainly come looking for him.

#42 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:19 pm


Daemon blinked. he shouldn't have, because he missed everything that Kagamine did during that half second. he felt a prick on the back of his neck, and then heard what he said in passing. but by the time he opened his eyes, he was already gone. "son of a bitch." he thought. he had called his bluff, and he had been right. huh. maybe his luck was turning around. he deactivated his bankai, and then thought about what Kagamine had said. was he suggesting he would train him? he thought he had control of his Bankai, but then again, he hadn't really put it to the test in real life or death combat yet. that training session back in soul society a year ago had helped, but it hadn't pushed him past his limits. Kagamine had forced him to pull out his bankai in a civilian town in the human world. he knew what he was doing.

He decided to make a quick call to soul society. telling them he had been ambushed by Hollows and that they had taken out his communicator, and that only now he was able to fix it. he told them that he would finish up and be back by the next day. he didn't like lying to his superiors, and he would catch hell if they ever found out, but he couldn't let this opportunity slip by. He made his way back to the bar where he first met Kagamine. this was sure to be an interesting talk.

#43 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:16 pm


As expected the shinigami had been intrigued, the exile’s strategy had worked just like he had calculated and there he stood right behind him. Pointing at the seat right next to him, without turning to face the shinigami, he said “I think we have some things to settle before we get right into it. I presume you wouldn’t want to waste much time so we’ll get right to it, after you listen to what I have to say.” Not waiting for the shinigami to say anything he took another sip of his drink. Then put into order in his mind what needed to be said and what didn’t.

Didn’t take that long for him to do that, then he continued, “I won’t take it easy on you so if you don’t fight for your life you’ll die here. Even dead, you are still of use to me so don’t think that I won’t do it. Despite that fact, I only intend for you to gain control over your ‘unique’ power, because your not as much use to me dead as much as you are alive.” Once he was done saying what he wanted to say, satisfied with his words he looked to the bount. Who was already waiting for him to give the order.

“Understood boss”, with that he pressed something underneath the table hidden from plain sight. A creaking sound echoed in the bar and then, the whole wall behind the bount began to move, revealing a stairway leading into darkness behind it. Kagamine had already finished his drink by then so he got up and headed for the stairway that had just been unveiled, expecting the shinigami to follow right after he was done understanding what the exile had said. If he wanted he could have engaged Daemon in a fight before, but that wouldn’t have been very good for the people living in the area.

Once inside the wall would close again, the stairway would lead to a very open space.  The space was so enormous that it was unimaginable that such a space could exist under a normal sized bar such as this. It wasn’t a normal space either, no, the reiatsu that would be released in this area would remain in the area, that is it wouldn’t be possible for normal hollows to detect the reiatsu flowing underneath the ground in this structure. This space was something he had designed for training candidates such as Daemon, who would later prove useful for his own gain.

#44 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:31 am


Daemon followed Kagamine down the mysterious dark staircase and into the huge room. the scale was absolutely massive, enough to fit half the city down here. he also noticed something. it was kind of like an echo. he focused his mind and sensed that his Reiatsu was bouncing off the walls back towards him, instead of escaping to the outside. that meant that the Reiatsu was being contained here somehow. it actually made sense. this would ensure that their training would be uninterrupted by pesky hollows, and kept from messing with the human world too much.

He walked with Kagamine to the center of the great room and immediately got into a ready stance, his Zanpakuto drawn but not released. "i'm assuming we'll start with basic combat and work up to greater power? or shall we begin there?" whatever his answer, he was ready. he was entirely focused on his opponent, letting nothing distract him from his target. when Kagamine twitched, he would launch his assault.

He would dash forwards, and deliver a series of strikes meant to twist the hand of his opponent, to disarm him. first to the right shoulder, then to the right knee, followed with a spinning feint to the left knee who's actual target was the left shoulder. he would do this fast enough so that the only way to block it was one continuous sweep of the sword. this would twist his hand far enough that a simple jab to his wrist should disarm him.

#45 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:01 pm


Now the real training would begin, the veteran had chosen his pupil and he didn’t like wasting time. So being asked whether they were going to start from the top was actually the wrong question, he didn’t need to concern himself how they will be going through the training oh no. What he actually needed to think was whether there will be any room left for him to breathe, because once Kagamine engaged in training, each of his blow was launched with the intent to kill and the difference in reiatsu between the two would actually make it quite difficult for the shinigami to survive unless he unleashed his full potential. The real motive of this way of training was just this, to force his trainee to a point where he HAS to fight with all of his potential just to survive. That way, it would make it a lot easier and quicker for them to gain control over their abilities.

When the shinigami asked his question, kagamine didn’t answer with a word but rather a grin. And then he began. Just when he unsheathed his zanpakuto to hold it in his usual casual manner, the shinigami launched his barrage of attack but right before any of his strikes actually got closer to the veteran, he uttered these words, ”Bakudo number 13, Shimarume” as a result of which a yellow orb of energy was produced that resulted in an explosion of light, blurring the vision of the shinigami. Right then, kagamine had already shunpo’ed in the nick of time to move from the front of the shinigami to his left launching a diagonally downward slash with lots of his force. The shinigami would be able to parry the slash, but that would result in him being pushed quite a few feet.

If the shinigami actually intends to engage someone like this veteran in battle, his only option is his last option and hoping right to it would be the smarter move on his part. That was what Kagamine was trying to say with his actions. He wasn’t going to train him how to sword play, no, that wasn’t his particular set of interest. Something like that can only be gained by extensive and rigorous training, however, gaining more control over your bankai or shikai can be accelerated. So, having an unusual bankai, it would be wiser to release it now and try withstanding all the damage it might cause to him because now Kagamine was there and if something was to go wrong he had the skills to stop it in it’s track and avoid causing more harm to the shinigami.

Kido Spell:

#13 Shimarume Creates a yellow orb of energy that explodes forwards revealing a bright flash of light, disorienting the foe for a short amount of time

#46 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:25 am


"He's pushing me." Daemon thought to himself. "trying to make me use by bankai. i could oblige him, but that could be falling right into a trap. no, instead i will wait for the most opportune moment to unleash it." if this was truly a fight that could end in death, he would need to test the waters first before doing anything drastic like a bankai release.

he saw how easily Kagamine dodged his slashes, even going so far as to launch a counterstrike against him. the man was very good. better than he was, but he had learned a few things from his battles that he might not have seen before. Daemon watched the incoming slash, and noticed that it was lacking power. he was meant to block it. that said, it still carried a fairly large amount of power, and would certainly hurt to get hit by. but what would happen if he accepted the strike? an idea began to form in his mind. Daemon switched his blade from his right to his left hand, and while it traveled, he released his shikai. then he turned the blade so that the pommel was pointing upwards. the red fang gleamed in preparation for the coming attack. he reversed his footing, causing himself to spin like a top in the direction of Kagamine. he then jumped into the coming strike causing it to run down his back, leaving a light, but painful wound. but as he did, he thrust the base of his zanpakuto into Kagamine's ribcage, forcing the red fang to touch his bones. "Kyoshin Suto!" he shouted, causing the blade to vibrate at a frequency that would shatter his bones should the fang make contact.

it was a risky move, one that would definitely hurt him, with no guarantee that it would work, but he was a defensive fighter, and such a move should throw Kagamine off guard. it wouldn't hurt him too much, given the greater strength that he possessed, but a shattered ribcage would be incredibly painful to move and fight with.

Kyoshin Suto:
Technique Name: Kyoshin Suto (Resonating Strike)
Technique Description: you tap the red fang at the bottom of the hilt to an opponent who is currently being affected by the bone disease, making a small “ting” sound. immediately, the area of bone about a foot in diameter implodes damaging the internal organs seriously, and destroying the muscles. The more bone affecting them, the more damage it does. This effect removes all of the penalties for the bone disease, returning the opponent to their normal state. Opponents body must be at least 25% covered to take effect. For every 25% over the first, increase the damage by one step.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: muscles become useless, organs endure serious lacerations, and the skin is stripped.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Muscles are shredded, organs endure moderate lacerations, and the skin is stripped.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Muscles endure serious lacerations, organs endure light lacerations, and the skin endures serious lacerations.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Muscles endure moderate lacerations, and skin endures serious lacerations.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: [/list]Muscles endure light lacerations, and skin endures moderate lacerations.

#47 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:23 am


May be kagamine had underestimated his opponent, launching an attack without the intent to kill wasn’t exactly his style but he still did because he didn’t actually intended to kill the shinigami, the intention was to train him. It was a bit too late to put more into it, as his zanpakuto slid on the back of his opponent, just then he felt the hilt of the shinigami’s zanpakuto striking against rib cage, as a stingy feeling of pain went straight through his whole body. It wasn’t just the simple hilt hitting him, but a vibrating hilt, that vibrated with enough frequency to cause an immense amount of internal damage.

As he landed on his feet, just a few feet from where Daemon stood, he felt that one of his ribs had now been broken, making it harder to breathe. Consequently, now to move with his previous speed would be a problem, so avoiding the attacks that he was already avoiding wouldn’t exactly be as easy as before. He raised his head as he let out a laugh that would normally be referred to as a mind scientist’s laugh, “ Ahahahaha.. well done Tetsuyo-kun, your more capable that you appear to be.“ A portion of blood was now visible on his lower lip, evidence of the fact that because of the pain he had bit his lower lip to endure it. If he showed weakness to his opponent, that would only raise their morale, allowing them to think that they stood a chance without his bankai. Even though, his shikai was now released, this wasn’t the stage he needed to perfect, it was the next.

Reiatsu began to surge around the exile, now his next attack wasn’t going to be as careless as before. The bount on the upper floor sensed what was going on underneath his feet, “he’s serious?” the bount thought to himself. ”I apologize, Tetsuyo-kun, but getting injured wasn’t part of my plan and so you must die as punishment” Highly illogical, his words were most indeed. Completely contradicting the conversation that they had earlier and his eyes and his expressions followed in agreement to his words, he appeared ready to take a life. What he intended to do was to push his opponent, because if he didn’t feel like he was going to be killed, he wasn’t going to put in real effort.

Then kagamine using shunpo got up into the air, standing high and on air, he shook his zanpakuto, launching a huge black and red colored reiatsu wave, the sheer size of which would terrify a normal shinigami. While Daemon would look at the attack launched at him and think of ways to react to it, Kagamine would have already made his way from his current position to a position only a few feet behind Daemon, making negligible sound, even before the strike would make contact with Daemon and then he would launch a kido spell,Bakudo # 4,Hainawa , at such a range, it would make it very difficult for Daemon to avoid the two attacks from his front and behind at such a close range as well, since the kido spell would be launched right after the reiatsu wave would get closer to Daemon.


#4 Hainawa An energy rope entangles the target's arms.

#48 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:41 am


Daemon's eyes shot to the ceiling as Kagamine moved.  even though he had connected with his strike, the man was still moving with incredible speed.  he did however notice that Kagamine was slightly slower than before, indicating that he had done enough for him to have to notice.  from there, Kagamine launched a huge bolt of black Reiatsu, and then disappeared.  he only had a second to react, but just as he was about to, he heard the shinigami use his Bakudo to bind his hands behind his back.

Everything moved in slow motion.  as the bolt streaked towards him, Daemon thought about any possibility he had to escape.  there was none.  the only thing he could think to do was mitigate the damage.  but how?  his hands where bound so he couldn't use his Ouroboros Shield to deflect it, and any attempt to dodge would only end with his being blocked or tied down.

a though struck him.  a long time ago, in a battle with an arrancar named Shalishar, he had encased him in a pillar of bone, only to have him break free with a super-concentrated Cero.  he wondered if the deflective properties of the bone would work in this situation...  Out of other options, Daemon decided to give it a shot.

with his hands still bound, he rotated his blade so that it pointed towards the ground.  he then dropped to the ground so that the blade stabbed through the dirt.  he had never done something like this before, but now was a good a time to learn as any.  he shouted the names of two techniques as quickly as he could, hoping to combine their effects to mitigate as much of the incoming bolt as he could.  a large pillar of bone shot up around him, meeting the bolt of energy in midair, and acting like a lightning rod it pulled the energy to the ground where it dissipated.  from within the bones, Daemon held his breath.  that had hurt quite a bit, and had actually burned much of his skin almost completely off.  he counted: 3... 2... 1...  and then shouted as loud as he could, "Bankai!  Shukun Shi no Ishi!  Hone no Arashi!"

The tower of bone exploded and swirled in a hurricane around Daemon, now standing there in his new form.  his bone armor growing over his body, healing his wounds and strengthening his Reiatsu.  from within the storm, he launched himself at kagamine, cleaving a wide arc, that could cut a diamond in twain.  if this connected, kagamine probably wouldn't survive.  but then, he had said he was going to kill him, right? but it wasn't to be. Daemon only realized in the middle of his swing just how much damage he had really taken. his healing ability was only just keeping his bleeding in check, and he was suffering from incredible Reiatsu burns that proceeded almost down to the bone. that, and the cut he had suffered to his back was wide open now, which if not for the armor covering his body, his spine would be revealed. he fell, dropping his scythe in the process, and landed at Kagamine's feet. from outside the armor, all that could be heard were his screams.

Hone Supuriasu (used on self):
Technique Name: Hone Supuriasu (Bone Spurs)
Technique Description: you strike the blade against the ground, causing it to erupt with spikes of bone in a direction you desire.  the bones travel up to 10 meters. if it strikes an opponent, they cause serious lacerations, that as before, begin to heal over with bone. this ability has a cooldown of 3 posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Fully pierces the limb.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Pierces most of the way through.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Pierces halfway through.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Pierces an inch.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Pierces enough to draw blood.
Chozo (used on self):
Technique Name:Chozo (Statue)
Technique Description: you ram your blade into the opponents body and leave it there.  Bone immediately grows from the wound sealing it, however the user can always remove the blade.  the longer the blade remains in place, the more bones continue to cover the opponents body.  If the bone covers the opponents entire body, they become a living statue.  Using the technique Kyoshin Suto on a statue kills them.This is a Reiatsu challenge technique, meaning the more control over your Reiatsu you have, the better you can affect your opponent.  However, if your opponent has overpowering Reiatsu or better control over their Reiatsu than you, they can mitigate these effects.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Bone covers the body within 2 post.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Bone covers the body within 2 post.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Bone covers the body within 3 posts.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Bone covers the body within 4 posts.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: [/list]Bone covers the body within 5 posts.
Shukun Shi no Ishi:
Ability Name:Hone Taitan
Ability Description:The Shikai ability is carried over into Bankai with one change.  the amount of cuts required to cover a section with bone becomes 4 instead of 6.  the armor bestows great strength, speed, and defense well beyond what is normal for the tier, without going past the threshhold into the next tier.  it also gives the user a light healing ability.  not much, just enough stop bleeding.  the armor also begins to repair itself from injuries, however it heals all injuries with bone that must be removed later.
Hone no Arashi:
Technique Name: Hone no Arashi (Bone Storm)
Technique Description: The user strikes the ground with the blade of the scythe, causing it to erupt with shards of bone that fly through the air around him.  the user can see perfectly while the storm rages, but enemies without special protection have their sight disrupted.  the bones are sharp, and can rip exposed flesh to shreds.  the storm lasts for 3 posts.  it has a cooldown time of 5 posts after the storm stops.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The enemy is completely blinded while within the storm, and their exposed flesh is completely stripped.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The enemy is mostly blind while within the storm, and their exposed flesh is heavily lacerated.
Opponent is Equal Tier: The enemy has their vision greatly hindered while within the storm, and their flesh is moderately lacerated.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The enemy has their vision moderately hindered while within the storm, and their flesh is lightly lacerated.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The enemy has their vision mildly hindered while within the storm, and they may suffer cuts.

#49 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:26 pm


Kagamine Yuusuke;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

The exile stood still as the shinigami released his zanpakuto’ s final form and then attacked an impressive attack at him. He still stood there, without moving a single inch, his calculations were correct since the shinigami ended up on the ground. Despite the fact that he withstood his attack and survived it, he still took a lot of damage from the attacks launched at him. The exile stood there for a little while, saying nothing, doing nothing, holding his zanpakuto in the same casual manner. ”why aren’t you bleeding?”, the question was echoing in his mind. He should be bleeding, by now he should have drowned in a pool of blood, but he wasn’t.

So it was obvious, not only was his bankai able to manipulate bones, but also had healing abilities. Though, right now, the bleeding wasn’t much of a problem, it was the pain. The shinigami, was screaming? The pain must be a little bit too much, that was understandable. But what if this wasn’t the full potential of his abilities, wouldn’t it be wonderful if his bankai was able to not only stop the bleeding but also dull the pain receptors in some way, thus giving him the ability to actually shut off the pain. Not necessarily healing his damage, but making him impervious to the pain caused by the damage for the time span of his bankai release.

Sheathing his zanpakuto, Kagamine sat down and looked over the shinigami, without showing the least bit concern. By his analysis, his bankai should be able to do this, what needed was, maybe, just a little push. After looking at him through his experienced eyes, he stood once more, and turned away walking towards the stairs, putting his hand on the injured rib, ”Tetsuyo-kun, how wonderful it would be if you were able to shut off this troublesome pain, wouldn’t it?” he said, with his back towards the shinigami that was lying on the ground. At the very least he could have done some medical kido or something to heal just a little bit, but he was indeed heartless. That was his way of pushing the shinigami, if the shinigami was able to shut off the pain. That would be most likely be the full control over his bankai.

After saying what he wanted to say, he walked on the stairs, emerging from behind the cupboard into the bar. ”You okay boss?” said the concerned bount looking at kagamine’s hand that he had placed on his rib but then he noticed the fainting reiatsu inside the basement. Turning his eyes towards the dark stairway, before he could say anything, ”He’ll make it. Go in there after a little while, he’ll be done with his training shortly”. That was the faith Kagamine had in this young shinigami he had come across, though he wasn’t exactly certain of whether or not the shinigami would be able to do what he had asked him to do, but he was counting on his will to survive to pull through. Sitting on the chair once more he poured himself a drink, and then poured another drink. The bount went and brought some medicines to apply to his broken rib, he knew better than to go inside the basement since Kagamine hadn’t asked him to do so, he wasn’t going to do it.

Location;;An inconspicuous bar in karakura town
Word Count;;559
Tags;;Kagamine, Daemon Tetsuyo, bankai training
OOC;;Sorry it took a while I’ve typed the reply like a dozen time but each time something happened and I kept losing the text.

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#50 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:06 pm


The pain was so great, Daemon almost didn't hear what Kagamine had said to him. stop the pain? was that even possible? sure it could be dulled with medicine, but stopped completely... it had never been done. and why should it? pain was the way your body told you that you were in danger. without it, you had no way of knowing when to stop. you would have to be some kind of medical genius in order to keep track of how much blood you had lost and where you had taken hits, not to mention knowing when you had gone into overexertion. only a veteran 4th squad fighter would be able to... holy crap. it couldn't be.

Daemon burst into his inner world, and immediately rushed to the room where he had first obtained his Bankai. there, he saw his armor and weapon, but they were bound to the walls of the room by iron chains. he called out to his Zanpakuto spirits, commanding them to appear. a single voice could be heard. "You call to us like dogs, even after all we had and have done for you? Very well. we shall show you your folly." from the depths of the room, a being awoke. its power radiated throughout his inner world, threatening to shatter his psyche entirely. from the doorway a growling like nothing Daemon had ever heard before echoed around the room. then, as Daemon went to the door and outside, he saw it.

The form that a Zanpakuto spirit takes differs while in Bankai. sometimes greater in size, sometimes more magnificent in form, and always more powerful than while bound or in shikai. but he had never heard of a Zanpakuto manifesting quite like this. standing before him, towering over 7 stories tall, was a giant, two-headed, bone dragon. each head was a different color, one stark white, the other blacker than the abyss. they met at the base of the neck, where the colors spiraled around the rest of its body, never combining but always complementary. the dragon's mere presence commanded fear and respect, and Daemon had just made it angry. it roared and launched itself at Daemon, using its greater size to it's advantage. Daemon activated his Bankai and desperately tried to dodge to the right, to get out of the way of the beasts attack, but to no avail. the dragon came down on top of Daemon, pinning him to the ground with a great claw, and roared a visceral roar. Daemon couldn't move or even speak. both heads looked at Daemon for a long time, before saying, "You may call us Shukun...

Daemon looked up at the great dragon and put on his best face, but before he could continue the dragon spoke again. "You are not yet ready to challenge us, so be VERY careful choosing your next few words." Daemon could only nod. "Shukun. i need you to release the rest of my Bankai. without it, i won't be able to survive in this world. Shukun stared at Daemon with its empty eyes, and then began to chuckle. this swiftly turned into a laugh that filled his inner world completely. it then looked him dead in the eyes and said, "No. We don't think we shall." it then turned away from Daemon, and released its grip upon him. Daemon stood, picked up his Scythe, and slammed it into the ground. Bones erupted from the floor under him, bringing him up to eye level with the great dragon. he stood firm and said, "I'm not giving you a choice." the giant lizard almost looked startled by Daemon's resolve. finally, after a long moment, it shrugged. "Very well. But only by a little. just enough to get you out of here alive."

from within the chamber where his bankai was stored, the chain that held its head bound shattered. instantly he felt the pain in his body all but disappear. He knelt to thank the basilisk, but it spoke first. "Death God. do not ever come here to ask that of us again. the power that we hold, should not ever see the light of day, nor the dark of night. And we are willing to kill you to keep it that way." with these last words, Daemon was forcibly ejected from his inner world for the very first time.

He landed back in his body, completely devoid of any pain but knowing that if he did not receive medical treatment, he would die. he stood up, and walked up the stairs to the bar, where he saw the bartender treating Kagamine's wounded chest. "Whiskey." he said, and then sat down to start cleaning and treating his wounds. today had been a long day.

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