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on Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:02 am


a jolt went through Daemon as the stranger said those words. who was he? how did he know about that? he sat bolt upright, his pulse pounding and his breathing shaky. "what did you say?" he asked, afraid of the answer. this man knew about him, and not just a little, he knew enough to know that he CAUSED the accident in the 13th district.

Daemon realized who this man must be to have that kind of insight. "You're Yusuke-san, aren't you? how did you find out about that? it should have been after you were exiled... Daemon was very scared. there was a man in front of him with intimate knowledge about his past and more than likely orchestrated the events that brought him to this very bar. he didn't dare move from his stool as he waited for his response.

on Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:33 pm


Yusuke was staring down at his glass casually and smirked then Daemon recognized him, "Oh? You're quite educated yourself." The man chuckled to himself and shrugged as he spread open empty palms, "I may be exiled from soul society, but who do you think they call when unexplainable diseases take the lives many were lost again? I don't remember..." He paused as if he were close but then waved it away with a shake of his head moving on. This showed that to Yusuke those lives lost were a minor detail not worth recalling. "Anyways, they didn't let me examine you at the time because soul society still doesn't trust me. They think I'm going to make another batch of "monsters" or something."

"Hey! Just because they use that word doesn't mean you have to!...Tch" The bar tender interrupted as he refilled Kagamine's drink. "Irino here is a bount. One of many of my children..." It was hard to tell how Kagamine felt about that. His poker face was out in spades, but the bount didn't seem to care so apparently there was an understanding between then. "Anyways, on to the point. I cant let you leave here now that you've discovered the operation. Soul Society wants things to be on a need to know basis, you understand." He said in a friendly voice as he turned to smile at Daemon. Suddenly there was a blade in his hand aimed right for the shinigami's neck!

Kagamine made a thrust that was slow enough to dodge but fast enough to injure if Daemon wasn't quick about it. As this attack took place, the bount tending the bar reached underneath and pressed a button. The lights turned red and dimmed as magnetic locks shut on all the doors and windows. Kagamine would turn with his thrust, stepping off the bar stool only to pursue Daemon if he retreated or to clash with him if he stood his ground by slashing at him with a one handed horizontal movement aimed for Daemon's head. "Sorry Tetsuyo-kun, but soul society has decided to throw you away and we shall be your executioners!" Kagamine shouted as a formidable but not overwhelming reiatsu began to burn around the exile in the form of a swirling red and black aura. There was a full intent to kill in each of his attacks and a strong killing intent would be coming from him. But at least the bar tended didn't seem like he planned on getting involved as he actually took a seat and poured himself a drink for the show.

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on Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:49 pm


it was a good thing Daemon was on edge, or else he never would have been able to dodge that knife. he flew back off the bar seat, landing sideways on the wall. his Zanpakuto was already in his hand and he was shouting the phrase to unleash it, "Mourn! Shi no Ishi!" he launched his counter attack while his blade was still shifting. he jumped off the wall right back at Yusuke, easily brushing aside his downward stroke. he passed him, waited for him to start turning around and then shunpo'd back to the other side of the room. his timing would have to be perfect. he bit his thumb, causing it to bleed. he wiped the blood down the length of his blade and then dashed towards Yusuke, making a single downward strike.

he knew this attack would be easily blocked however, and planned on using the rebound to gain power for the real strike: a reverse slash from the bottom right aiming for his torso under his arm. the cut would heal over with bone, sealing in Daemon's blood. this would cause him immense pain and would weaken him. then Daemon could gain the upper hand in the fight, and maybe get out of here.

The bartender didn't look like he was going to join in, but Daemon had to keep an eye on him. he figured he would probably step in right as he would be about to escape or beat Yusuke. he had to plan for that. he could force him to act by backing yusuke into a corner, but that would be too late. then again, he didn't want to spurn him by attacking him directly. this was going to be difficult.

one more thing was bugging Daemon. what did Yusuke mean when he said Soul Society meant to get rid of him? he had just been promoted to Vice Captain after all. if they wanted to get rid of him, they would have done it sooner when he couldn't defend himself right? he decided to categorized it as a ploy to put him off his game. even if it was true, now was not the time to think about it.

on Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:23 am


Kagamine's face looked grim as if he did not enjoy what he was doing in the least as Daemon jumped away. The exile held his zanpakutou in a casual grip that looked almost as if it would slip from his fingers at any moment. His veteran eyes watched the shinigami's movements as if the were in slow motion. When the youngster tried to shunpo past him the first time, Kagamine's eyes would sharpen as his body turned into a shunpo spin the moment Daemon past him, but with greater speed. As Yusuke turned he's find Daemon still just within reach but slowly speeding farther away. The exile's hand would strike outwith the precision and speed of a hakuda master and grasp Daemon's collar just before it was out of range.

This would but a sudden and abrupt stop to both Daemon's movement and his plans as Kagamine's more powerful shunpo still had quite the bit of spinning force to burn off. The shinigami would find himself plucked off his trajectory and suddenly put under heavy g-forces as he was spun around at veteran captain level shunpo speeds. Kagamine then let go of the boy and sent him flying through the wall of this building and the next three. He'd be blasted to the end of the block and into the street, but as a shinigami of his level it would have been more disorientating than particularly injuring or painful. But it wouldn't be surprising if he had the wind knocked out of him.

Back at the bar Kagamine was looking at his hand with a frown. Clearly he did not mean to throw Daemon quite so hard..."Boss! How could you do that to my bar!?" the bount shouted in dismay as he ran over to inspect the damage. Kagamine sighed and ruffled his had with the hand he'd thrown Daemon with and shrugged, "I'm sorry, I only meant to toss him across the room...but I guess I over did it huh? My bad." He casually tried to blow it off, but Irino would have none of that,  his face was awash with contempt as he shouted wildly, "OH NO YOU DONT! THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WRECK MY BAR AND THEN LEAVE ME HANGING WITH THE BILL! YOU'RE GETTING ALL THAT MONEY FROM SOUL SOCIETY RIGHT!? PASS SOME OF THE LOVE AROUND!" His passion was clear as the man was in tears by the end of his financially driven speech.

"Now, now, Lets worry about that later. Right now a very interesting game is about to begin." Kagmine said as he smiled. He'd planted a bug on Daemon's collar when he grabbed him. It would block his communications to soul society and while he could open a senkaimon, no Jigokuchu would come to guide him making an attempt to return near suicide as the cleaners schedules can be unpredictable. Daemon himself would be bruised but otherwise unharmed through all of that thanks to the reiatsu his body gave off in shikai. But he was still close to his attackers and now all his contacts with soul society have been cut...

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on Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:32 am


"ok, that didn't work. i didn't expect him to be so fast." Daemon coughed as he got up, and dusted the off the debris. he had been flung a remarkable distance, although thanks to his Reiatsu he hadn't sustained much damage. he looked at his surroundings. he was inside an abandoned office building, the hole he flew though was apparent in the side of the wall. when he looked, he could actually see all the way back to the bar. it appeared that the occupants were having an argument. this was his chance he thought.

he opened a window on the side of the building and shunpo'd to the top of an adjacent building. from there he ran along the rooftops away from the bar as quickly as he could. as he ran, he tried to use his communicator to contact soul society. "This is 4th squad Vice Captain Daemon Tetsuyo. Come in Soul Society. Silence. he tried again, more desperately this time. I repeat, this is Daemon Tetsuyo. Come in Soul Society. again, silence. could what Yusuke said be true? could they really have abandoned him? no, of course not, it had to be a lie to catch him off guard.

when he got to a place where he thought he was safe, he used his key to open the Senkaimon. the gates opened to the darkness beyond and... nothing. where was the Jigokuchu? the purple butterfly should have been waiting for him here, to lead him back to soul society. this was getting serious. he couldn't get direct contact, and he couldn't even go through the Senkaimon. he was really isolated.

Daemon was starting to panic. he was trapped in the human world with a man who, if he wanted to, could easily find him and kill him. in fact, he was starting to wonder why he hadn't already been found. just then, he had an idea. it was incredibly dangerous, but it just might save his life. Jigokuchu commonly travel to and from soul society through the naturally occurring Senkaimon that pop up in areas of high spiritual activity. he just had to find one. even if his key wasn't working for some reason, he could follow one from there.

Daemon heightened his senses and closed his eyes. he was scanning the town for an area of unusually high spiritual activity. it took a few minutes but he found some. the first was right where he had just left. back at the bar where he had been flung out of. the second was at a graveyard near the edge of town, and the third was at a local catholic church. the last two options were both equally likely, as both death and faith make for high levels of activity. he decided to check out the graveyard first. he took off in that direction, keeping an eye out for Yusuke the whole time.

on Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:39 pm


((If any motivated RPers are willing to help Daemon finish this thread I would be most appreciative. The plan for the final events is for Kagamine to start chasing Daemon, whom will start to notice that parts of the city are....growing over with bone. Just like what happened in the 13th District of Rukongai, everything from people to buildings was gradually being covered in bone. Anyone caught by the growing bone would stop in their tracks but those around them didn't seem to notice meaning that the bone was spiritual in nature. But where is it coming from!? I have the answers and will reveal it all upon my return. But I'd appreciate it if someone could jump in and help build up to that point. All the while this bone crisis is building, Kagmine should be acting very casual as the power gap between the two is unimaginably high. But each of his attacks should be full of killing intent. Daemon, you too could make this post as Kagmine, so if no one volunteers and you feel inspired to post please feel free to do so.))

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on Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:06 pm



Kagamine just sat there, pretending to be listening to the bount, while keeping his attention on the shinigami he had thrown outside the bar. He didn’t move as the shinigami tried to run away, he knew that catching up to the shinigami wouldn’t take much time nor effort. He wanted his words to take effect, telling a shinigami that he was abandoned by the seiretei, downright devious. He smiled when the angry bount finished complaining.  After standing for a little while, the shinigami had begun to move again, ”time to move then..” as soon as he finished with his sentence, he used shunpo and headed in the direction where the shinigami was headed. Being a veteran, it would appear that he suddenly disappeared, but the bount wouldn’t care, not anymore he had grown used to it by now.

Kagamine would let the shinigami go his way, allowing him to go a little distance for a little while, letting his own mind doubt his actions and the intentions of the seiretei. When the shinigami will cover a few meters, kagamine will realize the direction he’s headed and he would shunpo right in front of the shinigami. All the while he would have concealed his reaitsu, so the shinigami wouldn’t suspect being followed until the exile himself will appear out of no where right in front of him, with his zanpakuto drawn and only a feet away from where his neck would be if he didn’t stop.

To the eyes of the shinigami, it would appear that there was nothing before and suddenly kagaimine would materialize out of thin air, with his dark red and black reiatsu around him, filled with killer intent. Right then, if the shinigami would manage to stop, their eyes will meet, and kagamine would say, ”My my, aren’t you in a hurry Tetsuyo-kun? Going to a place where your not welcomed anymore, isn’t a very smart move on your part.” He would say to the shinigami, with his eyes staring coldly into the eyes of the shinigami, who would be overwhelmed for a moment from the sheer speed of the veteran and the immense pressure of his reiatsu.  It would be clear to the shinigami right then, that if kagamine wanted he would have already killed the shinigami and he wouldn’t be able to fight back, the thought will cross his mind.

As the brief  moment in which kagamine’s sentence will end he would strike in a horizontal slash. The slash itself will be capable of cutting right through his neck, but the shinigami will be able to parry it, when he does parry it the sheer force of the slash will push the shinigami back a good 5 meters, making it very clear that Kagamine means business.


on Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:25 am


The sheer speed of kagamine was staggering.  in a split second he had crossed the enormous distance between the building that he had just left, and was now standing in front of him, sword drawn.  Daemon flipped himself over the blade, keeping up his momentum and launched a series of fluttering attacks from above shouting, "Nimble Strike!"  he'd launch what looked he assumed would look like 5 strikes, when there would really be 15.  although, given the power of his enemy, it was likely he would see them all.  he wasn't actually trying to hurt kagamine.  after all, the speed of the shinigami alone far outpaced his own, leading him to believe that his overall power was close to that of a veteran captain or higher.  no, instead this was meant to block any strikes that he might launch as Daemon flew above kagamine.

what kagamine had said was true.  if soul society truly had abandoned him it would not be smart to return there.  and thinking about it, kagamine's speed wouldn't allow him to pass through the Dangai unhindered.  he would have to think of a new plan.

an idea struck him in midair.  the repercussions would be severe, but it just might allow him to escape.  if he pulsed his reiatsu at a high enough level, he would attract hollows.  these hollows would then be attracted to the highest source of reiatsu in the area, ie: kamamine.  he would be forced to turn his attention to the beasts long enough for Daemon to get to a hiding spot where he could hide his reiatsu and eventually escape.  well, he hoped.  soul society was still not answering him, meaning that even if he hid, he wouldn't have anywhere to go.  but it was the best idea he had at the moment, and it would buy him some time to think.

when Daemon landed on the opposite side of kagamine, he shunpo'd backwards, to get in front of him again, expecting kagamine to strike behind him.  then he pulsed his reiatsu at an incredibly high level several times to try to attract the most powerful hollows in the area.  if it worked, he would move opposite their trajectory and onto the streets below.  once there, he would restrain his reiatsu to a level of almost invisibility.  at least, he hoped so.

Nimble Strike:
Technique Name:Nimble Strike
Technique Description:a continuous series of basic strikes that, while not meant to deal serious damage on each strike, add up to a tremendous amount of overall damage. the user must take a loose stance, which allows the user to twist and turn to land slashing strikes more effectively. the strikes move so quickly, it looks like what is actually three strikes appears as one. those with better perception can see through this illusion, but the number of strikes remain the same. the user can choose how many total strikes to launch up to a max of 15. for every three, the cooldown is increased by 1 post.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:each strike moderately lacerates the skin and underlying muscles, and the enemy can only see 1 in 3 strikes.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:each strike moderately lacerates the skin and underlying muscles, and the enemy can only see 1 in 2 strikes.
Opponent is Equal Tier:each strike lightly lacerates the skin and underlying muscles, and the enemy can only see 1 in 2 strikes.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:each strike lightly lacerates the skin and underlying muscles, and the enemy can see blurred strikes.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:each strike lightly lacerates the skin, and the enemy can see every strike.


on Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:17 am


Being a veteran, kagamine had faced many enemies and gone through many battles, mostly any opponent faced with an attack would take on the defensive only those who have a great potential or are more experienced counter an attack with an attack. Faced with kagamine’s attack, Daemon surprised him with a counter attack, as Daemon launched his series of strikes, he thought “interesting…very interesting” He saw all of his attacks and parried them, as Daemon landed behind him, a smile emerged on his face, not visible to Daemon. He had his plans about Daemon, but he wanted to see if he was actually worth it, with his response to Kagamine’s attack, he had proved he was well worth it.

He had already gauged the difference in their strength, so Kagamine was in no mood to engage him in battle, there was no point in putting such effort in a battle. Dodging his attacks while he didn’t move, allowing him to move to his back and then back to his front, he kept his eyes on Daemon’s movement to see any other attack coming. Just as soon Daemon landed the second time, in front of him, he said, ”well well.. aren’t we full of spirit today?”

After landing in front of him, Daemon increased his reiatsu, pulsating it. ”Getting serious? “ He thought, not clear about what Daemon was aiming for. He wasn’t interested in a fight so he didn’t launch any attack against Daemon, it would certainly confuse the shinigami and he wanted to see how he would react to such a predicament. What was interesting was this approach of the shinigami, what was he aiming for? Increasing his reaitsu in such a manner? Was it some sort of display of strength? A warning perhaps? No, that didn’t seem to be the case.

Kagamine was interested now to see the full potential of this shinigami, he wanted his connections back with seiretei and it appeared that this shinigami would prove to be a very useful ally. May be he had stumbled upon a raw diamond in need of some polishing, kagamine could manage that, it was his specialty to enhance the hidden potential in someone. Using his time and efforts on his shinigami would indeed be to his benefit. Depending on what the shinigami did next, Kagamine will decide whether or not to help this shinigami in attaining control over his abilities, hence forming an alliance between the two.


on Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:40 am


Daemon could feel it. even with him pulsing his Reiatsu at full power, either there weren't any hollows around, or they were scared of the immense Reiatsu that Kagamine possessed. it wasn't going to work. Daemon's mind raced, thinking of every possible thing he could do to escape so he could survive this encounter. the only thing that came to mind, was his bankai. doing something like that out in the human world was incredibly dangerous. his Reiatsu alone could cause physical damage to the world around him. he would only ever do it if he was truly desperate, and now seemed like as good a time as any.

He looked kagamine straight in the eyes and spoke in a clear, strong voice. "if they have truly rejected me, then i will work from the outside to change them. i refuse to give in to death just because you say it's my only option. to that end, i will have to defeat you in order to stay alive. prepare yourself! Lead them to the next life, Shukun Shi no Ishi!" with an enormous blast of reiatsu, Daemon's zanpakuto transformed. bones began to grow over his body, and his blade shifted into the form of a great scythe. when the transformation ended, he was a sight to behold. a reaper of death encased in a terrifying bone armor. he pointed his scythe at kagamine and asked, "you've seen my resolve. now what are you going to do about it?"

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