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#11 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:26 pm


Juni'chi' attack landed but didn't do much damage as it was expected to do. May be the shinigami had more potential than he had expected him to have. He might even drag Juni'chi to the point where he has to release his Bankai, though things wouldn't be much pretty then. Before the attack landed, the shinigami was able to use a healing technique. So it seemed this was a bankai that could be a real nuisance for someone like Juni'chi, whose techniques were all about the strength that he possessed. Impressed by the bankai, Juni'chi was about to launch another attack just as Daemon countered.

Juni'chi had managed to block one of his attacks, so he expected to stop this one to. Attempting to block the attack via his zanpakuto, he did block it with it. But the sheer force of the punch, pushed it back, it was good that Juni'chi zanpakuto wasn't something like a double edged sword. Because the back of his zanpakuto ran straight to his shoulder, fracturing the shoulder bone. Indeed a devastating blow, that had caught Juni'chi off guard. As soon as the attack hit, Juni'chi using his left hand, made a fist aiming for the kidneys of Daemon. He did this right when Daemon's attack hit, while his left shoulder took the damage. A simple punch of Juni'chi wouldn't be considered a normal attack, if it landed it was able to break bones, and if it connected to a vital organ like the kidneys, they might prove fatal.

#12 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:49 pm


Daemon slammed his fist into Jun'ichi's Zanpakuto, and then proceeded into his shoulder. he could feel the bones break underneath. but just as he was doing so, he noticed Jun'ichi making a fist that then slammed into his kidney. Luckily for Daemon, his armor absorbed a considerable amount of damage, but he still almost blacked out from the force of the blow.

Daemon allowed himself to fall, trying to goad another attack out of Jun'ichi. he could see his Zanpakuto just a small distance away. he still had a technique up his sleeve that no one had seen before, Hone no Arashi. it would cause bones to fly around him like a hurricane, blinding Jun'ichi, and shredding his skin. he would release this technique as soon as Jun'ichi attempted to attack him again, then he would grab his Zanpakuto during the confusion. with Jun'ichi blinded, he would unleash a series of four attacks, two to Jun'ichi's Zanpakuto arm, and two to his body. this would slow his movements considerably, and maybe force him to get serious.

Bankai Ability:
Name: Hone no Hofuku (Retribution of Bone)
Every strike the blade lands against the opponent damages them, and then forces their body to repair it with bone. each additional to the same limb causes more bone to grow. If stuck 3 times the limb becomes difficult to move, and if struck 6 times the limb becomes fully encased and useless. Limbs count as Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs. as the opponent's body gets more and more bone grown on it, it begins to impede their movement. once it reaches 50%, the opponents movement should be reduced to about 50% of normal.

Ability Name:Hone Taitan
Ability Description:The Shikai ability is carried over into Bankai with one change. the amount of cuts required to cover a section with bone becomes 4 instead of 6. the armor bestows great strength, speed, and defense well beyond what is normal for the tier, without going past the threshhold into the next tier. it also gives the user a light healing ability. not much, just enough stop bleeding. the armor also begins to repair itself from injuries, however it heals all injuries with bone that must be removed later.

Hone no Arashi:
Technique Name: Hone no Arashi (Bone Storm)
Technique Description: The user strikes the ground with the blade of the scythe, causing it to erupt with shards of bone that fly through the air around him. the user can see perfectly while the storm rages, but enemies without special protection have their sight disrupted. the bones are sharp, and can rip exposed flesh to shreds. the storm lasts for 3 posts. it has a cooldown time of 5 posts after the storm stops.

#13 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:50 pm


The healing ability of this user was really a problem. Juni'chi had ended up taking more damage then he could cause. The battle was now catching his interest. Still not sure about to use his bankai, Juni'chi wasn't aware of the series of attacks that were headed his way. When his punch landed, resulting in providing a little opening. Juni'chi tightened his grip on his zanpakuto.

Using the general technique of Iaijutsu, accompanied with the boosted power provided by his shikai. Juni'chi draw his zanpakuto 5 times in the blink of an eye, in five different slashes. Each slash generated a huge reiatsu based shock wave. If the shock wave struck, it would damage a bone. But, if the 5 shock waves hit at the same time as Daemon unleashed his storm of bones, that would lead to the cancellation of the technique. Juni'chi had no way of finding out that Daemon had planned such an attack, nor was he aware of the existence of such a attack. So his intent wasn't to cancel out an attack. It was more along the lines of making several strikes that would act as a diversion.

As soon as he released the 5 shock waves, right in that moment. He moved with great speed, moving to the side of Daemon, slashing the air again, in the same manner. He continued this barrage of attacks, before the first barrage covered much of a distance. The whole procedure was done from 4 sides, from the front, the left and the right, and from the back of Daemon. So in simple words, Daemon had 20 shock waves of incredible destructive power, headed his way.

If Daemon, somehow managed to get away from this attack. Juni'chi was keeping an eye on any possible escape routes. He would intercept Daemon right away, before he could completely avoid the shock waves. If all the shock waves hit, it would result in causing damage all over the body. The nature of the damage done by any of the shock waves is that of blunt damage. So the affected limb may have a broken bone, or just the sheer strength result in clotting of blood in the limb. Making it useless for a little while, considering the healing strength of Daemon. The clotting wouldn't be much of an issue, but the extent of damage to bones would take at least one post to heal.


Technique Name:Shock wave barrage
Technique Description:Juni'chi combining shunpo along with his immense reiatsu and his skills in Iaijutsu. Attacks the enemy from any 4 directions, each time Juni'chi would attack using 5 draws of the zanpakuto. Each slash would result in a shock wave of reiatsu, boosted by Juni'chi's shikai's strength. The total of shock waves that can be generated using this technique is 20. The number of shock waves generated from a side can be altered. But then the attack's strength from the side will depend on the number of shock waves generated.

Technique Effect Chart:
The nature of each shock wave is blunt. The effected limb might end up taking damage to the bones resulting in fracture or complete destruction of the bone. The shock wave might result in a blood clot in the effected limb. Rendering the limb useless for some time.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:The effected limb will have a blood clot. And will be useless for 2 posts. If the target takes full extent of the damage. The target will be incapacitated for 3 posts.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:The effected limb will have broken bones. The full extent of the attack if taken will result in bone fractures of the whole body.
Opponent is Equal Tier:The effected limb will have bone fractures or a blood clot which will result in the limb being useless for 2 turns. The full extent of the might cause blood clots all over the body, and incapacitate the target for 1 post.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:The effected limb will have excessive bone damage with a possibility of a blood clot. The blood clot will last for 1 turn. The full extent of the damage might cause the enemy to faint for 1 post, if it doesn't, it would reduce a user's defensive capabilities, and offensive abilities. This effect will last for 2 posts.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:The effected limb will have a broken bone if 2 shock waves hit it. The bone will be completely shattered if a third shock wave hits it. The full extent of the damage will leave the body completely numb from all the blunt attacks from different sides. The body won't be able to move for 1 post and would be completely open for a strike.

#14 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:21 pm


As Daemon fell, he noticed Jun'ichi make a series of movements with his Zanpakuto. he realized what he was doing, and activated Hone no Arashi. his bone storm. the storm whirled around him, slicing up trees and dealing devastating amounts of damage to the surrounding area. he couldn't see if Jun'ichi was caught in the storm, but he did notice that the attacks that had been flying towards him had stopped dead in their tracks when they encountered the storm. Daemon only then noticed that Jun'ichi had launched even more attacks at him, from all sides. it was only thanks to the bone storm's power and his bone armor that he got away unscathed.

Daemon grabbed Shukun Shi no Ishi from the ground and the flew upwards towards Jun'ichi. he feinted to the left, and then made two quick cuts to Jun'ichi's torso. he then Shunpo'd behind him and delivered two more cuts as Jun'ichi turned around, right to the arm that was wielding his Zanpakuto. he then disengaged and prepared for the counter-attack.

Jun'ichi should be considerably slowed if all the attacks hit their mark. especially if the ones to the torso connected. they would inhibit his movement forcing him to make mistakes in his attack patterns that Daemon could take advantage of. the still ongoing storm would aid him in his attempt, by somewhat blinding Jun'ichi and dealing damage from all sides to his skin and muscles.

Daemon was desperately trying to get Jun'ichi to fight with his Bankai. how else could he truly discover the limits of his own? he hoped that with this final series of attacks, and the destructive force of his bone storm, would force him to do so.

#15 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Thu Oct 31, 2013 2:36 am


Juni'chi was expecting the abilities of Daemon's bankai to be completely of healing nature. Since all his attacks hadn't managed to do manage and even if they did, he had managed to heal them very quickly. The attack was an attempt to find some kind of weakness that would give him the edge of the battle. Might even finish the battle, but instead, the bone storm hit him as a surprise. Not only did this attack had an offensive touch to it, but it also protected Daemon completely from his barrage of shock waves.

Before Juni'chi could make another attempt to attack Daemon, the bone storm affected his vision. At the same time, as he was still wondering a way to find an opening. Daemon attacked, ('Attacking from above eh?") Nope, he wasn't. He moved a little to the left, his two slashes from the front. That could pierce through his torso, before he could decide to move backwards, Daemon due to his bankai form had already disappeared from his previous position behind Juni'chi, an attack aimed at his right arm was launched almost in the same time frame.

He was pushed in the corner, right at that moment. Having no other alternative, Juni'chi wasn't going to just let the attacks do him that kind of damage. His reiatsu was enough to save him from fatal damage, but the attack would still do considerable damage.

Finally, the long awaited 2nd release. Juni'chi cried out in the same moment when Daemon launched his two well placed attacks, Yasha no Ōren  (夜叉の蓮: Demon of The Yellow Lotus). The release resulted in a golden blast of reiatsu. The immense reiatsu might even push back a VC off his feet. It was Juni'chi Nakamura's bankai after all. Dressed in shogun's armor wielding an ethereal and kintaro, the zanpakuto of Juni'chi in it's sealed form.

It appeared like a demonic spirit. Since Juni'chi had released his bankai, he was going to finish the fight in a few strikes, because using his zanpakuto. Juni'chi gained mythical strength, but such power came with quite a cost. It took it's tow on his body. But he had never been pushed to that extent for it to do much damage.

The attacks of Daemon, vanished just by the release of Juni'chi. The golden reiatsu embersed kintaro, now Juni'chi was covered in almost what could be said a demonic aura. The intent to kill was in the air. If Daemon wanted a test that pushed him to the extremes of his power. Well, he might've asked for too much.

A side slash of the ethereal by the specter. Shook the ground underneath them, even the air felt as it was split in two. The atmosphere around the area began to change. Due to the immense pressure that had suddenly appeared. The simple slash would result in the elimination of Daemon's bone storm. This was the slash that Juni'chi had already executed right after releasing his bankai.

He intended to do the following: After that Juni'chi would move in close combat. Not caring for Daemon's abilities, after the slash did it's work. The specter would slash with kintaro, after he would move right next to Daemon, the attack will be launched right after the slash takes it's affect. Leaving not a single moment for a counter attack. The downward slash, even if stopped would send Daemon flying downwards, crashing into the ground. Making a huge crater in the ground underneath. As of now, Juni'chi was in complete control.

#16 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:35 am


the blast of Reiatsu from Jun'ichi's release was enough to send Daemon flying.  he careened backwards, tumbling over himself, trying to regain control.  when he finally did, he noticed the enormous blade of Reiatsu rushing towards him.  Daemon channeled his Reiatsu into his blade, and made a perpendicular strike against the blade.  it mostly worked, however he noticed that his bone storm had been completely stopped by the blade.  this was a surprise to him.  but he didn't have time to contemplate what that could mean as Jun'ichi moved in.  with no bone storm to hinder him, Daemon couldn't find any openings.

The Giant slashed through the air sending a second enormous blade of reiatsu flying towards him.  just as he did however, Jun'ichi dashed to his side and made a downward slice.  there was no time for a counter attack, as both blades rushed towards him.  all Daemon could do was channel his Reiatsu into his armor and hope for the best.

Both attacks hit him head on.  his bone armor shattering in several places, as he rocketed down from the force of the blows.  he had made a crater in the ground 50 ft. deep by the time he stopped.  Daemon Struggled to get up, his armor starting to repair itself.  He had suffered serious injuries from the combined attacks, and he knew from earlier that they would heal over with bone to protect him.  he would have to work to remove it later.

Daemon considered his options.  he would look weak if he stopped the fight here, but at the same time he would save himself further injury.  then again, if he continued he could truly push his bankai to the limit.  he couldn't beat Jun'ichi.  that much was true.  but he could at least give him a run for his money.  against his better judgement, he decided to continue the fight.

the Golem would be a problem.  it appeared that they could act individually of each other.  not to mention the titanic strength that Jun'ichi had gained from the release that seemed to be shared by the Golem.  but there was one thing that he had noticed.  Jun'ichi still moved at the same speed as before, even if his attacks had gained more force.  he could use this to his advantage.  with his drastically increased speed, he could make a series of attacks that would outrun anything Jun'ichi could throw at him.

Just as he had that thought however, Daemon noticed himself begin to weaken slightly.  this wasn't from the damage he sustained he noticed, this was from his Bankai.  he was still too untrained in sustaining this kind of power for so long, and it was taking it's toll on him.  he would have to finish the fight quickly or risk falling unconscious.  this would be his last barrage.

Daemon Shunpo'd right up to Jun'ichi's face putting himself in between him and the Golem, Feinted left and then went up.  he made a single slash to Jun'ichi's Shoulder. and then Shunpo'd again, this time appearing underneath him.  he Feinted an attack and then Shunpo'd behind him.  he continued like this for about 20 seconds.  Shunpoing and Feinting, only rarely making actual attempts to strike, keeping Jun'ichi on his toes.  then he saw it.  although Jun'ichi had healed himself of the damage from earlier, the bone scars still remained.  two on his torso.

Daemon Shunpo'd three times.  once to the left, once below, and once in front.  when he landed in front he made two lightning fast attacks at his torso.  he then Shunpo'd two more times, to the right, and then back in front for his final move.  should the slashes have connected, his torso would have completely grown over with bone.  then, Daemon took the tip of his scythe and touched it to the bone on Jun'ichi's torso.  "Kyoshin Suto." he said.  This attack would cause the bones to implode, damaging what is underneath.  "Game Over."  he said, and then fell to the ground, exhausted.

Kyoshin Suto:
Technique Name: Kyoshin Suto (Resonating Strike)
Technique Description: you tap the red fang at the bottom of the hilt to an opponent who is currently being affected by the bone disease, making a small “ting” sound.  immediately, the area of bone about a foot in diameter implodes damaging the internal organs seriously, and destroying the muscles.  The more bone affecting them, the more damage it does.  This effect removes all of the penalties for the bone disease, returning the opponent to their normal state.  Opponents body must be at least 25% covered to take effect.  For every 25% over the first, increase the damage by one step.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: muscles become useless, organs endure serious lacerations, and the skin is stripped.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Muscles are shredded, organs endure moderate lacerations, and the skin is stripped.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Muscles endure serious lacerations, organs endure light lacerations, and the skin endures serious lacerations.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Muscles endure moderate lacerations, and skin endures serious lacerations.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Muscles endure light lacerations, and skin endures moderate lacerations.

#17 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:23 am


Juni'chi expected his last attack to put an end to the battle. Not many foes were able to stand after a direct hit like that, but this young fellow seemed to be the exception to that. His healing abilities had helped him to do so, apparently. As he hit the ground making the crater, juni'chi had a opening, he could've launched one final blow right then, when Daemon's guard was off. But he didn't. He had another thing in mind, a technique, that he was capable of using only in his bankai form.

But for it to happen, he needed to get in close range of Daemon, at least within a radius of 5 meters. Daemon how ever solved that problem by attacking Juni'chi right away. What Juni'chi had thought while Daemon was hit, is that he would use his technique, that makes an dome around him. In that specific spherical area, that is caused due to simultaneous slashes of Juni'chi himself and the specter using both the sealed form of kintaro and the ethereal.

The slashes have an added pressure to them, which causes the atmospheric pressure itself to drop in that radius, any foe that steps in those deadly 5 meters. Has tremendous pressure exerted to their lungs. If someone strains himself too much, the pressure itself is enough to make their lungs explode. Indeed a formidable technique, suited to the likes of Juni'chi. Just as Daemon launches his attack, Juni'chi and the specter launch their slashes, making it look like they aimed for Daemon, but since Daemon was using his fast speed and moving too fast. None of the slashes landed, but they weren't meant to land. This resulted in the created of that invisible dome, now since Daemon had exerted himself too much within this radius of 5 meters. The effects would indeed prove deadly. If Daemon had moved away, it wouldn't have caused him this much damage or even any internal damage at all, but since he was too content on testing his limits and learning more about his Bankai, he forgot the one rule. Protect yourself at all times. As Daemon launched his attacks while remaining in this radius, none of his attacks had the strength that they should have, since he would normally be busy gasping for air. Thus all the attacks would easily be avoided or wouldn't cause noticeable damage as they were intended to do so, resulting in a few minor cuts. If Juni'chi wanted, in this dome, one definitive slash, from the specter and him, simultaneously would easily end the life of this young shinigami. Who had proved that he had much potential. As Juni'chi had said that he would kill the shinigami if he failed to impress him, he would have done exactly that. But, the shinigami had indeed caught his elusive eye.

This was Juni'chi way of saying that he was indeed impressed by this bankai and as annoying as it may be, it's abilities were formidable. If used the right way, they could truly be an asset for the soul society. Since Juni'chi had no sensitive side to him, what so ever. He wasn't just going to say it, he showed it by using such a technique.

Once done with his futile efforts of attacking Juni'chi. The young shinigami falls to the ground, whether from Juni'chi's technique or from the excessive use of his reiatsu. It doesn't matter, the battle is over. With that, Juni'chi retracts kintaro, into it's sealed form, and heads to the fallen shinigami to tend to him, not that he cares. It's his way of showing respect for a well fought battle.

Bankai Technique:
Technique Name:Pressure dome
Technique Description: Juni'chi and the golden specter slash at the same time, the direction of the slashes are irrelevant. This results in the creation of an air dome, of 5 meters radius. Anyone who enters this dome, feels the weight of the world on his/her lungs. The more skills or attacks one does in the dome, the more pressure is exerted on the lungs. This technique might lead to the explosion of one's lungs if excessive attacks are done in the dome. Also, since the opponent is gasping for air, his/her attacks don't possess the same strength as they normally would.

Technique Effect Chart:
The technique lasts for 3 posts. Can be deactivated at will. Has a post cool down of 3.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:The opponent's lungs are immediately depleted of all the oxygen and if a single attack is done. This will result in the explosion of one's lungs.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:The lungs feel the extreme pressure of the atmosphere, rendering every attack of the target, useless.
Opponent is Equal Tier:One attack while in dome has it's normal effect, after that. The target gasps for air, and other attacks are practically useless. One more attack leads to complete depletion of oxygen from the lungs. Might make the target unconscious if he/she persists and stays within the radius of 5 meters.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:The user's attacks are useless. The more reiatsu one uses within the dome, the more stronger the pressure on the lungs.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:Gasping for air, the attacks have their affects halved. After two attacks, the target has nothing else to do but to gasp for air. Unless he/she get's out of the dome.

#18 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:34 am


((Just read this and wanted to say that you should have learned bankai near the end of the thread or at least half way. Not in the first post D: But it's fine, I'll let it slide this time. I know this wasn't planned to be as long as it turned out to need to be. Sorry ^^; As a spar goes it looks great! If you guys need ideas on where to take the thread from here feel free to pm me. :3 ))
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#19 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:20 am


Daemon did not dream. it was entirely black until he finally came too. this gave him plenty of time to think about the kinds of things he could accomplish with his newfound power. he could take on Reyes on more even footing now, maybe even beat him. and that other Arrancar, the one that had pierced his shoulder with his black blade. he could teach him a lesson on why you shouldn't underestimate your opponent.

When he awoke he found himself in the 4th squad healing rooms, with two lower ranked squad members working diligently to remove his excess bone. he appeared to have acquired quite a bit of it in his fight with Jun'ichi. the two had apparently been working for hours, and they looked about as exhausted as he felt. "Please. it's ok. i'll handle the rest, you are relieved." he watched as the two left the healing rooms, almost falling over each other they were so tired.

considering the amount of damage that he sustained, the kids had done a pretty good job of patching him up. there was only a little bit of bone left to be removed. Daemon finished up the work in only a few minutes. he looked around the room and saw that, surprisingly, it was empty except for him. there were no other people being healed. surely they didn't clear a room just for him he thought. he was still a nobody, even for squad 4. but the more he thought about it, the more sense it started to make. the only person who could have brought him here was Jun'ichi. and knowing how "forceful" he could get, it probably wasn't a problem for him to have a room cleared to fix Daemon.

After Daemon finished up the paperwork for his release, he walked back to the 6th squad barracks. he noticed some of the eyes looking at him as he passed. they looked curious, but also somewhat scared. they must have heard about his fight. how long had he been unconcious? a day? maybe 2? it sure didn't take long for news to spread. Daemon tried not to get a big head as he attracted their stares. he even heard a few whispers. "did you hear, he fought the Captain and survived." and, "I hear he didn't just survive, but he made him unleash his Bankai." and even one, "I heard he beat the Captain, and then made himself faint to save face for the Captain. that last one of course was wildly inaccurate, but Daemon didn't make a point of correcting him.

It was hard to ignore his sudden popularity, but Daemon kept his composure. he wasn't about to get a swollen ego for losing a fight. especially when that fight was with Jun'ichi. Daemon made sure he was presentable, and then asked one of the lower ranking members to ask Jun'ichi for an audience. he was led back to the Captain's office and then the squad member knocked on the door an entered. it took a minute, and Daemon could hear shouting from inside, but he was invited in. when he entered Daemon bowed and said, Jun'ichi-sama. i am sorry to bother you again, but i just wanted to thank you for that chance to train with you. i am greatly appreciative. without your help, i could never have seen the extent of my Bankai's powers that i did. Daemon stayed bowed and waited for a response.

#20 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:09 pm


Juni'chi transported the wounded and unconscious shinigami to the 4th squad's barracks, there he ordered a room allocated for the shinigami immediately, and his wounds treated right away. His voice, his tone and his demeanor caused a chaos in the barracks. No one had the guts to say no to someone who would start a rampage if he heard that word. As soon as he issued his instructions, they were followed to the detail by the helpless shinigami of the 4th squad. The captain of the squad was away, so no one was there to tell him to calm down. After making sure that what he had said, was done, he left the room. And asked another shinigami to treat his wounds, it wasn't more like asking, it was like telling him to it or die kinda asking.

His wounds weren't that serious. A fractured shoulder bone, he was asked to rest for a few days, well as if. Soon after he felt that his wound wouldn't be a problem any more, cause any pain or hindrance. He left the barracks, once again after checking the shinigami who had gained the respect of Juni'chi Nakamura. Obviously none at the 4th squad had the audacity to ask what happened.

A few hours later, as Juni'chi returned to the squad 6s barracks, the rumors of the training spar were spread by none other than the squad 6s members. The few who were present at the time when Daemon had asked Juni'chi to train him and the few who had seen them leaving to the location where the battle took place. The outcome was apparent, that there was no victor, no loser. It wasn't meant to be that way, but the thing with rumors is, they alter the reality quite a bit. Well not just a bit actually, quite a lot.

The reports of the spar were made to the captain commander himself, as releasing a bankai for a captain wasn't something that happened daily. Especially if it was Juni'chi's bankai, something was indeed off. He was asked to report to the captain commander, after a few hours of the battle. He had only reached the squad 6s barracks a little while ago, when the order of his summon was received. He left right away, as he just wanted to get it over with. There, he told them about the details of the fight and that it was only a spar. Since it was purely for training purposes, Juni'chi wasn't given any punishment or anything of the sort.

He made his way back to the squad 6s barracks. He was told that the shinigami had sustained quite a lot of damage, and not only that, he had exhausted a lot of his reiatsu due to the bankai release. It would take him at least 2 days to heal, not just heal but actually to regain conscious. And that was due to his own healing capabilities. If it wasn't who he was, it would've taken a lot longer. Juni'chi own bankai always took it's tow on Juni'chi, but he hadn't had to keep it released for long, so the effects weren't much.

The day had passed by then so he retired to the captain's quarters. After a good night's sleep, his wound was healed. Due to most of his life in battle, he had gone through what many wouldn't survive, that had made his body hard and more stronger. It could heal a lot faster than a normal body. Something that most would be proud of, but he wasn't one to allow something like pride in his character.

He returned to the 'normal' proceedings of his life. His squad had spread rumors so a brutal scolding was indeed due. After spending the entire morning, cursing and scolding the squad. He assigned them to manual labor, some of them to spar, and a few of them to locate a usually missing squad member, Epizon. Which was a punishment in it self, since that one shinigami was quite a capable slacker.

Never once, did Juni'chi visit the squad 4s barracks after he had escorted the wounded shinigami. He had almost forgotten about the incident too, though he was indeed impressed. But it was just another spar, something which his memories had plenty of. When the day came that Daemon was healed, Juni'chi had forgotten about the shinigami completely. As the morning of that day began, it was just the usual, the normal scoldings and cursing.

While he was at it in his office, the door cracked open. An unseated squad member entered followed by Daemon. Juni'cihi remembered immediately after seeing his face the day and it's proceedings and the fight among the two. Before he could say something, Daemon was in a formal bow apologizing to him for bothering him and also thanking him for the fight. It seemed that the fight had proved useful after all. Juni'chi wasn't one to praise anyone like that, neither did he intend to change that this day, "Seen the full extent of your bankai?? It was hard enough to keep myself from killing you. But I didn't have to do that now did I? Anyways, your gesture of coming to thank me right after you were healed has been noticed."

Those were probably the nicest words Juni'chi had said to anyone in a long time. And guess what? in the whole instance that he spoke, he never once cursed Daemon. That wasn't going to go unnoticed. The squad members that stood in the room were already stunned by what had just happened, it was too much for those poor lads to process. Juni'chi ordered with a hand gesture right after he was finished talking to Daemon, so that he would rise from his bow.

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